Creative Destruction (technical Difficulties)

Where is my screen oh my gosh guys I finally figured it out okay guys so what we can do we can do roblox minecraft creative destruction for it and I I can’t do dolphin I think I can not on the ps4 controller can I I mean I can use my keyboard so yeah we can play start with Super.

Mario Sunshine welcome to the sun-drenched tropical paradise of isle delfino we’re so pleased to welcome you to our beautiful home enjoy a natural Wonderland to which we’ve added the world’s finest resort facilities plus spectacular amusement park and succulent seafood all.

This and more await you on isle delfino come relax and let us refresh your body and spirit [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I think we should just oh yeah also I’ve got rust and I can check the Play Store for something see it’s got a joy con and stuff so it’s gonna act like a you know look what I found a new Explorer I’m your guide hammer you’re new here let me show you around let’s look around first this is the one I.

Want to open up its my steam here where doesn’t do stacks okay closing booster I really don’t want that on will see if you don’t let me play creative destruction for my steam that’s what I want to play it from this looks better I trust this looks like you have what it takes next let’s start you two real battles in the top start hey guys have you heard this story about a warrant a leak the.

Story tells of a brave young man he lived on the island every night his mother would tell him stories.

Afraid what was it about the story tells of a brave young man [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh.

Yeah sure go ahead sorry I didn’t see your comment GG guys hop right into another math another batch of fresh explorers who knew there was still people wanting to.

Go to a war on Valley relax I’m flying.

This Reaper day [Applause] Oh welcome to my air taxi we are now hovering above the Aurora Valley hey guys have you heard the story about a worid Ali the story tells of a brave.

Young man he lived on the island.

Every night his mother was telling stories afraid what was it about this their job is coming [Applause] one No Oh actually now.

Change it to us really quickly though I just play on Steam servers well I have it downloaded on Steam I really right there dear tourists our air taxi is approaching the beautiful Aurora Valley the Aurora bounty is a virtual world created [Applause] coming [Applause] play game what game do you want me to play Beto Kuki sorry if.

I pronounced it wrong what game do you want me to play see if I can actually get to town oh yeah I forgot down on done that work I’m gonna play this game right here creative destruction I mean like what do you play right up waiting forever and what walks.

Okay popular game remember I’m robots um where’s my sensitivity so high that’s what it feels like come on you got tell me what do you want me to play roblox minecraft creative destruction fortnight Skyrim Far Cry I can check their steam and see what there is I can try and play rust am i like caged in here meanwhile I only wanna seeee first.

Try police there’s this glitch I want to try basically you hold a gun I got it’s been forever since I’ve played roblox I played a little bit today and that’s about it where you going to the helicopter with any gun and you hop.

They patched it and then I get out and it’s normally I’m supposed to be invisible oh man it’s been forever since I’ve drove a helicopter in this game now just go saying that drops.

That so yeah let’s check Bonnie sir please stop your vehicle go go go target spotted I’m gonna go down go down Wow trigger fingers go living the dangerous lie Hey every day I try to get up I’m trying to get out to pick every round man you were really bad at driving I don’t know maybe things like I’m a nice person or what Dame just and trying to escape boom.

Or just get my handcuffs ready is even going to try to escape I don’t think what is he doing this dude is not very okay it is drifting pretty good except for that that was pretty bad I should.

My advantage oh he’s gonna rock is he gonna Rob the Train where is he going got’em Horner’s just you wanted what’s a good way to make money fast drop things that’s probably a pretty.

Good way you make me feel invincible earthquake powerful just like a tidal wave you make me worry no don’t kill him I got his pistol yeah I gotta have my shots can you.

Yeah that’s what I thought oh my god there’s another one wants the same one you can’t do this to me doc you gotta let me free apparently there’s like something where eventually you might be able to get something out of these drawers but I don’t know I’m pretty sure you’re just able to put something all right.

So I can just escape really quickly through the sewers but I want I want a Teegarden stuff so I can get.

Into places oh yeah I could just escape doors be in there I’m just gonna go look there all the easier see I wish you didn’t have to just do.

That because you know you’re never gonna I had a 200 dollar bounty for what.

Oh maybe because I killed a cop yeah that probably gets me a two hundred dollar bounty all right we’re just gonna go upstairs escape and we’ll see who’s got a bounty out busily and ah he cuffed me you guys want.

To get into a match with me go.

Ahead and I me as a friend and I my people to add you one one second what is this oh my my frames are skipping okay well I don’t really know what to do about that whoa whoa whoa what’s going on over here beat him up beat him up beat him up beat him up beat him up beat him up kill him.

