Productivity & Time Management Hack: Time Blocking

Know fixing the garage or whatever that is that you want to do on a Sunday what we’re going to do here is I’m going to talk through my experience.
Okay so let’s dive in the I think 8 a.
is doable but I want to make sure that I’m not late every time.

You know late coat the word late because I’m working online and I’m just at home but I want to make sure that I am rising at most 8:30 a. okay so this one we’re going to delete this you can right-click on this and delete so I would prefer all events because I don’t really want to make up an 8:00 a.

Automatically they will be deleted now instead of putting meditation right here I will edit this thing and I will put morning morning routine also one thing that I have realized is it’s not taking me 30 minutes to do my morning routine so preferably like 15 minutes of the day okay so let’s put 8 I hope my math is right 8:45 a. okay let’s put that dare all events okay when you click all events that means it.

Will just go in there for the rest of the week okay and the next week so that’s all events next I don’t want to do cleanup on her first thing in the morning when I wake up so we’re going to move that little bit I’m not sure what time is it going to be but for now after morning routine I would say I want do my morning pages so if you do not know yet morning pages are actually really good technique to clearing out the things.

That are in your head before you start working so let’s do 8:30 a. what was the time ended earlier 8:45 so I would. okay save hey why did it put oh I. in here that makes sense sorry what are you kidding me Google Calendar you have to make sure that you are typing in. okay so okay let’s just move over over this one this morning pages thing to 9:00 a. da there is a dragon wrap button here okay so the category is get stuff done and automatically it’s going to be.

Green because I already set that up in here okay so after my morning routine morning pages is here but it’s not here on.

The next day so let’s go back to that edit it I’m sorry I’m pressing the wrong button okay so you can repeat it you can have it daily okay and then save so automatically this will.

Change but this one we need to delete this to all events so automatically that morning pages full yeah rad chick okay so after.

That after my morning pages I think I’m going to do my my meditation also.

Everything is like 30 minutes in the morning so there will be 30 minute meditation actually I don’t really meditate 30 minutes I only meditate 10 to 20.

10 to 15 to 20 because I don’t think my mind is ready yet to actually meditate 30.

Minutes so I’m like training my mind gradually not all at once okay so.

It didn’t really go to the days again so we’re gonna have to repeat that daily actually yeah daily I’d rather have it.

Daily because the benefits of meditation is amazing for me I don’t know about you but the benefits of meditation it’s making my day-to-day life very clear and very objective base like I don’t procrastinate I’m very clear with my objectives this is what I need to do for today etc because I don’t have that rambling thoughts for my dreams and my you know random random negative thoughts so you have to.

Get that out of the way and we’ll go back and we’ll put grant get stuff done okay all right so after that I’m going to jog I think on a Sunday jogging okay but because I’m not going to do it every day I’m just going.

To do it on Sunday we can put weekly on Sunday and put.

Get stuff done okay then all right there so that’s basically how this whole.

Google Calendar is being used you can explore either you can explore there are a lot of things that you can.

Here and this button or you can also just click on that.

And then it will automatically add it and you can also put categories in Google Calendar depending on what you want is this is just a very very basic very user friendly you don’t need to be very.

Technology savvy for this so this.

Is a very easy calendar app okay so now how would you know if something is.

Just very overwhelming okay this is what you’re going to do okay you’re going to try out the schedule for a whole week like what I did I tried it for the whole week and then later on I realized that oh it’s just very overwhelming now how would you differentiate procrastination from overwhelming okay you might say this is so overwhelming but basically you.

Are already procrastinating and you are wiring your head that it’s overwhelming you are like confusing overwhelming with procrastinating okay that’s.

A problem that’s not really good so if you want to discipline yourself you have to also use this technique by Mel Robbins okay it’s called the five-second rule so the rule is very easy you just need to count backwards 5 4 3 2 1 and then when you reach 1.

You need to do the action so why would I think this would be very very effective it’s because this is what we call metacognition you are thinking faster than your brain you are thinking about thinking for you to follow these things or these timelines that you have written and.

Your Google Calendar you also have to make sure that you are working faster than your brain because anytime you would get attacked by procrastination and I’m sure about that I did I had the same experience just this morning I didn’t want to wake up at 8 a. but because there are a lot of stuff to do I need to like force myself to actually wake up early and you need to do that sometimes you know you get all the sleep in the world once you do you have done the stuff that you need to do ok it’s really possible to work quicker than.

Your brain and that’s the reason why this five-second rule by Mellie Robbins has been very popular it has been changing people’s lives all the time so I’m going to create another video for that next time but for now create your very own rule calendar schedule so that you would know how to become more productive and to become a time manager ok you own your very own time nobody will tell you what to do on this hour or etc so that’s a.

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