Appalachia: The Endless Forest Nature Documentary

Just over two centuries ago Daniel Boone was one of the first adventure into the unknown lands west of America’s East Coast settlements but he soon found himself struggling through a daunting wilderness mile upon mile of forested ridges and valleys an ancient chain of mountains that runs all the way down the eastern side of the continent the Appalachians yeah.

Yeah as Daniel Boone fought his way westwards through the Cumberland Gap he found himself in.

An endless forest teeming with wildlife he was passing through some of the richest temperate forests anywhere on the planet blowing whose news.

But this land wasn’t just a wilderness for the taking people already lived here people with a very different view of this forest world they call themselves onion we’re the real people but to the rest of the world they would soon be known as Cherokee the onion we were bound to these forests to the mountains plants and animals in many ways both practical and spiritual party young we are here oh it’s a league and God though here no God no.

Eagle he done we Cherokee cannot separate our place on earth from our lives in it nor from our vision and meaningless people we are taught that the trees and even the plants and animals that we share a place with are our brothers and sisters so when we speak of land.
We do not speak of property.

Territory or even a piece of ground upon which our house is set and our crops are grown we are speaking of something truly sacred the Cherokee have an ancient relationship with.

These mountains according to their own history they came here a long time ago from a world above this one in the beginning the Cherokee were and Goliath a whore heaven and peeps who were hauled down to see the earth at this time the earth was nothing but wet shapeless mud so they sent turkey vulture the great Buzzard to find somewhere dry enough for the Cherokee to live and as he flew over the land looking for dry land he became tired.

And his wings began to touch the earth which scooped up and formed the mounds in which the.

Cherokee lived today the southern Appalachians Ridge piled upon rage like waves in a sea of trees raised by the buzzards wings but the creation story that geologists tell is just as wonderful once these mountains rival the Himalayas but time hundreds of millions of years.

Of it have worn this once mighty chain down to its roots roots that are ancient beyond comprehension some of the.

Rocks here are more than a billion years old nearly a quarter of the age of the earth itself these ancient rocks were pushed.

Into towering peaks 250 million years ago when Africa collided with North America a time when all the continents were fusing into a single supercontinent called Pangaea but this mountain.

Chain is not just ancient it’s also vast it stretches from Georgia and Alabama in the south to Newfoundland in the north and on the ancient continent of Pangaea it went further still as the supercontinent broke apart it carried fragments of the great mountain chain around the globe today those lost sections of the Appalachians from the mountains of Scandinavia and Scotland and 250.

Million years later perhaps that’s why scots-irish immigrants felt so at home in these mountains they were moving from one end of the ancient Appalachians to the other here in isolated homesteads their own traditions began to evolve and help shape the unique culture of modern Appalachia life was hard for the first settlers in these.

Remote valleys but there were rewards like the breathtaking spectacle of an Appalachian for a season of abundance for people and world life but for a long time there were few settlers here to witness Appalachian passing seasons the endless ridges and valleys were.

Simply too inaccessible the Cherokee could still travel unheeded through their vast hunting territory all away from modern Georgia to.

Kentucky they found fields along the river valleys but also.

Relied on the abundance of the forests large animals were hunted with bows but for small games they used a blowgun made from river.
Came deadly up to 30 meters.

Hunter and hunted are bound by intimate ties for a Cherokee there is no distinction between the practical and the spiritual because the Creator has imbued all life in this forest with a divine spark everything has a soul so a hunter should always say a prayer for the hunter.

And in return animals will give up their lives to.

Respectful hunters the Cherokee year begins in the fall which all too soon turns to the season they call the sleep time autumn becomes winter a stark sunrise through skeletal trees heralds the harshest time of the year for all life here people plants and animals turkey vultures seen by the Cherokee as distant descendants of the great buzzards that made these mountains now gather in roosts to pass the cold nights they greet each dawn without spread wings to.

Flight and the daily search for food someone else’s hardship is the vultures good fortune turkey vultures find food by smell so have little trouble finding even the smallest casualties of a freezing night many animals from a chipmunk mr. bears are hidden in winter dens but a few ghostly shapes still move through the freezing fog it’s in winter.
That the remote peaks and valleys feel.

Most isolated the high ridges are often shrouded in cold damp clouds a hard time for wild turkeys and white-tailed deer searching for the last of the full harvest but winter doesn’t last forever the slightest hint and spring on a chilly March evening and life begins to.

