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This military exercise is all about defending Iran’s skies using domestically developed military hardware and equipment the Iranian Army’s hot Aman MBR air defense base launched the large-scale drills in Iran’s central northern and western areas to strengthen the country’s air defense launched jointly with the IRGC aerospace force the maneuvers saw the firing of fully indigenous air defense missile systems.

Including Talaash and Mirsad.

Of intercepting and targeting surveillance planes and drones flying in low medium or high altitudes the two day exercise also include the use of homemade UAVs for reconnaissance and surveillance missions such as combat drunk.

A drawer and long-endurance unmanned air vehicles ahead according to CNN 12 people have been confirmed dead after severe flooding in Sicily Italy on Sunday bringing the week’s death toll to 29 as extreme weather continues.

To strike throughout Italy among those killed were nine members of two families who were dining together in a house that was submerged by water from a nearby river that suddenly overflowed high winds and heavy rain have.

Devastated parts of Italy over the past week Venice has seen the.

In over a decade with damages of more than 1 billion euro fisheries and the northern Philippines last week the Philippine Department of Agriculture said an estimated 1.

85 billion pesos or thirty four point nine million dollars worth of agricultural producers.

Were destroyed by the typhoon the estimates are based on reports from the rice and corn fields in Pangasinan and fisheries in Cagayan Isabela and Aurora production of crops is also reportedly affected in the Cordillera administrative region in regions 1 2 & 3 meanwhile.

The death toll has climbed to 23 as of November 4th as.

Rescuers continue to scour muds and search for people who are buried in a landslide in mountain province according to the business mirror 16 people remain missing government data suggests over 68,000 families have been affected by the typhoon for.

Global 1 in Metro Manila I am crystal yeah according to a report by Reuters this week as pollution levels surged to severe and hazardous levels in New Delhi there was little sign that residents of India’s crowded capital were making any attempt to protect themselves on Monday the smog reportedly exposed people to as much as 24 times the recommended limits.

For dangerous particles but unlike in many heavily polluted Chinese cities it is reportedly rare to see locals taking measures to reduce their exposure the World Health Organization warns that India’s smog problem extends far beyond the capital and the nation of 1.

3 billion has 14 out of the 15 most polluted cities seven people were killed six from the.

Same family after terrorists attacked.

Two buses filled with Coptic worshippers in Egypt November 2nd the Islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack that also wounded 18 the buses were targeted near a monastery 160 miles from Cairo on November 3rd many of the victims were buried Bishop Makarios head to the local Coptic diocese said at the funeral quote there is a mix of sadness and pain Coptic Christians are believed.

Youtube Down… Let's Look At What Happened! It Crashed! Offline Strange News Project Zalgo Hack

Oh my god guys what in the world just happened so I’ve been playing catch-up on the Twitterverse about what was going on and there’s nothing clear and defined yet but YouTube has just been down for just over an hour at least and man that really kind of messed up my night not for uploading purposes and all but I’m.

Driving tonight doing a little travel for work had a two and a half hour drive ahead of myself and right now I’m about 20-25 minutes out and usually what I’ll do.

Is turn on live streams or you know create a playlist to videos that I want to catch up and sit there and listen to it but I for the majority of this trip and so while.

I’ve been here I’ve been dictating to my phone a little bit and doing a little research and normally something like this happens it’s pretty easy to figure out you know why things went down either Google or YouTube because you know Google now owns YouTube will go ahead and state that they’re having DNS issues or there is some sort of pipeline outage or something but.

Man there’s just nothing really going on it.

That tells us what happened you got a few hacking groups out.

There laying claim saying that they’re responsible for the outage but with a couple of them going at it they were either one working together or two they’re not.

Responsible for it and of course then it’s only a matter of time before we find out what happened but man I can’t remember the last time YouTube went down for any amount of.

Time and I think it’s fair to say like you know you think about as.

Big as Google is and as big as Yahoo is and as much revenue as they.

Make off of advertising and all their other services that if something can take them down for an hour they probably need to look at what the hell just happened and try to get it resolved in the few so that it doesn’t happen again in the future right I mean holy Carol they try to bring up my chat here I’m not gonna get too hung up in a.

Trying to read but just in case yeah so I’ll definitely be looking into this a little bit because it’s definitely interesting again it anytime something can take a service something with a back much infrastructure with as much redundancy in with as many fail-safes as YouTube and bring them offline right so if any of you guys well no kidding yeah I know it’s back up that’s why I’m just kind of throwing this out.

