A Breakdown Of 6 Vitamins You Need For Better Hair Growth

Most vitamins and minerals play some sort of role in healthy hair growth but there are 6 that are vital to maintain healthy and luscious locks.

Are your tresses dull and lackluster? Does it look like your hair growth is stunted no matter what you do? You might be missing one or more vitamin essential to healthy hair growth.

If you’re like me, you probably hate popping pills— especially the ones that are almost the size of an Oreo! However, the truth is, as we get older, we need to do more for our bodies internally to keep our hair healthy and vibrant. Part of this is vitamin levels in our bodies.

Vitamins help the body to grow and develop. It helps us to optimize our internal functions like immunity and metabolism. We are usually able to meet most of our vitamin needs via a balanced diet, but this isn’t always possible and this is where taking supplements come in.

Below is a breakdown of the essential vitamins that play a vital role in general body health and hair growth.

1. Vitamin A

Healthy carrots

This acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body and is in the form of beta-carotene and other carotenoids. It is also necessary for healthy eyes. Vitamin A can be found in carrots, lettuce, potatoes, paprika, mangoes and other fruits and vegetables.

2. Vitamin D

This vitamin optimizes calcium absorption, which is required for healthy bones. Exposure to the sun for about 30 minutes at least twice a week is enough for the body to synthesize this vitamin.

However, not everyone is able to expose themselves to this much sun due to their location, profession or a drug being consumed for something else. A supplement providing 600 IU of vitamin D daily is enough to meet requirements. You can also obtain vitamin D from foods such as cod liver oil, seafood and dairy products.

3. Vitamin B Complex

This is a family of vitamins, which include B-1 (thiamine), B-2 (riboflavin), B-3 (niacin), B-5 (panthothenic acid), B-6 (pyridoxine), B-7 or H (biotin), B-9 (folic acid) and B-12 (cobalamin).

This vitamins in this group work in conjunction with each other and often exist in the same types of food such as whole grain cereals, poultry, diary products, green vegetables, meat, fish and liver. This vitamin is the most important of all the vitamins, as you’ll see later on.

4. Vitamin C

This vitamin is important to the immune system and also acts as an antioxidant, which helps the body fight free radicals. It is included in a lot of cosmetics. Lack of vitamin C exposes your body to various diseases, like colds and flu, and external things like dry hair and skin. You can get vitamin C through fruits, especially citrus fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C also enhances the absorption of iron.

5. Vitamin E

almonds are good for your hair

This vitamin is known to be a powerful antioxidant. It refers to a group of compounds that fall into two groups—tocopherols and tocotrienols. These compounds occur in soybean oil, corn oil, butter and salad dressings. Vitamin E also occurs naturally in sunflower oil, wheat germ oil and safflower oil as well as in some nuts. It is said to hinder free radical damage and inhibit premature signs of aging.

6. Vitamin K

This is another family of vitamins, which includes K1, K2 and K3. Vitamin K is why the blood coagulates properly. It also contributes to bone health. It can be found in leafy greens, soybean oil and dairy products.

Specific Vitamins that Target Hair Growth

All the vitamins mentioned previously are required for optimal bodily functions, which translates to better hair growth, but there are a few of them that specifically assist with hair growth. If you look at the ingredient listing of products created to foster hair growth rate, you will see one or more of these vitamins.

  • Vitamin D: This is required for healthy hair follicle cycling. A lack of vitamin D will lead to hair loss. If you are unable to get the required dose of vitamin D through food and sunlight, you may need to include the supplement in your diet. Having your body generate what it needs through sunlight remains the best way to get this vitamin.
  • Vitamin B-3 (Niacin): Without this vitamin, your hair can become brittle and lifeless. By including niacin in your diet, expect a nourished scalp and supple moisturized hair. Lack of niacin in the body manifests itself as pellagra.
  • Vitamin B-7 or H (Biotin): This is one of the most popular hair supplements on the market. It can be obtained through food, but your body can’t retain it because it’s a water-soluble vitamin. Biotin boosts the follicles already growing and leads to a growth spurt. Some women have complained of breakouts, but this should be resolved by drinking loads of water.
  • Vitamin C: This enhances the absorption of iron, a mineral vital for healthy growth of red blood cells. Vitamin C also produces collagen, an instrumental protein when it comes to healthy skin and hair growth.

5 Ways to Maintain Your Vitamin Levels

Drink plenty of water after meals

  1. Drink plenty of water especially after meals, and stay hydrated throughout the day.
  2. Eat a balanced diet with the foods recommended.
  3. Reduce or eliminate smoking completely. If you don’t smoke, reduce your exposure to passive smoke.
  4.  Refrain from excessive alcohol consumption.
  5. Eliminate consumption of unnecessary drugs.

