Boujee Birthday Outfits On A Budget | Pretty Little Thing & Fashion Nova

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is summer I am so excited for today’s video because as you can tell by the title I’m gonna be showing you guys some bougie birthday looks on a budget so my birthday is actually tomorrow the 1st of November and that’s what inspired this video for me.

I ordered like 5 different outfits and I was like let me just try them on and see which one I like.

Never know how things are gonna.

Fit or they might look good on the model might not look good on you so when I was picking out these outfits for this birthday video I obviously wanted to have like some sexy choices but I also wanted to.

Pick some more conservative pieces for you lady too you know you don’t like to show so much skin I totally get that but for morning everything that I picked.

Is very that you’re hugging because I personally just love that type of look but.

All of the pieces I picked are very complementary to any body size and any shape.

Which I love so all the pieces I’m going to show you guys are from pretty little things or forever21 so I’ll be sure and link everything down below as always also I’m really excited to show you guys some of these pieces because me personally I have expensive tastes but I don’t have the wallet to match so I love to try and find I wouldn’t call them knockoffs but I love to try to find similar pieces from less expensive brands.

When I see expensive brands posting like the newest cutest dress you know so I was super hyped because a few of.

The things that I found are actually really similar to more high-end pieces that I had been looking for so when I found them I was like oh my god don’t have to break my budget and so get to look good so I can’t wait to show you guys those things before we get into the video make sure you hit that red subscribe button also hit the bell so you’re notified every time I post a new video I have a.

New video coming out every Sunday.

And Thursday so be sure to check out some of my other videos and so we’re going to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it all right guys let’s get started first piece I’m going to show you guys I am honestly so impressed with this entire outfit like the material the fit the cost.

Everything about it just screams lose you on a budget which is what we’re trying to go for so this is for my more like sexy flirty ladies out there I love to show a little bit of skin especially when it’s my birthday I want all eyes on me you know so this is that.

Outfit so it has this cutout detail.

The middle which I love and then it also has this more showy cutout on this side so I totally get if it might be too showy for some of you guys it’s actually similar to an outfit that I saw on Oh Holly not too long ago I’ll put like a video or a picture right here for you guys so you can see what it looks like but it’s super similar to that and I had been wanting that.

Little Polly outfit fur I can’t even tell you how long and then when.

I saw pretty little thing has something similar and of course less expensive I was like I have to get this I have to get it so the material is so soft like it feels expensive I don’t know if that makes sense but if you I want.

To come closer so you guys can see it if you just touched the material it feels on this like silky but it’s so thick and it doesn’t you know it’s not see-through or anything like that and then the back is completely covered.

So obviously you can tie this as tight or loose as you want it but you don’t really have to worry it’s not really gonna show even if you like you know you bend over toward something you’re still good I would recommend taping this part because as I need a little I can tell it’s kind of getting.

A little loose and I don’t know about you but on.

My birthday would be torquing something so anyway this is the outfit and the skirt was pretty long I would probably pair.

This with clear heels like clear of perplex.

Heels I love those poly param of those or even nude heels I wouldn’t do black just because black is so basic but definitely a silver or a nude or a clear would be for this with a cute little necklace some earrings okay so the next app that I picked out for you guys is this super.

Sexy body hugging little black dress now we all do the little black dress as women something that you can just go to your closet pull out and it’s just your go to dress and this is that but for those more special occasions so of course your birthday but you can even wear this dress to a wedding to a dinner party to a holiday party whatever you want to wear it to but I thought.

It was perfect or just more conservative if you’re having like a really nice dinner with family or friends for your birthday I thought this would be perfect I loved off the shoulder off the shoulder is just something that I feel like is always gonna be in style and just showing your whole chest is just so sexy to me like just screams out.

Like I’m a woman and I’m confident you know what I mean and I’d probably pay this with like a really loud and bold necklace that like shines or shimmers and then probably looks like some basic black strappy heels because you don’t want to like mix any other colors with this because it’s already just so elegant and beautiful on its own we don’t want.

To mess any of that up so I do have to say that this even though I love this type of sleeves it can get to be very annoying so what I.

Would do is I would probably tape it where I want it I like it to be like a little bit higher I’d probably put some tape double-sided tape on here so that.