There while it was offline I was doing a little bit of research kind of hitting the Twitterverse and just kind of poking around to see if anybody could say definitively this is why it’s been down and I can’t find anything which is abnormal in and of itself you know but man it really messed up my Drive because usually when I’m driving for a trip which is what’s happening you.

Know I’ll listen to some live streams or load a playlist full of content that I want to catch up on and go to town and right.

Now I’ve been without my youtube for like an hour well a little more than an hour and I didn’t get to play catch-up on any of my normal stuff so if any of you guys have any insight whatsoever into what happened I would be more than happy to.

Call you out q did it that’s actually really good that’s probably the best suggestion that I’ve heard so far for why YouTube went down my only question is are we still in the same space-time continuum makes you wonder he just sent me a message Eric well it’s gonna take me a.

Minute to figure out what that message says but I’ll get to it did you see any reason take exit 298 for I 176 toward Pennsylvania.

Turn Morgantown yeah you got to forgive me I’m still on the road just taking the opportunity to kind.

Of touch base with you guys the whole reason I started this live stream was to see if I caught the attention of anybody that has been able to find any reason anything that really seems factual as to why Facebook Facebook oh my god as to why YouTube was down to be able to bring a service like YouTube down for over an hour internationally this was a global event I mean something big happened this is not normal I’ve.

Remember of course it’s been a while YouTube’s having outages but usually they’re localized meaning around.

A certain region or a certain area not this this was a global event whatever happened it was big fair to say that YouTube’s gonna have to up their game figure out what happened to make it so that that can’t happen again you know a lot of people depend on them for stuff what’s.

Going on Matt in half a mile take exit 298 for I 176 toward Pennsylvania 10 Morgantown yeah Eric I did that too because 4 doesn’t matter whether you are on iPhone or on Android but if you’re having application problems one of the things that you can do is to go into your app.

Data or your story which makes it to.

And all the data files for that program because sometimes when the updates come out on the app they break things because they expect data in a slightly different format sometimes it’s because there’s been a change on the server and while you.

Have those files sitting on your computer people laugh to stay on I 176 no they don’t um they don’t work with whatever updates the server has had published and so one way or another there’s an incompatibility anyway.

If you go into your app settings you can clear that as files a lot of times that fixes things but that was a no-go that was not working this John.

I 176 north for 11 miles oh thank god.

Right let’s see nipples yes definitely nipples fault no kidding server issues I can’t imagine you.

Know part of me wonders though Matt I mean it could be server issues but it also could have been an infrastructure issue the the interesting thing is that YouTube being the type of business they are because you guys.

Know YouTube is owned by Google now they don’t exist in one place they have farms full of servers all over the world and all of those farms kind of work together as live fail-safes as redundancy if one entire server or even one entire data center or even.

Those servers are able to keep things up and running for everybody due to replication whatever happened took everything out globally so this was not just a one datacenter problem this was not something that was.

Localized to a single server this was something big well I won’t say I depend on it but boy it sure is good for me filling the time you know being able to listen to live streams while I’m driving or being able to download a playlist of content and play it on my phone on the plane just to catch up.

On things solar flare if that’s.

The case I would think it would affect more than YouTube but yeah so it definitely.

Impacted my evening cuz I haven’t caught up on any of the stuff that was going on and then as soon as it did come back online I thought I want to start a live stream and tell everybody that it was offline as if they wouldn’t know duh right but to see what kind of information I could um dig up ya.

Leper quad I know I had to focus on the road a little bit more even this is a little less pervasive than having to.

Read all the time I know it’ll be really interesting to see what comes of that gonna be doing the between tonight when I go to bed and the next couple days to see what’s released because they’re obviously going to be a gun this was not something small this was not something they can just play down.

And ignore because any type of media is what just happened I would be.

Surprised if MSNBC or CNN or some news network didn’t already have a story up and going that YouTube was down for over an hour around the world right so I’ll be pulling up.

To the hotel in the next like 15.

Minutes and then I’ll be looking into that so anyway how’s everybody’s night going.

These guys that you know anybody who follows me knows that I travel for work and usually when I say that it implies going to the airport and a lot of driving and everything else this.

Week I’m working local which means that it’s are within driveability holy crap it’s.

Freaking snowing in PA Wow alright anyway nothing it’s hard to see but it’s doing it anyway yeah I’m working local which means somewhere drivable right somewhere inside a like 300 350 miles and so I had to head from Dover Delaware just south of Dover up to Reading PA.

For just a couple days tomorrow in the following day and then I’ll drive home and so it’s been kind of nice being home it’s also my birthday week so on the 18th.