Don’t start taking vitamins on your own though. You can determine if you are deficient in any vitamin by taking a simple blood test to check your vitamin levels. Always consult your doctor or dietician before taking supplements that will have a bearing on your health.

4 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair: Ready For Your Big Day

Whether you are the bride or a guest, a wedding is the perfect opportunity to experiment with styling long hair. Here are some wedding hairstyles for long hair you can try.

You should always aim to look your best at a wedding because you never know who you’re going to meet there. Here you’ll find some simple and easy ideas on making the perfect wedding hairstyles for long hair. It doesn’t have to be hard, you can do it yourself and still look amazing.

1. Bun


One of the most elegant wedding hairstyles is a bun, especially if you want to expose the neckline of a dress. This simple style is best suited for more detailed dresses. Simply brush your hair up into a high ponytail and twist the hair around, securing with hair grips.

You can also plait the hair before twisting it around to add a little something extra. For wedding brownie points, add a fastener, flower, or a pretty clip next to the bun, matching the color of your dress or accessories.

Depending on the style of your dress and the wedding, you can make the bun formal (brushed and secured tightly and set with hair spray) or more relaxed (loose hair falling from it and secured loosely). The bun is a versatile classic, especially for keeping long hair away from your neck on a hot summer wedding.

2. Side styles


A great choice for long hair is to sweep it into a side do. There are many options here, for example, brush the hair over and secure with a fastener and curl the loose hair or make a long side plait with a bow (for example). Having the hairstyle to the side of your face adds a little something different to a conventional middle hairstyle and adds elegance.

3. Loose curls


One of the advantages of having long hair is that you can experiment with different hairstyles and one of the best ones is curls. Prior to a wedding, have a go with your curling tongs and try loose and tight curls to see what works best for you, and how much ‘staying power’ the hairstyle has.

Remember that once you have curled your hair, you need to ‘commit’ to this style, which means a long day at a wedding and lots of hair spray and grips to keep it looking neat and tidy. Fortunately, if the wedding theme or your dress is more relaxed, you can keep the curls loose and less rigid, but if the wedding is particularly formal, it is recommended to use tighter curls and to section off the hair equally before curling.

Test out hairsprays that help the style stay in place, but look light/invisible on your hair. You can add a side grip or a flower to this style to accessorize.

4. Straight and sleek


Long hair looks simple but effective when left to hang loosely. The look is best when you wash and dry thoroughly, and then run the straightening iron over the hair (using a heat protectant spray first). Finish with a light spritz of shine spray.

To add some variety to this style, take a few inches from each side of your hair (center parted) next to your temples and plait them back towards the back and middle of your head before linking the two plaits into one plait that hangs down the back of the hair. This looks great with a fastener or flower where the two small plaits meet, and still allows your long hair to cascade down your back.



Luckily, with long hair comes lots of texture and volume (or at least enough hair to be able to create this volume if you have fine hair). Add to hairstyles by creating a bouffant with the top section of the hair and spray in place – you will get a great 50s vibe.


Before you consider hairstyles for a wedding, think about the venue, the bride and groom (unless, of course, you are the bride, in which case anything goes), the season and the dress you will be wearing. All of these factors can make a difference to how you choose to style your hair. If you opt for a dress that lies off the shoulder, try out styles that keep the hair away from the neck and elongate it.

If the dress is particularly detailed, think about a simple hairstyle or if it is very plain, dress up your look by making your hairstyle fancier. If the wedding function is formal, you will want to reflect this in the way in which you wear your hair, with a ‘prim and proper’ feel – i.e. no loose fly-away hairs, while if it is a laid back affair, you can exercise a little less caution and do not need to be overly concerned if your hair style drops a little during the day.

Be prepared

Avoid a hair nightmare, by doing a hair trial before the big day. Try your dress on to ensure you have picked the right style and practice doing it yourself a few times so that you feel confident you will get it right. On the day, get ready well in advance and really secure the hairstyle you have opted for.

Hair, particularly long hair, can take a lot longer to prepare than how long you first anticipate – so wash, dry and style early to avoid the last minute panics. In your handbag, carry a pocket mirror, spare grips/clips and a mini hairspray for any adjustments during the day.

Should you DIY or go to a salon?


If you do not normally style your own hair, why not take a trip to the salon? They can help inspire you with lots of different ideas for long hair and take out the worry of not getting it quite right. Alternatively, if you know how you like to wear your hair, there is nothing wrong with doing it yourself (just remember to practice beforehand).

