1 Timothy 6:10 | Holy Bible Verse

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil some people eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs but the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil some people eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Encouragement….what A Blessing It Is!!! | Blog

Encouragement what a blessing it is I often find myself speaking life into situations for others when our paths cross ironically when is my journey I find it a challenge to hold on to that encouragement for my life I think most people can relate to this you see we all possess strength when it comes to comforting others but when.

The midst of our own struggles we temporarily lose sight of what we know to be truth and failed to rest in God’s promises so the rules tend to reverse and we ourselves suddenly need.

Encouragement I guess it’s just normal human behavior to fall victim to our flesh and wallow in our emotions when times.
Get tough at some point however we need to.

Come to our senses and trust God encouragement is often passed around recycled renewed and reused over and over unless the people or should I say the Christian spirits of this world it’s a blessing and an honor to be surrounded by like-minded.

People family and friends alike who encouraged me when I need it do you ever find yourself in a moment where you see a need to speak a life into someone through encouragement do you go to them or do you just hang back and observe I.

Challenge you to listen to that voice that prompts you to encourage someone when you see a need with their consent of course you’ll experience great joy in knowing.

That through encouragement initiated by the Holy Spirit you’ve touched someone’s life and helped them replace their sadness with joy love and hope.

The Legacy Stories Catherine Bothma

Don’t be scared to take new challenges believe in yourself and only listen to those people that inspire you to be better than what you are and then start because when you start something you can finish something and then it’s not how you started it’s actually how you finish the game but this platform is gonna allow young people in.

South Africa to be able to showcase the legacy we.

Need to teach our youth to start thinking.

Like that I mean I would want to be a mentor to any person and teach them what I know because I’ve been taught certain things and these things are not in a book somewhere that you can go and write them down write an exam on it it’s life.

Experience and that’s what it’s about I am Catherine Bosma I am a legacy maker.

May Favorites 2018 & My Current Natural Hair Regimen L Natural Hair Products

It’s June 6 is it too late for me to upload a may favorites hey doll so I’m back with another video today I’m going to go ahead and share my may favorites with you guys we’re like a week into June so I hope it’s not too late for me to share this with you guys but I feel like.

I should because I was a little bit at my AI not a little bit I was really in my a from YouTube and Instagram I was kind.

Of getting a bit of a social-media break but I’m back and I feel like I left it is in the dark especially my insta story fan because I typically share this kind of stuff with you guys on bears.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram already make sure you follow me at naturally Chia and if you’re not subscribed to my channel make sure you hit the subscribe button which is somewhere I’ll put some over here somewhere but I’m gonna go ahead and share my favorites with you guys what I was using consistently pretty.

Much what my regimen consisted of and yeah I hope it helps you guys out I mean you guys are always asking me what my favorite products are so being a natural hair blog where we get to tried a bunch of different products obviously so we can do review videos for you guys I think you.

Guys I hear a lot for the review videos at least that’s what Jeff told me before y’all for me to do.

Reviews over anything but my mom made a comment to me once when I told her I was filming another video and I was trying out a new product she was like well how are people supposed to know what you like always use if you keep trying new products.

Video so she kind of had a point I think it can be a little bit confusing especially to those of you that are like new naturals and you’re so.

Having issues finding the right products you know you’re going out and you’re trying all these.

Different brands or these different products that you’re watching and these reviews but that’s the whole point of you know trial and error we do these reviews so you guys can hopefully we recommend products.

That is gonna work for you and you will.

Find your staple products but honestly if it were up to me I really could do without trying any new products because I’ve already found my staple products I know what my hair loves but I do appreciate doing the reviews for you guys cuz every now and then I do come.

Across a product that I absolutely love and I incorporate it into my regimen and I use.

Consistently alright 70 going to start off with washday products so these are all products that I use consistently throughout the month of May so this right here I think is probably my all-time favorite shampoo you guys this is so moisturizing is the rev unrealistic the shampoo from their black seed oil.

Line so I think if you guys recall this is.