Kill him kill him good enough Judy’s got a shotgun got them you know they’re pistol on them that’s not what we need all right well hop to it and get a keycard some other way but let’s just escape first hey get the gun from inside here wasn’t there free gun somewhere maybe need some free gun in this place boom boom Freedom Train anywhere hello sick boom what are you doing it back in I hold on where’s the base out I thought there was a criminal base around here hold right here.

Keep following the train tracks we’ll find the train right that’s how it works oh my god I.

Hate to stop looking over at my chat don’t doughnuts the museum when I gotta give him a paint job okay $25,000 ya better start robbing please all right so where’s the museum at because I actually do not know all right thanks from right here pp big what would I rent the apartment for I mean okay.

Gugu oh my god it’s not letting me go-go-go hmm in the face I don’t need a lot all right we go to bank or not bank we go jewelry store get the money we need.

And just keep robbing places till we have money you know and I think.

After we do correct robbery we can play another game we have been playing this game more washers because it’s his first game on he gets 20 cool game and I think that’s what I did right watch this be a police officer oh my god alright gotta go guys I’ll see you guys tomorrow have a good day be.

Unboxing Adora Amazing Girl Clothes, Pet, And Kitchen

Dora I’m so excited right now let’s just open it this is my amazing drop you look so cute in it but and disease there’s a lesson in the back seat you right okay this is good for like the winter this is so good for the winter so stuck and then they got this cute little armband there’s elastic black.

Elastic inside oh oh my gosh whenever you see polka dots I’m like so much I just rub it out so if it is swimsuit no.

Here’s the Pope pants so cute and then white t-shirt that go through cool it just sleeping sad sleep mask it’s so cute so cute and it goes well whoa that’s such a good outfit these are so cute you guys I did not see this.

Not see that it absolutely opened it’s like button that’s really fancy [Applause] [Applause] oh my gosh this is so cute that’s.

Books By Celebs: One More Thing Stories And Other Stories || B.j.novak || Book Review

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today I’m back with another book review and this time I decided to do a series of books written by celebrities I’m sure like whenever you anyone sees a book written by a particular celebrity you’re quite skeptical as to how good it will be which is why I decided to start a series.

Tons and tons of books which are written by non writers so so my first book in.

This series I decided to do a.

Book review of one more thing stories and other stories by BJ Novak now if you’re not someone who’s familiar with the authors you might not know who fijian awak is BJ Novak is most famous for his portrayal of Ryan Howard in.

The office which is my all-time favorite show a part of that he is an actor writer director producer stand-up comedian and even if you haven’t seen him in the office I’m sure you’ve seen him in many movies like the in glorious bastards the amazing spider-man 2 and so.

On he’s also known for his really humorous style of writing he’s written some of my favorite episodes in the office like diversity day.

Sexual harassment and so on so I was really interested to know what a book written by him would be.

This book was released four years back and I’m a little too late to review it but I don’t think this.

Book is very famous in the Indian subcontinent I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about it which is why I thought I should and I think i stoled enough about the writers let’s jump into the review now as the title of the book suggests it’s a compilation of short stories and I think there are 22 short stories also I’m not quite sure about that but it’s.

Not your average generic short story collection book this book is quite different it’s a collection of stories that have a very subtle humor I.

Relate to Bayesian work on a spiritual level because he is a highly sarcastic writer and most of the times his humor is very controversial or misunderstood which is why which is what this book is this book has a lot of you know.

You really have to whack your brains to understand the humor because it’s like a read between the lines kind of knew more which I don’t think a lot of people might enjoy but I I love it I am a huge fan of intelligent Numa each story has a lot of pop culture references references from political events around the world references from popular media and I could get about 60% of those references 40% I really had to like google and look it up but it was totally worth it I think a.

Story which kind of makes you want to go back and be like what was that about I really need to understand that story I think such a story it’s definitely a story worth reading like that’s what I personally think a lot of people might not be the fan of.

You know putting in too much hard work when reading I think for me just because of the intelligence style of writing the clever use of references and the sort of who read between the lines qaulity I think.

This book is definitely something completely worth buying at least for me I would totally give it a 5 on 5 but if I.

Have to find one thing wrong with this book that it would be that it’s not very universal.

Comodo Icedragon Dragon Browser Faster And Safer Web Browsers

Hello and welcome back to another computer sluggish tutorial in today’s video we’re going to be taking a look at a web browser called commando ice dragon it’s a web browser based on Firefox but it offers a lot better security which makes browsing the internet safe but what I love about the commando web browsers is they offer ice dragon.

Which is based on Firefox but they also offer dragon which is based on Google Chrome so you have the option of the two.

Web browsers if you prefer browsing in Firefox.

