#093: Coach More, Rescue Less: 7 Power Questions To Ask Your Team | Michael Bungay Stanier

Would you like to accelerate your career and reach your full potential in just minutes a day welcome to the lead X show with New York Times bestselling author and Inc 500 entrepreneur Kevin Cruz how can you unlock your team’s potential with just seven coaching questions hello everyone Kevin Cruz here and in just a minute we’re gonna talk about.

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It only takes a minute but it’s the single best favor you can do for me and today’s career tip is how are you feeling the next time you’re running a meeting at the very end go around the room and ask each participant how you feeling or how you feeling about this right now you’ll.
See that it forces everyone to sort of check in.

With their agreement or alignment or lack thereof with what was discussed any decisions that were made it’s a chance to get everything on the table.

And if people don’t leave their true thoughts and feelings in the room well they’re gonna express them out in the hallway at the water cooler and to.

Other people who weren’t invited into that meeting and I find that how are you feeling is better than what do you think or any final thoughts I think when you talk.

About thoughts it’s too easy for people to say no nothing else I’m all good when you ask how they feel it magically brings up.

Responses like nervous or a little frustrated and that’s an opportunity to get some discussion.

Around it some additional alignment and closure before everyone walks out the door how you feeling now our guest today left Australia 22 years ago to be a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University he says his only significant achievement at Oxford was falling in love with a.

Canadian which is why he now lives in Toronto he’s the author of several books including do more great work and end malaria which is a collection of essays from leading thinkers and it raised $400,000 for the nonprofit malaria no more he’s the founder and senior partner of box of crayons a company that helps organizations all over the world to do less good work and more great work work together to.

Talk about his latest book the coaching habit say less ask more and change the way you lead forever our guest is Michael Bungay Stanier Michael welcome to the show Kevin I’m happy to be here and if you’d like.

To know how I’m feeling I’m feeling excited full of anticipation I’m feeling honored to be invited onto the show so thank you the pleasure is all ours and I.

Match your anticipation and we’re gonna talk about the coaching habit in just a minute Michael but I always start with the first question will you open up and share.

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