10 Animation Blogs That Inform, Teach, & Inspire

animation blogThis post has been inspired by a child sitting in front of the television who refuses to budge while her favorite animation show plays on. Some years back that was me and perhaps you. The enduring magic of animation has caught our imagination and made childhood a fantasy world.

Wikipedia tells me that the first animation film was made way back in 1917. We perhaps link the history of animation more with Walt Disney. Even then, from the days of Snow White to today’s cutting edge CGI powered flicks like Avatar, the world of animation creates a fantasy bubble which lately adults too have found captivating.

But what’s rendered on the screen takes hours of toil and painstaking detailing. Let’s see what happens behind the scenes with the help of these top animation blogs that also give pointers to anyone who wants to learn about the art of animation.

Cartoon Brew

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This animation blog takes a look at the industry as a whole and covers animation news, views and lots of teasers too. Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi are a duo of animation historians with a really good hold on what happens in the world of animation.

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive

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Currently, it has gone into a bit of a temporary limbo because of lack of funding, but this long-standing animation resource deserves a spot because it’s a rich source of historical information on animation. The archive is especially useful for students who can see how animation and animators have developed the craft over the years.

Animation World Network

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The Animation World Network is the largest animation-related publishing group on the Internet. The site and its network of other animation related websites cover the industry in depth bringing you everything from news to lessons. The free blogging service – Animation Blogspot is also a must follow for animation buffs.

TAG Blog

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The daily updated blog is an opinion piece that brings together interviews and news from the animation industry. It is a front row show as the voices belong to the members of The Animation Guild.

Animated Views

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The informative animation site has a community and a cool contest corner. Throw in news, reviews, retrospectives, and interviews and you get a model of a well rounded animation website. The site’s focus is more on animation in media.

11 Second Club

best animation blogs

If you like to stick with contests, then the monthly character animation competition on this website could be worth a look. You have to download an audio file and then take a month to animate a character performing the line, using whatever acting you feel fits the audio best. Feedback from your peers can help to make you a better animator and perhaps you can win the cool prizes while you are on the learning curve.


best animation blogs

This simple and neat Tumblr blog is not only about animation as such, but you can get inspired with the showcase of cartoons, illustrations, comic art, and animations on display. You can also contribute your own work or something that has inspired you.

Animation Physics

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Physics and animation? If you thought you could leave that subject back in school then let this blog and the companion wiki change your mind. Its physics that will help you define the range of motions as you go about animating objects. The lessons on the site should be a great help to teach you all about realistic motion.

Animation Tips & Tricks

10 Animation Blogs That Inform, Teach, & Inspire Animation Blog09

As the name says, this blog teaches you all about the insider tricks that go into creating great animation. Animation professionals like Industrial Light & Magic animator Shawn Kelly among a host of others teach you the philosophy behind animation. The lessons extend back to 2008, so do check the archives too.

All About Animation

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The animation blog revolves around podcasts that seek to inspire, inform, and entertain. The blog is run by a trio of animators from my own country (India). It is neatly designed and also contains information on the ‘master class’ they run to teach aspiring animators. The blog seems to be a bit dormant now.

Out of the hundreds of animation blogs out there, these are just ten. You will find a few more core animation links in the blog rolls these ones have. Over the years we also have covered some cool free animation apps which can help you spark your creativity. Which are your favorite animation blogs? Get animated and leave a link in the comments.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

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