No Foundation No Concealer Diwali Makeup Look | Traditional, Simple, Quick & Easy | Kavya K

Yo my video taking me huh for similarly too Oh hi everyone so here I created a Diwali look without using any foundation or concealer so let’s get started with the video so as usual I am starting with clean and moisturize face so I am applying a serum because I really want that really nice flawless effect this is vs.

V X effector and it’s by its skin and I’m.

Just gonna apply all over my face and blending it really really well or up – next step here that will be my base that is a BB cream i am using goddess of flawless.

BB cream by sugar and I’m using the shade chuckles Gino or is a dot dot could give me put a face vinegar on you ma’am and I am using beauty blender to blend this because you will get really nice flawless and natural look using a Beauty Blender so I’m just gonna apply the foundation not foundation BB cream with a Beauty Blender and then I’m gonna layer this BB cream again to hide my imperfections just like my talk circles and here in.

Their spots are again Beauty.

Blender key method say HSA same a blend Carlucci as I’m not using any concealer I am using these baking powder set directly or just by pact or is my white powder Lake a Beauty Blender key method set my under eyes highlight kururugi up never achieve nose cupids bow and forehead and I let it sit.

For sometime or yellow powder lake a may up my eyelids bay you select only toxaemia eyeshadows Kelly a base.

Bonus aku so for eyeshadow i am using 32 eyes shadow palette by makeup revolution ohristmas ma e brown shade use curly and I’m just applying to my outer corners and taking it to the crease just like this most of the colors are shimmery in this palette so I’m just going to take another shimmery brown color or I say map me fingers keema that say open.

A outer half Malegaon key and I will blend it with the crease eyeshadow and the outer corner I shadow just like this then I’m going to take this really pretty olive green color again very shimmery color or you say my opnion er a half mil a donkey or brown color sets a blank are.

We just using my fingers only and then I’m gonna blend everything using a blending brush sake even gradient loci then I’m gonna take the champagne shade you see my pinky finger maliki up my inner corners highlight curly just like this and I’m gonna use the same eyeshadow to highlight my.

As well so objects at the palate may pass through c2d food EIT like which colors to today I fix them and then I’m just gonna take a blending brush again and I’m just.

Gonna blend it i shadow z’ and then I am using I want you so in Black Swan eyeliner it’s by sugar again and I’m just.

Gonna create a really nice winged eyeliner or if my inner corners be winged in Burundi and just a regular eyeliner just the way I like or a lower lash line Kelly I may use Korean gel eyeliner in the pencil form and the shade is caramel brown it’s Bible Awasthi and I see my blue waterline pedagogy just like this I’m not using any black casual because many eyes so you.

There and then I’m just gonna take some Brown joke you mini paella with her.

And I’m just gonna smudge my lower lash line with it and.

Now I’m gonna apply some fake lashes or may use Carillo mink eyelashes m76 by pact gorgeous lashes so very a prepared for festive look so I’m a Beauty Blender Hema that say jobim any baking powder like I have me face me I’m just gonna blend everything in really nicely tacky but white white Sun alakay I’m just gonna try and blend it really nicely into my.

Skin now let’s come to the eyebrows or Scalia may.

Use cotton wick dark brown eyeshadow or a schemer that’s mapping eyebrows Fillinger tacky both thicker or fuller leggy up could we use got something.

A pencil eye shadow your eyeshadow gel then let’s just let’s just come to the face so I’m using contoured a face palette by sugar again in subtle submit or make eyeshadow blending brush key method signature cheekbones have a control.

Korean and also I am doing the same with my nose as well I’m contouring with eyeshadow brush and my blush be yeah he will apply Korean who jokey’s palette me hair and I’m.

Just gonna highlight as well but there is a trick so I’m just gonna take this serum German apparently atop my face but I gotta holla cuz I slept my fingers feel a key happening hi it’s points of cheeks pay me up like a roomie and I’m just gonna.

Blend it a little bit and then I’m gonna take the highlighter and all my German is serum like I have a homologue auntie and you can see how popping my highlighter is looking just.

Using this step but you really have to make sure key up is a HS a blend correct lucky you patching a lucky or blended.

Luggage so I’m just gonna use the same trick or to my nose as well Cupid’s bow as well and yes you just have to be careful that pack your blender just occurred at a tea party knowledge a now let’s come to the lips for the lips I’m using lippie stix in the shader trust me by color pop one of my favorite red lipstick and I’m just gonna apply some bindi to complete this look and yes here’s my no foundation no concealer the Bali makeup look very.

Easy to do and it looks really nice and glowy for this festive season omid Katie McCoy video pasanda yogi Agra chill agita please like silky jaga or sushi Roku jaga wish you a very happy Diwali and do subscribe help me grow but bye take care stay beautiful stay healthy.

