How To Increase Your Ebay Sales With Promoted Listings?

Okay what’s up guys it’s time here again and welcome back to the channel so today we’ll be talking about promoting those things and how you can start using promoted listings to increase your sales and get more traffic to your store and also I’ll show you who sell my personal results one month worth of results what I did when.

I think of it and everything that’s filtered so since it in and you’ll find out analyte or something okay so what is promoting.

Listening right so we motored listing is kind of been kind of like in the door until like.

April where everybody was like oh my sales goes down and everything so promoted listen didn’t really start like blooming if the drop shipping community until like May where everybody’s like panicking and going crazy with the sales being lost and stuff like that right and and so there’s a lot of people started making YouTube videos about for money listings how do these.

Morning listings and everything so yeah so that’s so promoted listing is where you pay even extra fees when you make the sale and visit it okay so for example how does the morning listening work so whenever you.

Will look like this sponsored right it’ll be like a sponsored ad on eBay and it’ll display whenever I buy our searches okay so these two are examples right here so that’s how they display okay so you see example right here is a sponsored.

I’m missing what this balance is it increase the visibility of the items by like a lot.

And it’s pretty crazy okay now the conversion rate is not the best when you only pay when you make a sale it’s that’s also a great thing so she’s like everything is free.

Until you make a sale and that’s really cool it’s a paper Selma and on Amazon yeah but click which you pay the buyers every time to click your your item listing and you maybe don’t make a sale you still pay for it.

But with this even they click and see your listing it’s all free and until they make the sale you will pay the fee okay and that’s really cool and you get to set your own rate.

How much percent actually you want to get to EBA and EBA will give you some sort of data the changing rates of what other sellers are using to.

Come to promote their listings okay and yeah and they have to dash forward to give you the data the performance how each listing is doing and show you the impression how many clicks how many sales so you kind of seen the conversion rates which is pretty bad I’ll show you that I’ll show you guys that in a bit okay and you get some benefits if your.

Top rated seller and cursed or subscriber and you can go and look through this page on okay and right here so at peace I’ll tell you how much fees are paying it would just be on top of your final value fee so it says extra fee so you have.

To make sure you account that in yours your selling price cuz you don’t want to make a loss not know that you’re making a loss so you have to be careful with that okay so there’s two types of promoted listings shatters maybe there’s more but because you can create you know multiple campaigns and each campaigns you have separate listings but the two means.

Promoting promoted listing strategies is first you could put all your listings and sit like a percentage rate on all them so example you can do you can pay eBay 1% on all of your listing and they’re put more all your listings get more traffic to all of them whenever sells through that you pay so now.

Let’s say you have a store subscription you pay nine point 15 percent and you put a 1% per one.

In this thing will just be paying 10 point 15 percent okay so you can just set one single rate and promote all your listeners okay and obviously you gotta count to account that for your price and maybe one good price up a little bit to make sure that you’re still.

Profitable right or second one would be select specific listings promotes only and the rest just let it be and that’s kind of what I did to tests it out first and before you know.

I’ve heard about it but I didn’t really use it I tell you about my friend in Australia who’s not sleeping anywhere so I introduced me and he actually made like a lot of extra sales.

Through this and it’s crazy and I actually have some pretty good results to show you guys okay so yeah you can read all out of here so now let’s go over my actual results because you guys wanna see actual results and it’s actually a pretty impressive this is one month worth of promoted listings okay so I had one campaign and obviously you can start more campaigns and you can add in multiple listings okay.

So the reports will show you you know impressions clicks old FVS and sales and they actually just added the impressions which that thing is really really cool and also many times it’s clicked so if you guys don’t know what you know impression is the question is how many times the buyer saw your.

Listing button click on it okay that’s the difference between clicks and impressions kiss guys they’re know so let’s go over it as you guys can see I’m from I promoted 40 listings and gradually I kind of added this over time but I didn’t just start out with 40 listings that i’ve looked like.

I started where like five and I add them over the day so it’s the results made me not really accurate so you know if I started with 40 listings in the first day these numbers would probably be higher but because I slowly.

Add them over time it’s kind of weird right so I just want to let you guys know that okay so after one month of running this campaign we come up to 200 almost 200,000 impressions that’s crazy okay that’s crazy and that means people saw my listings around almost 200,000 list 200,000 times.

Be the most accurate but goes go off of what you know okay so that’s.

A lot of visibility that was added too much solar because of promoting listen it’s okay and that’s really cool not really like that they just end this it really makes me know how much the promoted listing is shown up.

Okay and then clicks okay clicks is how many times a Berkeley so arrow almost two hundred thousand times of people saw.

