Live Interview: How To Stay Feminine In Relationships

Hello and welcome i’m danielle Hankinson your host of heart-centered love well we are here to learn how to communicate effectively create true partnership and ignite passion and today our wonderful guest is teal elizabeth i do hi and she’s gonna share with us I really like this one about a bit about standing in your feminine power while dating in.

Modern world I think this is really really cool.

If you’re in the dating realm which I’m not.

So I’m like a guinea pig tell me anything it’s.

Gotta be different when I was dating a long time ago so anyway I’m so.

Glad she’s here and let me tell you a little bit about teal soon know who she is teal is a professionally trained relationship coach she has a deep passion for supporting ambitious driven women in opening their hearts to receive love to coming true her own share of dating struggles and heartbreaks she became determined to master this area of her life the principles she sac shares in her programs and resources a tried and true and helped her go from single and lowly to traveling the world with the love of her life she.

Now makes it her personal mission to support ambitious women like you in connecting with their most authentic self so they can attract meaningful loving relationships while standing in their power sir sounds like teal is doing what she says teal want to tell me a bit about your own story and yourself right how do we actually date and how.

Do we get into relationship with men with women in a way that feels really authentic and true and not something that’s just gonna be here’s the quick tips to catch the guy it’s hard not.

About that it’s about how do we really in your hearts and communicate and connect and relate to each other from a heart.

To heart level so for me I I feel like I am not alone there are in my own struggles okay I am a very very driven ambitious woman I worked my.

Way up the corporate ladder I’ve been working for the last two years and I know what it’s like to be a very driven woman and in a.

Sense it can bring a very strong presence when you put it into relationships and I didn’t even realize for the first eight years of my dating life that I was actually subconsciously pushing men away just because of the the energy that I was putting into my career was not the same energy that worked when you want to attract love into your life.

From that from an emasculate you know driven man so this was the big enough biggest epiphany that I had and I now I’m really passionate about sharing yeah well I think we Danielle are in a really interesting right now for women that are looking for love in there and trying to get into relationships because with the.

Rise of the women’s mark and this told me to movement and just carrying on the.

Backs from many decades of women that have been pushing forward with women’s rights and women’s equality we heard.

A really beautiful time in terms of women stepping forth into their power and feminism coming on really strong but I also see it being one of the.

Actually subconsciously or in a bad way having bad effects on relationships and I think for women that are trying to compete.

Communication In Relationships – The What, Why And How Of My Workshops

Hi everyone my name is Rami and today I’d like to start by asking you a really simple question wouldn’t it be nice if every time you came home the house was calm and peaceful whether you live with your children whether you live with your partner whether you live with your parents or siblings or friends if every time you.

Came in the door it was calm and peaceful and a safe haven just like the home should be wouldn’t it be nice if when you went to work you could communicate effectively and get what you.

Need or when you’re out with your friends that everything is smooth and calm and peaceful and how do we do all of this for me one of the main aspects of this.

Is communication communication in relationships we communicate all day long but are we communicating effectively are we getting what we want and is the other person.

Getting what they want so that we’re in a win-win and everyone’s happy so I.

Run workshops on communication in relationships which are by far the most popular workshops at the sanctuary Thailand where I normally live and work but right now I’m here in Australia to offer.

You this two-hour workshop in Melbourne and part of a four-hour workshop environment a ssin in relationships is something that everybody needs to learn to be able to live a peaceful life so what we will look at in this workshop is all the different aspects of communication what is it.

That we’re all looking for what do we need what do we need to be heard and how can we listen to the other person effectively so are you a kinesthetic person are you an auditory what do you need okay we will look at tone of voice and roles what our role what’s the other person’s role what’s going on and we will look at real-life scenarios so that actually makes sense in a very practical way we will look at arguments what happens.

In arguments whether it’s a big full-blown argument where we go into fight flight or freeze whether we go into flooding which is simply a psychological.

Term for emotional overwhelm what’s going on in that space what’s happening.

Physiologically and psychologically because no we’re not crazy loads of things are going on in our body and mind that are.

Putting us in this space where we are unable to hear it clearly to think clearly and to communicate clearly but we do need to.

Understand through good self awareness and self inquiry.

What happens that leads us to this space there are loads of simple things that we can notice there are triggers and behaviors and default patterns that we.

Fall back on that take us into this space and we’re not aware of it at the time but we’ve good awareness we can understand and we can avoid leading into that space and I can teach you some great tools that if you do end up in that space what can you do about it communication should be simple it should be freeing you should be all.

In a win-win where you all get what you want whether it’s from a minor disagreement to a major argument to just asking for something asking for help knowing where your boundaries are there are so many tips and tools and techniques and skills that I.

Can share with you to be able to communicate effectively with everyone around you it’s such a fantastic workshop and.

20 Birthday Gifts For Him That He Will Simply Adore

It’s no secret that guys are horribly hard to buy for but with these 20 birthday gifts for him, making his birthday wishes come true is a piece of cake!

Buying for that special man in your life isn’t always easy, even if you know him better than he knows himself. It’s always a good idea to personalize the gift you get for the one you love but when it comes right down to it, buying for guys can be hard.

Do you go with a gift card so they can choose themselves or try to impress them with something sentimental? When it comes to making that big decision, don’t second guess! Read on to find out what some of the best gifts for men are and impress your guy for his big day.

1. Beer Cap Map


With both style and function, the beer cap map is the gift that keeps on giving—or rather receiving. Whenever the man in your life comes home from a hard day of work, chances are he wants to relax on the couch with a cold one. Usually, those pesky bottle caps are just tossed away in the trash but not with the beer cap map.

With a wide variety of styles to choose from, including wooden or steel, coasters or even a custom map, you can choose his favourite place on the world and he can take the time to fill it up with beer caps from all his favorite brews.

This gift is sure to be a good one for the beer loving man in your life. He’ll enjoy filling it up and you’ll love that you finally found a gift he can get excited about.

2. Game of phones

A gift that you can both enjoy is Game of Phones, the smartphone card game that’s fun for everyone involved. A player picks a card and judges the round while players have to show their best selfie or one of their funniest texts.