One of the most recent reviews that I did and that’s why I said I appreciate doing these reviews because every now and then I do come across a product where I absolutely love and it.

Becomes a favorite and this is one of them so this you guys is so so so moisturizing and the great thing about it too it’s super affordable it’s only $7.99 so I definitely recommend you guys to go out and try this one because you really.

Cartoons About Planet Earth For Kids! Watch This Fun Facts About Earth Video For Children

And it’s time for some fun facts about planet Earth now starting off did you know that at the center of the earth it is very hot now do you that is because the center of the earth is filled with something called magma magma is made of molten rock which is very hot and is inside the center of the.
Earth but what scientists call.

The Earth’s core now when it comes to the earth you know it’s big but.

If you thought the earth was big the Sun is even bigger that’s right the Sun is so large that it can literally fit 1.3 million earths on its inside imagine like a bag of candy filled with little pieces of candy well that’s how big the Sun.

Is the Sun would be like the wrapper that holds the candy and of course a wrapper can hold a bunch of.

Little pieces of candy that’s crazy next if you want to talk about how big.

The earth is I want to talk to you about traveling I love traveling around the world but I have a tip that can help you get around the world faster if you.

Are able to drill a hole going straight down to the ground into the earth and it would make it all the way through to the other end of the earth if we were to hop in it we could get to the other side of the earth in less than an hour now that’s fast okay now still talking about things that are fast if that wasn’t fast.

Enough for you when it comes to the sunlight that comes to the earth well that’s even faster just like everything else might take time to travel in fact it takes about 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light.

To travel from the Sun to the earth now that’s pretty fast considering how far the Sun is from.

Earth of course earth is our home right but when it comes to the earth it is easy to think there’s no place like home well that’s not quite right buddy scientists actually believe that in our galaxy there are over 2 billion that’s with a be Bill planets just like the earth in our galaxy now that’s amazing now when you go outside everybody has a.
Favorite season winter summer spring or fall but when it comes to the.

Temperature outside scientists say that you can thank the oceans that is because the earth is made of 70% water which helps to keep the earth’s temperature just right throughout the seasons of course today I’ve talked a lot about the Sun and that’s because the Sun is so important to.

Our solar system in fact the.

Earth’s orbit around the Sun one time takes 365 and a quarter days so for us to catch up every four years with those.

Quarter days we add an additional.

Day to the calendar and when we do that we call that.

Year leap year now finally when you look at your clock I’m sure you’ve been told there are 24 hours in a day well that’s not exactly true there is no 24 hour in a day cycle for the earth it actually takes 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds to rotate on its axis so I hope you enjoy those fun facts about planet Earth.

What Is The Fourth Dimension? – Rob Bryanton

Imagining the fourth dimension here’s where we start getting into some possible confusion because the same word can have many different meanings when people say that time is the fourth dimension what does that mean the fourth dimension adds a way for the third dimension to change this is obvious when we say that third dimension is space without time but.

The entropy-driven arrow of time that people associate with this concept is obviously not spatial because it behaves in ways that are different from the first three dimensions this is why some people prefer to.

Say that the fourth dimension is a temporal dimension while the first three are spatial but the more we.

Learn about space-time and general relativity the more we realize that time is not just an arrow the fourth dimension stretches it bends and quantum entanglement shows that it’s possible for particles to make instantaneous connections within it even for there to be causality.
In times reverse direction and as mind-blowing as this may be to fathom the.

For antimatter is that it’s matter which is moving backwards in time this is why with this project I prefer.

To call the fourth dimension duration I ask people to.

Accept that time is a direction not a dimension in the same way that up or forward are directions rather than.

Dimensions two opposing directions can be used to describe a spatial dimension and time and anti time are two words we can use to describe the fourth dimension but they’re not.

The only words and this is important because all we’re really trying to do here is come up with words that describe the dimension which is.

At right angles to the third dimension here’s something important to remember none of these dimensions exist in isolation you can’t make a 1d line without using points you can’t.

