Empties ~june 2016

Hey y’all welcome to my channel today I have my very first empties for you for the month of June today is July 1st and I thought that I needed to start making a empties video per month because if I let it go past that I think it video will be like a million hours long and I know you.

Sit through that so without further ado let’s see what’s in my trash for the month of June alright so the first thing I have is this is actually just a bag for a lush bomb a bath bomb and this was the.

Scent sex bomb and that personally is my favorite scent from lush they’re the big bath bombs if you’re not familiar with them you put them.

In the bath and they fizz up and they make your skin feel so soft and smooth and they smell delicious like you just want to eat it and sex comes my favorite one I’ve smelled other wins but that’s the one I keep repurchasing they’re like six seven dollars per bath bombs so it’s pretty pricey but it is.

A treat for me that I like to get so I definitely will repurchase the sex bomb from lush next thing and all my items all my trash is in my cute Bath and Body Works box that I ordered some candles from and it came in this cute box that was like oh I’m going to recycle that alright so next thing is the I got two things this is bath stuff this is going to be the Aveeno baby eczema therapy line.

For my youngest son he suffers with dry skin he had cradle cap and baby at me when he was really young he’s 6 months now he still.

Suffers with the dry skin this eczema therapy you guys it has no scent it’s like the oatmeal therapy type and it leaves his skin feeling so dry and silky I really really like this it’s very expensive it’s like eight or nine dollars per thing I did just find this and.

The equate brand at Walmart and it’s half the price and it’s the same ingredients works just the same so I was really happy to find that but this cleansing wash or moisturizing wash is really awesome I would definitely repurchase these definitely recommend if you.

Have a child or yourself you mean this baby but you can use it for you if you have dry skin all right next thing let’s stay on the baby path this is the baby magic body wash soft powder scent I.

Have this in the big ol tubs for both my kids my three and a half year old I still wash them in this it smells so good it is very powder prep powder fresh and to me personally it just smells a lot better than the Johnson and Johnson’s and I think it leaves the scent on the kids for a while rather than the Johnson and.

That this bath and Bodyworks coconut lime breeze this is similar to the coconut lime verbena if you ever remember that way back in.

The day I love this scent it smells coconut a lime citrusy smell I have another one of these I’m using right now on the same side you definitely repurchase.

This you can get it online right now I actually just bought the body wash it is seasonal it’s a retired scent it only comes out in the summer but you can get it in the stores and online during.

The summer time even though.

It’s a retired scent love that alright next thing is we went through a Schick Hydro v power select razor I used to coupon a.

Empties: November 2017

Hey guys I’m back with an empties video this is gonna be mainly November and a little bit into December so it’s a big one so get ready get a snack get a drink whatever okay first off I have my bath and Bodyworks vanilla bean oil body cream this is from last holiday season vanilla bean oil and Beach nights.

Are probably my top two bath and Bodyworks since body care maybe of all time it’s just it smells like a vanilla cookie frosting it has like a tiny bit of a plasticy note I hope you.

Know what I’m talking about it is just a classic for me I’ve been using it for I don’t know like 15 years so I will continually repurchase it and I love the body cream okay a Mary Kay satin hands peach hand cream one of my mom’s friends does Mary Kay so she had gifted this to us and I we just.

Kitchen sink and I loved it it was it was nice it smell like peaches it was a good kind of like peach candy scent but it wasn’t clung and.

It was it was pretty nice okay I had a few things for the girls lush don’t rain on my parade shower gel and this was kind of a really dark greenish blue color said blow the clouds away with the fresh-squeezed.

Blueberry juice Fairtrade vanilla pod and violet leaf infusions there was a scent at lush it might have been was it daddy-o there was.

A shampoo that was violets in it and it smelled just like that I love violet since it is it’s like one.
Of my favorite scents it’s the only floral that I just go.

Crazy over and they used to have a so called.

I think gratuitous violets and I loved it they don’t have it anymore so anytime they actually have a violets and I love it I don’t know if this is current because I’ve had it a while but it was.