Players have 60 seconds to respond and the one who chose the card gets to judge the winner. There are over 100 cards to choose from so it will grant you and your man hours of entertainment and he’ll be happy that you chose a gift that wasn’t just socks or another sweater.

3. Beard pack


For the furry man in your life comes the Beard Pack, the moustache wax/beard oil kit that will keep his facial hair in pristine condition. Facial hair can sometimes get a little out of hand but with the beard pack, he’ll never have to worry about that happening to his.

Created by a mechanic, this pack gives proud beard and moustache owners a way to keep their facial hair in check. And quite frankly, you’ll love that he’s taking care of his facial hair and not letting it run wild.

4. Kabob grilling baskets

If your man is one who likes to spend a day out grilling meat, than the Kebob Grilling baskets are the perfect gift for him. Not only will they help the kabobs cook faster, they’ll always keep everything in place while he grills up a feast.

This inexpensive gift is sure to be a pleaser when it comes to giving him the best birthday gift you can think of.

5. Baseball stadium blueprints


For the baseball fan in your life, baseball stadium blueprints are a unique and interesting gift. He’ll love the fact that he would have never guessed that in a million years and you’ll love watching his face light up as he opens it in joyful surprise.

One of the best things about these gifts is that you can personalize them to his favourite team, no matter who he roots for. There are classic stadiums, arenas and plenty others to choose from.

It’s an effortless gift he’ll want to show to all his buds on guys night.

6. Beer jelly

From Potlicker Kitchen comes beer jelly, the sweet and enjoyable snack for the beer loving man in your life. Coming in a wide variety of flavours, this beer jelly is a sure crowd pleaser.

This unique sweet treat goes good on everything from toast to PB and J’s and the man in your life will love that you introduced him to something that satisfies both his sweet tooth and his love for a excellently brewed beer.

The beer jelly is a great birthday gift for him and it really is something that he’ll want over and over again.

7. Baseball bat bottle opener


Another gift for the beer lover, and baseball lover in your life is the Baseball Bat Bottle opener. Created by Ward Wallua, these authentic wooden bats have actually been swung by major league players.

They are then turned into unique bottle openers that will give the thrill of using an actual game day bat to crack a cold one. A conversation piece, to say the least, these handmade one-of-a-kind bottle openers are sure to please. They even have which team they were swung by carved onto the side of the bat.

8. Portable table tennis set

What’s more fun than an impromtu game of table tennis? With the portable table tennis set, the guy in your life can take a break from life to play a little table tennis wherever he is. The set comes with an adjustable net, two balls, two paddles and a drawstring pouch and the net retracts for easy transport.

If he loves to play for fun, or even gets a little competitive sometimes, the portable table tennis is a great gift for any guy in your life.

9. Mini beer pong


The classic beer lover’s favorite game goes miniature in a big way. The mini beer pong set comes fully equipped with a wooden game board, launchers, tethered balls (to avoid any dirty balls), rubber grips, and 50 reusable cups.

The table is handcrafted in lumber and has a laser engraved logo that can be personalized with your own image. This is the perfect gift for the man in your life that likes to stay young, no matter how old he gets.

10. Wooden wine glasses

For the wine loving man in your life comes the Wooden Wine Glasses by creator David Rasmussen. This masculine take on the elegantly styled classic wine glass is made from black walnut wood and was inspired by organic forms and American design.

Your man will love sipping his favorite wine out of these modern glasses and if he cares about the environment, he’ll love that they’re also eco-friendly. All of the wine glasses are handmade as well so they are of top notch quality.

11. Mug with a glove


Another gift for the baseball lover comes the mug with a glove. This interesting take on your typical hot beverage holder was created by a young entrepreneur and sports fan called Max. The typical baseball design along with upright glove provides the man in your life a fun and interesting way to take coffee in the morning.

This wonderful birthday gift for him doesn’t just come in the design of a baseball either. There is also The Mug with a Hoop, The Mug with a Goalpost, The Mug with a Goal and The Mug with a Net for any sports fans out there.

All the mugs are made out of ceramic and can turn soup and crackers or hot chocolate and marshmallows in to a fun little game.

12. The ultimate cocktail bar tool

This interesting take on the swiss army knife, The Ultimate Cocktail Bar Tool is a 10-in-1 fully stocked bar that will fit comfortably in his pocket. Whatever his poison, he’ll have everything he needs to make anything from a simple dry martini to the perfect complex cocktail all at the tip of his fingers.

Made by Quench, this all in one tool has zester, muddler, knife, reamer, channel knife, jigger, stirrer, strainer, bottle opener and corkscrew.

13. Meteorite cufflinks


One of the most unique birthday gifts for him is the meteorite cufflinks by Jewelry by Johan. These customizable cufflinks are the perfect gift because they take style and class to a whole new planet.

The inlaid meteorite and sterling silver cuffs are a beautiful piece he can be proud to wear whether he’s a suit once a year guy or an office guy that prides himself on his daily dress-up game.

Available on the Jewelry by Johan website, these unique cufflinks will have him smiling from ear to ear with excitement over the fact that he’s actually wearing a piece of jewelry that is literally out of this world.

14. Tee time terrarium

Created by Liza Fiorentinos, the Tee Time Terrarium is a wonderful accent piece for any man in your life. The golf-themed sand garden comes equipped with low-maintenence reindeer moss and air plants that any regular golfer would love to sit on their desk.

The scene is a natural beauty, and with the golf backdrop, it will get your man through the work week until he can tee of on his own. Each Tee Time Terrarium is handmade and offers the golf lover in your life the perfect gift for his birthday.

15. His teams jersey

No matter what sports team he is dedicated to, you can never go wrong with his team’s jersey. Bonus points if you get his favorite player’s jersey. He’ll love the simplistic nature of the gift and the fact that you pay attention to what he loves and you’ll love how it looks on him, and then on you the next morning.

16. Sock advent calendar


No man on earth can ever have too many pairs of socks. A big problem is, though, that socks always seem to disappear and he ends up with a drawer full of mismatched socks. In comes the sock advent calendar, a great birthday gift for him.

The first collection of its kind, this advent calendar works just the same as any other, with a month of openings. He can open one each day and enjoy that fresh sock feeling, starting his day off right.