Make a 2d plane without lines you can’t make a 3d space without planes and you can’t have a 4d duration without multiple plank frames of space saying the fourth dimension is duration makes no more sense than saying the third dimension is depth if.

When we say those phrases we’re thinking you.

Can have duration without space or depth without length and width saying the.

Fourth dimension is space-time then at least acknowledges that the fourth dimension encompasses the dimensions from which it is constructed and doesn’t exist in isolation from the other dimensions let me say this again it doesn’t matter what label you put on the fourth dimension or any additional dimension.

As long as you’re thinking about how the new dimension is somehow at right angles to the ones before a rose by any other name still smells a sweet to paraphrase mr.
Shakespeare so time is not really a dimension but no matter.

What to mention you’re examining the direction of time is a word we can use for tracking change from state to state in art there really.

11 dimensions I insist that it makes no sense to say that the first three dimensions are spatial and the fifth dimension and above our spatial or at very least space like but then to say that the fourth dimension isn’t spatial if that.

Were the case then the mental castle we’re building here has a very rickety layer at the fourth dimension and the whole structure is prone to crashing down.

Last entry we talked about how it’s really impossible for us to see the third dimension because it takes a certain amount of time for the light.
From anything in the third dimension to breach our eye and that’s just as.

True for our hand in front of our face as it is for a star ten light years away saying that.

A third dimensional object has length width and depth is a phrase we casually say but we have to keep in mind that discussing a third dimensional object like a cube is the same as discussing dragons or Flatlanders a 3d cube.

Is an idea which we can freely discuss but without using the fourth dimension to view such an.

Object it’s only a concept likewise persons who talked about.

Tesseracts as being four dimensional objects say that this is what the real fourth dimension is like but what we’re really talking about with a tesseract or any other n-dimensional shape is the same as a cube it’s an idea in order for a tesseract to really.

Exist it has to have a duration within its dimension and when we watch an animation of a rotating tesseract we are visualizing how that structure could rotate and change from state to state over time when viewed from the third dimension likewise just as a cube represents a simple and idealized shape.

Within the third dimension but there are the limitless range of other shapes that can exist within the third dimension the additional degree of freedom afforded by the fourth spatial dimension allows for an even larger number of other shapes which can exist within that dimension one word physicists used to describe the path an object takes within space-time is a world line another word for a fourth dimensional shape coined by author and futurist Bruce sterling is a spine.

With my imagining the tenth dimension project I asked people to.

Visualize themselves in the fourth dimension as a long undulating snake which is a way to think about the data set that.

Represents a person’s length or duration within.

The fourth dimension from conception to death do you see.

How that snake is a spy depending upon your point of view though that snake could be much blurrier than what we show in the original animation every day our.

Bodies are exchanging atoms with the outside world through the air we breathe the food we eat and the water.

We drink a constant cycle of repairs and replacement means the spine representing a person from conception to death is a much more wide-ranging and interconnected shape than.

What we might first imagined one of the 26 songs attached to this project called change and renewal is about this idea let’s finish off by thinking about the point line plane postulate again which can be used to visualize any number of spatial dimensions the trick I’ve suggested you start with each time is to think of a.

Point that encompasses the entire.

Dimension then find a point that is outside of what that first point encompasses so a one-dimensional point in the largest version of its indeterminate state occupies the entire length of a line and some new point not found anywhere on that line allows us to visualize the second dimension a two-dimensional point.

In its largest version fills an entire plane and a point not within that plane gets us to the third dimension a third.

Dimensional point at its largest version is like a single plank unit sized slice of the entire universe and allows us to.

Think about the possibility that Julian Barbour has pointed out that each of those 3d frames allows for the instantaneous quantum connections often deemed as supremely.

Mysterious and unfathomable having said that though we still have to decode the mystery of how we can have a.

Physical world made out of objects that are.

Not infinitely large within the third dimension and this is why.