Nice okay seven glory the smoothie star oats sugar and shape breakfast crumb okay I used to want to try this so bad all the UK youtubers would talk about it but it wasn’t here in the US so I got it an old toe no maybe at.

The end of the summer they were doing.

A thing where if you bought certain brands or products you got like ten times the points and I was like perfect time to get it mm-hmm John the.

Scrap was nice but it smelled like burnt brown sugar not.

Brown sugar but burnt brown sugar and everybody talks about.

It being so delicious smelling so I don’t know I got it from all tall nom but I will never repurchase this but the flake away one I want to.

Try because I like that scent and if it’s similar to this scrub then I know it would be good cuz this scrub was.

Really good but the sound was terrible okay Ahava I think it’s how you pronounce it this is the dead sea salt mineral bath salt muscle soothing eucalyptus it smelled nice it was very medicinal.

But I don’t know that it was any more relaxing than these and.

There’s like a major price difference excuse me I know it has like sea salts from the Dead Sea but I just didn’t notice any more of a better result than this and the price difference is pretty different now I will say it Ulta a lot of times they have.

This bowel and get one half full and then they have these buy one get one half fault so really I don’t know I mean if you.

Want to buy somebody a nice gift but I don’t Amazon they have a lot of different scented bath salts and these kind of containers that would make a really nice gift as well but I got these at Ulta the dr. teals pink Himalayan mineral soaked restore and replenish bergamot and sweet orange essential oils for stress relief I.

Loved these like I can still smell it through the bag they were so nice I really liked to use these if I took like early morning bath sometimes Darren bureau’s first morning nap I’ll take a bath and I loved this it was so nice I will definitely repurchase these again this was a little shower my shampoo and.

Conditioner set I used I think I got these from Influenster it’s the IVA NYC clean it up shampoo in therapy session hair masque they were just okay and I think these are like not high in but not quite drugstore prices maybe like mid in so for the price.

I wouldn’t purchase these myself they weren’t bad but they.

Weren’t anything fantastic this I picked it’s been a while.

On recommendation of Mercedes from l’amour ela musique it’s the la ilah vetiver apricot and vetiver body wash this was so nice it was very earthy almost my daughter didn’t think it’d smell nice so it’s very earthy it’s not sweet don’t let the word apricot think.

You think it’s gonna smell fruity at all but it was such a.

Nice body wash the lather was so just.

Rich and foaming I it’s a high-end body wash but I could.

Tell that it was nice it wasn’t I don’t know how to word it if you’re into something like this it’s worth picking up.

It has some good ingredients it has different oils and stuff so it is it was nice it was a treat and it was nice to use something.

That didn’t smell like a bakery because that’s.

Like my typical thing so it was just a difference okay it’s a 10 miracle hair mask I liked it but nothing from it’s a 10 Wow’s me and warrants the price to me I mean they’re like okay products but I don’t understand the hype me.

Personally I know other people like them but that’s just me okay the.

La vanilla healthy deodorant and this was this sport one and it was called sport luxe and vanilla breeze okay I liked it don’t get me wrong but it smells.

It smells like clean and laundry detergent which is okay it wasn’t over the.

Top but it does not smell like vanilla at all it smells like clean but this was better than the regular lot vanillas so if you like those and they aren’t good enough or you want to use those but.

You’re not sure this is it’s a pretty strong one I guess I did like it Korres Greek yoghurt foaming cream cleanser I love this it’s just like a very simple basic face wash I have the full size so good stuff this it’s like so green and but I threw it in here it’s the boudreaux’s Butt Paste this obviously is not mine it was.

Vera’s if you have a little.

One and they have a really bad diaper rash or you’ve tried everything or it’s just being um like intolerant to your usual things and you haven’t tried this give it a try the Clinique Moisture Surge hydrating supercharged to concentrate I picked this.

Up sometime in the summer on recommendation of Carol Anne haran’s and.