One of the greatest things about the Sock Advent Calendar is that no two pairs are the same, so he’ll always have a unique pair to wear and he’ll never worry if the two white socks he’s wearing actually match.

17. VR headset

One of the best birthday gifts for him is the Virtual Reality headset. He won’t look cool wearing it but he’ll love you forever for taking him out of his day-to-day and into any world he wishes to be in.

Give the man in your life the chance to let his mind soar through other worlds and situations while he immerses himself in games or movies. He can time travel, space travel or even hangout with other friends in the VR world.

This gift is one that will open his mind and won’t eve get sick of because of how much it has to offer.

18. A book he’ll actually enjoy

romantic couple reading books

It can be hard to find the guy in your life a book he’ll actually enjoy because you may tend to buy him books that you enjoy. When it comes to finding a birthday gift for him that he’ll actually read, it’s important to remember what kinds of things interest him.

Whether he’s into sports biographies or historical non-fiction, the book store has a plethora of hot titles to choose from. He’ll love curling up with a book you gave him and it’s a gift that he can keep forever because books will never go out of style.

19. Beeropoly

A fun take on the classic Monopoly, Beeropoly is drinking game for him and all his buddies on guys night. There are a series of beer related challenges in the game that will get harder and harder as the drinks keep flowing. Players take turns rolling the dice and move their bottle cap pieces across the board each time landing on a new challenge.

If a player cannot complete the challenge they’re eliminated and the last one standing has to drink the community cup.

The board, created by Jackie Mclane and Micah Renner, is made of pine wood and will give you, the man you love and all your friends a night to remember! Or forget, depending on how many challenges you complete.

20. A watch


Last but definitely not least is the watch, the most classic and simplest birthday gift for him. There’s nothing better than a watch because all men look good wearing one and even though he can just glance at his smartphone to see the time, he’ll secretly love how sophisticated the watch makes him look.

For a touch of extra class, the Nixon Sentry SS, 42mm is sure to put a smile on his face. With a modern look, faceted applied hour indices and a day/date window this is a perfect watch for your perfect man. The elegant, yet masculine design of the watch is one he’ll never want to take off and it comes in a wide variety of colours to choose from to fit any man’s preference.

There you have it! These 20 gifts for him on his birthday should make getting that tough to buy for guy in your life that much easier to please. Now which one should you choose?

My Boyfriend Is Driving Me Crazy! How To Resolve Frustration

Is your man making you mental? Does every little thing your guy says or does make you want to strangle him with his neck-tie? Do you feel like you’re losing your mind? Here’s what to do when your boyfriend is driving you crazy.

Men can be so….GRRRRR!!!! Yes, we love our men, and yes we’d do just about anything for them, but seriously, sometimes it takes a lot not to get in the car and leave them forever, doesn’t it? Aren’t there days when you wonder what on earth is going on in his head and why he is trying to send you over the edge?

We’ve all been there, ladies. I mean really, if our guys didn’t make us feel insane every now and again, then there wouldn’t be so many books written about how to make relationships last. It really is a Venus vs. Mars thing.

Still, there are ways to handle the situation when he’s making you feel like you’re losing your mind. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Why is he driving you crazy?

The first thing to do is determine exactly why your man is driving you crazy. Is it because he’s being a jerk? Is it because he’s boring you? Is it because he just won’t seem to go away and give you a little time to yourself? There are innumerable ways to make a person feel like they’re going nuts, but first you need to figure out what it is exactly that your man is doing to make you crazy.

2. Is it him or you?


Before you start pointing the finger at him, could it be that he’s actually just the same old him he’s always been and you’re just feeling a little tense those days? Sometimes our man drives us crazy because we’re really bothered about something else and we need an outlet…someone to put the blame on. Could it be that your guy is the outlet for your crazy feelings?

Let me give you an example. I know that about a day before my period I become a complete sociopath. I hate the planet and everyone on it, I feel like life is miserable and I should just kill myself, I’m starving but nothing sounds delectable…and heavens forbid I’m out driving because I have road rage like nobody else! More importantly, every little thing my son does drives me crazy.

Now, it’s not his fault. He’s actually a very good guy when it comes to women’s monthly issues.

Still, I take my hormonal frustration out on him in little things like “why isn’t your room clean?”, “why are you working tonight, can’t you stay home?”, “Are you going to text all evening or can you get off the phone for even a moment?” Anyway, every little thing is blown out of proportion. He handles it well, I always apologize later, and he’s known me his entire life so he just rolls his eyes and laughs.

The point is, I know my crazy has nothing to do with him, it’s all me.

So, you need to step back for a second and determine if your crazy is coming from you or if it’s really from your guy. Because if it’s coming from you then this list isn’t going to help much, you need to fix you. There’s no shame in that, we’ve all been there, too.

3. Make the first move

If your man is making you crazy, chances are it’s because you’re letting him. Seriously, you’re keeping your mouth shut and not telling him that he’s driving you nuts and that’s just building up the pressure, isn’t it? Stop for a moment and breathe. Now, make the first move to resolve the situation.

4. Talk to him about it


You’re going to have to talk to your man…that would be the wisest first move. Sit down when you’re calm (WHEN YOU’RE CALM) and tell your guy what’s on your mind. Let him know that he’s making you crazy; tell him what exactly it is that he’s doing that’s driving you over the edge.

5. Make him change his ways

It’s hard to get a guy to break bad habits, of course, but if he has some bad habits that are pushing your buttons, then it’s time to make him change his ways. Does he smoke inside the house? Give him a designated smoking area and tell him either the cigarettes go or HE goes.

Do you constantly have to nag him to take out the trash? Start putting it on the hood of his car. Seriously, sometimes you have to go to extremes to get a man to change his ways, but those extremes might be necessary if you want to teach an old dog new tricks. Warning: This method doesn’t work to the advantage of every relationship.

6. Take a break from him

Sometimes we drive each other crazy because we just need time apart. If your guy is making you feel like you’re losing your mind, then maybe you need a short holiday away from him. One of my exes used to be with me every waking moment. Now, I’m a person who needs her space once in a while, I need to breathe and think…he didn’t really need that.