In two days I turn 39 it’ll be the last year that I can’t claim that I’m old cuz.

You know everybody knows after you turn 50 you’re holy crap I count good after you turn 40 year old right thanks Ben so I’ll be able to share some cake with the wife and kids and it’s good you know it’s kind of nice to be home once in a while.

Young buck listen to this guy oh okay I got you yep.

You’re old oh I’m sorry leper quad today that that name is rolling right off the tongue leopard leopard quad usually I can’t say that was sounded like I’ve got dick in my mouth.

Oh God did he just say that holy balls YouTube so yeah it’s been cool catching up with some of you cats finally got a video up on the FPV noob tube from when I went down to see Ben and those guys down in Fort Worth so if any.

Of you guys aren’t keen to that make sure you head over to the FPV new tube youtube channel and check that out it was a good time not a lot of storytelling you’re talking kind.

Of the visuals tell the story that there is text in the description and but the long and short of it is when I got there you know I’ve been on a plane all morning been driving a little bit.

Tired but you know that passes but I’m around all these people that I.

Seen in a while or some new people and to top it off I’m in a new spot that I don’t know the flow I don’t know the holes I don’t know and I was just nervous right I can’t.

Do sometimes I don’t get nervous and other times I do and I was really nervous so it took me a little while to kind of shake off the icky sticks and so that video and you can just see everything was real herky-jerky real twitchy it wasn’t fluent but you can see that it got a little bit better.

And then for the last part of the video after the song changed so yes it’s a long video not 15 minutes long but.

7 minutes long man I just found my flow part of it was kind of changing a spot where we had less people coming around part of it was just giving him for the nerves to go away it was just that’s when.

It really came together for me.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself and let me tell you guys if you haven’t if you’re anywhere in the Fort Worth area or you’re ever passing through do not hesitate to look up Ben leper quad or.

Cody seals who’s Top Gun fpv or Regan Jobe outcasts fpv look up any of those guys and let them know you’re in town and let them know you want to fly doesn’t matter if you’ve ever if you’ve never met them.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t think that you’re a good enough pilot true Drudge Report says it’s cute that’s awesome well let’s take this pitch to warp 9.9 keep an eye on the engines yeah definitely look those guys up man there’s some really cool spots to fly around Fort Worth and it’s not a huge town it’s easy enough to.

Get around so I had a blast hanging with those guys that video is really just the first day I spent two more days there two more nights flying one night I just spent with been flying in the parking lot of a gaming place the other day I.

Spent flying with just Cody back at that same spot use the left lane.

To take exit 11 be 122 west.

Toward reading shut up my TPS is talking I’m not sure if you can hear it anyway spent the day just flying with Cody and kind.

Of pushing myself jumping through some gaps and things like that I’ll have to do another short.

One just kind of showing some of that it wasn’t real great and flowy but it was there’s a lot of progress for things that I haven’t done before so good stuff alright guys well I’m gonna go ahead and shut this thing down nobody still seems to know what was going on with YouTube so this effort.

Netted a whole lot as far as that goes as I see anything I might just update you guys and.

Remember to just be happy right fly safe and happy crash.

Ufo Video Over South Korea: Fact Or Faked?

An airplane passenger videoed a mysterious oval white object flying over Seoul, South Korea, April 7. The video has been lighting up the Internet since, and of course many people are offering extraterrestrial explanations.

As is de rigueur these days, the UFO clip was uploaded to YouTube, where it has been viewed millions of times. Some comments say it's clearly an extraterrestrial spacecraft; others insist it's a fake. Still others say it's neither but instead is a real object — such as a plastic bag in the wind, a parachute seen from above, or a drop of water on the window — that simply looks strange from that angle.

Aside from the anonymity of the cameraman, the video raises some red flags about its authenticity. For one thing, the video is not complete; it has been purposely edited to leave some information out. We know this because it begins in progress, with the UFO already well in frame, in the lower right-hand corner. The video camera didn't suddenly turn on to capture that scene; there must be at least some video that was recorded the first few seconds of the camera being turned on or the cameraman pointing the camera out the window. This type of selective editing is common among UFO hoax videos.

There's also the fact that the cameraman waits almost seven seconds before he mentions the UFO to his companion. It's clearly present, and it would be hard to keep your reaction to yourself if you were watching while you were videotaping.

