Productivity & Time Management Hack: Time Blocking

And then you have here at the last or the bottom part this is in alphabetical order that’s why.

It’s in the last part you can change your colors according to your preference so for me I have here this is not actually included I just don’t know how to delete this.

Because I’m just totally new to Google Calendar also this one okay highlight okay okay so I have here four categories I have get.

Stuff done or the things that I have to get done in the house or like household chores.

You know stuff that doesn’t really include my work okay and because I’m running to business I have here graphics motion stuff and personal brand to.

Do and lastly the reminders but I really I rarely use this reminders category okay anyway so if you would look at my whole week I end my. which is actually very overwhelming for me I’m used to sleeping at 12 midnight and waking up at 12 noon so I sleep 10 hours if I did my math right that’s 10 hours or 12 hours oh my god I’m so bad at math right so going back to this thing the thing here is what we’re going to do today is we’re going to.

Create a new one for my next week okay so if this is how it actually looks like right now you are going to see a different week this week because I think this one is too overwhelming for me you know I was just like putting things that I.

Need to do for the day like everything and then repeated it for the whole week which was not really cool I was very overwhelmed and on the Wednesday last Wednesday I realized that it was just really overwhelming so.

I am not following it religiously anymore but at least when I wake up I know that I need to do my morning routine.

I need to do meditation and we need to do a little cleanup and then after that I need.

To reply to emails and I need to do my work for Rebecca so at least I have the structure now that I know or that I have created.

This schedule so it’s not really totally a waste of time and energy you know creating all these blocks and it’s pretty easy to keep these.

Stuff repeating for the whole week so I will teach you that later so let’s dive right in so this.

Week okay so you know it’s pretty bulky and like pretty there’s like stuff that are overlapping here in there but because I messed up on something last week maybe I’ve clicked the wrong button okay so let’s start creating my next week’s plans.

And my next week’s schedule okay so let’s start with Sunday actually in my case I don’t really want to get client works on Sunday I don’t want to get anything that’s related to work on.

To emails I don’t do that because I want my Sunday to be totally clean shell if there’s one thing.

That I would need to do it’s probably just exercising and.

Studying or reading a book that’s that’s all the things you know cooking dinner and stuff like that so I think.

That’s what I’m going to put on my Sunday so you also have to identify your very own schedule if you’re working.

If you’re a mom you know there’s times of the day that you need to do stuff like cooking or you.

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