His friends invited him for a night on the town and to crash at their place and I practically locked him out telling him to go and have fun and I’ll see him in the morning! He came home anyway about 2 AM. I was so…irritated! I just wanted a night to myself, just one night to watch chick flicks and eat ice cream out of the carton in my jammies, why couldn’t he give me that??

He thought it would make me mad if he stayed out all night, that’s why he didn’t do it.
Give yourself a much needed break, even if you have to stay at a girlfriend’s house for the night. You can’t long for someone who’s never gone for a moment.

7. Argue…then make-up


Sometimes you just have to get the crazy out by arguing. Sometimes you really just need to have a good fight with your guy. The best part about a good fight is making up. Go ahead, argue with him, get it out of your system…then go and have wild hot passionate sex!! It’s a win-win situation.

8. Have less stress sex

Sexual frustration can often be mistaken for every other kind of frustration. Sometimes it really goes back to just needing a good orgasm. If your man is making you crazy it might be time to jump his bones just to give yourself some physical release. This doesn’t have to be the sweet soft love-making you usually do, you can tell him to lay down, shut up, and then have your way with him. Rarely will a man complain about this.

9. Don’t let him be a slacker

If your frustration is more because of his laziness, then you need to draw the line. Don’t let your guy be a slacker! If his unwillingness to help around the house, inability to keep a job, or chauvinistic ways are pushing you to the breaking point, then you really need to express your feelings and make sure he understands that this is unacceptable behavior.

Do not let your man be a slacker. If he wants to be the kind of guy who has everything handed to him, then maybe it’s time you get rid of him and relieve your headache.

10. Give him a taste of his own medicine

Sometimes a man just drives us crazy because he’s doing something different. Maybe he isn’t paying enough attention to you, maybe he’s paying too much attention to you, maybe he’s just being really annoying and you’re not in the mood. If any of these things sound familiar, then it’s time to give your guy a taste of his own medicine. That’s right, act the SAME WAY towards him as he is acting towards you. He’ll get annoyed and quit soon enough.

When your man is making you lose your mind, you have to know when and how to get your sanity back. So tell us, what is your guy doing that’s driving you nuts?

7 Telltale Signs He Wants To Have A Baby

As complicated as you may think men are, they’re actually quite simple to figure out when it comes to identifying the telltale signs he wants to have a baby

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship with a man, you’re most likely starting to think about creating a family; with him. You’re contemplating the possibility of making those thoughts become a reality with the man you’re in love with.

However, before mentioning the topic over Sunday breakfast, you want to make sure he feels the same. On the other hand, you want to avoid any awkwardness or discomfort by being cautious about mentioning a topic you’re not quite sure will be reciprocated.

The last thing you want to do is freak him out by talking about babies before he’s ready.

For some men, it’s quite easy to make a serious decision like that. For others, it takes a little bit longer to reach the maturity or comfortability levels to bring another human into this life. It’s natural.

Remember, we can’t all grow at the same pace. We certainly don’t have the same goals and dreams. Thank goodness we’re all a little bit different in most aspects.

So if you are too afraid to straight up ask your man about making babies, keep a lookout for these 7 telltale signs he wants to have a baby:

1. He’s very in tune with your monthly cycle

menstrual pads

Remember, a man who isn’t remotely interested in having a baby wouldn’t even think to care about when your new cycle starts each month.

In fact, it may even gross some men out to know such things. However, a man who’s interested in starting a family with you will notice your slight mood changes, he may even ask you if you’ve started your period yet. Take it as a good sign that he sees a definite future with you.

2. Using protection during sex becomes less important

It’s important to take into consideration that, as a couple who’s been dating for quite some time or even married, that you do tend to use protection in the form of condoms less frequently.

It’s a whole different story if you decide to stop using birth control pills though. Always let your partner know before you decide to do so. It’s only the right thing to do.

However, if you’re searching for possible signs that he wants to have a baby, inform him of the fact that you’re not using protection during sex and scope his reaction.

Does he seem panicked or concerned? If not, a grown, responsible man will most likely have future plans in mind.

Remember to establish yourself in a loving, committed relationship before planning on being a little bit careless in this department.

As much as it seems like a great idea having a baby with someone you love, you need to ensure that they love you in return; enough to stick around if you happen to fall pregnant with his baby.

3. He’s fascinated by you when you hold a baby

woman and baby

Whether your sister just gave birth or you have a friend with a cute, newborn baby, it’s quite important to observe him while he’s observing you.

If you enjoy children and find them quite adorable, enough to want to pick up and interact with, chances are he’s going to observe you quietly to see if you’ll be a good mom (that’s if he’s interested in being a dad).

If not, the fact that you’re playing with a child wouldn’t phase him one bit. Always look at his facial expressions when searching for signs he wants to have a baby.

4. He tells you on a regular basis what a great mother you’ll be

This particular tip is quite an obvious sign he wants to have a baby, with you. If a man compliments you on the possibility of you being a great mother someday, it means he’s thought of you in that sense and feels comfortable enough to tell you what he thinks of having children with you; even if he doesn’t mention you in the sentence. It’s an even better sign if this type of compliment flatters you, which means that if an “accident” does occur, there will be no reason to run away or face the truth on your own. You’ll have him right there by your side.

5. Talking about children comes into the conversation more often

Couple sitting on a sofa and talking

Do you ever find yourself relaxing with your partner, only to venture into the “baby making” conversation? Even more so, you seem to end up discussing that topic quite often these days.

Perhaps he positively comments on a baby commercial or jokes around about having a baby? These are all hints, regardless of how insignificant they may seem to you.

Remember, a man who isn’t slightly interested in having a baby wouldn’t enter into “baby making” conversations with you or mention babies in his sentences.

6. He goes out of his way to make your family part of his own

When a man is truly in love, to the point where he sees himself having children with you, he’s going to want to do everything in his power to involve your family in his life.

If this means going on hunting trips with your dad or engaging in long conversations with your mom, maybe even inviting your sibling to a game’s night. One of the most subtle signs of him wanting to have a baby is involving himself with your family.

7. He enjoys interacting with babies and children

man and child play video games

If a man is interested in having his own children, he’s going to have no problem interacting with other’s children.

Thus, if you notice your man being actively involved with children at a party or interested in interacting with his friends’ baby, it means he could be ready to have the pitter patter of little feet in his life.