It and then we got around one thousand four necklace which is pretty sad right so I’m not really.

Sure about this number right here but no I’m just go on what we know okay now Alamos you got twenty two swords so let’s do the.

7 Ways Your Company Can Reinvent The Office

Working in an office can be fun, but in most cases it is anything but. You have your boss breathing down your neck, annoying co-workers to contend with, and long days that drag, especially at the end of the week or when the weather outside is exceptional.

On the other hand there’s a definite need for efficiency in any workplace, and especially offices, where people are competing for space and equipment. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time for you and your company to reinvent the office in order to make it more fun and efficient.

What follows are seven simple ways to reinvent the office. Taken as a whole they should boost morale, improve efficiency, and make your company one that more people want to work for. Paying employees more money is notable by its absence, as it turns out money isn’t always the answer.

Buy Some Hoverboards


Hoverboards have got a bad press of late Facebook Maps Where We Live, Hoverboards Officially Unsafe… [Tech News Digest] Facebook makes detailed population density maps, FBI says all hoverboards are dangerous, Facebook creates a team for social in VR, Legend of Zelda turns 30, and watching 554 Simpsons episodes in 360º VR could actually… Read More , what with some of them catching fire as they’re being ridden. Still, one day we’ll surely all be riding real hoverboards like the type Marty McFly rode on in Back to the Future II. Until then we will have to make do with these potential death traps because, well, they’re fun.

They’re so fun, in fact, that buying some could be the perfect way to reinvent the office. Hoverboards suggest a playful company that’s on the move. And in a literal sense they will help employees travel around the office, moving from one area to the next. You’ll just have to hope no one breaks a hip falling off one.

Provide Free Snacks


Most offices have some kind of vending machine packed full of snacks. Some even have staff canteens where a selection of foodstuffs is thrown in the microwave oven lovingly crafted from scratch. The problem is expecting staff to pay for these tasty morsels with their meager pay.

Providing free snacks is surely one of the simplest and most effective ways of boosting morale. Sure, it might also boost waistlines, unless there are healthy snacks on offer as well, but just knowing a company cares enough to provide sustenance for the staff will keep employees loyal and laboring.

Be Generous With Breaks


No matter how much workers enjoy their jobs — and you have to hope they do enjoy their jobs to a certain degree — every single one of them looks forward to their next break. Unfortunately, many businesses are far too stingy when it comes to breaks, and that could actually be counter-productive.

Having even a short break from work allows employees to recharge their batteries. They can also get a caffeine hit How to Boost Your Brain Without Caffeine Coffee is a quick-fix for low productivity. But withdrawal symptoms and health risks harm productivity in the long run. These alternative solutions can boost your energy in a caffeine free way, Read More , satisfy their growling tummy, or simply collect their thoughts for a few minutes. Allowing employees to take breaks as and when they need them will boost productivity, prevent burnout, and improve morale on a massive scale.

Provide Exercise Equipment


While many of your colleagues will choose to spend their breaks eating, drinking, or relaxing, others would prefer to stay active, making exercise equipment an invaluable addition to any office. Gym memberships are an alternative option, but most companies will balk at the price of such a perk. In the long term it’s more affordable to install some basic equipment in a designated room.

This exercise equipment doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive, as long as it gives those employees who get their kicks from putting their bodies through their paces an opportunity to stretch their muscles. The benefits of regular exercise The Unexpected Lessons My Daily Exercise Habits Taught Me For beginners, exercise and fitness apps are a distraction. It gets confusing when the health habit is so intertwined with gadgets. These discoveries and lessons might help you make better choices. Read More are manifold, with it keeping the workforce fit, healthy, happy, and productive. And then some.

Install Ergonomic Furniture


The health and wellbeing of employees should arguably be the number one priority for every business, even ahead of profitability. Without healthy and happy staff members willing to give their all for the company, that company is going to struggle to grow as fast or as far as it could. With that in mind, bosses shouldn’t scrimp and save when it comes to providing the workforce with the proper equipment needed to do their jobs.

In practical terms this means installing ergonomic furniture What To Look For In The Perfect Office Chair It is absolutely crucial to pick the right office chair. The decision over which to buy shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if you’re going to be spending several hours of each day sitting on the… Read More designed to work with, rather than against, the bodies of those you employ. Ergonomic desks, chairs, computers, keyboards, and mice can all work together to ensure employees can work safely and comfortably. This will inevitably result in fewer staff taking time off because of bad backs, wrist problems, and general aches and pains. That initial outlay of cash could pay dividends over many years to come.