The Internet is full of hairspiration ideas to get your imagination flowing ahead of a wedding, especially for long hair – where most hairstyle up dos are manageable. Have fun and experiment! Think about is your face shape, and check out our long haircuts for women infographic.

So there we have it, some advice to consider before styling your long locks for a wedding. But how do you style your hair for functions? Do you have long hair and some style secrets to share? Please let us know in the comments below.

Get Timeless – Eight Decades Of Glamorous Hair – YouQueen

Mix up your hairstyle. From the 1920’s to the 1990’s, rocking timeless hairstyles never goes out of style.

Glamour is something that never dies. What was considered fierce in the 1920’s still turns heads in 2013. Sexy sirens know all about switching it up; because why oh why would you want to look the same every day?

It’s time to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor and whoever else you idolized on the silver-screen. Glamour is all about turning heads – the first thing to start with (and quite possibly the most noticeable).

Your hair is your statement. Sure, it’s always fun to rock new trends, but why not be a little sporadic and change it up? You have your whole life to wear your hair bone-straight.

1920’s Glam – The Roaring Twenties


Get our your crimper, your curling iron and your bobby-pins. Celebrities like Taylor Swift use the classic, jazzy appeal of the roaring twenties to set the sexy tone for red-carpet events. The 20’s are reminiscent of swanky black dresses and diamond-encrusted barrettes.

Simply part your hair to the side. Using a small curling iron, wrap individualized sections or tendrils counter-clockwise and diagonally around the curling iron. Each section should cover the entire curling iron (as opposed to a tight re-wrapped curl). Try to focus on curling your hair back and away from your face. Once your hair is curled, pin the hair back into a bun using bobby-pins. Spray hair with flexible hairspray.

1930’s Glam – The Swinging Thirties


Relaxed, loose and big curls take the spotlight during the Great Depression that followed the stock-market crash in 1929. Swing music became the cat’s meow as socialites and celebrities danced around in frilly, layered dresses. Celebs like Charlize Theron, Rachel Evans and Reece Witherspoon love the elegant, polished look of 1930’s hair-glam.

Wash and dry your hair using light-weight, non-straightening products. Part your hair to the side and blow dry the hair with a round brush while occasionally applying smoothing cream to the crown-area (to smooth the volume out). Finish the style by curling the bottom of the hair with a large curling iron. Finish with flexible holding spray.

1940’s Glam – Casablanca Hair


Whirled and twirled, side curled hair was all the rage during the 1940’s. It may have been the second world war, but beauty and glamour were still heavily romanticized. People found pleasure in the grand cinema and music.

This style can be embraced in a number of ways. You may opt to start on clean hair, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Using a large curling iron, curl the entire sides of your hair up. The hair should be completely rolled around the iron. Let sit for a moment and unclamp without de-curling the curl. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray.


1950’s Glam – Pin up Couture


When we reminisce of the glorious 50’s, we are left with visions of Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Paige…Beautiful curvaceous women who rocked curves, curls and giant waves.

To get the timeless look that celebrities like Gwen Stafani and Katy Perry often flaunt, start by washing and conditioning the hair with a volumizing line of products. Dry hair with a round brush, giving the hair body, shine and control. Leave the hair somewhat wavy. Using a large curling iron, curl the bangs under into a perfect cylinder. If you do not have bangs, section the front of the hair down around face (as if you were going to cut bangs). Using the hair that “would be” where your bangs are, curl the hair completely up, making sure to wind the hair around the hot cylinder on the iron. Let sit for a minute or so. Spray hair with freezing spray and secure with bobby-pins.

1960’s Glam – Free Love Hair


Long, luxurious locks were a staple of the wavy, free-love hair that powered 60’s glam. Celebrities like Sienna Miller, Jessica Biel and Kate Moss use the flowing, sexy locks of the -make peace- and -make love- era to turn heads.

This style can be worked lots of ways. Depending on the thickness of the hair, you may want to let your hair air-dry with defining moose or blow-dry using loose fingers (instead of a round-brush). Make certain to part the hair down the center. The 60’s were also about straight hair- so shiny, straightened locks with a bit of bounce also work.

1970’s Glam – Classic Fawcett Hair


The 70’s were all about funk, classic rock and sexy hair. From male musicians to pinup legends like Farrah Fawcett; big, natural voluminous hair was what was in style. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Khloe Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker and Britney Spears like the come-hither 70’s inspiration portrayed by the icons of the 70’s.