One of the best ways to know for sure though is to ask him directly. It wouldn’t hurt too much to have an open and honest conversation with him about having children. The answer could potentially surprise you.

Bonus tip: He talks about being a good dad someday

Of course, an obvious sign of him wanting to have a baby is mentioning to you that he thinks he’ll be a good dad someday. Remember, a man who wants to be a dad will mention it at some point in your relationship. If not, there’s absolutely no need for him to mention his parenting abilities or voice certain concerns relating to him creating a baby.

It’s important to take into consideration that a man will tell you what he wants and what he simply isn’t interested in by downright telling you. It’s up to you to listen if you want to. Some women tend to believe what they really want to believe in order to avoid the truth.

They get so caught up in what they think he’s saying when he’s really telling her everything she needs to know in simple English. Don’t be that woman.

Men are a pretty straight-forward type of creatures. They usually tell it like it is or will throw quite obvious signs of what they’re trying to say. It’s up to us, as women, to listen.

In this particular case, a brooding man will be less careful about getting you pregnant, more interested in engaging in conversation with you about having children and become quite excited about others having babies.

When trying to figure out the signs he wants to have a baby, the best way to know for sure, though, is to ask him.

If you’re unsure, save yourself the agony of trying to figure it out by simply asking him. Not only will you have a clear answer, but it could potentially kick-start your efforts to have a baby with him.

Is He Really Not Ready For A Relationship Or Just A Liar? – Youqueen

A lot of men nowadays use the excuse that they are not ready for a relationship. Are they lying or just really can’t commit right now? Read on to find out.

Nothing is more frustrating or heartbreaking than dealing with a man who keeps insisting that he isn’t ready for a relationship or that he keeps stringing you along while he pursues a relationship with someone else.

In this day and age, more men opt for smoke and mirrors than turning to honesty to deal with relationships…that is, they hide behind the façade of a man who’s averse to commitment.

While there are men out there who truly don’t want to pursue relationships, most prefer just to use that line on someone they aren’t 110% interested in. Often times, this behavior is exhibited when a man has another girl on the side.

So, how can we, as a whole, tell when the man we are seeing truly doesn’t want a relationship? Also, is he truly single or does he have a significant other that he isn’t telling you about?

The only way to explore this topic thoroughly is to look at the signs a man exhibits when he truly isn’t ready to commit:

1. He Doesn’t Share Himself With You

couple fighting

A man is truly not ready for a relationship when he doesn’t let you get to know him beyond the surface. He won’t tell you his likes/dislikes, favorite films, hurts or successes.

By being cautious about what he tells you, he is giving off the message that you aren’t of significance to him. If you come across a man who barely tells you anything about himself, it’s a definite signal for you to move on and focus your energies elsewhere.

2. He Doesn’t Let You Meet His Family

If he shies away from bringing you home to meet his parents or children from past relationships, then he is definitely not in it for the long haul. To a man, taking this step means he truly is committed to his mate and believes she will be a part of his life forever.

3. He is Secretive About His Life

A man not ready to commit will always be cagey about what he’s doing when he’s not with you. If he has to lie about where he is going and whom he will be with, that’s a sure-fire sign that he’s not ready for commitment. It’s a message to you that your relationship with him is of no significance and that he doesn’t want to be tied down.

4. He Doesn’t Take You Out on Public Dates

couple talking on a couch

When a man is interested in making a commitment, he will want to take his potential mate anywhere and everywhere. If you find that he doesn’t take you out and insists you and he dine at his place, he’s telling you he doesn’t want to be seen with you.

In other words, he “likes” you but doesn’t “love” you.

Now, if he is a liar and is doing what he can to string you along, he would not be doing all the aforementioned things and will do the following:

1. He Always Makes a Point of Telling You He’s Not Ready For a Relationship

If he has to make a point of telling you that he’s not ready for a relationship, then he’s more than likely lying about his intentions. When a man keeps telling you that he’s not ready for a relationship, all he is really saying is that “I don’t want a relationship with you”.

No matter the situation, this is a bad sign. Not only does it tell you that you’re not good enough for him, but he’s also not showing you enough respect to be honest about what he does want.

2. He Always Encourages You to Date Other Men

Young romantic brunette couple talking at restaurant

If he keeps encouraging you to date other men, you have a right to be suspicious. While he may maintain that he doesn’t want a relationship, this encouragement may be a sign that he is pursuing a relationship with someone else and doesn’t want you to get your hopes up.

3. His Communication With You is Abnormal

If he is super attentive for a couple of days and then ignores you for another few days, then he isn’t being honest with you about his readiness for a relationship. More than likely, he is lying low to avoid the suspicion with another girl he may be seeing.

If a guy truly isn’t ready for a relationship, his communication with you will be straightforward and very sporadic.

4. He’s Lied About Other Things

couple argue and are not happy with each other

If he’s lied to you about anything else, such as his age, his height, or anything else, then it’s very likely that he’s lying about not being ready for a relationship. A man who is truly not interested in a relationship will not jerk you around like that.

Playing games is not the prerogative of a man who truly doesn’t want to pursue a relationship. It’s the prerogative of a jerk who enjoys playing the field.

When it comes to deciphering whether or not a man is truly not ready for a relationship, the most important thing to do is listen to your inner voice. When you have that nagging suspicion that something is amiss, usually it’s spot on.

Your intuition is your best friend when it comes to navigating the sea of players and it will help you figure things out before it’s too late.

So if a guy you’re interested in says he isn’t ready for a relationship and your intuition is telling you that he’s lying, trust your instincts and walk away. It will save you from getting your heart broken much later on.

Your time is precious and you should not have to invest it in a man who is playing games with you. Let your intuition be your guide and go with the flow.

Eventually, you will find that special man who is meant for you and you alone. Until then, focus on yourself and leave the liars in the dust. You are worth it!

Discussing Your Past With Your New Love – How To Do It – Youqueen

Opening up to a new partner is important but can be difficult, especially when it comes talking about former boyfriends. Here’s how to talk about the past.

Opinions on this topic vary but discussing your past relationships with your current partner can help bring forth feelings and potential future issues that can have a heavy impact on your relationship.

