Awesome Gmail Trick: How To Automatically Delete Emails In Gmail

I’m going to show you one of my absolute favorite Gmail hacks and it will completely declutter your inbox and allow you to delete email automatically and also soar mail as it arrives in your inbox so this is my email address I use for this YouTube okay it’s just a load of junk to be honest so let’s look at.

Say this Google Plus this perhaps we don’t want constant Google+ notifications so if we take that little box there and then go more filter messages like these and so this puts in the email address so anything that.

Comes from that email address I can apply some sort of filter so you’ve also got other things where you can say anything that contains us the subject anything that contains these words or doesn’t have these words you can apply a certain filter to them you’ll be careful using this because if you put subject as something that may apply in multiple emails you can get emails going missing so be very careful to is you from is usually the.

Best filter so press create filter with this search you get all these options if you don’t want to delete it but you don’t want to going in your inbox you can press skip inbox and.

Away into your archive so you can find if you look for it it’s not.

Gone but it’s not cluttering your inbox the one I like.

Is delete so if you take delete in it if you want to delete all the emails automatically you can press also apply filter to the conversations this will delete everything with that email address and also any future emails from that then we press create filter and that will apply.

That filter and every single email from that is one gone and two from that specific email address will never come again but you’ll notice I’ve got all these so you can take multiple like that.

I’m do exactly the same on show you one more time.

Filter messages like these so they’ve.

All come from that email address create filter with this search delete it also apply those conversations create filter and boom all those emails are going forever automatically.

Deleted hopefully this will make your inbox so much more usable and I hope you’ve enjoyed watching it thank you very.

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