Perhaps most strange, even though he clearly spots the UFO, the cameraman makes no effort to follow the object after it zooms up and out of frame; instead he videotapes more or less the same area of sky for the remaining 10 seconds of the clip. [Video of UFOs Swarming Over Las Vegas Is for the Birds]

While these internal clues suggest something's not right with the video, the question remains: Was it a real object? Some of the most popular explanations don't fit the facts. A plastic bag, for example, would be unlikely to reach that altitude (and would not appear that large), and a parachute could not move as seen in the video.

The best earthly explanation for the UFO is that it's a droplet of water on the outside of the window being pushed up by airflow coming from under the fuselage. This would explain why the UFO is out of focus: because it's close to the lens. It would not, however, explain why the UFO appears to maintain a constant shape. Droplets of water, especially when subjected to high pressure, tend to deform and leave droplet trails as they move across a smooth surface. This one does not.

Then there's the fact that the light and shadow pattern on the blurry white object doesn't change as it moves. It's almost as if the UFO intentionally maintained exactly the same angle toward the camera the whole time — not impossible, but highly suspicious.

Absent a terrestrial explanation, we turned to Derek Serra, a Hollywood visual effects artist who has analyzed previous UFO videos. Serra said he finds several elements in this South Korean UFO video that "scream fake," including that "the motion blur was done by an amateur," he told Life's Little Mysteries. "When the camera zooms in a bit, and when the UFO flies off screen, you can seen 'ghosting' of the image. Actual motion blur of real, three-dimensional objects creates a smooth gradient, not a stuttered ghosting like we see in this video. It is something we make sure we do right when working on shots for TV and film."

Though all signs point to a hoax, it's possible that alien spacecraft technology is so advanced that the spacecraft have the sneaky ability to appear on our cameras looking exactly like faked video images.

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Did Sharks Really Kill That Cute Baby Dolphin?

A baby dolphin sounds cute, right? What about a baby dolphin torn apart by hungry sharks?

A Philadelphia woman captured a shocking photo of a half-eaten baby dolphin while visiting the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey, last Saturday (June 13). The photo of the newborn animal's decimated carcass — allegedly rendered that way by sharks — was posted to Facebook and has since gone viral.

Many people who saw the photo concluded that the Jersey shore is no longer a safe place for dolphins. But don't pack up your beach gear just yet. [How to Avoid a Shark Attack]

It's unlikely that a group of hungry sharks was really responsible for the dolphin's death, said Robert Schoelkopf, director of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, a nonprofit organization in Brigantine, New Jersey. The 3-foot-long (0.9 meters) bottlenose dolphin likely died before sharks started eating it, Schoelkopf told Live Science.

"It's not uncommon for anything that washes up onshore to have been bitten by sharks. This is what sharks do. They clean the ocean of debris," said Schoelkopf, who has worked with marine mammals for 40 years. He maintains a large photo database of animals that died of unknown causes and then washed onto the beach after being partially eaten by sharks.

Of course, Schoelkopf admitted it's possible that sharks did, in fact, kill the baby dolphin; he just thinks it's unlikely. But Daniel Abel, a professor of marine science at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina, said it may be difficult to figure out what really happened.

"Either explanation is possible," Abel told Live Science. "A shark could easily eat an animal of that size. And [a shark] could have eaten a dead animal as well."

While humans generally think of sharks as hunters, these animals are actually not that picky about whether their prey is alive or dead (as long as that prey hasn't been dead for very long), Abel noted. For example, great white sharks have been known to eat dead whales, even though these fearsome predators are quite adept at going after large prey that's still alive.

"The name of the game in evolution is saving energy," Abel said. "[You] could be on the way to lunch, but if there's a free buffet in front of you, you'll stop and eat."

It's possible that a small great white shark fed on the baby dolphin, Abel said. But Schoelkopf said he suspects a smaller shark species was responsible for the mutilated dolphin carcass.

"Because of its location so close to shore, there's a possibility it may have been a sand tiger [shark], since they frequent shallow waters," Schoelkopf said. "We've had other dolphins come in with similar bites that were from sand tigers."

However, there are at least seven other species of shark (besides sand tigers and great whites) that inhabit the waters just off the New Jersey coast, so finding out precisely which species chowed down on the dolphin requires further investigation, Schoelkopf said. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is trying to figure out the animal's cause of death and, if possible, what kind of shark snacked on it.

Abel said this one dolphin death doesn't make the sea a more dangerous place than it was last week. However, last week the ocean did seem like a fairly dangerous place. On Thursday (June 11), a shark attacked a young woman off the coast of North Carolina. And on Sunday (June 14) two other young people were victims of separate shark attacks along the same stretch of coast.

