Productivity & Time Management Hack: Time Blocking

Hello everyone my name is Samir anis and you are watching demi TV the goal of this video channel is to help you awaken your inner alpha so you can follow your dreams and find your authentic voice and today ladies and gentlemen we are going to talk about productivity and time management hack that I learned from the vlog boss.

A meal and II know if you are not familiar with her I will link her channel link on the description ok so I’m going to teach you this productivity in time management hack because I think it’s the bestest discipline that you can endow to yourself and you can give to yourself so that you could make.

Sure that you are not wasting time at all and you are making sure that you are productive in every single way possible.

Regardless if you are a mom you’re working a nine-to-five job you are just sitting down in your comfortable home on a Saturday on a Sunday you have to also make sure that.
Your Saturday and Sundays are very productive so without further.

Adieu before we started this video I would like to remind you that we would need a digital calendar for this because it might not be easy for you to shift on times and just criss-crossing stuff when something comes up right say for example you have written out of your whole schedule.

For the whole week and something came up along the way so it might be hard for you to just erase stuff you know it might be very dirty and untidy I don’t know about you but that’s my personal pet peeve I don’t like your racers on a ballpen unless.
You like pencil and paper sure why not.

Right so we are going to use Google Calendar today Google Calendar for this.

Because I think that that’s the best way for you to create your very own schedule it’s easy to use and you can also categorize the things that you’re doing all throughout the day okay so let’s dive right in if you don’t know the link yet it’s Google slash calendar like that I’m not going to enter it because I’m already here so this is.

Actually how my first week looked like okay so I have only used this productivity app for the first week of September so it’s it was just last week that I did it but I feel like it’s very important to actually know this type of type management skill that’s the reason why I’m sharing it with you and I will also tell you what worked for me and what didn’t so that II when you are making your schedule yourself you would know exactly what to do without overwhelming yourself and actually bombarding yourself.

To do okay so let’s do this thing so my week started at September 2 and ended at September 8 okay today is actually September 7 here but I think you will.

Be watching this video at on September 9th so this is how my week actually looked like if you could see there are colors.

Because those are the categories that I’ve created and here at the left side of my panel so you could create any categories but Google Calendar addresses it as a calendar we.

Have here say for example you want to create a calendar for your work work task say for example okay so if you have a lot of stuff to do in your work you could also categorize it oh my god my internet connections worry about that and you would press back.

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