You will need a curling iron and/or hot rollers. Wash and dry hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Dry hair with a round-brush for superior volume. Curl the hair back and “up” so that the hair flips out. For extra volume, use large curling rolls. Finish hair with flexible, holding hairspray.

1980’s Glam – “Big Hair”


From big name hair-bands like Guns and Roses and Poison to female sirens like Joan Jett and Pat Benetar, big hair was big during the 1980’s. To this day, 80’s fashion can be spotted in the nooks and crevices of modern style. 80’s hair is known for being big, bold and bodacious. The 80’s were all about partying, sun-bathing and high-wasted shorts.

Get the pumped-up look by using volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Go light (if not bare) on the root-area and apply thickening spray or volumizing moose to the root area. Blow dry hair on hottest heat setting with the head upside-down. When you finish you can opt to curl the hair, or leave it straight. Try and tease the root-area of the hair. Finish with freezing spray.

1990’s Glam – A lunge for Grunge


The 90’s were famous for many hairstyles, but none quite like those of the grunge genre. Flannel shirts, baggy jeans and studded belts were all classic staples of the 1990’s. Though grunge is generally known for greasy, unkempt hair, many famous celebrities embrace the look by using products. Celebrities like Mary Kate Olson, Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss love the messy, just rolled out of bed look.

Grunge hair is essentially bed-head hair. A bit of pomade on day-old hair with a spruce of dry-shampoo on the root area will leave hair wavy, messy and best of all- not dirty. Rustle the hair with your fingers and spray in a bit of hair spray- or curl random spots to add that unintentional wave. Whatever you do; you can’t go wrong, as bed-head hair is all about spontaneity!

Whether you’re feeling the diamond and pearl-esque decadence of the 1920’s or the messy, bed-head of the 1990’s, no woman should limit herself to the same hairstyle every day. Spice up your style with pinned-back glam hair or big, sexy 80’s hair. Your decade is your oyster…

The Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Whether you’re a bride or a wedding guest, having long hair means getting to have fun trying out lovely, lavish hair styles. Here are some ideas for you!

Whilst there’s no denying there are some gorgeous hairstyles out there for those with short hair, long hair allows for so many lovely, versatile styles.

You can keep it down, pin it up, curl it, do complicated braiding- you can even turn it into a short bob if you like!

It’s always fun to be able to play about with different styles, and what better occasion to try out some new looks for your long hair than for a wedding? Whether you’re a bride, a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, I’ve got you covered!

1) Classic up-do


Having your hair in an up-do is a timeless classic wedding fashion statement, but one that is never boring.

Fashion your long hair into a messy bun and leave some wispy sections hanging down at the front, make it poker straight and fashion it into a neat up-do, or style a semi-neat bun and add a few braids over the top of your head, framing the base of the bun.

If your motto, when it comes to your hair, is the bigger the better, then why not go for the classic beehive. Just make sure you’re prepared for all the hairspray that comes with that!

2) Feminine Chignon

Technically this one is an up-do but I thought that it deserved its own section as it’s too versatile to be lumped in with the up-dos. For those of you who don’t know what a chignon is its definition is hair scraped into a coil on the back of a person’s head (so it’s a low down bun).


However, in their curly, lavish form, they have now become a popular choice for weddings.

For a simple chignon, Elle gives a great tutorial here using only 6 bobby pins. If you want a more intricate one, though, be prepared to use far more than 6! They can be done on straight or wavy hair and are a lovely, romantic bridal style.

3) Curl it


Whilst tight ringlets tend to be considered a bit old fashioned these days, tight curls are still a no-fuss, elegant wedding hairstyle for long hair. Curls can be big or small, and a whole head of them can add lots of volume to your hair.

The great thing about having long hair is, if you don’t want a whole head of curls, you can just have the ends curled for a lovely, simple look. Straighten the hair from the roots first and then only curl from around two-thirds of the way down.

4) Decorate with jewels or flowers


On your wedding day, it’s perfectly acceptable- in fact, it’s actively encouraged- to make yourself look like a queen and what better way to do that than by adding some sparkly jewels to your locks?

If you’re less of a royal princess how about transforming yourself into a boho queen with a flower crown or flower clips? Flowers also work well if you’re a bridesmaid or a wedding guest as they are an easy, understated way to glam up your hairstyle, without upstaging the bride.

5) Braided


The great thing about braids is that they are extremely versatile; one big braid can be a hairstyle on its own, smaller braids could be used to add something extra to wavy hair, or intricate braiding can be used to add the wow factor to simple up-dos.

A good braided up-do is to scrape your hair into a neat but slightly wispy bun and add two thick braids over the top of your head, to cover the front of the bun. One braid should come from one side of your head and the other braid should come from the other side. They will pass each other in the middle.