I don’t throw a about the sleeves falling or like just annoying me the whole night you know just keep it where it needs to be so anyway this dress is perfect for a birthday or any occasion at that I think.

Especially if you’re a woman of curves this dress would look so bomb I mean because it’s so that you’re hugging it just sucks everything up which I love it is hard like it would be hard to wear anything under you know what it means just because it’s just tight this is actually a size stick so I get a fix on everything and pretty little things.

I didn’t mention ie there’s a pretty little thing guys um and I honestly think it’s perfect because you don’t want this type of dress to be loose because then it’ll just look kind of like baggy and they won’t you definitely want a tight tight dress when you’re going for.

Something like this alright let’s next out this for my real bougie girls I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to get a little booty you.

Know I just just like it and certain out let’s just bring that out at you you know so I don’t know about you but I love this chain style I’ve been going around I don’t know some people it’s not small for that I’m.

Going to totally get it but I love to wear a lot of pieces once in a while just to like switch it up you know so this is definitely the piece for you if you’re looking for like that extra attention on your birthday like oh that girl like look at that one-piece jumper she’s wearing it’s bigger hugging once again which.

I love it has a deep V which you can’t go wrong with once again definitely need some double-sided tape I would probably pay this like a long.

Like layered gold necklace some hoop earrings some black open-toed heels and Matt you are just good to go so this is actually from fashion Nova and it does fit tight like it’s that stretchy material but it’s not stretchy enough if that makes sense like you can fit into it and you can kind of shape it to your body but it’s not gonna form to your body you know like it’s made the way that it’s made so that is one thing I have to say I believe this.

I’ll link it below and let you guys know for sure the sizes but pretty sure it’s a medium that’s what I usually get from them.

And it does reach all the way to my ankles which I love as well it’s like perfect for winter too.

If you have a winter birthday like hey girl you’re gonna look you and not be cold which I’m about it I’m about it I also love that it has this belt that ties around your waist cuz then you can tie it as tight as you want and it honestly cinches your waist and just smack just that thing in so anyways this is for you girl that booty girl that wants to stand out on her birthday like this is for you I.

It all divides and all the fields in this outfit alright guys outfit number or so this is another one of those outfits that I saw some websites or Instagram or something and there was actually a few remakes of it but every single one that I was finding was like a hundred dollars or more for this dress I was like that’s ridiculous but I wanted it so bad for my birthday and for this video so I was on a mission to.

Find it and one day I was a pretty little thing and I was like oh my gosh this looks like the almost exact replica of the.

Of them maybe had like a tiny slit on the bottom of the leg and this one did end but when I got my phone so I can tell you guys the other brands that have this dress all right guys so there was actually more than must come up.

A little there’s actually more than one brand that had this dress so one of them is Nancy Gonzales official and I know that it was selling for really expensive on that one it did have a slit up to right here and this one does not but the color the top everything else about it is exactly the same and then two more that I found work from top toxic ND.

Fashion Nova Try On Haul For Curvy/plus Size Girls (first Time Tag)

Oh welcome it’s a que lo rel so yeah I’m just getting a little comfortable right now because hey we are gonna do you know what I’m gonna do we’re gonna do a curvy plus-sized thick girl whatever you want to call it fashion overhaul I’m gonna try everything on and I’m gonna show you what I got so the first.

Item that I got I don’t know I’m just gonna do it.

Random order I’ll probably do the dresses first Imola so the first.

Item I got was the morning walk floral dress in size XL and it is so cute and it’s super long it goes all the way to the ground and a little bit more so you gotta wear heels but you know who doesn’t I swear here actually.

It’s a shoulder which I love and I love how they are quarter length sleeves who doesn’t like that ones are the delirious distress skinny jeans 15 and these jeans are gorgeous okay the beautiful rips and I don’t mind the the bottom of the leg the bottom.

Of my leg is really nice they’re all long on me but it’s okay because I’m just I don’t really care as long as the top looks good we good because I can always just cut the bottoms off and tear them up give it a distress looked because they’re all distress okay so my next my next okay so.

Where the Isana skinny jeans 15 and I these were my second favorite there is more stretch these and I feel like it doesn’t.

