Willie And Wally Are Ready To Be Your New Favorite Nuggets!


Some people might not see 40-pound dogs as petite, but look at these stocky little cuties!  These low-rider brothers are one- to two-year-old Chow/Lab mixes that are cat, kid, and other dog-friendly.  They’re clearly very bonded, and if you live in the New York City area, think about scooping them up!

Willie and Wally were found abandoned together in pretty rough shape.  They have been with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for a while now, and it’s time that they go home.  It’s hard to find people to adopt just one dog, let alone two, but how could anyone resist these sweet faces?

Black dogs are often overlooked at shelters, but it’s hard to ignore how adorable these fellas are.  The brothers are very well behaved, so if you would like to make them a part of your family, click here to get started!

Easily Create Awesome Charts & Graphs With Tableau Public

Easily Create Awesome Charts & Graphs With Tableau Public chartslogoData visualization and analysis is extremely important in today’s information driven world. Such feats have given insights into various aspects of human life and, if utilized properly, can help to make the world a better place. Hans Rosling’s TED talk is a testimony to this fact. There are plenty of software available to create charts and graphs from data.

Excel has a great charting engine, and perhaps the most commonly used tool to create charts. We have also shown you a number of applications and web apps that you can use for charting. Tableau is another service that takes charting to a whole new level.

Tableau Public is available for Windows and the download is free, although they do ask for your email address. A 17MB download Tableau Public installs in a snap.

create charts graphs

The new visualization interface requires a little getting used to at first. Tableau Public is however easy to use, so to create charts and graphs is as easy as drag and drop. For instance you can use data from something as simple as a text file to an Excel spreadsheet to a database. All the major DBMS are supported. Once you connect the data source from then on, charts can can be created via simple drag and drop operations.

The amount of control you get and the intuitiveness can put Excel’s charting to shame any day. You can easily edit the Axis labels, the scale, colors, shapes being used in the charts. In fact there are so many options that mentioning them here in a sentence or two won’t do justice to the application. That being said, it is just as easy to use the default options and create charts and graphs quickly.

Easily Create Awesome Charts & Graphs With Tableau Public createnew

If the interface and the host of options perturb you, have a look at some of the training resources that are available on the Tableau Public site. These are excellent to get you started with the application. Sample data sets are also available that you can try your hands on. There are walkthrough videos to help you get familiar with the software and even introduce some of its intricacies.

create charts graphs

A downside however is that you cannot save your charts locally. All the charts are stored online within a public gallery. While this may not be a issue if you plan to share your charts anyway, it does mean that you cannot use Tableau Public to create charts using confidential data. If on the other hand you want to share the charts with the world, Tableau Public provides a number of features that have you covered. In fact as the site points out, it is being actively used by bloggers, researchers, journalists and students alike.

Since you cannot save your work locally, this doesn’t mean you have to start afresh everytime. The visualizations/charts you create using Tableau Public are all stored online. While the inability to save content locally may seem like a pain, on the flip side this means that the data that has been visualized using Tableau Public can be viewed online. There is an excellent gallery that you can browse through to see content created by others.

create charts

On the whole if you need to create impressive charts or visualize/present some data and you don’t mind sharing the results with the world, then Tableau Public is one of the best solutions out there. If on the other hand you would like to keep the results to yourself, you can always go for the professional version.

Do you know of any other data visualization tools that are better or as good as Tableau Public? Tell us about them in the comments.

Top 10 Most Popular Accounts On Twitter: Should You Follow Them Too?

With hundreds of millions of accounts on Twitter, how do you know which ones are worth following? We’ve shared 20 essential accounts that everyone should follow, but there are so many more.

Recently, we looked at the top 10 most-followed Instagram accounts. This time, we’re going to do the same for the most popular Twitter accounts. Let’s find out who the biggest names on Twitter are, and whether they’re worth following.

10. Twitter (@Twitter)

Followers: 62.1 million | Following: 169 | Tweets: 6,222

The list begins with Twitter’s own account. Of course, this handles official Twitter business, so its tweets mostly consist of news about the service. It regularly retweets other Twitter information accounts, like Twitter Music, Twitter Sports, and the like.

Following this account gets you a little bit of everything. You’ll see some news, tips on using Twitter, and other useful info.

Should you follow?
If you’re interested in what’s going on around Twitter, following this account is a good way to keep abreast without having to follow many other accounts.

9. Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake)

Followers: 62.7 million | Following: 254 | Tweets: 3,674

Justin Timberlake is an extremely popular singer-songwriter and actor. He first appeared as a member of the boy band NSYNC, which produced smash hit songs such as Bye Bye Bye. After NSYNC broke up, Timberlake released several solo albums that were also successful. Outside of music, he’s also starred in several movies, including The Social Network and In Time.

Timberlake’s Twitter page mostly consists of pictures and quips about his various activities. He posts pictures of concerts, other bands he wants to promote, and causes he supports. Recently, he announced on Twitter that he’ll be performing at the Super Bowl LII halftime show.

Should you follow?
If you don’t care about Justin Timberlake, there’s not much for you here. Fans will enjoy his behind-the-scenes pictures and first dibs on fresh info.

8. YouTube (@YouTube)

Followers: 70.2 million | Following: 1,021 | Tweets: 21k

It’s interesting that YouTube’s Twitter account has so many followers. It’s not a celebrity and is even more popular than Twitter’s own account. But like Twitter, YouTube’s page acts as a sort of curation service for the site.

YouTube regularly tweets short video clips and links to new videos. Unfortunately, it seems to heavily favor celebrities and big names instead of the “organic” YouTubers that made the service what it is. Many of the ads promote content only available on YouTube Red (which we think is bad for the YouTube community) or the new YouTube TV service.

Should you follow?
If you want regular updates about what’s hot on YouTube, this is a good place to start. Just don’t expect to discover small channels here — it’s almost all big-name content.

7. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)

Followers: 72.4 million | Following: 129k | Tweets: 8,548

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is everyone’s favorite freakshow. In 2008, she released her first album The Fame, which included the big single “Poker Face.” Several albums and hit singles later, she’s one of the best-selling artists of all time. She also regularly engages in charitable work.

Gaga’s Twitter page mostly consists of pictures of herself, music promotion, and various causes she supports.

Should you follow?
Do you like Lady Gaga’s music and have an interest in her activism? If so, she’s worth a follow on Twitter. I’ve always found it strange that every picture of her looks like a different person, so I’ll pass.

6. Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow)

Followers: 74.7 million | Following: 36k | Tweets: 15.1k

Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian and TV host who’s best known for her popular talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She’s also known for voicing the character Dory in Finding Nemo and its sequel, Finding Dory.

Ellen is a fun show, and that extends to Ellen’s Twitter page (as well as her Snapchat). Most of her tweets are clips from recent episodes of the show, with links to the full segments on Ellen’s website.

Should you follow?
If you don’t watch The Ellen Show regularly but still enjoy its content, following this account is a good way to keep up with Ellen.

5. Rihanna (@rihanna)

Followers: 80.8 million | Following: 1,129 | Tweets: 10k

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, known as Rihanna, is a popular singer and songwriter. She’s the only top 10 Twitter account not from the United States or Canada — Rihanna hails from Barbados. Her first two albums, releasing in 2005 and 2006, propelled her to fame. Rihanna won many awards for her music and brings something fresh with each new album.

On her Twitter timeline, the majority of recent tweets concern her new fashion brand, Fenty Beauty. She hasn’t tweeted much about anything else aside from offering condolences to the victims of natural disasters.

Should you follow?
Even if you like Rihanna’s music, her Twitter account probably won’t hold your interest unless you’re interested in cosmetics.

4. Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13)

Followers: 85.6 million | Following: 0 | Tweets: 16

Taylor Swift is another musical sensation who has enjoyed widespread popularity for many years. Swift got her start with country music but has since switched to more of a pop style. She was also recently proved wrong about Spotify after returning her music to the service in 2017.

Like her Instagram account, Swift purged her Twitter account in August 2017 as a marketing stunt for her upcoming album. Thus, you’ll only find 16 tweets on her page at the time of writing. Once her album releases, perhaps she’ll return to her regularly scheduled tweeting.

Should you follow?
There’s not much here at the moment, even for fans of Taylor Swift. If you like her music, it’s still worth following her for when she returns to tweeting regularly, though.

3. Barack Obama (@BarackObama)

Followers: 96.2 million | Following: 627k | Tweets: 15.5k

A man who needs no introduction, Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States. Before becoming President, he served as an Illinois state senator and U.S. Senator. During his time as President, Obama tweeted officially using the @POTUS handle. Since this account rotates when a new President takes office, Obama now uses his personal account.

Now, Obama tweets about political causes, including his Obama Foundation. Unsurprisingly, he’s one of the most popular world leaders on Twitter.

Should you follow?
If you were a fan of Obama as President and want to see what he’s up to after leaving office, this is the spot for you.