I say those quantum connections are at right angles to space-time so let’s continue the point line plane postulates logic into the fourth dimension a 4d point at its largest version would encompass the universe not just in space.

But in space-time the point would reach from the beginning to the end of the universe in the same way that a photon traveling at the speed of light would perceive itself to be simultaneously emitted from a distance and arriving at an observers retina this is an important concept we looked at in.

Light has no speed it also ties nicely to something ion Stein said a number of times there is a way of thinking about reality in which the separation between past present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion what’s outside that largest possible 4d point we’ve just imagined well if you are a person who has been trained to believe that free will is.

Also nothing more than a stubbornly persistent illusion you might well say that’s as far as we need to go after all.

If the universe was set in motion at the Big Bang and anything we do is an inevitable outcome based on what has come before then the largest 4d point we can imagine accounts for all of that from the beginning to the end including the now that each of us is observing at this very instant but what if you believe in free will with this project that’s.

Where we start to think whoa the fifth dimension.

Linux Microplatform, Secure Iot Updates With Foundries.io And Toradex

I work for Toradex, and we are today here in Vancouver, B.

Let me introduce here toTyler, from Foundries.

io and Stefan Agner, also from Toradex.

– So hi, so who are you? – Hey, so my name is Stefan Agner, I work in the softwaredevelopment team at Toradex.
Does software for those modules, and we are currently workingon a new.

Software offering, a new software platform, which is based on theLinux microPlatforms, which Tyler from Foundries.

– So I’m Tyler Baker from Foundries.

I’m the Chief Technology Officer and we’re building microPlatforms. So you might wonderwhat microPlatforms are, so specifically the Linux microPlatform is a minimal, secure,updatable operating system based on OpenEmbedded in Yocto that we’re providing as.

Kindof a platform as a service to people that aredeveloping system on modules to people that are makers that have low-cost development boards and companies that wannabuild secure IoT products. Maybe since you’ve workedwith our product a little bit, you can tell everybodywhat things you found.

That’d be nice about them and maybe where they need to improve and maybe what your guys’ vision is for the microPlatformson the Toradex hardware. So we found it really easy to port it because it’s OpenEmbedded based, Toradex uses OpenEmebeddedBSP since quite a while, so that fitted in really wellwith our current.

Nice thing is withLinux microPlatform, containers are kind of the main focus and what Foundries.io delivered us is a working kind of container environment.

And with the whole updating built in. So we basically managed toport Linux microPlatform to three of our moduleswithin two weeks or so, so that was really rathereasy to get it up and running, and we are now kind of continuing optimize what.

We have from Linux microPlatforms to extend offering on more modules and also to extend the usability from point of view to develop containers and the whole stack. – So for example, it runs on one of these? – Yes, exactly. So this is actually the colibri imx7. This is the first onewe had up and running so on that.

One we can now already run Linux microPlatform just fine. – So whatare these microPlatforms? How does it really help? – Right, so what we’re seeingin the industry as whole is there’s a need toprovide.

A software platform that has the update frameworks built in and sort of security alsobaked into that equation because what we’re findingwith people developing products is that security and updates.

Usually come at the end of product development and they’re kind of an afterthought so whether those products actually ship with any sort of reasonable.

Security is kind of on a company-by-company basis, or product-by-product basis, so what we wanna do is enablepeople building products to not have to think about that stuff and provide them with a reference. So our over-the-air updates software for the Linux microPlatformis based on OTA plus. It’s a open-source community edition that implements Uptane, and Uptane.

Jio Recharge Free | How To Earn Money Online | Techno Yar

Oh hello hello friends welcome to my channel then we are fans motional subscribe : so tonight – the booty booty Jesse Eisenberg who did you happen to tell me little deficit my mother Oh mother you see that tunnel click watch a video to swallow it or not he did Kitty Walker oh hey – hey who knows about that.

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Korolev Oh more already under decided under Tory will open called gamma drop and curry simple ninja mobile number deregister horrible CSI upon our interview to.

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My circuit our company app installed curry and open crap on a mobile.