Hold you in as much so these ones are dark and then they have obviously rips so next Paragon was the Aurora skinny jeans 15 again and so this is what they look like and it looks kind of funny on this room but I kind of liked how this.

Was here because it kind of hit a little my stomach and I liked how was dark here and then the ribs all the way and there’s something weird about this part.

Are not as tight as I wish they were be wood and there so the next thing I got was a bathing suit I look doing right now and I don’t know why with the bathing suits aren’t on there right now which it doesn’t make sense because obviously people go on vacation and that’s why I have this bathing suit so I don’t really get it but maybe they’re gonna put it up there soon but this one is the tags on the top so this is the.

Water sport bikini size XL and it fit oh so perfect so it’s so cute because it’s like what a shirt style one you know and then it also zips down I wear it unzipped because it just looks.

Funny like it’s all tight to your neck and that’s not usually what you want to wear to the beach so I like it open like.

This and I like this material it’s like super stretchy and and I love the bottoms of these because it fits perfect it’s just enough high waist not like too much because I’ve seen some that are like okay this is way.

Too highways this one is perfect and also show that shows enough booty but not too much where it’s like okay one of the.

Beach I’m not trying to show everybody everything those.

With this because I wasn’t trying to show everybody everything I don’t post that kind of stuff on my Instagram or anything like that that’s just not my life so I paired it with this been this has been going around a lot which is this everyone I’ve seen a lot.

Memorial Day Outfits Hotter Than The Bbq

The unofficial start of summer is right around the corner, and the only things we’re interested in are barbecue, beer and the best Memorial Day outfits.

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer because who has time to wait until June? As the days get longer and the temperatures reach scorching levels, it’s only right that we open up those pools, bust out those bikinis and make sure we start the season off right.

Whether you’re headed to the beach, out to a club or staying home for a family party, these Memorial Day outfits guide will have you feeling hotter than a rack of ribs.



Lying down on the soft sand while you sip a cool beer sounds like the perfect way to start the summer, but why not show off your figure and style while you’re at it?

If you’re headed to the beach this MDW, make sure you have this one essential item: a one-piece swimsuit. While bikinis were once thought to be the only sexy swim gear, one-pieces are steadily growing in their sex appeal.

Cut-out bathing suits are a crowd favorite, and if you’re a people pleaser, a cut-out one-piece swimsuit is just what you need for those appreciative glances.

Hitting the boardwalk for happy hour is one of the best plans for a day at the beach, but be sure to cover up before. While some might appreciate the extra skin, heading indoors is the perfect time to use a sexy cover up. This one-piece cover up duo doubles perfectly as a crop top and skirt outfit for the lax dress codes of the boardwalk.


Like any normal human being, food and sleep might be some of your favorite things in the world, and while we don’t recommend sleeping your Memorial Day weekend away, eating is always a plan!

Everyone starts breaking out their rusty grills to fire up some burgers and ribs, and if you’re making an appearance by the BBQ, here’s how to make sure you’re sizzling more than the hot dogs.


Barbecues are almost always casual, but there’s nothing wrong with making yourself a bit more put together. In a look that could transport you right to the Fourth of July, put a patriotic spin on your outfit. Pair red cotton shorts with a sheer navy blouse and a bralette to wear underneath.

For a touch of casual, finish off your outfit with a pair of white vans or sneakers. If you’re still looking to show off your inner fashionista, accessorize with nude sunglasses and crossbody bag.



Dancing the night away on Memorial Day weekend is easier than you think. The hottest celebrities might be hosting an event at your favorite nightclub, and you’re going to want to dress like you belong right in Hollywood. Nightclubs get very hot very fast, so you’re going to need an outfit that can take the heat.

Ditch the overdone skirt or dress and go with a pair of distressed jeans. While the rips will give you some much-needed air, you won’t have to worry about a short hemline leading to a wardrobe malfunction.

In order to give this outfit some much-needed spice, go dark in a deep-v bodysuit with laced details and strappy black pumps. You can always change the heels for something shorter and thicker, but make sure the look is completed with a sleek red clutch to complete this Miami fever outfit.

Music Festival/Concert

Music Festival

After Coachella, there’s an abundance of outdoor music festivals and concerts, and if the mood strikes to sway to some tunes while the sun sets, make sure it’s with this outfit.

