Windows Phone Marketplace: Find & Download Apps For Your Windows Phone

It was only a matter of time before Microsoft launched its phone app website like the iTunes store and Android Marketplace. Now Windows Phone owners can browse and get apps for their devices from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

download apps for windows phone

The Windows Phone Marketplace is exactly what its name suggests – an application browsing space for Windows Phone devices. You can start browsing applications based on free ones, the top apps, or the latest additions to the Marketplace. You can also search apps and games by name in case you had a particular one in mind. The Featured Apps section brings the best of the latest applications to you.


To view any app’s details, simply click on it and you will be able to read its description, see its user rating, view user comments, and see other relevant applications.

Windows Phone Marketplace: Find & Download Apps For Your Windows Phone Adobe

When you decide to get an app, simply log in using your active Zune account.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Offers applications for Windows phone.
  • Categorizes apps as free, latest, top, and featured.
  • Provides application details, rating, and user comments.

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5 Cool Things You Can Now Do With Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is upon us, and offers a whole new set of tools to help manage your digital and offline life. These ten tips and tricks will help you get the most out of Windows Phone, and bring the platform into line with Android and iOS.

Some of these features were available in older versions of Windows Phone, but have been supercharged and enhanced under Windows Phone 8.1 (both the official update and the Developer Preview, which is easy to install while you wait for your phone to be updated). Others are brand new, and extremely welcome!

Send Calls Straight To Voicemail


You’re in a meeting, and a call comes in; you’re at home, doing nothing, and the phone rings. In the first situation, you might be concerned about answering the phone in all but the most extreme circumstances, and in the latter, you might just want to avoid your ex-lover or the sales call.

You an deal with this in a couple of ways, the first being to tap the Ignore button on your phone, which will send the call to voicemail.

Quick Reply With A Custom Text Message

Ignoring calls might be considered a little rule, so it’s probably best to be prepared. You can do this by setting up to four custom text messages that can be dispatched when you are unable to answer calls.


Open Settings > Applications > Phone, and tap the edit replies button. You’ll find a selection of default replies already entered into the four boxes, but these can be overwritten. Tap done to finish.

When you receive a call that you cannot take, select text reply to choose which message should be sent to the caller.

Download Maps For Offline Use

If you’re heading into the countryside or some other area without fast cellular coverage, you may have resigned yourself to not being able to use your phone’s map.

Well, you can – just download it!


Open Settings > applications > maps, and from here tap the download maps button. You’ll then be able to browse to the maps you need, based on continent and country and state. Once downloaded, the maps can be called up at any time.

You can also keep these downloaded maps up to date by using the check for updates button regularly.

Teach Your Phone New Words

Windows Phone possess a built-in spellchecker, enabling you to quickly spot typos when you write emails, send text messages and update your social networks.


Often, however, you’ll find that you need to use words that aren’t recognised in many dictionaries. These might be industry jargon, social slang, or unusual names, for instance, but can be easily added to your Windows Phone dictionary when you spot them.

Windows Phone will highlight a typo or unfamiliar word with a red wavy line, same as in Microsoft Word. If the spelling is legitimate, just tap the word to highlight it, then tap the option to add it, which you’ll see on the suggestion bar, preceded with a + symbol.

Monitoring Data Use On Windows Phone 8.1

In the old days it was all too easy to exceed your phone network’s data usage cap, often resulting in inflated charges.

There is no need for this to happen with a Windows Phone 8.1 device, however, which is equipped with a useful tool called Data Sense which can be configured to manage your cellular data use more efficiently.


Open Settings > data sense to get started, and use the set limit button to specify your monthly limit. You can also Restrict background data.

With this enabled, you should no longer be hit with excessive data use charges on your phone. Better still, with Wi-Fi Sense activated in the Settings screen you can use nearby Wi-Fi networks that you have permission to use to reduce your phone’s reliance on cellular data (although take care how you use the Internet when signed into open wireless networks)!

Windows Phone: Always A Surprise

It’s a great collection of surprising features, some of which surprised even me. Better still, they can be put alongside similar native tools in iOS and Android, allowing Windows Phone 8.1 to stand shoulder to shoulder with the competition.

You might also have noticed that this list of surprise features doesn’t include a single mention of Cortana. Those thinking that Windows Phone’s future relies almost entirely on the perky digital assistant should think again.

Of course, there could be more features that aren’t commonly known about. Do you have any you would like to share? Leave your suggestions in the comments box.

Image Credits: surprised woman on phone Via Shutterstock

Blind Man Paints The Most Beautiful Dog Portraits

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits0002

John Bramblitt developed epilepsy at age 11, and by 30 he was blind because of it.  But losing his sight gave him a tremendous vision; he took up painting, and makes the most amazing paintings – all by his sense of touch!

“When I lost my sight I began to learn how to use senses in new ways to accomplish tasks I was used to doing with my eyes,” he told the Daily Mail.