Half Demon Halloween Makeup Look

And so today you might be film to me and you’re laughing right now I grew up when I was in the locker yeah I know [Laughter] I mean I’m Erin all roads give away so today make money by banana man tae-yong make a drama the hell I most requested young you know almost happened before nayana renewing and mocha.

Nice Cal so they are requested a new one nah go McConnell boggle creation but at this Halloween valium Papa Oh giggling getting back atomic start a yanaka makeup Nicole.

Pero Kalahari La Casita sakali waaah Carly walkin answer in your screen I did tournament paparazzi de Pamela Paulo da da Kramer said addition to drawing human igano-kun among products Tito’s our King half-face I eat all sake eyeshadow I authorities medics ballet at sake naman liquid eyeliner on genomic anima John I eat all Kat Von D tattoo liner at sake kill a gnome on genomic oh I eaten fruit cosmetics I’m stocking eyeliner mnemonic genomica John I le girl so next up Kenya mascara mnemonic generally Kucha an.

Eye part sign lashes young mink eyelashes I’m Konami – John I’m Mickey gala.

Eyelashes I think as a metonym a nothing products Tito’s doctor drawing more I eat on.

Dys FX it’s a color meal in adult Osaka name is Nicky garland thank you Miss Mickey gala and of course reduce married Guttenberg and then it song into it highlight contours okay la angostura and it’s all seven days tinted eyebrow.

From Nisha and it’s don’t cut windier before we start I would like to say thank you wanna beauty joint for sending me this root cosmetics products rude.

Rude cosmetics products in di Modena Dalai.

Lama Manami Paulo buddy bump products so please don’t forget to use my promo code to Michelle Fox to get a 25% discount on Road cosmetics products all you need to do is to sign in to apply a coupon it’s free shipping on most items if you ordered $100 plus into top Amana bongeunsa moccasin and eco analogy canola and more info and links below soy una Eisenberg aliens as active audience and the Greenville struggling talking bears so it’s white from Miss Juliana and abandonó Canyon creation so same is Juliana.

Is a stocking manga favorite Instagram beauty guru undergone Danica Amala makeup evey signal on a Kenyan Instagram account at Maron Dean Chang YouTube channel so again try a movable chimp in a month [Laughter] [Laughter] so come on we can see Kramer.

And it’s on the shading on red and block now color wheel and let’s move on with the shade.

Here we’re gonna use in the shade and.

And elegant olinguito Aetna and then in Makiki Liana cogema ketone liquid eyeliner and then kagamiku microRNA tone.

Shade non color wheel buggy create microRNA country Saku Saku Shopify : new song shade not him embrace boy every swine something like your.

Nana my god no gir I mean a so a yarn elegant uh Neela laughing I love rock let’s proceed focus upon the croc trap oh god oh.

God no para para Lumi tau y parent an Italian illusion yeah so Kagame to knit community on shade nah white so I gotta highlight nah nothing you wanna give it to the bus and then next Monday I highlight.

Yuma lobe so we’re just gonna use the shade years and this is to final thank you so much for watching and hopefully I know cousteau annual arming video.

How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller: 4 Basic Approaches – Youqueen

Few of us are blessed with perfect features. Make the most of what nature has given you with a trip to the makeup counter and a little insight into how to make your nose look smaller.

Unless you were blessed with seriously great genetics or have already made friends with your local plastic surgeon, you have probably wished for a smaller nose.

Many of us are looking for something a little bit smaller, a bit more shapely, but sadly we are stuck with serious beaks right in the center of our faces.

Want to minimize the nose and look a little more gorgeous? It’s a simple matter of emphasis. Here are some go-to strategies so you never have to worry about it again. Follow these guides and you, too, can make your nose look smaller.

Expert Level: Contour

No matter what shape your nose is, you can make it seem smaller through the magic of contouring.

Contouring is truly an art form. While it can look downright scary when done by a beginner, it is magically transformative when done properly.

Maybe you have seen some intense contouring and been scared off by it. Don’t give up hope! There are very natural-looking ways of achieving contouring with makeup.

Contouring can be great when you’re in the mood for a bold look, but you probably don’t want to do it every day.

The key to contouring is subtlety. It’s all about creating definition, enhancing what you have and minimizing the parts that you want to fade into the background. Obviously, this is a great tool if you feel like your nose is getting too much attention.

So you want to contour? The first step is to get the right products. You’ll need a dark contouring cream or powder to create the illusion of shadows and a light cream or powder to highlight other areas. Basically, this means that you want something white and something brown.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is using shimmery contouring shades. Always go matte! The natural shadows of your face are matte, so stick with matte contouring shades for the most natural-looking effect.

There are lots of great contouring compacts. You can use one of these or you can make your own. You just need a dark shade and a light shade.

It’s very important to pay attention to your natural coloring. If your skin is pale, a dark bronzer will look totally unnatural. Likewise, if you have a dark skin tone, a contouring cream with a gray undertone will make you look washed out.