Improve the Layout


You probably haven’t ever paid much attention to the layout of the office you work in, whether you’re in a position of authority or a prole tapping endlessly away at a keyboard. But this is a mistake. The layout of an office can have a profound effect on the way people work, with a well-laid out office boosting productivity levels, social interactions, and the general mood of the workforce.

Not all office layouts are created equal, and your final choice should reflect your company and the business you’re in. Open offices encourage collaboration and cooperation, but creatives may need an enclosed space away from unnecessary distractions to produce their best work. Getting the layout right is an essential ingredient in any concerted effort to reinvent the office.

Buy a New High Speed Printer


Last but not least in our list of ways to reinvent the office is buying a new business printer, specifically the HP PageWide Pro 577. This printer, which is primarily aimed at businesses, features a stationary printhead that spans the entire width of a page. Hence the name. This allows it to print faster, and at a higher quality, than regular inkjet printers.

Buying a faster, better printer could transform your office, leaving employees more time to actually work rather than standing around waiting for important documents to print. HP wants to reinvent the office, and investing in one of the company’s printers would be a good start to achieving that goal.

We have already reviewed the HP PageWide Pro 577 HP PageWide Pro 577 Multifunction Printer Review Today, we’re looking at the HP PageWide Pro 577 business-oriented multi-functional printer with specifications that impress. Read More , and were impressed with what we saw.

How Would You Reinvent the Office?

So, there you have it, seven simple ways to reinvent the office. However, there are many more options available to companies such as yours, so if you were in charge, what changes would you make in order to reinvent the office?

Would you focus on fun things in order to boost morale and hope that increased productivity would naturally follow? Or would you focus on changing the work environment in terms of the layout, furniture, and equipment to help your employees in a more practical sense?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Credits: Modern Office by Monkey Business Images via Shutterstock, Neil Lall via Flickr, Salim Fadhley via Flickr, Elliott Brown via Flickr, Samantha Celera via Flickr, VLCineaste via Flickr, Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr

Keep Your Hard Drive Healthy With Ashampoo Hdd Control 3

The hard drive is the most important component of your computer. Any other component that breaks down — e.g. motherboard, CPU, RAM — can be replaced with a bit of money, but if your hard drive fails and disk data recovery What Is Data Recovery And How Does It Work? If you’ve ever experienced a major loss of data, you’ve probably wondered about data recovery — how does it work? Read More isn’t possible, you lose everything on it. In this day and age, that’s like having your house burn down.

Are you taking care of your hard drives? Before you answer, think about this: what was the last thing you did to ensure that your hard drives are healthy? Do you know the state of your hard drives right now? If they were on the verge of failure, would you know it?

Ashampoo just released HDD Control 3, an all-in-one suite that works wonders when it comes to hard drive maintenance as well as disk failure detection and prevention. It currently retails for $29.99 and is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. For those who own a previous version of HDD Control, the upgrade only costs $11.99.

Smart & Clean Interface

HDD Control 3’s installation process is rather straightforward. It’s available to try as a 10-day free trial, but the trial can be extended up to 40 days. To do that, simply follow the popup instructions that appear when you launch the program. (The popup will appear on every launch as long as you have a trial version.)

The only thing necessary for a trial extension is submitting your email address. The extension also comes with free customer support and discounts on other Ashampoo products.


Like most Ashampoo programs, HDD Control 3 has a centralized dashboard where you can easily switch between various windows and functions. I found the interface to be surprisingly intuitive: easy to read layout, forthright descriptions, pleasant colors, and quick to find whatever I was looking for.


The first thing you’ll want to do is run a S.M.A.R.T. Test, which monitors your hard drive for indicators of imminent hardware failure. The presented details may overwhelm you at first but you should take a few minutes to look through it and familiarize yourself.

Most of the information probably won’t mean much to you right now, but they’ll prove immensely useful if you ever need to troubleshoot a future issue. It’s nice to know that these details are available right at your fingertips.

Features: Hard Drive Maintenance

The best way to prolong your hard drive lifespan is to perform regular maintenance. HDD Control 3 makes it easy by consolidating most maintenance tasks under a single section, so nothing is outside of your reach even if you aren’t a computer expert.

Network. The Network Inspector allows you to access and monitor the hard drives of up to 3 other computers on a Windows home network. The remote computers do not need to have their own copies of HDD Control 3 for their hard drive statuses to be detected.


