Rediscovering Beauty In The Modern World, Catholic Style – Enn 2018-10-26

Alais apostolate based in Chicago lends its support to artists as they offer their gifts for the greater glory of God and a little over a week the Catholic art guild will host its second annual conference with artists architects and theologians too and their words rediscover the power of beauty in the modern world joining me now to talk more.

About the event and the group itself is Kathleen Carr president.

Of the Catholic Art Guild Kathleen welcome to the program thank you thanks for.

Having me the focus of this conference is evangelizing through beauty how do you think art helped spread the word of God well as artists we want to give the best to God and we do this and it’s so readily.

Seen in the liturgy and how the art and architecture can surround the liturgy it’s a way to help catalyze children all the way up to adults.

That are sitting in the pew but there are also symbolism and and theological and philosophical reasons why a church should be beautiful and have certain ornament and and so it draws people out of themselves and to the eternal so it’s it’s.

A it’s a way that brings people to reverence and awe and so it’s an important dimension that we artists can contribute to the faith and to our fellow man and this is particularly important for you you are a classically trained painter and so I want to highlight one of your pieces in particular it’s called Man of.

Sorrows which depicts Christ so as an artist how do you think your faith sort of influences the creative process well.

First of all there because I love Christ so much I wanted to give my best and so I you know the good training and spending a lot of time but I was also.

Influenced on this particular piece by Brant Petrie’s Jesus and the Jewish roots of the Eucharist so I was focusing on on the Jewishness of.

Christ and I and I wanted to kind of highlight that because I saw this real beauty to his writing and so I liken iconographer I fast and pray when I work on on my sacred paintings and I think that also helps to imbue you know a sense of reverence and grace to the work sure for people who may not be classically trained like yourself but have an interest in this sort of thing how can they become.

Involved in the Catholic art guild what do they need to.

Know about the group itself well it’s open for everyone so and it’s especially.

Attractive for people that are in the visual arts so that would include architects artists designers and the like but anybody that.

Is interested in beauty and hoping to help restore this can join and we can we have our membership.

Online and one of the unique benefits of the guild is is our mass association.

So we sort of believe everything starts and.

Finishes with the liturgy and so it’s fitting that our we as artists our work can be supported by this mass association but.

All of our events are open to it to everyone but also the conference if they if they can support the conference become a member support our conference come to our conference ticket sales will end on Monday but we’re hosting the Queen sculptor Alexander Stoddard we have Ethan.

Anthony from cram in Ferguson and and dr. Kwasniewski who is talking about the liturgy and beauty and then another classical artist Juliet Aristides so it’s a really exciting beautiful event check out.

Our website and and try to support us that way it’s so fascinating to hear about all the work that you do and work that so many artists are doing across the country Kathleen Carr president of the Catholic Art Guild thank so much for being with us.

Thank you so much for having me.

How To Contour Using Fenty Beauty Sticks

Oh some venti beauty action coming your way [Applause] hey what’s up this is Chantel from my wandering lipstick welcome back to my channel thank you so much for coming back today and my friend Melissa from University is getting married so congrats to Melissa Nick I’m so excited but what more better occasion to do a wedding guest the lamb.

Look I am obsessed with this look and they picked up some new toys that I can’t wait to talk about so bad girl RiRi and the fan she beauty thing I picked up these three so one is a contour stick another one is a highlight stick and another one is a highlighter and they’re magnetic paint good girl.

Bad gallery I use the cream contour and I really like it because I’ll tell you why this is like the perfect shade for winter now when in the winter my skin goes.

Extremely pale but I get those yellow undertones because naturally I have a lot of all of pigmentation going on in my skin so my foundations for example my born this way to face this is in the color ivory lots of yellow so when I put it on you feel.

Like whoa this is too yellow but as I keep blending it actually blends out really nicely because again my skin is olive during 365 days I hear so with tarts shaped tape I.

Go for light neutral in summer light medium but light neutral because it has yellow undertone that being said cuz I’m yellow and it’s fall winter but my my tan is gone so if you.

Do have olive skin tone like me you don’t want to go orange because it’s just the orange in the yellow contrast you want to go a more colder color you want to go almost great but then the ability to warm it up with this look I’m not warming it.

Experimented with mine Park Avenue princess and I used not this carat color but I use the next one of the princess cut let’s just try you can totally warm.

You can totally warm this up which is a very good to know right as well right a little bit of chiseling action here it is a go to glam look I really like this look and I haven’t used my naked 2 Urban Decay palette in a long time so this was kind of fun to play with you know I love the color y2k sorry ydk why I say y2k y DK y DK again love this palette had this palette for a.

Really long time close to my heart it’s a paladin eye but can’t wait to attend the wedding tonight and I can’t wait for you guys to learn how to create this look and I hope you try Rihanna’s line of contour sticks because I’m very impressed so give it a whirl let me know to prime my skin I’m using the Too Faced primed poreless I’m just going to press.

My skin I’m using tarts shaped tape to prime my eyes and I’m just going to blend that out with a little sponge next is the tart shaped tape setting powder and I’m just going to set this using my Real Techniques blending brush I am going into my crease with the color turned on and I’m using.

The windshield wiper method loved this more morphe 35o palette I totally suck at this please Nevada using the color tease I am applying this directly underneath the warm color I just did and I’m going all the way.

To my lash line now I’m going to take a more compact Real Techniques brush and I’m going to really pack this color on I really want this color to pop with that same compact brush I’m going to use the color ydk not y2k ydk and I am going to apply this over top of the t’s color this has a lot more metallics and a lot more shimmer so I used the teased color as a base and.

Now I really want this to just glow now with my Smashbox angled liner brush I am going to use the black out color in the urban decay palette and I’m going.

To line my lashes both on the top and the bottom using my little smudger brush from Real Techniques I’m going back in with the teased color and I’m going below the black underneath my lash line my lower lash line with my tart man-eater eyeliner I am going in my waterline to really make my eyes pop in the shade ivory with my.

Born This Way Foundation I am going to apply this all over my face with a wet Beauty Blender really blend this out shaped a baby right underneath those bags under my eyes I am using.

This color in light neutral and I’m going to go underneath my eyes and go down the bridge of my nose using my Real Techniques Beauty Blender I am going.

In under my eyes and I’m going to blend this out this.

Really is heaven in a bottle you guys I’m using my Laura Mercier translucent powder and I’m going to bake underneath my under eyes alright here it.

Comin at you in the color amber I am going in around my cheeks and I’m going to do my hairline and I’m also going to do underneath my chin and down the sides of my nose with that highlight color I’m gonna go directly directly below the amber color I just.

Did I’m also going to work this color onto my chin and down the bridge of my nose as well blend it out Ben you are contouring.

You don’t want to bring it down because guess what your highlight is right there you want to bring it up you don’t want to bring it down because then you don’t want to seem like you have a beard right right let’s get rid of this let’s do it with my wet Beauty Blender I’m going.

To work this color in pressing into my skin and then working it up versus down Oh bad.

You did good kid you did good keep on blending I forgot a press record so sorry I just finished blending my.

Nose I like using this guy cuz and the black edge while that setting using my new favorite toy the precisely brow from benefit I am in love with this pencil it is so pigmented and it’s so fine that you could really get those details in there I’m going in I’m fixing them up I’m brushing them out fixing brushing my brows take forever Park Avenue princess palette in action I’m going over my contour with the carrot color using a real techniques brush from London drops using a big fluffy brush I am taking out any.

Excess translucent powder taking my favorite Mac lip liner boldly bare I am lining.

My lips now one of my favorite.

Lipsticks from Mac it is called Pearson I am going in there and it’s a really nice pinkie nudie color because I have eyelash extensions I don’t really need to buy mascara anymore but I recently got a little sampler of the bad gal lash from benefit and I did that with my lower lashes super easy right I know I.

10 Foods That Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

You’d like to achieve that pearly white smile, but don’t want to spend fortune on treatments? Here’s how you can finally get your teeth whiter with completely natural ingredients.

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice and remember about you. According to a recent study by, about 58 percent of single men are more attracted to women with pearly whites. Delta Dental backed this up with a survey that found that 48 percent of people feel that a person’s smile is their best feature.

For the past few months, I’ve been on a quest to get a brighter smile. I’ve tried a lot of different methods to make my teeth look whiter; from pricey whitening strips and homemade baking soda paste to completely eliminating coffee and red wines from my diet, I’ve done them all.

However, having really sensitive teeth has made this process much harder than I expected. It doesn’t help that most of the options currently available aren’t permanent (including those hi-tech bleaching treatments), which makes getting those pearly whites—and making sure they last a while—pretty expensive.

Although most of us don’t have a huge budget to work with, getting that dreamy smile is still possible. In fact, something as simple as changing your diet can actually improve your dental hygiene.

There are certain foods that have been scientifically proven to have a major impact on how healthy your teeth are. Eating any of these vegetables, fruits or dairy products will go a long way towards brightening your smile regardless of your budget.

Get your crunch on with these veggies:

1. Celery

Woman eating a celery very aggressively

There are so many benefits to snacking on celery! Think of it as a natural toothbrush. Not only are there natural fiber strands that strengthen and clean your teeth, but the vitamin C contained in celery helps to prevent your gums from swelling up. Chewing on celery also promotes dental health because of the amount of saliva it generates, which fights cavities in the long run.

2. Broccoli

Salad lovers, rejoice! A study by the European Journal of Dentistry found that broccoli, which is a great source of iron, slows down tooth erosion and prevents cavities.

The researchers mentioned that the iron forms “a thin acid-resistant coating of hydrous iron oxide on the enamel mineral surface,” which will make your teeth sparkle.

3. Carrots

Young happy woman eating carrots

They don’t just taste good in your green smoothies. Not only are they packed with dietary fibers, which are a must for a healthy diet, but eating carrots is a surefire way to get rid of pesky plaque, prevent tooth decay and encourage gum growth. Here’s a bonus: They are also loaded with beta-carotene, which gives your skin that healthy glow.

Variety: the spice (and herb!) of life:

4. Basil

If you’ve ever woken up your partner with a less-than-pleasant smooch, having basil on hand is a lifesaver. It helps to fight tooth decay and will destroy the bacteria that makes your breath smell. Kiss your morning breath goodbye!

5. Parsley

portrait of attractive caucasian smiling woman isolated on white studio shot eating salat parsley

Parsley has the same effect as basil. It is excellent at getting rid of odors and is very cleansing. The best part is that it also works wonders as an herbal tea!

6. Garlic

It may not be a full member of the herb or spice family (it belongs to the Lily family), but there’s no question that garlic is a superfood. According to Livestrong, if you ever have a tooth infection, garlic works as a pain reliever. The article mentions that “the active ingredient in garlic is a sulfur-containing amino acid called allicin, which gives garlic its strong smell and antimicrobial properties.”

Fruit for a sweet tooth:

7. Pineapple

Happy young housewife holding fresh pineapple

Pineapples are a triple threat: They destroy plaque, strengthen your teeth enamel and function as a natural stain remover thanks to the bromelain enzyme.

8. Strawberries

Strawberries play a major part in both the health and beauty industry. Because they contain antioxidants and malic acid, strawberries can easily lift stains and correct discoloration. You can make this even more effective by adding baking soda. However, it’s crucial that you don’t use this method frequently so that the acid doesn’t harm your teeth.

9. Apples

An apple a day keeps the dentist away—when eaten in moderation. This juicy fruit is also a great source for malic acid, which increases the amount of saliva your mouth produces. Just make sure to wash down those natural sugars with a glass of water to reduce the chance of plaque buildup.

A cheesy smile:

10. Cheese

Closeup on young woman eating camembert

A recent study by the Academy of General Dentistry revealed that dairy products, particularly cheese, increase your mouth’s pH level and reduce your risk of developing cavities. After splitting participants into three separate groups, researchers assigned each one a specific dairy product, such as cheddar cheese, milk and yogurt.

They noticed that the group that ate the cheddar cheese actually had a drastic/quicker increase in their pH levels. Researchers believe that this is a direct result of chewing, which naturally increases your saliva. It doesn’t hurt that cheese is packed with calcium and phosphorus, which “adhere to tooth enamel and help further protect teeth from acid.”

Adding just one of these smile-friendly foods to your next ‘Netflix and Snack’ session will have you grinning from ear to ear in no time!

What Nail Polish Is In For 2012 – YouQueen

After a season of bright reds and neon colors, the nail polish trend for 2012 is nude.

If you are looking for a new color to refresh your nail polish collection for this season, look to trends shown during the fashion shows this year, but also the new collections from the leading manufacturers. Nude neutrals, romantic pastels, light metallic tones and colors of the ocean are what’s in this year.


bloom nail polish

The perfect choice for a neat, fashionable manicure for those who are not into experimenting with color. A nice beige or pearl shade will go with everything you wear, while giving your fingers the classy, pampered look. Wear them on short, neat nails or over a French manicure for longer nails.


opi new york ballet collection

Show your femininity with these lovely shades of pink, purple and gray. OPI came out with a new collection dedicated to the New York City Ballet, consisting of six pastel shades which will transform you into an “urban ballerina”. “You calling me a Lyre” is a soft pink, “Care to Danse?” is a lovely light purple, but you can find many other pastel colors to match your outfit and mood.

All the pastels go great with a summer tan, but make sure your manicure is perfect and touch up regularly to avoid chipping. If you’re not into bold colors or long nails, these pastels will look super cute on short nails, too!


zoya nail polish

Gold or silver nails for the girl who isn’t afraid to shine in every occasion! These polishes will instantly add glamour to your outfit. If you’re feeling confident, go for a full metallic manicure, or pick a shimmery gold or silver polish for a look that will match any outfit and occasion, day or night.

Ocean Colors

dior garden party nail polish

Blues and greens are in right now, so you can choose from a variety of polishes. Shiny, matte or shimmery, a manicure in teal, mint green or a midnight blue will add some pizzazz to your look.

Printed Stickers

nail patch sephora

Easy as 1-2-3! Stick ’em on, and you’re ready to go, no drying or touching up needed. Sephora has a line of nail polish stickers which are super durable and easy to use. Choose the ones with an interesting print if you want your fingers to be a fashion statement of their own.

Last year’s “Chinese blossom” is still in, it’s a black printed with tiny, old-fashion roses in turquoise and pink. Go for “Nail Bling” for a disco look, or Sally Hansen “Cut it out” for a caleidoscopic effect. These take absolutely no time to put on or dry and set, the manicure lasts for more than ten days. The only down side is the removal process, which takes ages compared to removing nail polish.