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I connect the widow but ago reasonably common color we did it like a horse it’s another.

Let It Go: My Simple Technique To Release Negative Energy Quickly

Hi everyone we’re gonna get started in just a minute but I’ve got one of my props today I even blew it up myself what could this be for got any ideas reaching down to Mike to my to my computer to see how things are going and if anybody is watching we can let me know that things are going.

Oh there we are and we will turn this sound off on that one alrighty yep I have a whole little bucket of balloons that.

I take to presentations when I’m teaching this technique I also use it with kids hi April I’m not going to be announcing everybody that comes in once we get started but it’s great to see somebody here I know Charlene.

Will be here probably to help monitor the area I’m actually on my lavell ear Mike and standing quite a distance so I can’t quite get to my phone easily there I’m closer and I’m not using my computer today for this Facebook live because when I practiced it earlier for some reason it was real grainy and it shouldn’t because I’ve got a good webcam and it is at the top of the.

Hour and today I want to help you let it go when the negative energies start piling up and first maybe we should talk about where those negative energies come from I know I generate some myself when I’m frustrated like we have been since May when we had the power outage and the power surge and the little fire at the house on the electrical lines and the DSL line burned up and all of that it’s been a stressful summer for us dealing with the insurance.

Claim getting the new appliances in because it earned everything up so that was negative energy that our own stress worried actions frustration we’re generating inside of us now I know it was happening with my husband.

I know it was happening with me I know that we were creating some frustrations for some of the appliance dealers we were dealing with especially after.

The wrong stove was delivered and we had to return that but negative energies also are in our natural world some of the negative energies are good even though we call them bad energies I call them negative energies because not all of them are bad what kind of negative energies are good.

Energies well trees suck up the carbon dioxide that humans breathe out for one thing in return oxygen to us and that little tip there is going to be important later on when I show.

You the actual technique another good negative energy is our body’s responses to danger and letting us know do we need to flee this situation do we need to be more aware if you’re a mom or a dad and you hear a baby crying you want that alert and for some people that’s a.

Negative energy they just don’t like that noise but if you’re in charge of that baby or if you’re in a responsible position to help.

Out that negative energy is something that you want to respond to so I want to point out that not.

All negative energy is bad the negative energy that we’re going to concentrate on releasing.

Is the negative energy that’s not serving our purposes in a positive way we will be talking about a balloon and the reason we’re going to talk about the balloon.

Is have you ever taken a balloon a blown-up one rubbed it on the carpet.

And stuck it to the wall to demonstrate static electricity most of us have done that or we’ve seen it done and I like to remind people that static electricity can be revved up or you’re increasing the amount and we’re going to do.

That as part of the technique in releasing our own negative energy so now that we’ve.

Talked about positive and negative energy and we can go into more detail later about that I’ve also got a handout you can have.

Free if you’d like that will take you through each of the ten steps that we’re.

Going to go through and the other thing I want to mention before I go through and demo the technique for you and I really hope you’ll follow along because it’s that quick and easy to do is that it doesn’t take a long time to do this you can do it as long or as.

Short and interval of time as you need it you can even.

Do it entirely in your head while you’re driving a car so if you have a tendency to road rage or somebody cuts in front of you and you can feel their negative energy and you’re worried about accidents that could be.

Caused or just bad driving whether you’re not going to close your eyes to do this technique so.

But you can do it in your mind and you can do it in five minutes or less you can do it in 30 seconds if that’s all you have do as much as you can.

The other important thing I would be negligent and not mentioning is this is not a technique that’s once and.

Done you don’t do it once and then it’s gone forever because we generate new negative energies that are not serving us sometimes daily definitely over time and there are negative energies that are not serving us that are being generated by other people other situations the political climate which you know I don’t get into.

Detail on Facebook though I have my views disagreements with coworkers or family members things can happen in a moment that can really disrupt the peace and harmony that we’d want inside ourselves so this is a way to increase.