Do a little experimenting. Head to the makeup counter and add some color under your cheekbones to see what hues best suit your face. Basically, you’re looking for a color that is two to three shades darker than your natural tone.

Powders and creams can give very similar results, but creams are a bit more forgiving.

If you’re not feeling confident in your makeup artistry, just go for a foundation that’s two shades darker than your skin tone.

If you’re ready to learn, go for a powder. It’s a bit more complicated but that’s the way to get the very best results. It’s important to get a good set of brushes with powder-based contouring. Use one brush for highlighting, one for contouring, and one for blending.

The basic technique is simple. To achieve particular results, hit YouTube and browse through the tutorials. You’ll quickly find a guide to help you get the results you want.

Kim Kardashian is the queen of contouring, but her style is a bit severe for every day.

If you want something simple, draw two dark lines along the sides of your nose and run a line of highlighter down the center. Then blend, blend, blend! You can always add more as you get more comfortable creating the look.

When you first start contouring, sunlight is your best friend. Until you have mastered contouring, always check your results outside or in front of a window. Your makeup might look amazing in your bathroom mirror but cartoonish when you get into the light, so always carry your blending brush. You don’t want to look like you’re walking around with dirt on your face, so make sure you double-check everything.

Makeup Artist Level: Bronzing

Bronzing lets you blend your features and make your nose less apparent. Don’t forget to blend!

If the idea of doing a full contour sounds intimidating – or it’s just too much trouble – try bronzing. You can use a bronzer or brown eye shadow.

Take an eyeliner brush and sweep a line of dark shadow or bronzer on both sides of the bridge of your nose. You’re going to have two totally unnatural-looking lines at this point.

Take a makeup sponge or blending brush and sweep those lines away from the bridge of your nose. This will darken everything but the center of your nose.

Once it’s blended, go over the center of your nose with a highlighter or white eye shadow.

In general, a bronzer is going to slim your face. Just as black clothes can knock five pounds off your figure, bronzer can gloss over any perceived imperfections.

Here’s another approach: Start with a quick, strategic self-tan. Pull your hair up and away from your face. Use a bronzer to draw the numeral three on both sides of your face (over your forehead, under your cheekbones, and across your chin). Once you have a three shape colored in on both sides of your face, run your bronzing brush down both sides of the bridge of your nose. Using bronzer all over your face makes the lines appear subtle. Your face will have a nice healthy glow.

Rushed Diva Level: Gloss It Over

A bit of powder can cover a multitude of sins.

Regardless of the size of your nose, it’s often a problem area. Between oily skin and red discoloration, your nose might be getting all of the wrong kind of attention.

If you don’t have time for contouring or bronzing, or you just want to keep a light makeup bag, you can take a shortcut or two. Create an even, matte skin tone. This will gloss over any flaws and keep the attention on your lips and eyes.

The best way to get a picture-perfect finish is to use a primer.

There is a primer type for every kind of skin. Look for something with a green undertone if you have redness. Go for a pore minimizer if your nose has that strawberry look. Apply it all over then follow up with a foundation.

Now all of your skin imperfections have been smoothed over.

If you have a particularly oily nose, follow up with a matte powder. If you’re dealing with redness around your nose, add a little extra concealer around the base. You will find that creating a smooth, matte finish will leave your entire face (including your nose) looking amazing.

Lazy Girl Level: Distract

Nose? What nose? All I could see was those luscious lips!

Want to simplify your makeup game? If you don’t like your nose, shift attention to something else!

Love your eyes? Go for a smokey eye or a jewel-toned liner.

Want to be out the door in five minutes? Add a quick coat of mascara, then a bold lipstick. If you’re wearing a magenta or plum lipstick, no one is going to focus on your nose.

The best thing that you can do is focus on the positive. If you love your lips, concentrate on them. It’s much easier to draw attention to your favorite feature than to hide something centered in the middle of your face.

And don’t forget your hair. It’s all about proportion, so if you want your nose to look smaller then make your hair look bigger.

Wear your hair in wide curls or natural beachy waves. Sleek styles and updos are going to draw more attention to your nose, so wear them strategically.

If you want an updo, pair it with a bold necklace or earrings. If you want a sleek style, add an attention-getting headband.

Keep It Soft

While bronzing and contouring are great for wide noses, they don’t do much for sharp noses. If you have a very angular face, it’s important to keep your look soft. It’s all about balance.

If you have a long nose and a sharp chin, bold shades and styles are going to overwhelm your face. Stick with blended shadows and soft liners. Go for neutral palettes and never wear harsh hairstyles.

The Sexiest Thing You Can Wear

Whatever you do, do it with style. Master the art of contouring (it’s really not that hard) or get a lip stain that makes you feel amazing. Walk away from the mirror feeling ready to face the world.

Remember, confidence is always the sexiest thing that you can wear…even if some of it comes from the makeup bottle!