For those of you who want to keep your long hair down, give yourself a center parting (if you haven’t got one already) and loosely curl your hair. Grab a generous (but not too generous) section from the front of your hair at each side and braid all the way down. A regular braid works well, as do rope braids if you prefer that.

Once braided, pull both sections towards the back of your head and secure them when they meet in the middle. This will create a ‘braid crown’ around the top of your head. It’s a no fuss braided style that works well whether you’re a bride or a wedding guest!

6) Loose Waves


Loose, wavy hair is a simple, elegant, timeless classic. It doesn’t take long to do and it looks anything but boring. This is a great look for boho-chic brides whose aisle is a sandy beach (or at least for those of you who wish you were getting married at the beach!).
Loose waves can be created by curling large sections of your hair and brushing through them to make them look neater and give them more bounce.

7) Half up, half down


I personally wouldn’t go for a complete up-do on my wedding day as I just don’t think it suits me. If you’re like me, or just can’t decide between an up-do and leaving your hair down, you should consider a half up, half down do. This look usually works better when the hair is wavy so that it looks like the half up goes together perfectly with the half down.

The great thing about half up, half down styles is that they can be as simple or as intricate as you like. It’s also a very versatile style as it can be very casual- which is good for wedding guests, or they can be extremely detailed, incorporating braids, curls, and jewels- which is good for brides.

You can make the half up a braid, a ponytail, a messy bun- whatever you like. The half down section can be wavy, straight, or curly- again, it can be whatever you like. For a lovely, curly half up, half down look create big barrel curls in your long hair. When the hair is curly, braid large sections at the front at then pull them back and secure them so that they hold the rest of the hair in a loose ponytail.

8) A combination of styles


Of course, if you can’t pick just one style then you can combine one or many. To combine braids, waves and flower decorations make your hair wavy (if it isn’t already) then create a messy braid which hangs to one side (a fishtail braid would work here as well as a regular braid). Add on a flower crown or some flowers wrapping around your head at the top of the braid.

Long hair comes in all different textures and styles so what works for someone else may not work for you. If you have layered hair it may be difficult to create some of the braided styles out there. If your hair is thick and heavy then looser curls may work best as the weight may pull down on your tight curls and make them drop.

The trick with long hair is to play around and have fun finding the style for you. Have fun and enjoy your wedding!
Does anyone have any suggestions for other long hair wedding styles? Let us know in the comments!

How To Find A Good Hair Stylist

Choosing a new hair stylist can be a difficult process, but if you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to your best look yet!

Whether you recently moved or are just unhappy with your current salon, having a hairstylist that you trust can make changing or maintaining your look a much more pleasant experience.

You will be able to find a great salon and have a great first appointment once you learn how to find a good hair stylist.

Ask your friends

how to find a good hair stylist

The best place to start is by recommendations. What salons do your friends go to? Do they have a hair stylist that they swear by? Word of mouth is a great place for honest opinions.

Your friends will be able to tell you first-hand how their appointments are with that stylist and if they like the salon atmosphere. Asking friends with a similar hair texture or style that you’re looking to get will help you grasp an idea of how that stylist handles different hair types and cuts.

Use social media

We use social media to find restaurants and entertainment so why not use it to find a hair stylist? Salons often will post pictures of clients on their Facebook pages and Instagram. This is a great way to weed through salons and stylists by seeing the finished product of each stylist.

For example, if you’re looking for an edgier color change like pastel ombre or a trendy grey-blonde, you may want to make sure that their social media has at least a few examples of color that is out of the normal shade spectrum.

If you want to go one step further, you could also look for photos they are tagged in. These photos will serve as examples of their work and testimonials about the hair stylist that created the look.

Read stylist bios

By now most salons should have their own websites that feature all of their stylists. The stylist bio may tell you a few things that will help you get a sense of their personality (also important), but stylist bios will also often mention their area of expertise.

Whether it’s an effortless textured bob (a la celeb stylist Jen Atkin) that you want or something wilder, stylist bios will have hints. Since you could be seeing this person as often as once a month, you might as well find a hair stylist that you enjoy talking to!

Ask for a style consultation

how to find a good hair stylist

A lot of salons will allow you to come in previous to a haircut or color to sit and talk with the hair stylist about what you would like to do. This is a great idea for someone that is very cautious of trying someone new or for a person that is looking to make a big change to their hair.

If you plan on doing a drastic color change or want to be sure that the stylist is comfortable working with all different hair textures and conditions, sitting down with your chosen stylist is the best place to start.

The good news is that most consultations are low in cost or free, so if you feel uncomfortable for any reason you can cancel your next appointment and move on!

Come prepared

Once you have decided on a hair stylist, the best thing you can do to help explain what you’re looking for is to start searching for inspiration. Start a Pinterest board of haircuts or colors that inspire you.

This way you have an organized collection of pictures to show the stylist. When looking for pictures be sure that the angle of the photo allows the hair stylist to see the actual length and layers clearly. Pictures are the best way to bridge the terminology gap between client and hair professional.

If you don’t know where to start, try looking at your favorite celebrities or type in a keyword to start like “bob” and the add more tags to narrow it down like “long” or “with bangs”. Giving a visual will ensure that the stylist understands your vision and has a reference for the cut or color.

Be realistic

how to find a good hair stylist

Lastly, hair stylists want help you look and feel your best so be sure to respect their professional opinions. Stylists spend years learning the science behind everything from achieving healthy hair to mixing custom colors, so their main priority is your happiness and the health of your hair.

It’s easy to get impatient and think that they are magicians (and in most cases, they are miracle workers) but it’s important to not get ahead of ourselves.

For example, if you are a brunette wanting to go to a light ash blonde you will need multiple visits to avoiding severely damaging your hair.

Most stylists will not want to over-process your hair in one day, so if they offer to they might not have your best interest in mind. Basically, if you’re making big change be patient and trust their experience.

Once you have an open dialogue with your new hair stylist that’s where the fun begins! Having trust in your stylist makes trying new hair looks so much more fun and stress-free. It’s very important for hair stylists to earn the trust of their clients but it’s equally important for clients to be vocal with the hair stylist for the best possible outcome.

Have you recently changed hair stylists? Share your experiences with our other readers below!

Prom Hairstyles 2015: When Beauty Met Modern

Looking for a flirty, modern, elegant look for your prom? Check out this list of 5 of the best prom hairstyles 2015 has to offer, ideas and how to’s!

For most girls, prom is a big deal; it’s almost the equivalent of getting married! Everything must be perfect as well as beautiful for this big day! First, of course, you need to find your dream dress, have a fitting, get it altered, have nightmares of it not fitting, and then have another fitting to see that it’s, of course, perfect.

Also, there’s finding a date, the right shoes, jewelry, makeup and then the greatest stressor of them all! What hairstyle will go best with this dress that also suits me? For years, girls have been re-creating the same classic prom-styles, I being one of them. Well I’m here to help and show you the top 5 prom hairstyles 2015 has to offer.

1. A half-up bow with crimped curls

A half-up bow with crimped curls

This exotic, modern day twist on ‘Cinderella meets the twenty-first century,’ is absolutely classic, elegant, with a little bit of flair to it. With these sensational curls as well as adorable hair pieced bow, what’s not to love about this look? Recently there have been many videos explaining how to create this timeless piece, and I’m here to break it down for you.

How to copy this look:

You will need a curling iron/curling wand, or aluminum foil and a straightening iron, 6 bobby pins, elastic band, hair spray.

A half-up bow with crimped curls

First step; curling your hair!

Now, curling your hair is easy. If you have a regular sized curling iron, just section off your hair into small sections, curl it and hold it for twenty-thirty seconds depending on how hot your iron heats up. If you have a wand, be sure to section off your hair into larger sections, and hold the iron in place for fifteen to twenty seconds.

If you do not have access to a curling iron, a newly found trick has been spreading around lately! All you need is aluminum foil (tin foil) and a straightening iron. Section your hair again, this time into medium sized sections. Wrap the hair around your fingers, hold it, and place into tin foil. Do this step around your whole head.

Then take the straightening iron, make sure it’s hot, and squeeze the tin foil in between the straightening iron for fifteen to twenty seconds. Be sure to do this to every single section! Wait around five to ten minutes, and once it’s finished, begin pulling the tin foil off your hair. You should have beautiful loose curls by the end of this!

A half-up bow with crimped curls

Second step; creating the bow

First, take a section of your hair from the left and right side, combine them together, and then begin to tie them together with an elastic band. Make sure that the sections you pulled are not too thick; you don’t want to make it harder to recreate.

Second, tie your hair with the holder once, and the second time, only tie your hair half way, almost like a small bun or a loop. Third, take the middle section of that mini bun and begin to pull a little bit.

Once you begin to separate this section, take two thumbs, place them now between the left and right section and begin to spread out the sides with your middle or index finger. Then take a bobby pin and pin the now spread out right side of you hair from the bottom up, then take another bobby and do it from the top down.

Repeat these steps for the left side. Next, take a little more than half of the remaining hair and lift it over the bow. Once you bring the hair to the top of the bow begin to open up a little section in the elastic band and push it through, then, you want to slowly and carefully pull it through the other side of the holder.

Finally, once you pull the hair through the mini-bun, you want to insert a bobby pin through the top half of the mini bun then again through the bottom half, and spray hairspray all around your hair to help keep the curls intact…

How to video:

2. Elsa’s hair:

Elsa’s hair

Although Elsa is popular among children, she has also touched the hearts of the children inside many teens as well as adults. What is it that is so captivating about Elsa? Is it her wit? Her self-awareness? Her beautiful voice? Her taste in fashion? Or is it her to die for locks that we just can’t stop looking at? Either way, her re-created hair will be a shoe in to go with any dress!

How to recreate the look (This is the easiest way possible!):

All that you will need is some elastic bands.

Elsa’s hair

First, you are going to want to curl your hair because this hairstyle is meant for those with curly/wavy hair. Now, what you want to do is take a section from the left and the right side from the top of your head, and tie them together with a small elastic hair band. Then, you want to bring the hair that’s in the elastic band over the band itself twice.

Be sure to tug on the sides of the twist you have now created. Next, take two thicker strands of hair from the two sides again and create another tiny ponytail right under the first section we created. Repeat previous steps.

You want to be sure to have as many sections as possible, one under the other, up until there is only a little bit of remaining hair. You will then have the recreation of Elsa’s fun braided hair.

Youtube tutorial video:

3. A timeless classic

A timeless classic

This beautiful, modern day look is great for any prom or occasion! What makes this piece so timeless is its simplicity and elegance upon looking at it. It’s easy to re-create, and leaves you looking classy every time.

How to recreate this look:

You will need a broach, curling iron/wand/tin foil and straightening iron.

prom hairstyle

To start off this look, what you need to do is part your hair; it’s your decision whether you want it parted to the left or to the right. Now remember, you don’t need to part it all through, only the front half of your head, and you can leave the rest down the middle.

What you want to do is begin to curl your hair, starting with the side that has less hair and won’t be over your face, but pinned back with the broche. Make thick curls, and once you have done this, repeat the steps on the other side of your hair, except this time, curl your hair in thick curls, but all the way up to the top of your head near your part.

Finally, pick out any hair broach you want and clip into the side where the hair is only curled at the bottom. You will have this timeless classic!

4. Waterfall braid with a twist

Waterfall braid with a twist

This teenage favorite has become very popular over the past two years and it continues to be a prom fad! With its detail in the braiding and hair beautifully dropping through this braid, creating the illusion of a waterfall, it leaves us with only one thought; show me how!

How to recreate this look:

You will need bobby pins or elastic bands.

Waterfall braid with a twist

First, part your hair; it’s your pick on which side. You will take the front section (normally where your bangs would be) of your hair, and begin to separate it into three sections. Start with taking the left section, place it over the middle section, then the right section over the middle section.

Then take another strand of hair from the top of the head and combine it with the left section, almost beginning a French braid, and place it over the middle. Then you are going to drop the right section and just let it fall. Once you have dropped that section, replace it with another section next to it with the same amount of hair. Repeat the steps.

You can either go half way around the head or do the entire head. When you decide to stop, however, either pin or use the elastic band to keep it in place. Finally, curl the hair at the bottom.

5. The messy-curly bun

The messy-curly bun

Over the years, many teens have recreated the beauty of the bun. However, what has really been trending lately is the messy bun! With its fun, flirty curls and elegance when tied back, it’s a sight to be remembered at your prom!

How to recreate this look:

You will need a curling iron/wand/tin foil and straightening iron, hair tie, bobby pins.

The messy-curly bun

Start off by curling your hair. Then, put your hair into a tight ponytail on the back of your head, while leaving out two strands at the front of your face. Now, split your ponytail into two sections. Take one section and hold it back, while wrapping the other section around it. Once you wrap that section all the way around the other, take a few bobby pins and pin it down.

Then take the remaining section and split that into another two sections. Wrap one of those sections behind the bun you already created. Repeat the steps. Finally, for the remaining hair that you have, what I would suggest is splitting it into another two sections and wrapping them both around the bun. Pin it. And then you have your messy bun!

These top five looks are excellent for making you look absolutely gorgeous in time for your prom! With the short explanations as well as how to videos to look through, recreating these looks should be fairly easy. Now you should have all of your basic elements covered in time for your special day!

All that’s left for you to do now is get a limo, drive your parents crazy, take pictures, dance all night, and above all, don’t drink the punch.