That I wanted to give it a whirl because it has hyaluronic acid and I felt like I needed to incorporate that in my routine because I definitely think there for a while my skin was dehydrated based on certain things like right.

Here and here the makeup the way it would disappear and I would look up stuff and it was a sign of my skin.

Was dehydrated and I started using this and I really noticed a big difference I’m out of it now and I need to incorporate another similar thing into my routine and I want to pick up the Jordan Samuel is hydrate I just haven’t pulled the trigger it’s you know close to Christmas I’ve been doing other shopping.

I definitely think I want to do that one next and also the hotter hotter Lavo hada labo one of those um items I don’t know.

Which one it is but I think it’s a similar idea maybe so I’ve thought about picking that up on Amazon but if you have a recommendation for me then I would love to hear it so I use this kind of like my.

Nighttime serum is how about fit into mine you know routine Colleen Rothschild shear renewal cream I used the heck out of this I use this as a face moisturizer primarily in daytime but.

I did use it at night you get 2.5 fluid ounces so you get a massive amount something about this scent it reminds me like a baby cuz it’s just like a.

Fresh soft sin I don’t know if it’s fragranced or that’s its natural scent I haven’t honestly looked into it it was it.

Was a nice moisturizer it was simple it didn’t you know wasn’t anti-aging or anything like that I wouldn’t mind having it again but you know you can only get it.

I don’t know but it was nice it was definitely worth trying and worth having and using it wasn’t bad at all okay this was the Moon aqua purifying cleanser I got this in my beauty heroes box for December of last.

Year I think and I didn’t use this like in a row or it obviously wouldn’t have lasted me this long when I first got this it was so just kind of like yeah I use this as my first cleanse you could use.

It as your second cleanse and it’s just this kind of creamy consistency it has a Santa I can’t place it but I’ve really grown to.

Love this soon and it was a makeup type remover that you had to use a muslin cloth to remove it it didn’t emulsify with water and that’s one of those things that I kind of really like it to do and having to add the addition of the muslin cloth it’s just kinda like it’s not convenient for travel or something like that because of that aspect and I didn’t like to use.

It on my eyes or regular cleansing oh I.

Will but given everything you know that made it kind of like yeah the cons I loved this it was so good oh definitely repurchase it again down the line it was so soothing and gentle and good for sensitive skin it didn’t irritate my skin it was just calming for it to.

Those things that when I got it I was just kind of like mmm it ended up being something I truly loved and I’m sad that it’s gone so the moon aqua purifying cleanser was it was really enjoyable okay this is a I got this at t.

Of weird for me my magic mud whitening toothpaste featuring activated charcoal coconut oil and bentonite clay in experiment okay I think it must have had artificial sweetener stevia.

Empties: Products I've Used Up! | Kendra Atkins

Hey guys it’s Kendra today I’m here to do empties for you if you guys don’t know what empties are it’s where I share with you all of the products that I’ve finished up completely I feel like this past year I’ve been actually not even this past year like the past since I was pregnant with a girl so almost.

Two years I’ve been on this.

Life just get rid of stuff that I don’t truly love and it’s been the best it makes me happier it gives me.

A sense of peace just knowing that the stuff around me it’s just things that I use things that.

I love and the stuff that I don’t need I get rid of I donate give it to people who actually would use it and it’s been it’s been awesome I also feel like the YouTube community has been changing a.

Lot lately and a lot of videos I’ve been noticing our Beauty youtubers who have sorted to downsize their makeup collection and it’s funny.

Because you know I started youtube back in 2011 when I was in college and I it was a secret back couldn’t tell.

Anybody that I did you do but when.

I started I did all beauty stuff like I was a beauty channel and then as life happened you know my channel kind of changed with.

My life so I started talking about more health focused topics and then once I had the girls I talked a lot about twin stuff and it’s been really fun to just.

See the transition of it but I have noticed that a lot of Beauty youtubers have.