Stir on the forest floor but the slow return of warmth is only one ingredient in the alchemy of spring the other is rain the first wet night in March and the forest.

Floor is alive with males spotted salamanders they’re all heading downhill certain that they’ll eventually run into one of the forest pools that are filled with early spring rain a few nights later and the females join despite near freezing water a mass spying.

A salamander orgy is underway and on the next Wed night they were all abandoned the pond and disappear back into the.

Forest leaving their eggs to whatever fate awaits them as much becomes April warmer.

Days begin to rouse the forest itself wake away you drowsy sleepers wake awake it is almost day the dead graves of winter are now suffused with living green those that pass the coal season in.

How To Manifest Anything With Meditation (10/24/2018)

Hey guys it’s your host of it ignites and this is the picture of the day and like I always say believe nothing and learn everything how to manifest anything through meditation guys do you know that you can manifest anything in this world through meditation you might ask how vedic night how can I meditate to achieve abundance money power.

Success guys you see the power of meditation can give you.

Anything so a lot of you guys might not know how to manifest so a lot of you guys are watching videos on YouTube right if you sit down and visualize the Ferrari then a Ferrari will appear a law of attraction but that’s not how it works there is no law of attraction we’re gonna talk about that in a separate video but don’t get disheartened you.

Can still manifest anything mind attraction.

May be the reason you manifest things guys it’s all.

Through your self conscious mind okay the subconscious mind is basically infinite it is adult Hanuman and baby Hanuman that’s your conscious mind will you know mess it up you might be trying to achieve something and you won’t be able to.

Achieve it because baby Hanuman is trying to mess it up it has too much power it’s a little kid you need to learn how to control baby on the lawn and.

Let adult Hanuman do all the work that’s your subconscious mind okay so how do you start meditating before you can manifest.

You gotta learn how to meditate so how do you meditate guys it’s very simple you sit down okay you close your eyes and that’s that’s how you meditate relax and focus focus on what you desire okay just make sure it’s realistic so don’t start focusing on.

The king of Mars okay cuz that’s not gonna work out very well okay now you can make a movie on it a comic book something is a great story it.

Seems like a great story idea write king of Mars awesome right but what I’m trying.

To say is sit down close your eyes and focus on what you desire okay this guy’s I mean you won’t believe me this can go so far into your reality that you’ll develop psychic powers yes psychic powers but now before you develop psychic powers you got to learn to meditate at least 3040 minutes a day.

And this will actually work out your brain you’ll build new neural pathways that will help you visualize better the better you visualize.

Okay it’s aligning its alignments guys look at the world this universe this matrix in terms of frequency energy vibrations everything.

In your brain is vibrating your.

Brain is just that just the brain but if within it there’s.

Neurotransmitters but in reality there’s just brainwaves guys brainwaves there’s alpha okay gamma theta Delta and most of us are just operating in the beta state that’s the first one awake right so you want to start practicing to get into the alpha brain state once you’re in.

Brain state you’ll start to see things aligning so you guys that are already seeing synchronicities raise your hand if you are okay 11 11 2 2 2 3 3 3 well guys a lot of people think it’s a mystery they don’t.

Know why they’re seeing that I’ll tell you what you’re seeing that alignments the universe.

Speaks through alignment synchronicities are just something that aligns.

Venom Steel Sportsman Nitrile Gloves Review, A Stronger, Disposable, Nitrile Glove

Hey this is a quick review of the venom still disposable nitrile gloves there’s 12 of them that come in this pack and they’re they they’re really easy to put on in fact they don’t notice a whole lot of difference between these and other ones that other nitrile gloves except these are actually just a little thicker now that I.

Think about it because some of the blue ones that I’ve had before are pretty thin so laying these out you can.

See they look like normal latex or nitrile nitrile nitrile whichever it is and so I’m gonna put one on and you can see that it has a length to it to protect the upper part of your arm not hugely long I mean it doesn’t look stupid or anything.

Or it doesn’t look like Surgical long surgical gloves they’re just just enough to get you up there in case you’re digging your hands in deep into something that is you know you want you want.

To protect your upper arms with also what I noticed is there is a they’re easy to to maneuver they’re kind of smooth to the touch you can you can do things with them the one thing I wanted to do is I have a rose bush over here and I’m gonna take a twig of the rose bush and squeeze it in the palm of my hand so let me grab.

That okay so here we have the Rose twig there’s the you can see the thorns coming out of it now they’re they’re really quite sharp but when I touch them like that to the nitrile gloves I don’t feel that sting so I know that I can squeeze it.

Not even though you know not like enough to but look you can see it can poke in there but it didn’t.

Tear now I can make it tear if I just pierce in there with the the pin part of the thorn and tear so.

You know they are the look it’s not that wasn’t easy to tip but that’s pretty good right and I’ll see a hole there now I’m gonna make it tear so you’ll know that these aren’t made of steel even though the name says they might be so there you go so they still will come apart if you can.

Get that opening they’re just gonna last a lot longer than the blue ones if you’re careful don’t be smart with them.

River – Leon Bridges – Cover (feat. Jasmine Bailey)

Door training ja oké vind je hem niet waren zo maar harting voor hier en daar zijn wij ook ojoannes tanki avery bodem in wat is dharma heen eenmaal iets aan iemand armen zijn minder mama weet wie heeft mi soo manager ik het mooi en heel vaak ace 2 minuten lieve anaal zij niet willen aanmaken c is c oh.

Mijn god het was in het je voor de gang in het waren niet dat is planeet wat dit zo zie ik niet zo zitten zeg niet zo bitter oh hallo geef hem in zeep niet zien weer de elke deze 7.

Lhhny Bianca Bonnie Saids When She See Brittney Taylor Its On Sight She Whats To Fight

You know what it’s like we’re starting people go on Bob you see they should just start jumping automatically because they always go on like I yes it is like you always go also it’s like automatically won’t jump up jump up jump up jump up like soon as you get on soon as you can see you on cuz they.

Know you like to talk about some crazy shit I’m never on so my shit like don’t be we’re going slow.

But we need to I really need to start getting on hearing this really talking about shit cuz that’s what life is really like that like vlog shoot like did you know or whatever what’s good job why she’s.

Still going on I should listen so Britney to suck my dick like that – I don’t even come alive and soak well people at all like y’all another him not to vote no body cuz I’m really really really honestly truly don’t care like first of all bitch how you know within my.
Crypts about all your crib is empty yeah.

My king-sized bed my 2/3 TV and my three boss pool yeah we not took much evidence she.

Didn’t even got a quarter of a million followers for likes more Ricky please I know you see I’m more alive do not do that I hate when people tell me when I’m alive that is people only live for drama they love drama anyway like that’s all they wanna see if.

People in drama and people got happy I’m like totally 100% happy I don’t care about nothing nobody else is doing and as long.

As I’m making money it’s like we already fought like and then she said that I jumped her bitch you got jumped by my cousin’s I was going already I was sitting in a car waiting for my jacket while you were still getting your ass whooped in the club we drive into a baby shower.

So you can’t even speed and then people think like they feel so important when you talk about them like I’ve never in my.

Life and once ever talked about a bitch that didn’t fucking bring my name up first from every bitch I ever had before from mo to Bri I only had before dream because of Bri and.

She mentioned my name first anybody I ever have a problem with mariahlynn all of them bitches like mentioned me first I don’t mention nobody like I’m living my life let me be a bomb with my empty condo and my motherfucking whatever the fuck badge I gotta say about me let me do that shit on my own and by myself and pink like that Ares I don’t need no reassurance I.

Know I look good I know I’m pretty I got here yes my forehead is big so fucking what Rihanna got a big-ass forehead too.

Me embrace my shit I’m very relaxed you know y’all don’t see me fucking turnt up that’s why I’m not doing love in hip-hop because all they do is portray me violence and I be chilling do anybody ever.

Show me when I’m channeling know that’s why I’m about to make my own vlog make sure you have subscribe to my youtube I’m a goal of every fucking day so that my YouTube subscribers could be lit all.

I care about is a template stream in a subscribe for my motherfucking YouTube channel it’s dark it’s fucking these fucking part of the world but the thing about it is I hate talking about people so like somebody can write anything we can say your mother suck dick like that shit his mouth will make me mad because I can’t see you but when I do.

Michael Pangilinan, Bugoy Drilon Best Opm Tagalog Love Songs Collection 2018

Unlocking mercy lianting like the lion coggan diehard be nama our temple soon so your we magma heart the man can uncle saw the Seaford be knocking down my e you are sad buggy be course an idea pocket become he say for the nama nah nah I’m also more a may my honey bar oh you know what I would.

Not knocking them know me I look nice I be big eater makini I believe aside.

Jakub a bunch of um sama be warned about corner uh Ilana move my bikini oh he motley not bad the seat but he wasa buggy because I love a party yeah rocky buddy years ago I mean um I would love one Ilana I was not knocking them down me ha ha ha we can keep the McKeen bye buddy even gonna by Keitha be mama my.

Five times the length the moon I think God I’m breathing and not pray don’t take me soon cuz I am here for a reason sometimes in my tears I drown but I never let it get me down so when negativity surrounds I know someday it’ll all turn around because all my.
Life I’ve been praying for for the people to say.

That we don’t wanna fight no more there’ll be no more Wars and our children will play one day one day one day one one day one day start the part where no.

Lose cuz we all lose when they feed on asada innocent black trench weapon keep on moving through the waters stay raging in this place your pal Lucia way you weigh eight feet my drive you crazy but don’t.

Patient away said no way in my tears I drown but I never let it get me down get me down negativity surrounds I know something you’re all Janaka I’ve been waiting for crying for for the people to say.

That we don’t wanna fight no more drink more play one day.

One day one day Oh one day one day one day one day is our change treat people the same stop with the violence we don’t really hate when they wanna be free to be Wonder the same Sun singing summer freedom we are why do you what are you Oh my life I’ll.

Be waiting for I’ll be playing for for the people to say I not children will play one day one day one day one.

Ha of course I own a dog poop on buggy hunger regarding boxes Ben my guinea couple soon my heart’s a uncle eva hugging in love ah or say or hunger sir Hong Kong hunger hunger love hum I’m gonna go hunger love hunger No I’m feeling but.

Gun can be too we believe in me hi become whoo girl Kayla us go but a bazooka no Michael I am a baggage and parking in see do porn Alima Otago and Adam the Magneto whoa but nakayasan as a job because super rocket sardine ami Romina baby gun they.
Go by okay yeah this another job but now he died some baby you can.

Beam us up but okay yeah the makita is Malacca kites unsullied my love but another yard market savvy Nam Mira go another job but now yarbusova you don’t know me you must okay yeah Oh up in my.

Oh sorry not me Eco bah easy nothing baby guck I need my TV Nakia whoa present can never be long enough in me longer fear see blood love to we shifted my say together can never be close enough for me be like I’m love to you’re see it is.

Over the best funny shown on my way with mascara me always be my son promised to singing to you now the music if I ever get the nerve to say this cafe save me see marry but let’s see when we go why lacking not a sequel but I don’t give me cocky people we Nika like a son Oh anytime not.

Well giving up the balancing here anam of BP given forgiving my son but goodbye why monkey king a cow the me going uh deep breath by giving my be beginner maybe MacGyver son for keeping ha the dealer by nah oh I’m sorry girl for causing huge pain I didn’t need.

To make you cry make your everytime I apologize all the things I’ve done you were loving me so much.

But all I did was let you down I really done all I know is that I want you to stay this time I’m not gonna let you slip away I’m not gonna let Oh without holding you so tight without treating you.
So this time I’m not gonna let go this time I promise you that and now I’m.

Gonna get him my own this time oh whatever that I was hurting you now I know that I was wrong now I know.

Just what to do gonna try to be the best that I could be all I need is one more chance to make it up to you you see and there’s one more thing that you wanna know all I know is.

That I don’t want I’m not gonna let you slip away this time I’m not gonna let per day girl then you sir without reading you sir I’m not gonna let go what you learn I promise you that with I’m gonna give my this time I want.

You to stay Oh I’m not gonna let you slip away Daigo we’re not cheating let’s go to that with rise above I’m gonna my mr. this time it’s time boom ikkaku I thought you know a moccasin.

The reason for my heart like Ghana me No so Perry talking to you it me Oh in so clearly and only.

Mine come on which one oh seven five.

Help me one you gave me set me free the finest ears I ever knew for all the years I had with you you know I would.

Give it give up my life Oh I will give it just again it’s me so what a time for the time we never said too much so don’t weigh and I knew from watching you nobody else get in the part of me that can would give it I gave up my my my Oh just love you again is this someone you’re loving them so taking.

Them all you may lose them on day someone.

Say give a man I would give it I wish cluesive I wish just one seven five back again just a touch you for more videos from wish 1:07 5 do not forget to hit the subscribe button you’re exceptional I can’t wait for the resume we’re above the corner love Picasa Kalima the boon nothing nothing long tonight ba-cock I said wedding but kind of manipur kyaaa hey robot haha and Monique I to lose suppose he taught me back or Sugoi gonna become my god we go we.

Know my boy closer your buddy easy pain and we die never for me just me your hands babies um when you say you.

Here my name’s Oh No so you she.

Wish one on seven fire you’re just too good to.

Be true can’t take my eyes off you you’d be like heaven to touch I wanna hold you so much and long as love as a and I think I’m alive you’re.

Can take my eyes of you pardon the way that I stayed there’s nothing else to compare the sight of you leaves me weak there are no words left to speak but if you feel like I feel please let me know that it’s real your district good to be.

Guys React To Bts 'noisey + The Graham Norton Show Interviews' Us Big Show

What up and this packed welcome back to a brand new video here or not so reactions my name is ava man is heavy and it’s a were you watching BTS interview um Graham and also on noisy so like what no I said yeah yeah we’re both feeling under the weather by the way that’s what we’re feeling a little.

Less energetic today we’re trying to keep me high yeah but I love the sweater and the scarf all the way there so you know like oh good I’ve never.
Seen that a low energy bell.

But yeah I’m ready oh one more thing you guys want to see bomb blasts it’s on patreon go supporters if you’d like and now now I personally like wine why wine watching through the Graham Norton Show I haven’t watched it in a bit though but I have watched previous episodes it’s a creature I love it wow this is just a funny guy he’s on his a game right now for you brother oh no his face was like saying mad Kevin yes this is a British like to let.

The man speak why we she Whoopi Goldberg a lot of movies a lot of we should find the way to though ourselves around whoever scream that doesn’t know what to do man he’s just like what everyone I don’t know a lot of movies right oh nice thank you like so.

Many analyzed oh my god you.

Don’t know I know she’s been a movie I just I don’t tend to watch her movies okay I just I know she’s been in movies theater she’s done theater she’s been a Whoopi Goldberg ha no no and what is it what is it filmography sees alive.

Okay latest one nobody’s fool for a lo 911 king of dancehall little bit older ones Alice in Wonderland that was a 1988 that’s cool no rat race I remember that movie leader Pauly Shore is dead bitter jester she’s just a.

Lotta movies stretch apparently Bernadette Tom you want more bro she’s many movies I.

Don’t I don’t know what they would have seen oh oh she’s Edwina Eddie Franklin oh no we’re we’re cool of Big Stone Gap Big Momma’s oh I think she was in that movie bro I know her bro do you go Eliz Gus’s leader does that later you think she had an undershirt don’t say that like somebody you know this is something you do like you’re liking and.
Megan you switch jerseys you know and soccer I’ve never seen it.

On a talk show I mean they didn’t.

Switch but I don’t that was always such a weird interview was that just me I don’t watch much yeah never seen God interview I mean switched shirts no I’ve never seen that maybe maybe maybe I’m.

You know I don’t know let’s continue on to the noisy way that was really weird was it just me there’s been like funnier moments than Joe and I’m in them all the way sorry i annoy.

Sugar looks I love Wow plants I don’t know plants either I don’t got people thinking is no problem you’re right jimin’s.

Oh happy man what I don’t know I don’t know that is she shooting lizard mouth purple dinosaur Barney you know home for a day no friends ready no no.

Food for forget jungkook big where is he like that one cause that’s how that face bag like two seconds the question oh the question in general those one of.

The responses from the beginning oh my god damn boy what was the question phone why wait wait if you aah if you fire the pressure is really gonna blow out of you like yesterday when I was he like what happens when the book heads who said.

That what about then I want to fly yeah these interviews that make me want to fly more.

And more I like that one better than the grain was weird I I wonder how they acted the rest of the show though because there’s a lot of I I’m a check out the rest of the show like without bail blade yeah I think.

Those guys for watching the guys for supporting on here and actually happy belated birthday the Jimmy yes didn’t know it was his birthday well one thing we don’t use social media that much and we started recording we were so focused on like recording that we just completely forgot and we were also really weird yesterday I remember what happened yesterday you guys for watching happy belated birthday to Jim.

Chris Watts Wants A Plea On His Medical Records, Shanann Has A Bad Visit With Chris Watts Parents

Hey everybody I’m gonna stop and redo my video because I had gotten a message from my son so I thought well I’ll just stop and start over so everybody you’re all in the same page okay so yesterday I’m heading to work and it pops up on my phone these stuff about shenana and some messages that she sent a.

Friend while she was in North Carolina with her family and she went to stay over Chris’s parents his house and I guess she told them before that it would be Celeste.

Right she’s a to turn up year old three year old has a bunch of allergies and yes I’m taking a very high dosage.

Lethal medication anyhow when she gets there I guess she has told thee the stepmom are not stepmom huh mother-in-law you know that she can’t have nuts around and all these other food allergies and she made a list of foods that she can have and so I guess none of that happened and then she had nuts everywhere and I guess that really upset Shannon and then I guess she gave.
Some ice cream that had nuts in it to another.

Kid and I’m not really grasping it that was Bella or maybe one of our other grandkids I’m not quite sure it’s kind of not really let.

Me see if I can find out and say that it was Bella that got the ice cream okay see what do you think whenever I read this part and of course you know she’s sending this to somebody else that doesn’t really say who it is sorry it’s just my chair right there and just say my daughter needs to learn she.

Can’t always get what she wants Fu you are teasing my kids a Toyota store fine but letting a little girl eat ice cream in front of her in five inches away so she to me.
It sounds like she’s talking about.

Somebody else and not Villa so you can just kind.

Of tell me how you feel about that and if.

That’s how you interpret it because I would like to know for sure I mean there’s there several of these.

Messages and it goes along a little bit later and she tells she says she calls Chris up until I’m what’s going on and I guess Chris calls his mother to let her know that what.

She was doing was wrong and is more or less told him that don’t quote me I don’t need to just come out and say so that was some correct here sorry there was several of these um and please I’ll come on and say that I wasn’t prepared because I want to make sure that I do with the word-for-word thing here okay thing about it all right um Shannon watt says to.

The friend yeah she’s young only 60 talking about his mom she completely understands my husband called her after he got off her work and told her he did not appreciate how she handled the situation and teasing my two-year-old with the ice cream and putting her at.

Risk to exposure she also has Ely and asthma a response to my husband was this is a learning experience to my two-year-old to realize she can’t get what she wants and again she says f you she’s very furious about it so she.

Has her parents come and pick her up so it doesn’t sound like she had a very good visit why she was in North Carolina with his family so it makes me wonder because there’s you know.

There’s not a lot of pictures and things of his family I know that she talked about some of the videos because I’m watched every one of them that the mother-in-law would come and stay and I think one time I was like for two weeks and she never liked showed.

Video towards them or out there one time she had a video in the bathroom while they were out the living room I think.

Them or not makes me wonder did Chris get along with her parents because I you know there’s so so much tension if you can’t get along with your in-laws and that causes a lot of issues and yes I am qualified to say this for the fact that I have been.

Married four times and my dumb butt married my kids dad not once but twice which ended up being a total of about ten years with.

Him who was a narcissist when I went to leave him he I just knew that I needed to have the cops there if he showed up my parents are there and everything but when I heard his car coming does the Animus staying at that time it was really loud it was like I my god here again so I call the cops cops cam and then the cop was like okay well everything looks like it’s all good here do you think it’s okay if I leave and that’s when my ex went back.

To the bedroom what she has a gun cabinet in there and I told that cop you know there’s there’s gun cabinet in there and he scares me to death with it so the cop went back there and sure enough he was attempting to get a gun.

Out and I’m telling you this because I believe then it wasn’t you know what you know I need to wait read up more on everything about a.

Narcissist but like with my husband since I was the one that was leaving finally like he didn’t want that to happen period and when it comes to the whole situation with.

Chris and the fact that he says that they had a argument in regards to him too that.

He wants to leave and that she threw the FET I think it was the other way around I really do and I can’t wait to see what these on top see reports say.

Because I guarantee it well unless the frickin oil washes away all the freaking DNA is the way that he’ll get off and for the fact that he’s trying to fight this whole media thing you know like what we’re what we’re.
Is is the man killed some bunny you no matter what we think come on.

He can best to killing his wife and I’m sorry but if that’s what he seen was going on in the monitor the prosecutors gonna be like hey you know if you’re.

Saying that your wife was strangling the kids because you wanted to leave then why did you not try to resuscitate the one that she was just.

Just trying to strangle at that point when he’s seen it on the monitor he didn’t so what does he do somebody who sees the wife strangling the kids and then he’s gonna take them out and Yanis joins me so crazy guys.