Still, you shouldn't let your fear of sharing the baby dolphin's fate keep you from enjoying the ocean this summer, Abel said.

"There's a very active food web that's invisible to us operating all the time," he said. "We don't like to think of cute, little marine mammals being consumed by big, mean sharks. But it happens all the time, and it doesn't make the ocean any scarier or less safe than it was before it happened."

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What's The World's Largest Dog?

The world’s largest dog is a Great Dane named Zeus, who stands 3 foot 8 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. On his hind legs, Zeus is 7 feet 4 inches – by comparison, the NBA lists only 20 players ever to be 7 foot 3 or taller.

Zeus is three years old and eats about 12 cups of dog food per day. Giant dog breeds, which include Great Danes, tend to grow rapidly but overall they take longer to reach maturity than other types of dogs.

In prehistory, dogs may have been even larger: the largest wild dog of all time was Hayden’s bone-crushing dog. Based on fossil evidence, the wild beast was estimated to weigh up to 1374.8 pounds, and lived for 15.3 million years during the mid-late Miocene epoch in North America.

As for dogs living today, the largest breeds are:

  • Spanish Mastiff
  • English Mastiff
  • Saint Bernard
  • Pyrenean Mastiff
  • Leonberger
  • Newfoundland
  • Great Dane
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Borzoi

Despite being able to eat things off the table and reign supreme on the couch, being big brings with it some health problems. Large dogs can have problems with their joints and with managing a healthy weight. Large breeds are also quite prone to osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and susceptible to other debilitating bone and cartilage diseases. This happens because of the amount of growth that they go through during their lives, and the long time it takes to reach maturity. In addition, the life span of big dogs is generally shorter than that of smaller dogs, often living only 6 to 10 years.

On the other hand, they typically don't need as much exercise as small and mid-size breeds, paradoxically making them good companions for city dwellers with small apartments. They also tend to have mellow, sweet personalities.

The world’s heaviest dog is a Mastiff named Hercules who tips the scales at 282 pounds. He reportedly has a 38-inch neck.

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Weird! Quantum Entanglement Can Reach Into The Past

Spooky quantum entanglement just got spookier.

Entanglement is a weird statewhere two particles remain intimately connected, even when separated over vast distances, like two die that must always show the same numbers when rolled. For the first time, scientists have entangled particles after they've been measured and may no longer even exist.

If that sounds baffling, even the researchers agree it's a bit "radical," in a paper reporting the experiment published online April 22 in the journal Nature Physics.

"Whether these two particles are entangled or separable has been decided after they have been measured," write the researchers, led by Xiao-song Ma of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information at the University of Vienna.

Essentially, the scientists showed that future actions may influence past events, at least when it comes to the messy, mind-bending world of quantum physics.

In the quantum world, things behave differently than they do in the real, macroscopic worldwe can see and touch around us. In fact, when quantum entanglement was first predicted by the theory of quantum mechanics, Albert Einstein expressed his distaste for the idea, calling it "spooky action at a distance."

The researchers, taking entanglement a step further than ever before, started with two sets of light particles, called photons. [Stunning Photos of the Very Small]

The basic setup goes like this:

Both pairs of photons are entangled, so that the two particles in the first set are entangled with each other, and the two particles in the second set are entangled with each other. Then, one photon from each pair is sent to a person named Victor. Of the two particles that are left behind, one goes to Bob, and the other goes to Alice.

But now, Victor has control over Alice and Bob's particles. If he decides to entangle the two photons he has, then Alice and Bob's photons, each entangled with one of Victor's, also become entangled with each other. And Victor can choose to take this action at any time, even after Bob and Alice may have measured, changed or destroyed their photons.

"The fantastic new thing is that this decision to entangle two photons can be done at a much later time," said research co-author Anton Zeilinger, also of the University of Vienna. "They may no longer exist."

Such an experiment had first been predicted by physicist Asher Peres in 2000, but had not been realized until now.

"The way you entangle them is to send them onto a half-silvered mirror," Zeilinger told LiveScience. "It reflects half of the photons, and transmits half. If you send two photons, one to the right and one to the left, then each of the two photons have forgotten where they come from. They lose their identities and become entangled."

Zeilinger said the technique could one day be used to communicate between superfast quantum computers, which rely on entanglement to store information. Such a machine has not yet been created, but experiments like this are a step toward that goal, the researchers say.

"The idea is to create two particle pairs, send one to one computer, the other to another," Zeilinger said."Then if these two photons are entangled, the computers could use them to exchange information."

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