What you still are on screen now he’s making up night night he’s making rules for his own crap it’s against YouTube’s policy to say your name to people has already dislike this to marry this boy is nothing but a liar whoever follows him is nothing but and either I’m pretty damn sure he’s scamming people because uh he said.

Earlier that he didn’t I told the kid he’ll knock on this door it’s all funny doubtful he went to his contact the thing about really funny I want to get me found out we’ve taken weeks for then making extremely hot sauces so I could torture myself on screen for yells entertainment in the freaking thing order.

Information and there is another thing and you donate $500 I have to do whatever you want as long as it is not inappropriate my god this is bullshit new ideas not appropriate or get me Devon attire my favorite thing and send me to the water right well you can type in the chat and huh okay thick noodles because I dunno what you’re talking about okay do you want to ask Achille Bremen what she means what Joey.

Freeman said meet the acid yeah well I’ve never said it please try to keep it friendly oh.

My god I will get the acid would come up here to Pennsylvania and fight me in my dreams Anthony.

You agree no one person has to duck the one person oh yeah you can I will do if you donate $5,000 you meet yours cuz I’m your mother but by the way if I were to.

Does piece of nose bang everything is they signed a contract saying that if anybody gets hurt it is not the other person’s responsibility how about I come on burn paid for everything and bring out your people and pay for that and not okay if you hurt me I get to you and you’re gonna make a contract thing and I’m saying it if I hurt you you can’t – Kelly I’m sorry but I did not do fight me in the ring.

Because I’m a girl tell marriage said okay he’ll pay for everything down honey said okay and we’ll pay for every time Kelly like I said $5,000 you know okay if you were to contract saying that I that you are fighting.

Me there is no eat there is no life anybody getting in okay I am here Internet boiler there is I am the infamous Berg no $5,000 point any kind of by theme.

The Anatomy Of Toys

For the most part, toys are taken for granted. They’re bought, they’re played with. When they’re broken, they get tossed out in favour of new ones. It’s time someone takes the time to appreciate toys. With x-ray. Sydney-based commercial photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick has done just that — using x-ray as is “invisible light” to photograph toys, contrasted with various colours — revealing the intricate mazes of wiring, motors and batteries. Hit his website to view more of his work.

Definitely geeky.

What toys did you play with when you were young The Toys Dad Played With As A Kid “When I was your age, all I had to play with was…” Sound familiar? Read More ? One of these The Most Popular Holiday Toys From The Past 50 Years Here’s a look back at some of the most popular holiday toys from the past fifty years. Do some of them bring back memories? Read More ?

The Anatomy Of Toys toys under xray 1

The Anatomy Of Toys toys under xray 2

The Anatomy Of Toys toys under xray 3

The Anatomy Of Toys toys under xray 4

The Anatomy Of Toys toys under xray 5

The Anatomy Of Toys toys under xray 6

The Anatomy Of Toys toys under xray 7

These Movies Posters Will Make You Wish The Sequels Were Real

Surely you know of some movies that you wish would get a sequel 5 Sims That Really Deserve a Sequel Now While you bounced plumbers around collecting coins, I was constructing glorious empires, establishing global trade networks and wrangling with the world of corporate financing. Read More . We all have our favorites, but some movies wrap things up in such a way that a sequel just isn’t possible. In other cases, the business Manage Your Business For Better Results With Intellinote Whatever your needs – be it a business or otherwise – Intellinote empowers corporate, technical and creative individuals who need a powerful, collaborative solution to get the job done. Read More  of the movie business prevents a new release from coming along.

Whatever the reason, the images in the IAm8Bit gallery called SEQUEL are imagining what the movie posters for these sequels that will never happen might look like. Many of them are downright gorgeous. Check out a sample below, and if you want to see them in person, head to the gallery in LA before November 23. Can’t get to LA? Well you can also buy prints of the ones you like best.

Via IAm8Bit

Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II by Nikkolas Smith
Bigger Trouble in Little China by Sam Spina
Fight Club: The 2nd Rule by Kaz Oomori
Batman 2 by Marco D’Alfonso
Titanic 2: Above Zero by Pavel Fuksa
Cowboy Bebop II by Nimit Malavia
The Goonies & the Legend of Sasquatch by Rich Rayburn
The Goonies & the Legend of Sasquatch by Rich Rayburn

What Would The Stuff Your Smartphone Can Do Cost In 1985?

Your smartphone Your Chinese Smartphone Might Have A Serious Security Problem A recently discovered vulnerability in many budget Chinese handsets, which could allow an attacker to gain root access, is currently a threat to owners of Android 4.4 KitKat devices Read More can do a lot. It’s easy to take for granted just how many things you can do with the small computer that’s in your pocket 4 Ways Your Smartphone Will Drive Smart Home Technologies Smart home technology is still very much a niche interest; but that could soon change because of the humble smartphone you have in your pocket. Here’s why. Read More .

The infographic below attempts to put it all into perspective by breaking down how much many of the functions a smartphone performs would cost in 1985.

Via WebpageFX

Click To Enlarge


What Is Eating Up The World’s Bandwidth?

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia: streaming services make up 65 percent of all Internet traffic during peak hours, one third of which is attributed to Netflix. According to this infograph by, Internet traffic will probably surpass the zettabyte threshold – or 83 exabytes per month – in 2015. By 2017, that figure will rise to 120 exabytes a month.

How do you use the Internet bandwidth in your household?

Click to enlarge.

What Is Eating Up The World's Bandwidth? whats using the bandwidth 1

What Is Eating Up The World's Bandwidth? whats using the bandwidth 2

Do You Know How To Dispose Of Your Old Electronics?

Getting rid of electronics isn’t as simple as just taking them to the landfill Beware These 8 Security Issues When Recycling Hardware Recycling old hardware is a good idea, but you don’t want to give away personal data. Consider these security concerns before getting rid of your hardware, and see what you can do about them. Read More and leaving them. You also can’t just leave them in the recycling bin with your cans, bottles, and papers.

Nope, recycling electronics properly isn’t that simple. But it’s doable, and it’s important! Check out the infographic below for everything you need to know about getting rid of your electronic devices properly.

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The Evolution Of Gaming Consoles (1969 – 2013)

Did you know that the very first gaming console to make use of a CD-ROM was released in 1987? Do you know what it was called? What’s the best selling gaming console in history? Which was the first gaming console to feature full-colour output, sound and cartridge-based games? Look for the answers in this detailed and interesting infograph on the evolution of gaming consoles!

How many of these gaming consoles have you owned?

Click to enlarge.

The Evolution of Gaming Consoles (1969 - 2013) game consoles small