That you know there’s so many sites and so many things that people say and even reporters and everything like that oh well he he confessed to killing his wife but not his kids and if it comes out that yeah he did not kill himself his kids will come on people he doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

To figure out then he killed all of them I mean I know that I guess and I swore up and down that he had confessed.

Scamming Indian Support Scammers With Ligma | Prank Call

Involved heyyo would surprise is museum factory with another video so today I hope all of you know what League mode you know enjoy die from it supreme patty died from a pretty serious disease right now you can make a donation of $5 to live my foundation every day kids are dying of this extremely rare disease called Limon coming.

More and more dear one generous donation we can help change the world that’s one eight hundred to six seven live.

Ma again on people it’s twenty eight hundred to six seven no but actually funny story guys I was on a cruise when I heard about this world ninja dying is like my thing so I time I was on a portray and I got Wi-Fi for like the first time in a week and I was on instance an injured I’ve laid my head oh crap.

He died of lead well I told my brother and he was like shocked so I asked my dad what Seligman I’ve heard of like this twitch streamer just died of it.

So we only knew as a joke like after the cruise because after that we go back on the ship it was pretty funny the whole time we thought ninjas just I don’t know but guys today I am going to the spamming scammer let’s get straight into it thanks for wanting to support open help you hi I have this strange thing.

Alert from Microsoft this computer is blocked okay can you just tell me what you was doing on your computer so that you bought this message I was just playing for at night and then big it says nygma like it’s a big pop up that just says League ma have you ever.
Heard of that you know what I definitely you can see the you.

Know we have not heard of that can you read me out the method what method you can see there it says virus alert from Microsoft League MA but do you know what it stands for like I don’t.

Know okay no I would just tell you what you are doing on your computer so that you got this message what you are doing when your computer you got this message for night sorry fortnight okay and which browser you are using right now Sigma you the laptop is it a desktop desktop to two-year-old yeah and how old do you want I’d prefer not to say okay and if your computer.
Under warranty I don’t know could you please the refuse.

Alig ma is I do not know it just pops up Lima okay no problem what we are we have to do we have to connect your computer with our server okay then we have to check it out what exactly the problem everything.

Else no I don’t know what big my how to tell it lig ma oh I am a yeah l IG MA could you repeat it I believe your computer you are taking with the virus man could you ladies and gentlemen your boss doing it once again to the same number but they have like.

Different people so call the number you know what your accent does sound familiar are you from sir Gandhi’s are you from sir Gandhi’s it says in big Trojan League MA have you ever heard of leg look I’m sorry never heard of lick MA ladies and gentlemen how did you fall on that.

Truck how did you fall in the trap.

How did you fall in the truck again I’m what you’re saying no I’m in a dump no I’m just kidding I’m at home I’m at home I’m at home okay thanks for the advice hello please listen carefully as our menu options may have changed congratulations you’ve been selected for a $100 Walmart gift card in order to process your Walmart gift we will need to transfer you to a live representative press 1 now to be connected thank you very much for rolling the.

Reward apartment how you doing today as anybody contact you about the hundred dollar reward yeah it’s a hundred dollar party you can use that a Walmart Home Depot Best Buy okay the only thing you have to do you have to.

Activate it okay to activation is $4.

95 to activate the box okay and you can activate it with a Defen if you have a debit or credit okay okay you have debit or credit for activation yeah okay can I have your first and last name so who committed after you that’s your first name yeah you bet it li g ma bu LLS watch your mouth okay watch your mouth now now that’s your Aja’s you don’t want me to come see you okay watch your mouth okay.

Thanks for calling happy to help you hi I have this big virus alert right on my computer a big pop up okay and you want to.

Order something again sorry what I’m wearing on my computer okay but it says it says in big Sigma what is their dogma okay the one thing started on the computer for a while and we started again okay okay thank you for calling for food to say michael van hopper – hi on my computer it says I have a virus alert from Microsoft Kennedy tough for me sorry what it says virus alert from Microsoft this computer is Sigma okay since how long do you think this problem about ten minutes sorry.

What exactly you were doing when you receive this message it pops up something is there’s a virus alert from Microsoft the computer is Sigma and then in big in red it’s a sigma do you know it’s ugh my eyes okay which computer you are using back in 2001 window does it understand Windows 10 but do you know.

What Sigma is what Sigma pardon me Sigma ladies and gentlemen I really hope.

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