How To Install #kalilinux 2018 1 In #vmware Workstation In #windows10

Hello guys today I’m gonna teach you how to install Kali Linux in VMware Workstation go to this URL link will be available in the description download OVA file you can either download it using torrent or you can download it directly I already have downloaded it after downloading open VMware Workstation click on open virtual machine now select your downloaded.

Package choose destination I’ll choose the same location click on import importing will take some time now it has imported all files now we’ll edit some settings I’ll choose according to my systems Hardware choose bridged.

From Network settings also check.

Replicate connection option now power on your virtual machine click enter type route as username and Torres password update repositories and update all other tools using these commands restart collie after updating then you will be ready to go you.

Rhce-7:allow And Deny Users For Ssh Access

In this lecture we will study how to allow and deny some users from its attach scenario that will work will be will create two users you this a one in a tool and will create a group and allowed the user a two will be number of group allowed group is created and two is the power of group on.

Out OpenSSH country fire we would have to write these values because my default they are not present this is another necessity for the search configuration file we have to modify this fun first we confirm whether a one is allowed to exist the machine or not it’s a lot you can see these main pages find a lot of.

Groups around results deny groups deny Eunice you believe this or this alone deny directive work that’s modify the country file then I use it we won either a one was allowed to access no let’s see what happens after do modifications to restart the service and check.

The status as you can see that usually one is not allowed to access system to now permission denied checked the real-time loads and.

Just to be sure that are not giving the room pocket that changeup out for again try to access again with the new pocket and permission denied with.

The user day – who should be able to access the machine so we got the access user a – but not with anyone this is how deny you this what let’s open the country file again in this time along true we hope that we created both allowed and user day two for the number of disco he saw.
The service the status that’s okay then from the cooks.

The others droppin out either a to the member of people out certain port directors they want to be able to exist now we do not again okay only groups group allowed to.

Be able to exist and below said this group are not able.

To access their system server now it a one should also be able to access you will have taught access now open little bit fire again hello you this everyone and then I use this to tell you that that you have created you saw the service and check.

The status who this new scenario here one is allowed and you two is not allowed here one is a lot and it.

Was denied and star access with a1 first they will have got excess do today – it should receive permission denied in general they try again and to read this man fell for more details about poops in tonight boots and all losers deny you this now let’s drive it denied oops what happens with that and those were part of a loud group should not be able to access now he.

Saw the service mmm check the members in the group allowed here 182 remember the group run.

Out from the settings with heaven that should receive permission denied and Sam goes through with a – ever measure the thief permission denied dogs general CTL first I’ll open the wrong machine and up in the wrong hands with freedom different machine because Albertus there were six three dog in attempts let’s see v1.
Which is context thank you for watching this lecture..

How To Change Your Mac Adress Using Macchanger On Kali Linux

Hi guys I’m Kim common today I’m gonna be showing you how to change your MAC address in Kali Linux okay with using at the tool-mark changer okay so the first thing to do is to type if config to show or to know the name of the interface of your interface network ok by typing if config we will see.

Here in the bottom WV learn 0 this is the name so after that we type Mac changer Mac changer – as the villain 0 which is the name of the interface.

Network okay and like you see here we the current Mac and the permanent MAC address which is the same as you can see and the option – s it means to show ok to show how to print the Mac or the current Mac Alice okay what we have to do now is to – the first thing to do is to put.

Down our network interface by typing F config – sorry if can fake the region 0 down then we type Mac changer my changer – sorry -.
Our the reason 0 and you can as you.

Can see here the current MAC address was like the permanent MAC address of course then the new Mac others which isn’t change now which is the current MAC address now okay so.

The the option minus R which means random we change our we reset or change our MAC address fully random okay or randomly that was mean – are okay so we have another options like for example – M which for example if we want and usually usually it used to hack captive portal so if we won’t put.

Two sets or to put an a specific MAC address okay we will type Mac changer – M okay this option – M – put a specific MAC address okay so we have another option like – P and minus P we gonna use it now which means like you will see now Mike changer – P the region 0 which will set the MAC address to the original okay to the.

Original like it was like you see here the current MAC address was like you see.

Here was the new MAC address here then the permanent MAC address is and the new MAC address is the same so we already set it to the original MAC address which is the permanent smack Alice okay hope it’s it’s as clear so we already see – s which means to show -.

Are to put or to set Mac others randomly.

A – P is permanently which means – to set the MAC address to the original okay and now to finish.

All we have to bring up our network and the face and a restart the network manager by typing this command if config I have config wlan0 up hit enter as you see now then we will restart our network manager by typing service network service network – manager restart as you see here the.

Top top my my Wi-Fi adapter is disconnected collected again which means we have rested network manager and we have succesfully change.

It and paying it again to the original MAC address thank for watching and please like share and subscribe see you again.

Hackthebox – Lame

Hi and welcome to this video on how to box Lane Lane was one of the first boxes I was luckily retired yeah that was quite a lot but will work for this no so once you connected to the pack the box VPN we just need do it Nana yes say yes babe Epson boss to 1010 10.