Sort of downsizing their makeup they’re doing a lot of decluttering and when I first started youtube like hauls were super super popular collection videos and I definitely have seen a shift which.

Is cool because I think it’s just a little bit smarter you don’t need to surround yourself with so much stuff but while I’m talking about that.

Before I get into the products I would love for you guys to leave me a comment on maybe like your top three videos that you like to watch of mine I’ve always wanted my content to be stuff that you guys find.

Useful because it’s not useful then what’s the point of it you know I all my content to be stuff that you guys.

Find helpful inspirational motivating so whatever you guys like to.

Watch it can be beauty it can be baby stuff whatever just leave me a comment and let me know like your top 3 videos and one new thing I’m starting is I’m going to start doing these kind of secret videos so I will do a video on my channel but I will it’ll be private so only the people with.

The link can actually watch it and it’ll be q and A’s it’ll be maybe popular topics so you guys want to hear about and only the people who are subscribed to my email list can view it because I want to give you guys something back in return but there’s a little section on my blog where you can enter in your email if you guys have been subscribed to my emails I’ve been sending you just recaps of the posts in case you missed it just to make.

It a little bit easier to find but I thought it’d be kind of fun to do like a secret video so only the people who are subscribed to my email list can watch it so okay first up I have a shampoo and conditioner that I’m obsessed with the brand is Apothecary essentials and there’s a couple different types the one that I have is the coconut milk white jasmine vitamin e this one is to repair a nourish distressed hair which I have not from dyeing it because I stopped dyeing my hair.

But I do still put heat on my hair and also I’m in the Sun a lot so the Sun just.

Really dries out your hair I found these off of Vitacost and they’re made with really good pure ingredients they’re gentle on your hair but they work so well whenever I use these my.

Hair would feel so soft so nourished and hydrated they smell out-of-this-world good like a tropical island vacation and I just could not recommend these enough I went through them pretty quickly too because I usually keep two sets of shampoos and conditioners in our shower and I found myself always wanting to use these ones and I love that there’s a pump next I have the Physicians Formula butter bronzer in the color is it just bronzer it just.

Says bronzer and this I love I love the scent it smells like tanning lotion but it started drying out on me if you can see it’s all cracked and when a makeup product starts to crack.

And just doesn’t look the same or maybe smells different that’s when I’m like I don’t want to.

Use this anymore because I don’t want my skin to break out my skin is pretty sensitive use any product or something with an ingredient.

That irritates my skin all all break out so I just.

Felt like it was time to be done with this I’ve used it for a really long time I’ve.

Gotten at any use clearly you can see and I have a lot of bronzers right now that I like and I just need to use them up okay next I have another product that I have not finished up it’s the.

Ousia atmosphere protection cream this just started smelling bad and again if a product if the scent has changed then you should probably not be using it anymore and what I was doing this is I really like this when I was using it it’s vegan gluten free cruelty free what I’ve been trying to do.

Lately is go through my medicine cabinet with all my skincare and pull some of the things that are new and replace them with some products that need to be finished up because I don’t want them to go bad so some of the things that like I’ve just started I’m like okay let me let me wait a little bit on those and try to use some of these other things up and if I don’t really like them that.

Much then I can get rid of them but this is one of the things I was like I remember I really like this and I started to use some of it and I was like yeah I can’t use it but you basically put on before like your moisturizer or your sunscreen and it helps to protect your skin from the Sun and it’s just kind of like a protective layer next.

I have this sebou sea buckthorn polishing and facial cleanser this has been a cleanser that.
I feel like is in every single empties that I’ve.

Ever made it I guess it’s all for the Amazon or vitacost I don’t know I’ve had some sketchy purchases from Amazon lately so I’m a little afraid to buy beauty products from there I try to read their views because usually if it’s a company that has sent a product that is not completely authentic then there will be some reviews on it but I’m trying to think I don’t know.

8 Productivity Hacks

So top eight productivity hacks one create more content than you consume so for every live training you watch or chapter you read or any of those things for everything that you consume create more content so if you watch a live video create two pieces of content about that video that you can use that information from if you read.