“I began painting because I wanted to reconnect with people; to let people know even though I have epilepsy, even though I am blind, I’m still me in here.

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits0001

“The recognition my painting and workshops has brought has meant more connections with an incredible number of brilliant people from all over. It gives me a great optimism for the future.”

He uses a special kind of fabric paint that has raised edges, which allow him sketch an outline of his work.  Then he touches the canvas and fills in the outline.  Different colors have different textures.

He explains in detail to the Huffington Post how he is able to “see” the world around him and transfer it to the canvas.

"Debbie Blank | The Herald-Tribune John Bramblitt encourages seventh-graders Jayden Rose (left) and Lily Esser. The artist also mentored students at Batesville primary, intermediate and high schools during a visit organized by the Rural Alliance for the Arts for its Arts in Education Program."

Debbie Blank | The Herald-Tribune

Though he paints all sorts of things, his guide dog Echo serves as inspiration for a number of his paintings.  Now he has tons of dog paintings!

Bramblitt has even inspired others to learn to paint using his techniques, and teaches classes.

Follow Bramblitt on Facebook and Twitter.  Buy his prints and learn more about him on his website.

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits2

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits1

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits3

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits5

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits6

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits7

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits8

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits9

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits10

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits11

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits13

10.25.15 - Blind Man Paints the Most Beautiful Dog Portraits14

Heroic Man Smashes Through Icy Lake To Save Stranger’s Dog

2.5.15 - Heroic Man Dives in Icy Lake to Save Stranger's Dog4

UK man Paul Dorsey was walking his dog Buster near a lake when he saw a dog fall through the ice.  He didn’t think twice about his own safety before plunging in and shattering the ice to save the little dog’s life.

Paul and his wife, Sarah, were walking their boxer along Hemlington Lake when they heard screams coming from a young lady.

“We were by the lake and we heard a woman shouting.  Her small dog was running on the iced over lake towards some ducks,” he explained to the Gazette.  “The dog owner was a young woman and she was frantic with worry and was about to get in herself, I just thought it would be better if I went.  I just took my phone out of my pocket, gave it to my wife and jumped in.”

2.5.15 - Heroic Man Dives in Icy Lake to Save Stranger's Dog2

He was able to swim through some of the water, but the ice became considerably thicker the further out he got.

“I had to literally smash the ice. It was so hard.  By the time I got to the dog it was about under the water. It was bobbing up and down.  I grabbed it, put it on my shoulder and tried to swim back. There were times when I couldn’t stand, so had to swim.  It felt like I was in there forever but I think it was about a minute. The poor dog was shaking.”

Thankfully by then, a small crowd had gathered and several people rushed to offer their assistance.

“There were two council workers who ran over – one gave me his fleece jacket and another man came over to see if I was ok.”

2.5.15 - Heroic Man Dives in Icy Lake to Save Stranger's Dog3

The incident was such a whirlwind that Paul didn’t have the chance to speak to the owner or find out how the dog was.

“Once I was out of the lake I just wanted to get out of my wet clothes and get home.”

Though he is used to frigid temperatures from working in the freezer section of a local Tesco (British grocery store chain), the excruciatingly cold water was a shock to his system.

“I am used to working in cold conditions but I have never been that cold in my life,” Paul said.  “I was freezing. I can’t really remember a lot of what happened. But I did what anyone would have done I think.  I couldn’t have let that woman go in.  I really hope the dog is ok and I want to thank everyone who came over to help me.”

Dog Takes Leap Off 100-foot Toll Road And Survives

11.18.15 - jumperFEAT

Bundy is back with his family today.  The dog from Houston went missing on Halloween, and somehow, on November 13th was found perched on a toll road bridge.  While attempting to get the dog off the ridge safely, the dog jumped off, landing 100 feet below.

According to police reports, Animal Control Officer Lisa Stem responded to a call on SH 45 Toll Road.  The call came in at around 8:30 pm, stating that a dog was sitting on a concrete slab on the wrong side of the guard rail on the bridge.

11.18.15 - jumper2

Stem, along with fire and police, made numerous attempts to rescue the dog safely.  However, Bundy had other ideas, and jumped.  He landed onto Louis Henna Blvd below, and managed to run into a parking lot.

Back on ground level, Stem was able to finally get to Bundy, and administer first aid.  He was then taken to Emergency Pet Care of Round Rock.  Miraculously, Bundy showed no broken bones, and no internal bleeding.  Bundy was actually OK.

Bundy had a microchip, so it wasn’t too difficult  to locate Bundy’s family.  They have since been reunited, and Bundy is still in good health.

This Dog Knows How To Get Down

dog boogiesb

No doubt about it, this puppy knows how to party. Check out his slick moves, worthy of any backup dancer worth their salt.  Wonder if this doggy would consider being paid in treats for those moves?