The calm and once the comb is inside you you will think with more clarity and be able to act with intention rather than just react out of frustration so what are we going to do well I’m going to go through the tenth steps and describe those first and then we can go through them together and I really encourage wherever you are to either do them mentally or.

Physically because it works best if you actually physically use your hands and heart in this process we’re going to find a calm peaceful place to go if you have one available and if you don’t don’t worry about that I often do this in the shower because I can imagine the negative energies just flushing off me and going right down the drain safely I do it in the.

Morning before I get out of bed and I often do it at night before I go to sleep just to ease things up I’m not an easy sleeper and this has helped immensely over time we’re going to do some.

Deep breathing just three to six breaths and I encourage you to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth I.

Want you to be able to visualize plus and minus signs now you could use another sign if you really want to however you don’t.

Want to have a negative sign that has a negative connotation so even though you may want more money in your life you don’t want to use a dollar sign as a symbol and that’s because the opposite maybe an empty checkbook and we don’t want that so you want a neutral symbol and my preference is for a plus and a minus sign after.

That breathing we are literally going to rev up our palms just like rubbing a balloon on the carpet to increase the static electricity and we.

Are going to scan our bodies we’re going to do it ourselves and we’re going to start at the top and we’re going to go through the seven major chakra areas the meridian if you’re into Chinese acupuncture things like that even if you’re not into the spiritual world and the spiritual tools these are our centers and they’re measured by a lot of medical devices and used for repairing a lot of the body’s problems these days Reiki people understand them as well the TENS machines that you see advertised on TV.

Now those are based all based on using your body’s energy system and that’s what we’re going to tap into then we’re going to do another quick round of breathing and finally we’re going to put down a nice white light of protection but you’re.

That over time that protection wears off it’s not sealed to the bottom like a little cone over a clock or a knick-knack those little crystal ball bells that sit over to keep dust off of knickknacks.

We aren’t built like that so I encourage you to do this again and again as needed and if you’re really feeling stressful just make it a regular part of your day all right are you ready to do the the technique with me all right number one take a.

Nice deep breath in through the nose and breathe out.

Through the mouth now as you’re breathing in I want you to visualize breathing in plus signs and breathing out.

Negative signs so what we’re doing is we’re bringing in good energy and flushing out the bad energy the energy that’s not serving us we’re trying to get that out of our body so in through the nose and it’s so easy to visualize plus signs and then we’re letting loose the negatives one more time in through the nose and out through the mouth alright why do we use the palms the palms are one of the most energetic feeling areas of your body I believe that’s why.

We shake hands with people it gives us an instant-read of that other person’s energy and whether there should be danger whether we have instant connections anyway they’re.

Right here let’s use them and you’re going to rub them together as I said just like rubbing a balloon on the carpet and you’re.

Going to increase that static electricity right in your own palms now I am highly attuned to energy vibration so when I do this my palms get very hot and prickly you may feel.

May not feel any difference it’s okay just follow along with me rub rub rub rub rub and then starting at the top of your head about 2 or 3 inches and you can do it side by side you.

Can do one on top of the other like this and scan down your body your crown area.

Your third eye area I’ve got an active third eye so I always pick up stuff here the throat area I’m a communicator so I can pick up a lot of energy here and whenever you feel like getting heavy or tingly or there’s some difference in how your palms feel I want you to stop and shake it out and think about shaking it.

Out as safe energy for something else like a.

Tree to pick up and use but in a positive manner if you don’t feel any difference then just keep on going write down the body throat heart a lot of us especially women a lot of energy in our heart chakra area down by your bellybutton our.

Solar plexus all right hours and I’ve been hour they crawl and then our root chakra and shake it out.

And you should start feeling what I noticed when I watch people do this and you may have seen this with me my shoulders came down I carry a lot of my.

Stress here so when I’m stressed my my.

Like this and as I release it’s a natural tendency to release that and my shoulders come down let’s do that one more time rub it up again and another pass to another scan simple scan right down and then shake it right out.