Defrag. If you’re still using hard disk drives (HDDs), as opposed to solid state drives How Do Solid-State Drives Work? [MakeUseOf Explains] Over the past few decades, there has been a considerable amount of work in the field of computer hardware. While computer technology is constantly improving and evolving, rarely do we experience moments where we simply… Read More (SSDs), then defragmentation is still important 3 Excellent Defrag Utilities & Why You Still Need to Defragment In 2012 Accessing files from the hard drive is a speed limiting step in operating a computer. Hard drives used to be a major bottle neck and fragmentation of data slowed them down even further. With the… Read More and should always be part of your maintenance routine. With HDD Control 3, the easiest option is to manually defragment every few weeks or months, but in case you’re lazy or forgetful, the program will remind you when partitions become too fragmented.

There’s also the option of proactive defragmentation, a feature that allows HDD Control 3 to automatically start defragmenting all of your drives when the computer is idle. You can set the idle threshold (%) in the preferences.


Drive Cleaner. The Drive Cleaner scans your hard drives for all manner of irrelevant and redundant files in order to help you clean up as much storage space as possible. For the most part, these include: cached files, temporary files, duplicate files, log files leftover from installations, and error logs from software crashes.

It seems like a safe tool and I haven’t run into any issues with the cleaner yet, but if you’re worried about accidentally deleting sensitive files, you can look through which files are marked for deletion before you go ahead with the cleaning.


Internet Cleaner. Similarly, the Internet Cleaner tool will scan through all of the browsers on your computer and look for wasted storage space due to things like cache, cookies, and history.

Except for the ability to mark/unmark specific files for deletion, the Internet Cleaner is an all-or-nothing tool. There’s no way to delete only cache files or only cookies. For that, you might be better off sticking with your browser’s built-in clearing functionality.

Features: Disk Space Management

The following management features are more for convenience and time saving rather than directly impacting the health of your hard drives, but they’re incredibly useful nonetheless.


Disk Space Explorer. If you’ve ever used WinDirStat to find out what’s eating up your disk space 6 Ways to Free Up Space on Your Windows Computer Clutter can be a big downer on productivity. Over time, files get lost, programs go unused, and suddenly, your once spacious hard drive is packed with useless things and you have to clean it up…. Read More , then the Disk Space Explorer tool will feel very familiar. As its name says, it lets you explore your hard drives to see which files and folders are taking up the most space, acting as a quick diagnostic tool for when you’re running low.

While not as comprehensive as WinDirStat, it’s certainly much faster and manages to get the job done satisfactorily. If you only use the basic WinDirStat functions, then Disk Space Explorer won’t be a downgrade.


Duplicate Finder. There’s no faster way to reclaim lost disk space than to eliminate duplicate files Delete Duplicate Files Quickly With These Tools One of the fastest ways to clog up your hard drive is to store duplicate files. Most of the time, you probably aren’t even aware that you have duplicate files. They come from a variety… Read More . Though there are already plenty of tools that can handle this for you, having HDD Control 3 means you can uninstall those extraneous programs.

The Duplicate Finder’s initial scan might take a while — the process of indexing duplicates is not necessarily a quick or easy one — but once it’s done, the erasure procedure is fast and painless. It’s worth running once every few months if you’re the kind of person who downloads a lot of media.

When using it, make sure to filter for specific file extensions otherwise the results may verge on meaningless. As seen above, a typical Windows system may have thousands of small duplicate files for whatever reason.

Features: File Deletion & Recovery

HDD Control 3 has two more features for file management, which may come in handy whenever you need to nuke files out of existence or restore files that were accidentally deleted.


File Wiper. In the File Wiper window, you can drag-and-drop any number of files and folders that you want permanently erased. The settings allow for different severities of wiping, ranging from 1 delete iteration (files can be restored with ease) to 35 delete iterations (files cannot be restored).


File Undeleter. The Undeleter is the opposite of the File Wiper: it searches through your drives for files that were deleted, then analyzes them to see if they can be restored. Each file receives a label based on how recoverable it is: Good, Fair, or Lost.

It works well enough for most needs, but if you really need a file back and the Undeleter can’t get it, consider trying these other tools for restoring deleted files Turn Back Time: 4 Tools & Tips To Restore Deleted Files In Windows One of Windows’ biggest flaws could be your rescue, should you ever accidentally delete an important file: The Windows file system does not actually delete files. Until they are overwritten, deleted files can be restored. Read More .

The Verdict

While Ashampoo’s HDD Control 3 doesn’t bring any new features to the table, it packages them up in a single program for maximum convenience. Not only is it the Swiss Army Knife of hard drive maintenance, but it’s so simple to use that anybody can benefit from it.

If you aren’t already taking care of your hard drive, give it a try. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Make, Send, & Track Invoices Quickly & Easily with Invoicely

One of the biggest struggles of being a freelancer

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or operating a small business is invoices. Love them or hate them, they’re a necessary part of doing this kind of work, especially if you want to get paid.

Normally, you’d have to make your own invoices from scratch, send them out, try to remember each of them, and then keep a record of what payments have come in. But that’s a hectic mess to organize on your own

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That’s why you need Invoicely. This service helps you through the entire invoicing process from start to finish, and it’ll surely become an integral part of how you do business

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Getting Started

Signing up for a free account couldn’t be easier, just head over to Invoicely’s website, give them your name, an email, password, and address, and you’re good to go. If you used to be an Invoiceable user

Meet Invoiceable: A Free Invoicing Solution For Small Businesses

Meet Invoiceable: A Free Invoicing Solution For Small Businesses

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, you can migrate your data over after creating this free account.


You’ll also need to create a Vanity URL that’ll direct to your Invoicely page in the format, but this can be changed at any time.

Once on the dashboard, you can navigate around using the left sidebar menu, or you can create Invoices, add bills, or add clients using the button in the upper right. If you need any help, you can send a message to Invoicely using the Help button in the upper right.

Customizing Invoicely

To have the best experience, you’ll want to customize both your interface and how your invoices look right away. Select Business Settings in the left sidebar menu.


Here, you can adjust all your defaults, which will make your invoicing life a lot easier. Set how you want numbers to be formatted, when invoices are due, what currency they’re in, and more.

One of the most important and professional change you’ll want to make is to add your business’s logo to your invoices. This can be done under Business Customizations. You can also adjust the color of your workspace here or even adjust what language your invoices are in.


Once you have everything set to your liking, it’s time to start invoicing.

Making & Sending Invoices

Head back to your dashboard and use the Add New button in the upper right to create an invoice. Everything can then be adjusted in drop-down menus or text boxes. Creating your invoice doesn’t involve any formatting — just fill it all in.


You can add as many lines as you need to keep track of expenses, items, mileage, or time — and you can rearrange those easily by just dragging the handle next to any one of them. At the bottom of the invoice you can even add in taxes, shipping, or discounts that will automatically factor into the total (no more calculator for you).

When you’re done, click Invoice Settings, Payment & Delivery at the bottom, which will allow you to customize how it gets emailed off to the client. You can use an email template or customize your email to them, and Invoicely will automatically send them reminders (if you want) up until the payment is due.


The client can then easily pay through the web using PayPal. Other payment options are available in the paid plans (which we’ll discuss shortly).

Keeping a Record

One of the biggest advantages of using this service instead of just making your own invoices is its ability to keep track of everything. Once you’ve been sending off invoices for a while, head to your dashboard to see an overview of all your stats.


This makes it super easy to see all your money coming in and going out, and it allows you to easily check on certain invoices or clients as necessary. For more detailed options, look to the left sidebar.

Under Invoices, you can see a list of every invoice you’ve sent out with options to sort by unpaid or overdue. If you’re doing consistent work for a particular client, you can even set up recurring invoices here. If you want to use Invoicely to keep track of your expenses as well, you can log those under Bills, which has filtering functions similar to Invoices.

However, to send estimates and track your time, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.


Invoicely has three tiers of paid plans: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Thankfully, most of the paid features become available just at the Basic level, except for using a custom domain. The main draw of the Professional and Enterprise tiers is the ability to have up to 10 or 25 team members respectively. The free plan doesn’t allow for team members, and the Basic plan only allows for two.

However, the free plan does offer unlimited invoices, billing in any currency, and support for multiple businesses.


Monthly pricing starts at $9.99 a month, but you could pay $95.60 yearly instead, saving about $25. For freelancers who are paid with PayPal, the free plan is probably enough, but small businesses might want to look into the Professional or Enterprise options, and freelancers who use other payment methods might want to look into the Basic Plan.


All of these paid options unlock the ability to send and track estimates (or quotes) as well as track the amount of time you’ve spent working for a client so that you bill them accurately. They also unlock more payment options: credit card (via Stripe), PayLane,, Mollie, and WePay.


If you’re invested in freelancing or your business for the long haul, this is a service that will certainly pay off simply in terms of how much time it will save you having to deal with invoices. Plus, you can get many of the key features without paying at all.

What Do You Think?

Invoicely is undoubtedly a convenient option for managing all your invoices. The free plan offers a lot of features, and the paid plans are reasonably priced. We highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for an invoicing solution.

And while we’ve got you, check out these tips on blogging for small businesses

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and take these courses that’ll change your life as a freelancer

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. Or, if you’re just getting started, check out these tips on finding clients

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What do you think of Invoicely? Let us know down in the comments!