Then you will go with the ice dragon if you prefer browsing in chrome then you choose the dragon option I really do like that I think that is absolutely fantastic how they offered the two options but in this video we’re going to be downloading ice dragon to do this all you need to do is press free download and go save file once the file has finished downloading we can now run this setup file we can now go I agree and we can.

Go install once the installation has finished we can now a run commando ice dragon and we can import any of our bookmarks or history from.

Our other web browsers but I don’t want to import anything once ice dragon has booted up as you can see it is very similar to Firefox if I just open up Firefox for a second that’s what Firefox looks like and that’s what our.

Ice dragon looks like it really is good I love how identical the to web browsers look which makes life a lot easier as we don’t have to learn where all the options and everything is for example if I go to the top right hand.

Corner and go on to options everything’s laid out the exact same as Firefox let’s just test out to see how fast ice dragon actually is by.

Simply doing a quick search on cars and yes that is nice and quick that’s what we’d like to see we’ve got a little pop-up down bottom right hand corner here keep your browsing experience safe improve your web browsers protection by installing Cloud Antivirus I’m.

Not actually interested in that at the minute as this web browser does offer extra high security but that is it with ice dragon there’s not really too much to show as it is the same as Firefox.

Everything’s in the same location you can still install the Firefox add-ons onto the web browser as well the same with the dragon one which is same as Google Chrome you can install the Chrome extensions onto that web browser as well if you really are worried about having a secure web browser then I definitely do recommend installing these web browsers as.

There’s no reason to not be extra safe when browsing the web if you don’t a lot of banking and obviously buying a lot of stuff online anyway I hope this video helped if it.

Did hit the like button below and subscribe for more computer sluggish tutorials you..

How To Contour Using Fenty Beauty Sticks

Oh some venti beauty action coming your way [Applause] hey what’s up this is Chantel from my wandering lipstick welcome back to my channel thank you so much for coming back today and my friend Melissa from University is getting married so congrats to Melissa Nick I’m so excited but what more better occasion to do a wedding guest the lamb.

Look I am obsessed with this look and they picked up some new toys that I can’t wait to talk about so bad girl RiRi and the fan she beauty thing I picked up these three so one is a contour stick another one is a highlight stick and another one is a highlighter and they’re magnetic paint good girl.

Bad gallery I use the cream contour and I really like it because I’ll tell you why this is like the perfect shade for winter now when in the winter my skin goes.

Extremely pale but I get those yellow undertones because naturally I have a lot of all of pigmentation going on in my skin so my foundations for example my born this way to face this is in the color ivory lots of yellow so when I put it on you feel.

Like whoa this is too yellow but as I keep blending it actually blends out really nicely because again my skin is olive during 365 days I hear so with tarts shaped tape I.

Go for light neutral in summer light medium but light neutral because it has yellow undertone that being said cuz I’m yellow and it’s fall winter but my my tan is gone so if you.

Do have olive skin tone like me you don’t want to go orange because it’s just the orange in the yellow contrast you want to go a more colder color you want to go almost great but then the ability to warm it up with this look I’m not warming it.

Experimented with mine Park Avenue princess and I used not this carat color but I use the next one of the princess cut let’s just try you can totally warm.

You can totally warm this up which is a very good to know right as well right a little bit of chiseling action here it is a go to glam look I really like this look and I haven’t used my naked 2 Urban Decay palette in a long time so this was kind of fun to play with you know I love the color y2k sorry ydk why I say y2k y DK y DK again love this palette had this palette for a.

Really long time close to my heart it’s a paladin eye but can’t wait to attend the wedding tonight and I can’t wait for you guys to learn how to create this look and I hope you try Rihanna’s line of contour sticks because I’m very impressed so give it a whirl let me know to prime my skin I’m using the Too Faced primed poreless I’m just going to press.

My skin I’m using tarts shaped tape to prime my eyes and I’m just going to blend that out with a little sponge next is the tart shaped tape setting powder and I’m just going to set this using my Real Techniques blending brush I am going into my crease with the color turned on and I’m using.

The windshield wiper method loved this more morphe 35o palette I totally suck at this please Nevada using the color tease I am applying this directly underneath the warm color I just did and I’m going all the way.

To my lash line now I’m going to take a more compact Real Techniques brush and I’m going to really pack this color on I really want this color to pop with that same compact brush I’m going to use the color ydk not y2k ydk and I am going to apply this over top of the t’s color this has a lot more metallics and a lot more shimmer so I used the teased color as a base and.

Now I really want this to just glow now with my Smashbox angled liner brush I am going to use the black out color in the urban decay palette and I’m going.