Help! How To Find The Best Hair Color For My Skin Tone?

Finding your most flattering hair shade is not an easy thing, but don’t worry – we have found the best ways to find a perfect hair color for your skin tone.

Fall is the perfect time for a style refresh, and this includes your hair too! After a long summer, your color might be looking a bit tired and grown out from the summer months.

With the deeper color schemes coming back in season from a deep berry lipstick to gorgeous jewel-toned sweaters, you want to make sure that your hair doesn’t have you looking washed out.

But the most important question you may ask yourself is – How to find the best hair color for my skin tone?

The first step to understanding your most suitable shades is looking at your skin in its natural state. Before ever trying to determine your undertones or complication level, it’s time to take your makeup off.

This will prevent mismatches because sometimes we get undertones wrong with makeup too. In addition to makeup avoid any self-tanner as well. Think of this as a fresh start!

Find your undertone

Look at your bare face and notice what colors are coming through. What color do you see in the under eye area? Do you have redness?

Normally we hate the pigmentation found in the under eye area but today it will be very helpful in seeing undertones. These are key things to look at when understanding your undertone.

Cool – Blueish Under Eyes & Some Redness

If you have Blueish Under eyes and some redness on your cheeks, you are most likely cool toned. The veins on the underside of your wrist will also appear blue which is another way to tell.

The redness will occur most in a fair skin (think Zooey Deschanel) but cool toned skin comes in all shades. In very dark skin, the blue undertone may appear more grayish, but it will be striking against bright colors much like Lupita Nyong’o.

If you are more medium to deep toned you may notice more of a blue-purple under eye area and slightly more blue-purple veins.

best hair color for my skin tone

Warm – Greenish yellow under eyes and undertones

If you’re warm, you’ll notice a more yellow under eye area with some greenish undertones. Warm skin tones typically don’t have any redness and will have a more green appearance to the veins on the underside of the wrist.

Warm undertones are most common in light, medium to dark complexions and are rarer in very fair skin. A celebrity who is a gorgeous example of medium warm skin is the one and only Jennifer Lopez.

best hair color for my skin tone

Neutral – A mix of tones without distinction

If you’re having trouble matching your skin to blue or yellow undertones, you may be one of the lucky few with a neutral complexion. Neutral skin tones can often pull off all sorts of hair colors, which allows a big variety of choices.

Using highlights and lowlights is a great wait to achieve a mix of tones but you will also be able to pull off both with the neutral undertone. Cara Delevingne has a very neutral undertone and can pull off just about anything. Her skin does not have a big distinction in undertones which prevents any color clashing.

best hair color for my skin tone

Look at your favorite celebrities

Now that you know your undertone, it’s time to get some ideas! Looking to your favorite celebrities is a great way to start because most starlets will have expert stylists at their disposal.

Celebrities and models will often change their hair color for a role or special campaign, so you won’t be hard-pressed to find a celebrity who hasn’t had two or more hair colors.

Using your new knowledge of undertones, find a celebrity with a similar undertone and skin tone as yourself and see if you can find a good history of their hair colors.

best hair color for my skin tone

For example, Blake Lively is an actress that has light skin and warm undertones. Blake typically keeps her hair a warmer blonde shade but she has been a redhead, strawberry blonde, and a brunette in the past.

In all over her hair colors, she has always maintained a level of warmth in her hair which has made every color quite flattering. When she started adding reddish tones, instead of going for true blue-red she went for something more coppery and light that would keep a brightness to her complexion.

If you have lighter skin with warm undertones you could use Blake Lively as inspiration for your next shade.

Customize your color

When you pick a shade that you want to try out, don’t be afraid to add a little more variation to make it a custom flattering shade. If you want to go deeper but are afraid of going too cool, thus giving your skin dull appearance, a great option is to add some warmer caramel highlights.

These highlights would add the right amount of warmth while still maintaining the deep shade level. Opting for multi-tonal styles will allow you to find something both flattering and unique to you.

If you are craving a lighter shade but want to take it slow, Bayalage-style or ombre highlights and lowlights are a great way to ease into lighter tones with less maintenance because you would be keeping the root deeper and fading into a lighter color.

For neutral undertones, highlights and lowlights can help give a more balanced look by using both warm and cooler shades to create a custom fit.

best hair color for my skin tone

When looking for your perfect shade it’s not always as easy as sticking to something close to your natural color. Finding the best hair color for your skin tone can be transforming to your complexion and your overall look.

Your most striking shade will bring out your features and will make your skin look bright and vibrant.

What tips do you usually follow when searching for a new hair color? Who do you get your inspiration from? We would love to know!