It can give a partner insight as to why you may react a certain way and helps them get to know you better – our pasts shape who we are in the present day and who we once dated can play a huge part in that.

But there are a couple things that should be taken into account when wanting to bring this up for discussion and here they are.

Who to discuss it with

Cheerful couple talking

I’m a sharer, I like to talk about my feelings and share stories from the past but I’ve also learned that you have to be careful with who you give your stories too. This goes for every kind of relationship you can have, whether it be with friends, co-workers, family and yes, of course, with a partner.

That guy Jim you met on Tinder and have been on three dates with and don’t particularly like doesn’t need to know about your past relationships.

Jim is not the guy to spill your heart out too – I mean, you don’t even like him – so he doesn’t need to know about the time your high school boyfriend of 3 years left you at prom and never called you again…unless you find it funny now, share away! If you’re still heartbroken over it…save it for someone who matters.

You want to feel comfortable with the person you’re sharing with, it can be an emotional thing and you need someone who understands you to be on the listening end.

How long you’ve been seeing this person doesn’t matter, it’s about how you feel with them and if you see it going the distance because then the conversation becomes more meaningful.

What to discuss

Personally, I would talk about everything because as we’ve already established, I like to talk and share. I believe it’s important that your partner knows as much about you as possible and vice versa. It helps create a stronger lasting bond.

I also know that a lot of people out there aren’t like that, there are so many who don’t feel the need or comfort in sharing anything but it can leave a partner feeling lost and confused about issues that come up in the relationship.

So, something to take into account – hit the big issues. Don’t dwell on the little things because talking about how Jim didn’t put socks in the hamper or a dish in the sink can come off petty and that’s not a good look for anyone.

Talk about the things that caused major issues in the relationship – lack of communication, infidelity, abuse, etc. By sticking to more serious situations you build a dialogue and give them a clearer picture of your past and help give them some understanding to your reaction in fights or certain situations. Not talking about an ex doesn’t erase them, for better or worse they’re a part of you and who you are after going your separate ways.

Stay away from telling them how much your friends and family liked them, how good or bad they were in bed, things you planned together, and so on.

All of these things can lead to problems between you and your current partner like self-consciousness, and could even make them feel as if they’re in a competition.

When and where to discuss

couple talking over a cup of coffee

Figuring out when and where to talk about your exes can be hard, you don’t want to bring it up and cast a shadow but sometimes you have to. Whether it’s in public at your favorite restaurant or in the privacy of your own place, it’s all about how you feel in that moment – You’ll know when the time is right; you’ll feel comfortable in your surroundings and with the person.

There is always that really organic natural conversation that happens when you feel you can talk about anything for hours on end and that could be the right time to talk about the past.

Avoid doing it in the middle of a fight, telling them that “Jim use to do that!” while you’re arguing over something makes it seem more like an excuse rather than an actual reason.

Planning out the conversation can make things tense and seem scripted and with a potentially emotional topic you don’t want that but planning ahead, especially if the topic is of a more serious nature, can help you feel more comfortable and in control of the conversation and you need to do what is best for you.

How to deal with jealousy

Jealousy shouldn’t be an issue if there is no reason for it. If you’re talking about how much Mom loved Jim and how he did so much for you, there’s good reason for why your current partner is feeling upset.

Hopefully, they come to you and explain how their feeling about it and you can avoid talking about those things in the future or if you’re unsure as to why he’s gone mute and won’t make eye contact – ask him what’s going on and why he feels the way he does.

Keep an open dialogue with your partner about how they’re feeling when discussing your past relationships, they may need to hear how happy you are with them and that you’re not with Jim for a reason. Reassurance isn’t a bad thing.

couple talking on the couch

Side note: If you do still have feelings for an ex, take some time before you start dating again because you’re not being fair to yourself or the person you may end up in a relationship with.

If the jealousy or anger seems to have little or no reasoning behind it, try to find out why but be wary. If simply just saying “I’ve had 2 boyfriends before you” upsets them, this is a red flag, and is not a legit reason to be upset.

You can talk to them about it and try to figure out why it would upset them for you to have dated in the past or for whatever reason but to be honest – walking away might be a better option because that is not a normal response. Anger can be an appropriate reaction when you are talking about your ex-boyfriends but it should never be directed at you.

For the most part, this is subjective. When it comes to talking about your past it is case by case, what you may discuss with one person you may not discuss with another.

You may end up with someone where your respective past relationships do not matter to your current ones and you never talk about them or you could end up with someone and you talk about everything – good, bad and in between; both are fine and it boils down to whatever is best for you and your partner.

You do not owe them any of the stories from your past but sharing with them shows trust and that can help strengthen a bond but do not let anyone push you into talking about more than you’re comfortable with. Go at your own pace and just be your honest self.

Moving In With Your Boyfriend – 10 Things To Consider

Are you thinking about moving in with your boyfriend? It may sound very exciting, but before you make this very important decision, consider the following.

Chances are, we’ve all been there at some point in time whilst in a serious relationship. It’s pretty normal. You find yourself head-over-heels in love with someone you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with.

Why else would you consider a drastic move like that anyway? However, it’s not an easy decision to make, especially if you’ve been down a similar once before. You want to make sure you’re making the right move for the right reasons, and that your partner is as serious as you are.

Moving in with your boyfriends shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it’s definitely something you should do at least once in your lifetime.

It’s a unique experience with many learning curves, so before you decide to move in with your boyfriend, take into consideration the following 10 factors to ensure you’re making the right decision.

1. Are you emotionally ready for moving in with your boyfriend?

moving in with your boyfriend

Moving in with someone you’re in a relationship with is a big commitment – ultimately meaning you’re taking the relationship to a whole new level.

This type of commitment should only be done if you’re both emotionally ready to do so. It could potentially ruin your relationship if you decide, halfway through the process that it’s not for you.

Ideally, you should live on your own to experience what that’s like before moving in with your boyfriend.

2. Would you be comfortable with household chores?

Let’s face it, once you move in with your boyfriend, chances are you’re going to have to do more chores than you originally thought. If he’s a good man, he’ll help.

Hopefully even pick up his own socks and throw them in the laundry basket – instead of right next to it. However, that also means that you’d have to pull your own weight if you’re not able to afford help.