2 or 4 months right this can take a while so we’ll stop up there and just cut one I’ve already done Emma and as you can see here we’ve.

Only got a few points open FTP 21 as I said and some Samba stuff so those things first is we notice that FTP is vs FTP version 2.4 this version was actually widely regarded as being backdoored so what you can do is actually go to FTP.

Username if you just say it use a smiley face and then password password if this works it should actually open another port on port 6200 which if we look at and math 1010 10 3-4 6200 and see if it’s open which it’s filter there so probably.

Won’t work but if you’ve got to tell that 10-10-10 360 200 if this worked you would actually get routes instantly now because that’s not working one of the only other areas to look at is samba on this now somebody’s version of three points X did have quite a few vulnerabilities in it one of them is CVE 2007 version 2 4 4 7 I believe and with that masked boy that she has a module for.

That so we’ll just jump in and see if this works so MSF console give it a couple of seconds to boot up then the script that were actually looking for is user map script so if we.

Just say search user MA script now nmap scripts search user mutt script outside one of the database setup worked on this that you did it would run a lot quicker there’s no help sheets on internet on just how to set that up it’s fairly easy obviously it takes forever on here and then go burn an exploit for Samba using Apps Script disclosure back way back 2007 ranked excellent so all we need to do is go copy and go years that’s to assure options and set the our post.

Run that and there we go we’ve got a reverse shell straight west if we do ID say so got roots do LS.

And then if we do LS LS routes no you got the route text there and then to do LS home unless um MacOS you got the.

User dot text there these this box is probably the easiest box you’ll ever get on hack the box it’s not much easier than this just goes to show you do yet enumeration you check around and say what’s there and go from there and that’s it I hope you like this this one’s many.

Of them coming up see it’s gonna get harder and harder as the boxes come on if you liked this video give it a like comment down below.

Subscribe to our channel we’ll be releasing a few more as they come on home we do one a week if possible but yes you’re like no anything else yeah there’s no thanks.

How To Transform Ubuntu Into Mac Osx With Macbuntu

Hey guys today I’m going to show you how you can transform your computer from a boon to computer into a Mac computer not the whole system but just the way it looks and feels now this is thing I recently found out called a Mac boom – from this website here and it for nukes lab doesn’t that’s what it’s.

Called so using the things from that website you are able to transform your moonsoo computer to look exactly like a Mac computer so today I’m.
Going to just going to show you how you can.

Do that the first thing we need is a set of wallpapers now you can click on this link here and you will download a set of wallpapers to a computer now if I go here and open it up and you see I have a bunch of wallpaper that usually counts with Mac computers and.
Let’s change our wallpaper right now so I’ll right-click change.

The desktop background and click on add go to the wallpapers and pick your favorites this first one is my.

Favorite so I’m going to use that one and there you go you have a Mac looking background now the next thing we need to do is to install a set of themes.

And icons and all that stuff to a computer so to do that you need to open up terminal so here you can type in these commands so all this does is at a PPA nooks lab to the apt repository and you run the update command first and then you install the themes and icons now this will show all.

The necessary things and icons to the computer so it will be.

It’s a real quick process I already did that for this computer.

So I’m gonna skip ahead for the fonts you could.

Do the same thing but the Sony DS W get to indirectly download the fonts to your computer and then you’ll undo it and then you put it in your system via these commands or by the way all of these commands you can find it on this article attached.

To this video in the description next we need a unity tweet.

Tool this is a great tool where you can further customize your computer and you can you use it to customize your theme your icons and the way to computer behaves in general so you can download the tweet tool via these two commands and once you have install you can open it.

By doing the search for it and then it shows up now you can use this to change the way your computer looks.

Now the negative they would change the look later but first I want to ignitable expose on the computer to.

Do that you can find the the hot corners here on this setting in the tweet tool now.

Here you can as you can see my setting is that on the upper left corner I can.

Spray all windows upper right I do the same thing and do the bottom left to toggle to the desktop so if I move my mouse to the bottom left corner right now it should but it’s not working right now but.

If I do upper laughs it works so this is the expose feature of the Mac computer so you can actually do that here and you will do computer as well now let’s get started with the steaming so if you notice the way the computer looks right now it’s looks like the default Ubuntu look so.

I am going to make it look like Mac computer now remember the theme that we saw earlier on let’s go there and you can click on the theme icon here and if you look down here you should see a bunch of Mac boom.

Deployment Automation Demo Install A Deployment Automation Agent For Linux

In this video you will see how to install a deployment automation agent per Linux in this example we’ll install his route but you can use any operating system user with permission to install we use the tar command to extract the contents of the tar archive we source the bin file Syrena DEA agent got bin and wait for the.

The screen the interactive Installer guides you through the installation as you enter the required details click next on the welcome screen.

To start the process then carefully read and make sure you agree with the terms of the license agreement specify the agent and the installation location giving a unique name for your agent be sure to give each agent you install a unique identifier next are the agent connection details since we’re doing a simple installation we accept the defaults and click Next enter the location of the deployment automation server in this case our server is local so we’ll use localhost typically the agent will.

Be on a separate machine from the server will use the JRE that’s provided but we have the option to point to an existing JRE now let’s review our selections and click install.