Dancing underneath the afternoon sun to the latest song by The Chainsmokers can be a great time until your sweat consumes your body and your clothes, so lightweight clothes are the way to go.

Lace, crochet, crop tops and high-waist shorts are big during the summer and festival seasons, so what would be better than one of these styles? All of these styles.

For your MDW look, go for a lace crop top and pair it with high-waist shorts and gladiator sandals. If you’re planning on dancing until the moon rises, throw a denim jacket around your waist to bear the night chills.



While Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to kickstart the summer, you might find yourself spending Monday at a parade in honor of our fallen troops. MDW parades are definitely family friendly, so you might want to keep that in mind, but don’t let that stop you from looking good and appropriate.

You can show off your figure and those lean legs in a crop top, cut-off shorts and short gladiator-styled sandals. This will also be the perfect time to throw on a floral duster alongside your purse and sunglasses.

Memorial Day gives us the chance to remember our fallen soldiers, have some much-needed relaxation time and gear up our wardrobe for the summer months.

What are your plans this Memorial Day weekend? Are you planning on recreating any of these Memorial Day outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

9 Winter Date Outfits To Keep Your Romance Hot

Who says your outfits can’t sizzle in the winter? Whether you’re going for a hot date or a warm night in, these winter date outfits will keep your romance hot.

During the winter, you and your significant other might be scrambling for date ideas to keep the romance alive, but the cold temperatures might be keeping them at bay.

One way to keep the fire going is with your outfits! It might be hard coming up with dates for the winter, and it might be even harder trying to deciding what to wear! For a few winter date outfit ideas, check out our tips below!

Winter Date Outfits … for Baking

winter date outfits

If you’re going over to your guy’s house or expecting a visit from him, you could definitely make a night out of baking.

Not only do you both get to snack on something sweet afterward, but the whole baking process could be filled with flirting that could lead to other activities where biting and nibbling might be involved (wink wink).

If you’re not strict in the kitchen and you don’t mind making a little mess, your outfit needs to be simple and casual with a dash of sexiness thrown in there.

The perfect outfit for a baking date is a t-shirt and thigh-high socks. If you have an oversized t-shirt hanging around your room, that’s perfect! For an added touch, opt for one of his larger t-shirts.

Something about seeing their girl in their own t-shirt really gets a guy going and this will definitely add to the leg you’ll be showing from the socks!

Winter Date Outfits … for a Carriage Ride

winter date outfits

Your date might be truly romantic and have a carriage ride planned out for you. If he does, definitely take advantage of this opportunity but make sure you bundle up! It’ll definitely be cold out there, especially if the temperatures drop to below freezing.

This outfit is perfect for a carriage ride. Jeans are always the best choice for dressing up what could’ve been a casual outfit. While pairing the look with booties could still make for a cute outfit, thigh-high boots are definitely sexier and warmer!

If you’re wearing booties the fashionable way, your ankles will be exposed and you don’t want that for a cold carriage ride. The black turtleneck is a great and warm look for the winter and the green trench lightens up the dark outfit and gives it a bit of character.

Don’t be afraid to add a hat, gloves, and a scarf to the wardrobe. You want to stay warm, but you and your date could definitely get warmer together underneath the blanket!

Winter Date Outfits … for Dinner

winter date outfits

If you’re feeling less on the spontaneous side and just want to enjoy a nice meal together, this is a great outfit for a wintertime dinner. Like our previous look, we know that jeans work well with everything and it’s easy to throw an outfit together.

The black sweater is comfortable and casual enough for the winter temperatures, but it also works well as a piece to dress up. The statement necklace gives this look just what it needs to be dinner appropriate, but this outfit is nothing without the boots.

We’ve long given up the rounded front of boots and have traded them in for their sexier and pointier competition.

Winter Date Outfits … for a Football Game

winter date outfits

You might find yourself on a date at a football game this winter, and if you do, our biggest advice to you is to bundle up! Rams and Chargers fans might find themselves in luck, but if you’re rooting for the Patriots or the Giants, you’ll definitely need the layers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a hot look!

Pick your favorite pair of jeans and match them with stylish flat boots. If there’s snow or ice around, you don’t want to be caught slipping – literally!