So take into consideration that you’ll potentially become a ‘mini-wife’ before your time.

3. Do you want to see your boyfriend every single day?

It may seem like an easy one to answer yes to, but if you’re used to being independent and have your own life apart from being in a relationship, then it might be a huge adjustment to see our boyfriend every single day.

Sure, it may be fun in the beginning, but that also wears off (sorry to be so blunt) However, it’s a fact. Unless you’re sure of wanting to spend every possible moment with him, you might want to hold off on packing in.

4. Would it be a wise financial decision?

moving in with your boyfriend

Sharing rent is definitely a bonus, but remember, you’ll be paying double on certain other things like food. Instead of buying just for one and having a monthly budget of what you can spend, you’re going to have to fork out a little bit more each month in order to afford two meals.

However, don’t let that stop you. It’s always easier splitting bills. Even more so when it’s with someone you love.

5. Do your family and friends approve of him?

To some, it makes a big difference, to others not so much. However, when choosing to move in with your boyfriend, you’ll ultimately declare him taken for the long haul.

This means he’ll be attending Christmas dinners, birthdays, and other important family events. In that case, he needs to be liked by most of the people you care about. They only want the best for you and will be able to spot a chancer from a mile away.

6. Do you have a backup plan in case moving in with your boyfriend doesn’t work out?

I’m by no means saying it won’t work, but just in case it doesn’t, you need to have a backup plan. This includes having enough money for your own place in the unlikely event that you decide to break up.

Surely you can’t keep living together and someone’s going to have to move. None-the-less, it’s always a great idea to have a backup plan in any event – especially if you’re used to being independent.

7. Is he someone you see yourself getting married to?

moving in with your boyfriend

This remains the ultimate question. After all, the whole reason for dating in your mid-late twenties is to find long-lasting love, right? Why else would you go through all the changes and move in with your boyfriend if all you’re after is to live with someone?

It would be much easier just to find someone who can split the rent with you. So if you can see yourself getting married to your boyfriend, and he can see the same path with you, then by all means.

Remember, it’s crucial to ensure the feelings are mutual before making such a big decision.

8. Is your relationship strong enough to survive sudden changes?

Moving in together isn’t a minor change. In fact, living together requires both parties to make sacrifices beyond what you may be comfortable at first.

You’re going from seeing each other a couple of times a week, never seeing the ‘dirty’ side to your spouse, to sudden seeing it all.

Your relationship needs to be strong enough to survive these major changes otherwise you need to hold off for a little while until your relationship grows deeper.

9. Are you okay with the fact that he may not fully commit?

Sad to say, some men get comfortable and will only commit as far as you push them. I’m by no means saying your boyfriend is like that, but you need to be prepared to wait quite some time before he decides to propose – if you decide to move in with him.

Remember, by moving in together, you’re giving him everything he wants and more without having to put a ring on it. By agreeing to move in with him, you’re delaying the process of getting married.

This could be a real show stopper if you’re someone who needs that type of commitment.

10. Do you see yourself waking up next to him every morning?

moving in with your boyfriend

At the end of the day, you will be the one waking up next to him every morning and vice versa. You’ll experience bad breath and he’ll see your messy hair.

However, when you’re really in love, there’s nothing more you’d want than to experience those things. If you see yourself not wanting to wake up alone anymore, but instead, wake up next to him every morning, then go for it!

Besides, there’s nothing more comforting than feeling the arms of a person who loves you around you in the middle of the night.

Bonus question: What does your gut tell you?

Listening to your gut and trusting it is one of the most powerful tools you possess, as a woman. Don’t let that go to waste. Your gut is always right and will guide you in the right direction – whether you’re meant to move in with your boyfriend or stay where you are.

See it as a blessing, whatever your intuition may be telling you. Remember, you’re the one who will live with the consequences, so it’s important to do what’s right for you.

Answering ‘yes’ to most of the above questions gives you a pretty good indication of whether or not you’re making this decision based on rational choices or if you’re going with the flow due to certain circumstances.

It’s important to keep your eyes wide open when the option of moving in with your boyfriend crosses your mind.

However, don’t be afraid to take the leap of faith to find out if you’d come out the other stronger together than living separately. It may take a few adjustments and certain compromises in order to make it work, but you tend to grow together and make the necessary changes to please your partner.

After all, moving in with your boyfriend wouldn’t have crossed your mind if you didn’t absolutely adore him, right?

5 Creative Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend – YouQueen

If you want to inject some lust into your relationship and tighten your bond, use these 5 creative ways to surprise your boyfriend.

Why is it important to surprise your boyfriend?

There are some relationships which always stay fresh, and the couple always seem as into each other as they were when they first got together. Ever wondered how these sorts of couples do it? It’s easy! These couples make an effort to keep the spice going in their relationships by always thinking outside of the box and adding splashed of spontaneity here and there – a last minute trip to the seaside at the weekend, or a surprise bubble-bath in the evening after work!

It is these little things, which maintain the intimate connection between them because they both know that they are thinking about each other.

Doing new things together and sharing experiences also makes them feel exactly like they did when they first started dating – giddy, excited, anticipating fun-times – all because they don’t know what to expect from their mini adventures.

How to keep the fire alive in your own relationship

There are many ways you can keep the fire burning in your relationship, and it doesn’t all have to revolve around the bedroom. Sometimes doing the ordinary and mundane things in life, but adding an injection of fun and unpredictability in with the familiar can make you both feel good and bring you closer together. So we have come up with 5 creative ways in which you can surprise your boyfriend and strengthen your bond…

#1 Initiate a food fight

pie in face

Okay, so it might seem a little bit juvenile, and there’s no guarantee he will find it amusing, some people are too stuffy to appreciate a messy bit of rough and tumble, but if you’ve got a laid-back boyfriend, and you’re both at home in your slacks, then why not eye him across the kitchen table with a cheeky glint in you eye and tease him by bending back your ice-cream loaded spoon? He will probably give you a look of  warning that says don’t you dare, that’s when you should lob it at him and dive for cover!

It’s going to be the last thing on earth he is expecting, and it is certainly a creative way to surprise him, have a good laugh, get a little bit messy and have a shower together afterwards.