Obese Shelter Dog Drops 58 Pounds! Now Ready For A Forever Home

Olympia weighed roughly double what she should have when she was first admitted to the shelter. Photo: Olympia weighed a whopping 128 pounds when she came into the shelter. Photo: VCA Veterinary Referral Associates


Olympia might have broken the scales the day that folks at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Chrisitanburg, VA, had to weigh her. Except they couldn’t. Because they didn’t have a scale large enough.

It was July and the dog had come in as a wandering stray. At, 128, the overfed pooch weighed roughly double what she should have.

The shelter is located near the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and so Olympia was lucky enough to get her own nutritionist who formulated for her a special diet. Short walks were mandated; Olympia had knee problems associated with her weight.

The shelter, needing extra help, pleaded for a rescue to step in.

Lindsay Vega, an emergency veterinarian with VCA Veterinary Referral Associates in Gaithersburg, Maryland, saw the request and shared it on social media, hoping someone would step up. She and the rest of her coworkers decided to foster Olympia right at their hospital.

Olympia’s been with them since August, and she’s proven herself to be “a wonderful, wonderful dog,” Vega told The Dodo. She’s spent the last several months getting into shape with acupuncture, underwater therapy, an exercise program and knee surgery.

Here’s her gorgeous, healthy “after” pic! Photo: VCA Veterinary Referral Associates


She now weight 70 pounds! That’s within 10 pounds of her goal weight.

Her caretakers say Olympia is a social butterfly who is sassy and stubborn and affectionate and sweet. Her body may have shrunk, but her spirit has not.

“Oh my gosh, super big personality,” Vega says.

And now she’s looking for a forever family. One who will love her enough to help her stick to her diet — and let Vega come over from time to time for a visit!

Olympia, while a people-lover to the max, isn’t the best with other dogs. That’s why Vega, who already has one, can’t adopt her.

“It tears my heart in half to be looking for a home for her,” she said.

So she recently asked her parents to look after her own dog for the weekend, and took her beloved foster dog on a weekend trip to the beach in Delaware.

Olympia enjoying her beach getaway. She’d love to take one with a new family…. Could that be yours? Photo: Lindsey Vega


They enjoyed walks on the beach and greeting lots of people. They stayed in a hotel, where Olympia slept on the bed. Vega was bowled over by the dog’s sweet nature and big heart.

“I was like, ‘You’re the most amazing dog,’” she says. “I feel very honored to have been part of her journey. It’s been a blessing for me.”

Find out more about adopting Olympia here.

It’s Doggie Sleepover Time!

It’s Friday night, and we know what that means – it’s slumber party time!  Well, maybe not for most of us adults, but dogs always get to have sleepovers!

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers1

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers23

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers2

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers3

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers4

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers5

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers6

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers7

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers8

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers9

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers10

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers11

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers12

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers13

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers14

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers15

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers16

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers17

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers18

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers19

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers20

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers21

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers22

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers24

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers25

3.27.15 - Cutest Doggie Sleepovers26

Life With Dogs does not own the rights to any of these photos.  All were found via Google Images.

Mudd The English Bulldog Absolutely Loves His Trampoline

Is there anything better than watching a goofy dog have fun on a trampoline?

A Dog & His Trampoline

Here’s a viral video from NY, capturing an English Bulldog named Mudd bouncing around freely on a trampoline. Hope you are having a great worry-free day like this dog! Thanks for watching Fox 11 Los Angeles!

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Posted by Fox 11 Los Angeles on Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sheriff Adopts A Rescue Puppy For A Senior Citizen Whose Dog Was Killed

Last month, a 78-year-old man’s dog was shot and killed in a Wisconsin field. The murderer has still not been identified, but Sheriff John Matz personally got involved and presented the man with an adopted puppy named Lovebug to help him recover from his loss.

On March 7th, Mr. Carpenter was out walking with his two dogs off-leash and let them get about 100 yards ahead of him.  He heard a gunshot and called them back to him, but only one returned.  He found the other dead in a hay field.  Antone was a five- to six-year old blue heeler/shepherd mix, and they had permission to be walking in the field, so the person who shot Antone did so with malicious intent.

Anyone with information is asked to “please contact Detective Jack Theyerl (Case #17-757) directly at (920) 236-7367 or email at [email protected].  Or, to remain anonymous, text ‘IGOTYA’ plus your message to 27463.”

Carpenter was devastated by the loss of his companion, and he asked Sheriff Matz of the Winnebago County, Wisconsin’s Sheriff Office to help.  Sheriff Matz has not been able to find the shooter yet, but he made it his goal to help ease Carpenter’s pain by filling his life with new joy.

“After searching long and hard for just the right fit, the Sheriff picked up Lovebug last night from a rescue in southern Wisconsin,” the department said on Facebook.  “They got home late, so Lovebug spent the night at the Sheriff’s house… But Lovebug was promptly delivered this morning to Mr. Carpenter.”

Hopefully the culprit will be brought to justice, but in the meantime, hopefully Mr. Carpenter and his remaining dog will enjoy their future with little Lovebug.