Long sleeve shirts will be your friend and go with pieces that work well with layering! Try styling a long sleeve white or black shirt underneath flannel or plaid. If you’re serious about showing off your outfit in the cold, pair a vest on top of it before throwing on a warm coat.

With these layers, you can still keep your jacket open to show off your outfit. Don’t forget the hat and gloves and your sunglasses are a must to block off the sun and your haters.

Winter Date Outfits … for a Hockey Game

winter date outfits

If your date is a hockey fan versus a football fan, you can keep the same idea, but tweak your outfit slightly! You won’t need as many layers as you needed for the football game, but you’ll definitely still need to be bundled up. In this outfit, Hailey Baldwin creates a great outfit for a hockey game.

Leather leggings are an ideal way to create a sexy look while staying warm. The over the knee boots add to the appeal of the outfit without making her appear too dressy. She keeps her layers relatively simple with a Rangers jersey worn under a denim jacket.

Winter Date Outfits … for Ice Skating

winter date outfits

One date that you can’t skip out on during the winter time is ice skating! Not only is it fun, but it’s definitely on the list of most romantic dates. For the perfect ice skating outfit, you can definitely start with the basics of either jeans or leggings.

While it might not seem important in any other outfit, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to your socks. Crew socks are better because they’ll stop the skates from chafing against your skin, but they also add to the look of your outfit.

For those of us who don’t feel like picking out a cute sweater or shirt, all you’ll need is a cute trench styled coat. Regardless of if you’re skating indoors or outside, it’ll be cold so don’t forget to bundle up with a cute hat and infinity scarf!

Winter Date Outfits … for New Year’s Eve

winter date outfits

One of the hottest dates you’ll have all year will probably be for New Year’s Eve so you have to make your outfit count! Depending on your plans and the temperature, you probably won’t want to be dressed in a leg showing dress, and this pictured outfit is a great alternative.

High waist pants have definitely been trending for the past two years, so you can make use of a great pair of high waist trousers. Sequins or metallic looks are perfect for the New Year’s Eve festivities, so definitely incorporate this into your outfit.

While this outfit is classy and elegant, it also gives off a sexy and sultry look by showing off the silhouette of the body.

Winter Date Outfits … for Valentine’s Day

winter date outfits

While you might be focused on the closer winter date ideas, we can’t forget about the sexiest night of the winter – Valentine’s Day.

You and your date might be gearing up for a special dinner, and this might be a winter date where you want to show off some skin. This halter dress is perfect for focusing on the curves of the body while still giving your date something to wonder about.

winter date outfits

If you’re ready to get hot and heavy for the second half of your date, you can definitely show off a little more skin in some lingerie. For a few ideas of where to find the perfect pieces to set him off, check out our list of brands that will seduce and satisfy your partner.

Just because the temperatures in the winter are cold doesn’t mean your relationship has to be! You can definitely keep it warm and cozy or sizzling and seductive this winter and these outfits will help do it! In the comments below, let us know what is your go-to winter date look!

Hippie Fashion: A Guide To Turning Hippie Into Hipster

When you think of Hippie fashion, do you not get it? Well, we’re here to change that. With these Hippie turned Hipster looks all you’ll be thinking is, give me!

Since the mid 1960’s, the term Hippie (Hippy) has been thrown around with a bunch of loose meanings as well as stereotypes. For most people, the first few thoughts that pop into mind are Woodstock, drugs, peace symbols, and for some, even dread locks.

Hippies are seen as people who just sit around a fire, listening to Jimi Hendrix, and singing Kumbaya. Back then, that may have been the case, however, the times have changed, and so has the meaning of the hippie fashion and dressing like a hippie.

What is Hippie fashion?

Lately, the ideas of ‘Hippie-ism’ have become more of a fashion statement as opposed to the ideas of doing drugs and listening to songs about your feelings. Back in the sixties, if you wanted to dress like a hippie, that meant over-size floral shirts, fringed vests, circled glasses, crazy hairstyles, flow-y jeans, and even flower pieces for women’s heads.