To line my lashes both on the top and the bottom using my little smudger brush from Real Techniques I’m going back in with the teased color and I’m going below the black underneath my lash line my lower lash line with my tart man-eater eyeliner I am going in my waterline to really make my eyes pop in the shade ivory with my.

Born This Way Foundation I am going to apply this all over my face with a wet Beauty Blender really blend this out shaped a baby right underneath those bags under my eyes I am using.

This color in light neutral and I’m going to go underneath my eyes and go down the bridge of my nose using my Real Techniques Beauty Blender I am going.

In under my eyes and I’m going to blend this out this.

Really is heaven in a bottle you guys I’m using my Laura Mercier translucent powder and I’m going to bake underneath my under eyes alright here it.

Comin at you in the color amber I am going in around my cheeks and I’m going to do my hairline and I’m also going to do underneath my chin and down the sides of my nose with that highlight color I’m gonna go directly directly below the amber color I just.

Did I’m also going to work this color onto my chin and down the bridge of my nose as well blend it out Ben you are contouring.

You don’t want to bring it down because guess what your highlight is right there you want to bring it up you don’t want to bring it down because then you don’t want to seem like you have a beard right right let’s get rid of this let’s do it with my wet Beauty Blender I’m going.

To work this color in pressing into my skin and then working it up versus down Oh bad.

You did good kid you did good keep on blending I forgot a press record so sorry I just finished blending my.

Nose I like using this guy cuz and the black edge while that setting using my new favorite toy the precisely brow from benefit I am in love with this pencil it is so pigmented and it’s so fine that you could really get those details in there I’m going in I’m fixing them up I’m brushing them out fixing brushing my brows take forever Park Avenue princess palette in action I’m going over my contour with the carrot color using a real techniques brush from London drops using a big fluffy brush I am taking out any.

Excess translucent powder taking my favorite Mac lip liner boldly bare I am lining.

My lips now one of my favorite.

Lipsticks from Mac it is called Pearson I am going in there and it’s a really nice pinkie nudie color because I have eyelash extensions I don’t really need to buy mascara anymore but I recently got a little sampler of the bad gal lash from benefit and I did that with my lower lashes super easy right I know I.

Learn Name And Sound Farm And Wild Animals. Kids Learn Animals – Educational Game. Teaching Animals

[Applause] cow responds are their favorite cows milk is an important ingredient in all the dairy products cows give fresh milk every day dinosaur dinosaurs don’t like to eat me Oh dinosaurs don’t have milk dinosaurs eat green plants all the time dinosaurs walked the earth for over 165 million years these vines favorite did you know lions go on a.

Hunt for food mostly from dusk to dawn the lion needs a haircut go ahead cheeps like to have real ants every single day.

Sheep’s wool keeps us warm in the winter elephant [Applause] [Applause] they use their trunk to breathe like a snorkel in deep water elephant wants to play with the ball [Applause] kangaroo kangaroos can jump very.

High sometimes three times their own height now the kangaroos become very.

Strong giraffe makes the giraffe [Applause] monkey no no they don’t eat meat monkeys love to have milk fruits are the favorite for a monkey different monkey species eat a variety of food such as fruits insects garlic leaves and reptiles monkey wants to play Tiger Tigers can have just sometimes Tigers love to have me did you know that every tiger in.

The world is unique no two Tigers have the.

Same pattern of stripes Tiger wants to play with the ball [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] choose which of the.

Hungry animals on Uncle John’s farm you would like to feed right big appetite seems.

To be satisfied settle down now that she has a full and happy belly nice he’s gonna have a sleep in her stable now she’s in bed well done you’re good at this Ted is eaten and he’s ready for a quick nap great job Billy the goat is so full you may just have a nap now you’re doing very well helping out on the farm oli be always happy now.

Much happier now big appetite seems to be satisfied Patty and her pay grade are quiet and sleepy but now they’ve doubled up their breakfast Patty and her piglet are quiet and.

Their breakfast put it everything is ready let’s enjoy milking the cow [Applause] [Applause] the dirty piggy got sick let’s cure.

It [Applause] good job the Lambs hair grows so fast why not save [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the bread smells so good [Applause] [Applause] what [Applause] they.

Really enjoy it very much they really enjoy it very much they really enjoy it very much you’ve got a lot of good stuff what’s the penny [Applause] the breads now so here [Applause] but smells so good good everything is ready let’s enjoy milking the cow [Applause] one [Applause] the dirty piggy got sick let’s cure it great [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what [Applause] the daddy piggy coats [Applause] [Applause] great [Applause].

My [Applause] Bellucci [Applause] what what what the Lambs hair grows so fast why not save it [Applause] what let’s now so they really enjoy it very much.