2. Justin Bieber (@justinbieber)

Followers: 102 million | Following: 316k | Tweets: 30.7k

Justin Bieber holds quite the set of internet accolades. The love-him-or-hate-him singer is the #10 most-followed user on Instagram, #2 here on Twitter, and his music video for “Baby” is still the most-disliked YouTube video of all time. He’s one of the two people to break the 100 million follower mark, so he’s certainly a popular guy.

Most of Bieber’s recent tweets concern his Stadium Tour line of merchandise, expressing support for hurricane victims, and promoting new music.

Should you follow?
If you aren’t already following Justin Bieber, there’s a pretty good chance that you shouldn’t follow Justin Bieber.

1. Katy Perry (@katyperry)

Followers: 105 million | Following: 203 | Tweets: 8,711

Finally, we arrive at the most popular Twitter account. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, better known as Katy Perry, is an acclaimed singer with a net worth of over $125 million. She’s one of the best-selling artists of all time, having released smash singles like Teenage Dream, Wide Awake, and Roar.

On the world’s most popular Twitter account, you’ll find Perry promoting her tours and music. A lot of her tweets are also shares from her Instagram page, which curiously doesn’t appear in Instagram’s top 10 accounts.

Should you follow?
If you can’t get enough KP or just want to help her boost her follower record, give her a follow.

Which Twitter Accounts Are Your Favorite?

We’ve taken a survey of the most popular accounts on Twitter. But just because an account is popular doesn’t mean it’s the best. You probably know of several Twitter accounts that aren’t as huge but are still definitely worth following. In fact, most people won’t care about the top 10 accounts unless they already like these celebrities.

Want to grow your own follower count? Check out the best Twitter tips and how to get verified.

Do you follow any of the top 10 most popular Twitter accounts? What account do you think everyone should follow? Tell us in the comments!

How Your Inner Athlete Makes You Smarter

Athletes and people who exercise not only have better bods — they have better brains too, a host of studies have now firmly established.

A review of studies published earlier this month, in fact, found that a balanced diet and regular exercise can protect the brain and ward off mental disorders.

Other research has focused just on the effects of exercise. The bottom line: Exercisers learn faster, remember more, think clearer and bounce back more easily from brain injuries such as a stroke. They are also less prone to depression and age-related cognitive decline.

But why should a mindless half-hour on a treadmill affect your brain?

Exercise, like hunger, is a stress on your body. "And sometimes," said Fernando Gomez-Pinilla of UCLA, "stress can be good."

Protecting the brain

Because it burns calories so quickly, aerobic exercise is a threat to the body's energy reserves. Heeding this danger, the body acts to protect one of its most precious, and energy-demanding, organs: the brain.

Unlike cells in less critical organs, neurons are extremely vulnerable to disruptions in energy supply. "If deprived of energy for more than one minute," said Gomez-Pinilla, "the neuron dies." For that reason, he continued, "all the physiology of the body is designed to protect the brain."

By acting as a mild stressor, exercise is an alternative way to spur many of the protective benefits associated with calorie restriction and the release of brain-building growth factors, said Carl Cotman, director of the Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia at the University of California in Irvine.

And exercise not only protects the brain; it actually improves brain function. This may be one more way, theorizes Cotman, that nature helped ensure the survival of those who were particularly good at prehistoric Jazzersize — which in those days meant hunting and defending grub.

Why it works

How does the treadmill get inside your head?

Even when we are sitting or lying down, our bodies send our brains regular updates about how our limbs are positioned. When we, say, stand and begin walking, these electric messages need to be sent more often. (Knee is bent, straight, bent, straight …) Move fast enough and the electrical activity doesn’t have time to dissipate between each message. It begins building up in the brain and eventually triggers a release of chemicals called growth factors.

Growth factors are like manna for neurons. "They make neurons stronger, healthier and improve their ability to learn," Cotman said. In the presence of growth factors, new neurons are born and old ones sprout, grow and form better connections with each other. Blood vessels blossom along side the neurons, giving them quick access to glucose and other nutrients. All this, in turn, improves our ability to think, learn and remember. As Cotman said, exercise "builds the pipes" for improved cognition.

You might also be wondering how much exercise you need to keep your smarty-pants fitting, so to speak.

While we do need to get off the couch regularly to reap the brain-benefits of exercise, we don't have to be Jane Fonda. Exercising every other day is just as good as daily exercise, as long as we sustain it for at least a half-hour, Cotman said.

And we don't have to pump iron to remain an intellectual powerhouse; anaerobic exercise such as weight-lifting and resistance work, says Gomez-Pinilla, "is not that relevant to the brain."

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