Now that it’s 2015, the ideas of the old Hippie style have since been thrown out the window. It has been reinvented as well as reincorporated into something that makes even the highest of fashion guru’s want a taste!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Hippie fashion is just like Bohemian style… And if this is what you’re thinking, you’re wrong. To dress like a hippie is actually much different than dressing bohemian. In fact, the term Hippie isn’t even really the category for this day and age. It is actually now referred to as Hipster fashion! To explain exactly what I mean by Hipster, here are some examples. For starters, clothes.


What to wear and where to get it

Now, I know what you might be thinking. How and where can I buy something like this? This must cost a fortune! But actually, it is more likely than not that most people have outfits such as these in their closets without even realizing it!

The basic idea of your modern day hipster outfits include the following: ripped jeans, Converse or Vans sneakers, long shirts that are comfy yet stylish, some shirts could even include powerful sayings, patchwork, or even plain old woven tops, and leather jackets. These are the items you need in order to dress like a hippie.

As for dresses, you will typically need something flow-y with a lot of patterns. The cost of buying outfits such as these is surprisingly very cheap. You can go to places such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wetseal, PacSun, Debs, Quicksilver, or even Hot Topic and Spencers.

You need to accessorize

To sum up what your average Hipster fashion is – it’s flirty, it’s edgy, it’s cool, and also very fun. You can also doll up any outfit with a few of these accessories:

Duh! A flower headband! What screams Hippie fashion more than a floral headband!


Your typical circular shades will bring out the hippie in you.


A lot of bracelets in earth tones followed by charms/pieces that you find interesting.


Finally, for necklaces, a lot of pendants/crystals, medallions, or even a shell/Puka necklace should do the trick!


Remember, these are just a few ideas of accessory items, there are plenty more out there that follow the ideas of this trend. That’s the beauty of Hipster fashion and Hippie Fashion, it’s easy to play with as well as dress up!

You can find pieces such as these in shops such as Claire’s, Icing, Forever 21, Wetseal, and many more. There are plenty of stores that are modernizing forgotten eras and resurrecting them.

How to Hippie or Hipster up your hair

If you are looking for a more drastic and to the point idea of a Hippie, these few hairstyles are the ones for you! Some ladies took to the old yet modern idea of dreading their hair.


However, on top of dreading it, they even went to the lengths of adding many feather and bead extensions. This look hasn’t really caught on too much, yet it still beautifully portrays the idea of a re-birthed 1960’s era.


Then, there is the beautiful everyday look that just includes a thin head band followed by your hair, whether it’s wavy, straight, curly, dreaded – you name it!


Another big favorite is also braids. Braids will most likely be a fashion trend until the end of time! They can be used in multiple ways such as these.



You can even do a fish tail braid, waterfall braids, or two thin braids on the sides of your head to create the half up/half down appearance. Remember, these are just a few suggestions to complete your look! Many more can be created.

A little makeup never hurt

To sum up your look, lets move on to makeup. Although the idea of a Hippie is to be more…’one with the earth,’ and very plain faced, the times have changed. Don’t get me wrong, people still follow this rule and stick to putting on only lip-gloss and flesh-tones, but the era of Hipster has moved a little beyond that.

Let’s begin with the eyes of a Hipster.


Hipster eye makeup has moved on to become more noticeable. They use very vibrant and very exotic colors to accentuate their eyes and bring out the colors of their face as well as wardrobe. However, even though Hipster colors may be louder than they once were, that doesn’t mean that they’re not portraying the ideas of the earthy tones in the world.

Now, for my favorite part of the Hipster trend, the lipstick! The latest shades that have been on everybody’s mind since September! Raisin and Black Cherry! I don’t know what it is about these shades exactly; however, they just make practically every female look gorgeous. They leave your lips looking full, hydrated, and just down right beautiful!

These shades will surely go with any Hipster outfit as well as other vibrant shades of pink, red, and the ever-popular just plain nude lips.


The ideas of Hippie now turned Hipster will continue being a growing fashion trend! With the latest designs, merchandize, and freedom, this trend leaves today’s fashion lovers with a style we won’t soon forget! With its fun, flirty, gorgeous ideas of dressing up for a day at school, work, or a day out on the town, there is an outfit for everything.

So, instead of picturing your parents, aunts, and uncles at Woodstock whenever the word Hippie is mentioned, remember that it has altered into a more modern style that’s all its own.