#2 Warm his T-shirt on the radiator for him

Do something small and unpredictable to show your boyfriend that you care, like pop his T-shirt on the radiator on a cold winter morning before he gets up to get dressed. If you don’t mention it to him, and then let him discover it, he will instantly fall in love with you that little bit more! Everyone appreciates finding out they have a partner who is thinking about them first thing in the morning. It’s soppy, but true.

#3 Three sneaky little ways to show you’re always up for a bit of mischief

A guy will think he has died and gone to heaven once he discovers his girlfriend is a cheeky little minx. It’s every guy’s dream. Try one of these ideas to express the cheeky side of your personality…

  • When you are out together on a daytrip, towards the end of the day when you are heading back home, tell your boyfriend that you’ve been walking around all day with no knickers on! He won’t be able to wait to get you back, and the train journey home should be interesting!
  • Pinch his bum when he is least expecting it – Most effective when done in a public place with a poker face on. Ignore his reaction and then when he is least expecting it, do it again, this time with a sexy glint in your eye!
  • Tell him your cooking dinner in five minutes and to meet you in the kitchen. Then turn up wearing nothing but a frilly apron!

#4 Secretly book a hotel room for the night

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to spend a night in a swanky hotel!

Don’t tell him about the booking though, instead go for a relaxing stroll together, and then as you are passing the hotel mention that they have a wonderful roof terrace bar, and that you’d love to check it out! If you checked in earlier then you should already have the key to the room in your pocket, so while he thinks you’re both heading up to the roof, really you’ll be heading to your suite!

Surprises like this that are pre-planned and totally out of the ordinary will blow his mind!

Make sure you pack a couple of toothbrushes and a change of clothes for the morning, especially if either of you are going to work, and drop them off to the room beforehand.

#5 Random gifts are always a great surprise…

love letter

… but the real surprise is in how you deliver those gifts!

Get the best effect by popping his favourite bar of chocolate in his pocket without him know so that he finds it later just when he is starting to feel a bit peckish. Or write him a sexy love letter and slip it into his briefcase with a spray of your perfume. You could buy him a new aftershave and leave it in the bathroom cabinet for him to discover, or really go to town and create a treasure map marking all the places you have hidden his surprise random gifts with an X!

Share your own creative ideas…

Are you good at surprising your boyfriend? Or maybe he is good at surprising you? Inspire us with your spontaneous love stories in the comments section below!

8 Reasons Men Shouldn't Get Upset When Women Get Jealous

You’ll have to deal with jealousy at one point or another in your relationship. So, if ever your boyfriend gets upset when you’re jealous, we’ve rounded up the reasons you can use to make him see the good in it.

Being a jealous woman in today’s fake-how-you-feel society is never viewed as a good thing. We know that that’s why we strive to keep our cool even when we saw our man just check out that hot chick who passed by while we were sitting over coffee. We’ve been afraid of being labeled as the ‘jealous woman’ so we’ve done our best to be play the cool girl’s role.

Today, however, all the faking ends. Here are eight reasons when we’re jealous and why rather than being upset, our boyfriends should just be more accepting and happy about it.

1. We’re jealous because we care about our relationship

Angry young woman slap boyfriend with her hand

We’ve worked hard for it together, and we don’t want all our efforts to go to waste just because you can’t resist flirting with anything that wears a skirt. It’s one way we check what’s in your heart, for if there’s no love anymore, there’s no point in making both of us stay and suffer, right?

With that said, jealousy is one way we show you how much we care (even if you won’t agree to that all the time). You can ask your mom or sister or any female relative you’re close to if you’re still not convinced. Better yet, here are more reasons.

2. It means you’re not just important, but prized

Things that don’t have that much worth to you often get ignored. They disappear and you don’t even notice that they did. It’s the same thing with you and our relationship. You’re of so much worth to us that we won’t just shrug off any sign that we may lose you over someone.

Call it possessiveness, but it’s just us guarding what’s rightfully ours. It’s the same thing with anything we value in life. For instance, your home or car. It’s not like you just let anyone stare, get near or touch it when you’re around, right?

3. It’s also our subtle way of showing we’re scared of losing you

It’s not like we can tell you about our greatest fears and insecurities in life as we share dinner before going to bed or watching Netflix on our days off. So, when we show our jealous side, it’s us simply telling you we want you in our life for as long as possible.

4. We’re capable of feelings, too

Angry woman sitting back to her husband

We can’t blame you if you’ve forgotten that we feel things, too (insecurity and jealousy included), given the fact that we’ve always showed you our strong and independent side. However, we actually do and jealousy helps us to get that message across. We sincerely hope you get it by now.

5. We’re reminding you about how you behave in public

We couldn’t really care less if every woman who passed by us (or the other way around) at the mall bats their lashes to get you to notice them. However, if you respond by winking at them or giving them that smile that captured our hearts when we were just in the beginning of our relationship, it’s another story.

6. You should learn to be sensitive to our feelings

It’s an art most men struggle to master. Our jealous side will help you to get better each time until you nail it (and you can thank us then).

7. It’s one way you can improve in the relationship

Tender romantic couple embraces with girl profile and boy looking away

If you take any of our comments about how you can’t resist doing a double take on hot women who pass by you constructively, take a mental note of the supposed criticism, and take it to heart without resenting us. You’ll be a better version of yourself. When that happens, we won’t be able to help ourselves. We’ll fall more in love with you.

8. It’s the best way you can test how much we love you

It pains us to be mushy and corny (and we know you feel the same way, or worse), but that’s the number one reason behind our jealousy: we love you. You should actually have known it for some time now, but if you still need convincing, we’re giving it to you straight now.

We’re jealous when your attention is on someone else because we are in love with you. Don’t make us repeat that, okay? We’re not Chuck and Blair. We’re an even better couple than them.

You’ll hardly find a woman who will intentionally act jealous all the time. It’s because when we get jealous, it’s almost always because there’s a reason behind it.

Or, it’s probably because of some things that you do or might have done without knowing it will make us jealous. With this said, know that we know how jealousy is completely unavoidable but should only be exercised in moderation (because too much of anything is never good). So, keep calm and be assured, we won’t be the jealous woman if you don’t give us a reason to.

Do you get jealous over something or someone? How do you deal with the jealousy you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments.