Fall Clothing Haul – Try On | Kayla Ray

Hey guys so today’s video I’ll be doing a clothing haul and like a fall clothing haul because most of the things that I got are definitely very fall based I’ve never actually done like a clothing haul before but I’ve always wanted to do one so I’m doing one today because it’s like the first time I’ve actually gone shopping.

Like two years maybe three I really like hauls so.

I want to do it today and yes when I see all the clothes that I picked up for fall then just keep watching this is also gonna be a try on haul so you can see exactly what I’m talking about no I like try it on its best so please I’m gonna start off when I ever call me anything.

I can’t see it and I got this top right here basically just like a plain top I don’t really know how.

To describe it’s a good dark blue color and it’s like a just like a normal regular t-shirt and it’s like not to see through tor.

It shows anything you know so I actually got most of these.

Things on sale by the way like this was only $10 so I’m pretty good like a shirt like this I really like it’s.

Comfortable in it hits I like a good angle why don’t we like long long shirts so it’s hits like great my high-waisted pants I got it in a extra small and it’s like not.

Too tight or anything like that I really like like the more basic tops so this is is perfect and the more thing I.

Got from my hobby is at this one for $12.99 when I was definitely more like a different shirt for me I typically don’t go like the more baggy style I really liked it was super super comfortable and it was on sale again so it’s also very fall because can like a sweater but like not really but like it’s like really comfortable and make on the baggy.

Looks like ice cream toe it’s very baggy but I.

Really like it’s like I don’t have anything like this I just like to be like longer like batwing sleeves you know it’s cute like I know this is an extra small as well so it is like a bigger fit but I really like it.

And I also love the color it’s very simple I go for a do very simple style very basic colors I like it.

You guys were like a cute bra with it like Astro like this and it’ll kind of like show what you can so like we’re like this I got a few things from.

Hollister Hollister is where I got the most I liked a lot they’re actually on up the red jackets pick the things not like big puffy jackets I like smaller dragons I got this black one right here.

It’s like a more fitted more cropped length so that’s the look that I really like I love cropped things like high-waisted jean the only type of jeans I wear are high waisted so.

I love cropped shirts I got this an extra small as well this was also.

On sale for like $13 I believe I’ll try to have any everything linked down below in case you are wanting.

To know like what it is it’s kind of thin but it’s nice for the fall time I’m.

This shirt it’s like really baggy a pair pair of like something more simple no this is pretty much the fit definitely more cropped but I love the look of it it fits like go.

To these jeans because like I said all my jeans are my waisted so if it’s really nice and I could perfect length it doesn’t show too much on my stomach like it zipped up as well I think it’s really cute I also like the white detailing I don’t like a lot of like the brand names being like all over the.

Sleeves and stuff like that so that’s one do not have it oh and I also like the black color I don’t how many black hoodies or like psycho sweatshirts like this so I like it like.

The fall the winter time you know I like okay next thing the next thing is like another type of jacket II think it’s more like a half a zip up hoodie I love hoodies and that’s when I was like kind of looking for a really fun like a perfect hoodie like a thicker one but that’s fine this.

One is really soft and it’s like a raw cut which I love I love like the raw cut edge at the bottom it’s also kind of cropped it’s more like a fitted cropped or it’s definitely like a short crop it’s.

Like a longer crop because it’s in size small and it fits really well it’s super super soft it also has a hoodie which I love I like hoodies on like all my jackets I don’t really like the do you look so I mean it does show and a little bit.

Of my stomach with like more high-waisted jeans but it’s like not too bad to wear.

Like it’s that bad you know I’m running a longer bralette top.

Thing so it look nice and like that summertime like beginning into fall and it’s not like too hot you know like right now in Michigan it’s a way to call for this but like what are we move down south it’ll be good because it’s not gonna.

Get too cold there you know so I was planning on wearing it with like a tucked in shirt and like me like a tank top like a forever 21 cheap tank top you know it’s like an apparent like any color I.

Want so I wanted a like black most the time but and then you can also like zip it up as high or as little as you want kinda like it either way I think this one is such a good fall thing I love things this.

One is also 1398 so it was a cent cheaper than the other one dang this was originally $34 I got it for 13 to pay her the next thing I got austere.

With something else that I got don’t talk about later I need a shirt for this you know okay so the next thing is it is a jacket from Hollis I’m really cool like jean jacket but it also has like the sweatshirt material in it which is really really soft like a deeper gray color the.

Black jean jacket I love it and it’s kind of cropped but I like not too cropped and it has a hood I thought it’s in the size small and.

It was originally $54 and I got it for 20 the softest warmest thing ever it’s super super fall kind of like dressed up but like not too dressed up like this is as dressed up as I go pretty much if I really like.

I absolutely like an orange shirt like this it goes so nicely with it I think it’s very nice it’s like perfect length because it’s not like too baggy it’s definitely like my favorite thing that I got out of the whole haul this one I just love all the detailing everything’s very like.

Monochromatic and gray and black like even the buttons or like this matte material what do you think like I’m probably where I missed every single day because I was the last thing at Hollister and now I’m gonna move.

On to Charlotte Russe I’ve never.

Actually like shopped there before and I found three top this one is the first one that I already have on super or do you color which I don’t have anything like this.

Like I’m not really into color but I really liked it.

This one for fall that I was super cute just a super plain top it’s not super cropped which is what I always go for but I like.

Tuck it in and make it look cute and I love it with this jacket it.

Looks super fallen winter it’s also super comfortable and I got this in the size small I think right yeah and then.

I also got this one which is also like really different for me it’s in a size small as well and it was also $10 it says above a 99 but it was 10 bucks it’s not as like a super fall burgundy color and has like little frills on the side.

That’s also ribbed which I love ribbed anything like all my clothes I wish relieved I love rimmed nestled how’s the frills.

On the bottom and I don’t have any like frilly shirts like this so it’s very different but I really liked it it was kind of girly but the dark color make.

You more grungy there’s definitely more like that cropped fit that I like it with like any color of jingyan something it looks good like a light and dark jeans you know and it also looks good my jacket like this it’s like some to ruins oh it’s.

Also like really really soft and I just love like the ribs and like all the detail so it’s kind of more high neck we’ll just different for me I typically have like not such like.

A high neck but I like it a lot I think it’s really really cute alright the last thing I got from Charlotte Russe is this New York like cropped.

Crewneck hoody sweater thing it’s not funny but you know I got this for 15 and it was originally marked as 20 and this one is in size small as well and all.

These shirts are size small I mean they’re size smaller extra small and everything so it has like that raw edge crop cut again so I love like the jagged more like lines of it and it’s.

Also super super soft and the insides like and I also really like the color that.

A dark navy blue against the white it looks really pretty so so this is what it looks like on it’s definitely like more cropped but what I’m used to like before like a sweater like this normally I don’t go for like super crop things but I love the.

Fit of it super comfortable and.

Like more like an oversized crop but isn’t like you.

Look too baggy you know at the color and like the white standing out it just says New York and these really cute and simple what makes this also logo like joggers and some like that like not.

Just jeans and you look good a lot of things so this is the last thing I got at Charlotte Russe and left store that I went to is forever 21 so normally I don’t really find a lot of things in forever 21 that I like and I’ve never.

Actually go in there I don’t know why but but I found to like different hoodie sweatshirt things and everybody loved these this one is a little bit more baggy on me.

But I really like the field it like that look at it it’s again like that raw edge.

Unboxing Adora Amazing Girl Clothes, Pet, And Kitchen

Dora I’m so excited right now let’s just open it this is my amazing drop you look so cute in it but and disease there’s a lesson in the back seat you right okay this is good for like the winter this is so good for the winter so stuck and then they got this cute little armband there’s elastic black.

Elastic inside oh oh my gosh whenever you see polka dots I’m like so much I just rub it out so if it is swimsuit no.

Here’s the Pope pants so cute and then white t-shirt that go through cool it just sleeping sad sleep mask it’s so cute so cute and it goes well whoa that’s such a good outfit these are so cute you guys I did not see this.

Not see that it absolutely opened it’s like button that’s really fancy [Applause] [Applause] oh my gosh this is so cute that’s.

Ny Street Style Outfit Ideas: 10 Greatest Combinations

How to wear the latest trends from the streets of New York? We’ve come up with some NY street style outfit ideas you’ll gladly wear and fall in love with!

In the previous post written about the NYFW, we have seen the biggest trends from the streets of New York City. We have seen all the different combinations, trendy colors and cuts, and now it’s time for us to try them on for size.

A lot of you will probably say: “These trends are expensive”; “These clothes are designer”; “It’s easy to have a good outfit to wear with a lot of money”; “I don’t know how to do it! I’m not a fashion oriented person!”… Don’t worry about all these things, because we’ve got you covered!


We’ll give you some tips on how to wear these trends and look fashionable, but before we do that, we’ll give you some “Fashion Rules” to abide by. Afterwards, you’ll have a chance to see some NY street style outfit ideas and copy them or get some inspiration to make your own.

Rule number one in fashion is that there are no rules. If you like it, wear it! Fashion should be fun and it should represent you!

Following trends is okay, but it’s not just about that. You should try to follow them, but it’s important to stay true to yourself and add some personality into it. If you don’t like something, don’t wear it. If you are not satisfied with how you look, everyone else will notice.


Clothes are not there to ruin your self-confidence. Sometimes it’s better to wear something that’s not so trendy, but an outfit you love and feel comfortable in.

In fashion, it‘s all about mixing and matching. It’s like a puzzle. Saving up for one expensive piece, taking some old clothes from your mom or grandma, or just walking into your boyfriend’s closet and borrowing some of his clothes! Just mix it all together… sounds like a recipe for a yummy cake, right?

And always remember that style has nothing to do with WHAT or WHOM you wear, but HOW you wear it.

Oversized jacket

We talked about that gorgeous Acne jacket, well – we found an equally good replacement… for less money! You can wear this jacket for casual occasions, but also for some more elegant ones. In both combos, the boots are the statement piece… Who could resist a good pair of boots?




This color is a real biter, but don’t be afraid. Go big and fearlessly wear an oversized coat in this color or try going in baby steps and choose orange daring details to complete your outfit.



Army green

Wear it in a layered boyish outfit or a ladylike one. This color is so easy to combine with almost every other color, and goes with any style.




Here’s a head-to-toe manly, grey outfit with trousers, a faux fur coat, pointed toe boots and a hat to complete the whole look. And then we decided to spice it up with the pop of yellow, and it worked… oh, so perfectly!




This color is so “spring is just around the corner”! For working ladies, we paired a leather pencil skirt with this big jumper, just to make it a little cozier and a little less official. The other outfit is the perfect outfit for out and about days, with all the right colors. Blue and orange is such a happy combo!



How do you like these outfit ideas? Leave your comments below, and share your opinion with us!

How To Fit Colorful Prints Into Your Everyday Outfit With Calaphya – YouQueen

Calaphya strikes a perfect blend of sophisticated chic, wearable fine art and literary inspiration create one of a kind bespoke wearable masterpieces. Check out a few of our favorite pieces.

One of the truly wonderful things about fashion is a designer’s ability to cross the line between art and life. There is perhaps no better example of this than with the new high-end fashion brand Calaphya.

Founded in 2012 and launched in 2013, Calaphya is a collective of artists and designers who focus on bringing fine art and design into everyday life by incorporating them into wearable works of art.

The California-based company based its namesake, logo, and much of its early inspiration on the 15th century chivalric romance novel “The Adventures of Esplandian.” The novel, penned by Garci Rodriquez de Montalvo, depicts the fictional island of California. In the novel, the island of California is inhabited only by a tribe of warrior women, and is ruled by a queen called Califa. The story has served as inspiration for the founders of Calaphya, and also originally inspired the name of the state of California, where Calaphya is currently headquartered.

What makes Calaphya so unique is the bespoke nature of their processes in creating these wearable works of art. Each and every accessory or piece of clothing produced by Calaphya represents the vision of the artist responsible for the original work of art on which it is based. Only the best materials are used in production, and each garment or accessory is hand-crafted one piece at a time by one of a number of Calaphya’s consigned artists, photographers, seamstresses, or tailors

One of the most interesting things about the Calaphya line is their aptitude for very illustrative and conceptual branding via their artwork. The company has extended the influence of Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo’s inspiration beyond their moniker and has created a mission statement of sorts on which they base their current design offerings.


The concepts of nobility, luxury, exclusivity, and premium quality are what they claim to be their founding principals, and these core values do indeed resonate throughout their product line. This is particularly apparent in their current tee shirt designs.

The rich color and unique patterns of the prints used in their designs harken back to the 15th century writings of de Montalvo. Of particular interest is the strong feminine presence in all of the printed designs; it would seem that Calaphya is invoking the spirits of the female warriors of de Montalvo’s fictional island of California and bringing them to life in a modern day form.

The Calaphya tee shirt collection is a stunning example of this marriage of art, literature, and modern design. Within the collection, there are three design lines: Leonorina, La Reina, and Esplandian. Each of these lines has a unique conceptual thread, and although all three certainly boast a riot of colour and pattern, which is a feast for the eyes. They are all quite different from each other.

#1 Leonorina


The Leonorina line is an excellent balance of imagery that manages to be both gothic and light-hearted at the same time. There are seven conceptual motifs in the line – all created to capture the spirit of freedom and rock.

At first glance, the artwork on the tees looks almost breezy on its light background set onto a white genuine Supima cotton tee. According to the company, the color story of the Leonorina line is meant to bring a bit of fantasy, youth, and energy to the women who wear it.

#2 La Reina


The La Reina line of tees is a richly-hued collection of seven motifs designed to attract the romantic artist in all of us. Once again, there is a strong element of femininity that is balanced by the deep, bold hues of the collection. Created on a black background, the La Reina collection has a dark sophistication to it that is both compelling and elegant.

#3 Esplandian

The eye-popping Esplandian collection makes a bold statement with oriental florals mixed with baroque elements and neon accents superimposed on a black background. The Esplandian collection is intended for the self-assured woman and boasts the most saturated colors of all of the collections.

In addition to being stunningly beautiful, these unique Calaphya tees are also an incredible wardrobe extender. Worn under a blazer with a pair of skinny jeans and heels, they take on a sophisticated kind of French fashion editor vibe. Worn with a dressier skirt, you can wear them for cocktails or more formal occasions and be pretty much assured that you will be the only person in the room rocking your unique look.

The unique color stories and hypnotic prints that are inherent in the Calapya tee shirt also minimize the need for a lot of accessories, making them a perfect choice for packing for a journey when you are looking to travel with minimal fuss.

Because Calaphya guarantees their clothing by exclusive agreement with the artists with whom they work, many of these garments are produced in very limited editions – some are even numbered and registered.

Calaphya has big plans going forward, and you can read all about the artists and craftsmen that make it possible for you to have these gorgeous works of wearable art on the Calaphya blog.

Cover photo: www.calaphya.com

Trend Watch: Styling A Pair Of Overalls – Youqueen

Denim overalls were popular in the 90s and are back in style once again. We’ll help you rock the new overall trend without looking like you wandered out of a time capsule.

In the spirit of full-disclosure, I have a confession to make. I, undoubtedly like many of you, had a pair of overalls back in the 90s. It was the era of low-maintenance flannel shirts, chunky shoes, and vampire-hued lipstick, and we were all on board.  You can only imagine how underwhelmed those of us who were there the first time might be by the reappearance of overalls more than twenty years later; our pride is still a bit wounded from having seen the pictures of ourselves after the first time around.

Yet this time, the humble overall has had a bit of makeover. No longer worn with the purpose of acting as an anti-establishment symbol of rebellion, first impressions of this new interpretation of the overall are (dare I say it) that, as a garment, it is both edgy and cute. After much research, a few tried and tested styling tips have emerged that should help to guide you if you are considering giving this trend a try.

Short Overalls: More Flattering, but Best for Casual Days


Because the overall silhouette of the overall incorporates a rather baggy and undefined waistline, short overalls are probably a better choice for a wider range of body types than full-length overalls. Short overalls leave a lot of leg exposed, which works well to balance the lack of definition within the garment itself. However, because of all this exposure, a pair of short overalls is probably going to read as too casual for anything other than a trip to the beach or a Saturday wandering the farmer’s market.

To create the perfect beach day look, pair your overalls with a simple fitted tee or tank top in a solid or nautical stripe , and keep your footwear flat; strappy sandals in a metallic or neutral color is an excellent choice.

For casual warm weather days out and about the town, swap your tee or tank top for a button down blouse in a feminine fabric or print. Lace, silk, or a floral pattern looks really fresh when up against the backdrop of a distressed denim dungaree. Pair this look with whatever footwear you fancy; try some low platform wedges, strappy kitten heels, or a pair of colorful sneakers.

Full-Length Denim Overalls: Fit is Key


If you are thinking about investing in a pair of full-length denim overalls, the key to keeping it looking fresh and modern is in the fit. The new generation of overalls, although still relatively undefined in the waist area, is a much slimmer silhouette than the overalls of the 90s. For the most flattering fit, the waistband should hit right at the hip bone allowing for movement while still providing a contoured fit (like a slender pair of boyfriend jeans).

Because so much of your body is covered by a pair of full-length overalls, footwear is essential. The most fashion-forward way to wear these overalls is with the pant leg rolled up. This styling trick not only creates a much needed break in the silhouette, it also allows you to really show off your footwear.

As for what goes on top, you have a little more room to breathe with a pair of full-length overalls. For colder days, you may wish to opt for a long sleeved tee, sweater, or even a more formal blouse to achieve that high-low mix. Conversely, on days where the temperatures are soaring and you are looking to keep the heat at bay, a fitted cropped top (either a tee or a bustier) both looks and feels edgy and cool.

Full-length overalls also look great as a layering piece. Layered over a tee or blouse and underneath a car length coat, a pair of full-length overalls can add a depth to a look that is perfect for the transitional weather of the late summer and early autumn months.

It’s true that overalls are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. However, those who think they might want to give the trend a try will soon find that what a pair of overalls lacks in structure and definition, it makes up for in comfort and edgy urban appeal. The key to pulling off the look is to keep the elements of your look relatively simple as the whole in this case is really and truly equal to the sum of its parts.

Cover photo: weheartit.com