Like I said I love doing this in the shower and I just rematch and all of that negative energy flushing right down the drain to enter into the sewer system where it’s going to be cleansed and put back out into for good.

Use do you feel the difference I have had people especially clients that I’ve worked with who have been so stressed and tied up in knots do this exercise and call me a day.

Late or crying and I’m going oh my god what’s happening and they’re going I’ve never felt this peaceful and calm before that technique is wonderful and so they were happy.

Me feel good that’s great Lisa yeah for those of us who are communicators and those of us who hold back our voices the throat area is a really good place to concentrate on and it’s great that you can feel it really.

Blocked and that it’s opening up for you that’s great that’s a place to particularly pay attention to in the future every day I know in the morning when I wake up with a sore throat that’s a trigger that’s a sign for me that I’m pressing my luck on my chronic fatigue coming back and I have to.

Take measures right then and there to reverse that so I feel that can read and surely things she feels the difference the second time the throat is cleared so her shoulders have dropped and that great I do recommend you doing this sitting or standing up but it you can do.

It sitting down you can lead somebody kids love to do this exercise when I was a substitute teacher in the public school system and I had a rowdy bunch of kids or we just wanted a break from the regular stuff that was left for me to do which were usually wasn’t.

Very interesting in this classroom especially as a substitute teacher we.

Would do this exercise the administration knew I I did it it was an oculus in.

Terms of not trying not anybody’s sensibilities and the kids loved it and it’s something that a child can learn to do to help calm themselves down all right shall we do it one more time we’ve got some time let’s go through it one more time here’s the technique find a calm peaceful place if it’s available and if not do it right where you are either mentally or physically works best you’re going to breathe in several times through the nose imagining plus signs and you’re going to breathe out negative signs.

Out and what we’re doing and what this technique is different from many of the other ones I’ve seen is I’ve had seen other people do the breathing part of it and say oh god you’re all good you got it all out of you but we.

Haven’t got it away from us and I visualized pig pen from the peanuts cartoon you know the little guy who who was always drawn with this cloud.

Of dust all around him well I kind of see that vision.

When I see people that are tied up in knots with frustration and negative energy and we want to release that cloud of dust from them so after we do that breathing I’m gonna rev up our hands get that static electricity.

And if you’re with someone else you can kind of test your set own sensitivity by putting your hands one person put their hand on the bottom one person put their hand on the top and.

See how far away or how close you can get before you feel the other person’s energy all right so rub it up and scan from the top to the bottom if I have a bad back ache I may go around to my back but our bodies and our sensitivities and our energy centers are circling.

Around us so it usually picks up from the back I do this by my toe in my knees if they’re really a key I mean it’s not going to hurt and sometimes that really I can really feel.

Release where the tightness was back down great that some of you are trying to standing up Lisa and Charlene I think I missed a couple other messages there now this time when we breathe in breathe in the positive pay attention to any negatives that might be hanging out in the tips of your ears the tips of your finger tips the tips of your toes and put that push that positive energy.

Down to that and then let it flush itself out and if you need to do another scan do that and then remember.

Shake what you pick up on your palms shake it away you can imagine things attaching to your palms like iron shavings to a magnet or the.

Imagery I get because I loved an etch-a-sketch when I was younger was taking an etch-a-sketch and you’ve got the little pen and it’s picking up the iron shavings making pictures I can easily see that on my hands when I’m doing the scan all right now that we’re feeling better and our shoulders are down I want you to imagine a beautiful white golden light coming down and this is your protection now have it go out.

Twelve eight inches from your body and let that be a comfort to you Charlene says palms still tingly so need more shaking absolutely sometimes washing your hands helps too.

I think the tingly palms is unone derful and physical validation that you are moving you are intentionally moving your energy I’m ray glad to have you here so we’re.

Bringing down that white light of protection and remembering that it goes to the floor or the ground now but it’s not solid it’s.

Not sealed so as we go through our day it’s going to kind of evaporate or we’re going to push it out a little bit farther which means you know what happens when something that’s this.