The Installer extracts and install see agent files when it’s done we can check the status on the screen or in the provided log file.

Now that the installation is complete we’ll need to start our agent let’s navigate.

To the installation location we navigate to the core folder and then to the bin folder from the bin folder we run the deployment automation agent by sourcing SRA agent you can use either the run or start parameter in this case we start the agent and return control to the console once the agent is installed in running we can check its status in sarena deployment automation.

We connect to the server and login as the admin user we can check resources in the management tab we select resources and here’s the new agent in.

The licences tab we see that one of the five agent licenses has been used you can visit the SDA community for more resources our agent installation is complete.

End-to-end Penetration Testing With Kali Linux: Using The Burp Suite Tool |

Hello and welcome to the section 5-1 lead ability analysis now in this section we are going to take a look at various points first of all we will learn about Bob suite tool then we will learn about sap tool we will also perform WordPress one Liberty analysis using WP scan tool then we will install and perform one Liberty.

Analysis using NASA’s and finally we will learn about HT track to using Bob suite – now in this video we are going to take a look at a couple of points first of all.

About Bob’s v2 and how we can perform vulnerability analysis using Bob suite that we are going to learn here in this video so to learn about Bob suite you need to open Kali Linux and then I am going to show you about this tool so now guys I am here at Kali Linux operating system and let me show you that how you can start.

Bob fluid inside Kali Linux operating system so first of all you can click on.

Applications right you can come to the web application analysis inside that you can see Bob su it is available right here so you can click it and.

You can open it inside Kali Linux operating system and well this is a free edition so we can use it if you want to purchase it then you.
Official website to purchase the books food so you can close it and you.

Can click Next and you can start beau pair so Bob is starting inside Kali Linux operating system this is verbs.

With free addition right so these all are the tabs available here which can be used for analysis of the website right for example you can click on proxy inside proxy click on intercept and intercept is all so intercept should be.

On right because we will set the same proxy in the browser right so that we can communicate with the website then we can intercept the request coming from the browser right right here you could click on options then you can see here that.

It is working on IP address 127 dot 0 dot 0 dot 1 and port number is 8080 right so we need to set the same IP address and port number inside our browser also so what you can do here you can minimize it and let me show you.

That how you can scan or how you can find the vulnerability inside a website so you can open first of all the browser of Kali Linux operating system inside.

That we are going to open a website provided by a kinetics company and it is a sample website so anyone can.

Use it for testing purpose so now this is the browser now the website we are going to use here is you can type here one web.

Is wall new web comm so first of all you can click it and open open it inside browser right here it is so this is the website just PHP dot well no web.

Open it right now let me minimize it let me open the bub suit here and we need to set the same IP address and port number inside website so let me minimize it now inside browser you can set the.

Proxy here so you can click here click on preferences inside preferences click advanced click network click settings and inside settings first of all you can click on.

Manual proxy settings inside you need to type the IP address which is 127 dot 0.

Dot 0 dot 1 port number 80 80 tick here use this proxy server for all protocols and remove everything from this block and.

Steam Proton Linux Gaminggta 5

Hey guys this is Brian again yeah so this my next video here I’m gonna be showing off GTA 5 running through a steam proton first off that I want to thank ase one five nine zero on reddit for recommending this recording software that I think will hopefully make the recording a little bit better from the last one so.

Starting with here I’m going to I’m gonna start in big picture mode this time I haven’t tried it like this yet see if I can have it working with my.

Steam controller but yeah basically I was able to get it going at first it had big like black areas that were blinking and going in and out on the screen to the right side the right hole right corner and it was kind of hard to see but once I was able to start the game and get into the settings I changed the aspect ratio and the resolution size and that seemed to make everything go away so we’ll see if that I played through the ink the beginning cutscene in.

The intro just to just see if it would work and don’t get me wrong on the framerate was a little low and there.

Was some issues with that but besides that there really were no problems and so now I’m starting after that first mission we’ll see so yeah I’m using the steam controller again on ubuntu game pack 16.

04 running in Rison 520 600 X with an Rx.

For 64 gigabyte yeah the you know I.

Mean it’s a little the graphics cards the lower end but I think it will show you what you kind of capable of doing I’m hoping this is.

Gonna I don’t really know how saves work in GTA but I think it should automatically kind of bring me right to where I was but I was actually surprised that it then it ran so smoothly the I think it’s more of a CPU intensive game not positive about that but I’m just gonna skip through any cutscenes okay your son James he’s a good kid I guess it’s good okay.

Good there we go look at skip through.

Come on okay so running it right now with the let me change see if I can get a better controller configuration let’s see why let’s see let’s see it controller configuration let’s see this one I don’t know why this keeps coming up anyways regardless so I won’t play with the steam.

Controller there’s oh I’ve had issues with the steam controller on the on the okay so lets me get right in no problem first time getting into a bar so.

I’ll skip through the cutscene see how things run looking good ya know so far seems good not having any issues but yeah but you know anyways but seems to be running well so there you go guys GTA 5.

Running no problem steam proton yeah let me know if you’ve any questions in the video and have a good one.