Your ten pages of personal development create at least you know at least two you want to at least double whatever you’ve taken in so if you’re reading two chapters you want to make four pieces of content so you.

Want to create more content than you’re consuming so that’s my tip number one also as a little kind of side note don’t follow people who are doing what you’re doing because it will totally squash your creativity it’ll take away from your from your ability to create awesome things that are just coming.

From you for inspiration so instead of following people who are doing what you’re doing follow people who aren’t doing what you’re doing and let the other people follow you right you.

Want people following you you don’t want to be the follower so follow more more more people outside of your company and outside even of your niche or niche or whatever the frig you.

Want to call it so number one create more content than you consume number two batch create content so I know Lindsey’s gonna come in at some point and do a training about time blocking but this is so crucial you will get so much more done hey Shan thon if you batch create content and I used to tell people this.

When I worked as as an office manager I used to say like do like activities together like you will get more.

Accomplished if you will if you batch things together so if you have a team then you want to create what you’re posting hey Kate you want to create what you’re gonna post to your team.

Like make up of that you know you’re training do all that together right what are you gonna do for this next week sit down on Sunday plan it what you’re gonna what you’re gonna put into that group um so coaching you know like thatch together what coaching you’re gonna be doing batch together the things that you’re gonna create so if you’re making like for me I make all my own graphics and.

Images and whatnot so I do all of that together so you want to bulk do things at the same time hey Lauren and then the same with responding to posts like if you’ve got people commenting on things group like when you’re gonna do that like I’m going to you can have it be like a weekly thing like I post every day but and I once.

I’m on it can be part of your flow to kind of catch up on what’s going on but if you really want to like respond to people in messenger and doing those types of activities then you can.
Batch that together so like every night at 7 p.

I am going to respond to people for.

20 minutes so that you’re getting you’ll get more done so batch batch creating content and batch your activities together.
New phone you can do more now yeah I got a new phone too so number.

Three um remove time and energy suckers so we all have them in our lives we have things that suck our time and our energy remove them get rid of them stop holding onto things that are holding you back.

Makeup Products I Regret Buying | Product Reviews 2018 |

Hey guys it’s with the Casa today’s video is all about some makeup products that didn’t work for me and I did read buying them and these products may have worked for you but these didn’t work for me at all and that’s why I’m making this video and so if you want to know about all the makeup products that.

Didn’t work for me then keep on watching so the first make the product which I’m going to talk about is this Maybelline the blushed nudes palette and this was my first palette and I bought last year.

And I had huge expectations from this as it reviews on it were pretty good and.

Also a lot of people were recommending it on YouTube so I just thought of giving it a try and this was my first palette so I was really excited and also on the side on any app it looks really bright.

And really you know the pink colors really pop up and they really look good so I just thought of this has to be the best so I got it the colors are not at all visible when you apply it apart from two or three colors I should show you apart from these two and these two nothing is.

That why people are recommending if you have a fair skin tone and these shades can show up on your skin but I’m not too sure and if you have a skin tone similar to mine or even dusky than mine then not at all these are not at all gonna show up on your eyelid.

So just do invest in this ready palette I hated it and now it’s just lying in my drawer doing.

Nothing so I just don’t use this palette and the second product which I want to talk about is this lack my 9 to 5 prime of Les powder foundation and this product didn’t work for me at all they don’t have a lot of shade options they just have four to five shade options and I chose the shade option which I thought that is gonna go.

With my skin tone but it didn’t go exactly and this looks very brownish on my skin and just I don’t like the feel of it I just don’t like my.

Face after applying it this is just a product it didn’t work for me and also doesn’t satisfy the claims that.

It is primer powder foundation it’s just a powder a heavy powder I can say but as it just doesn’t match with my skin tone so it’s just a base product for me the next product is this mica paint stick and the shade that I have is number 11 and this is hearts and kisses if I remember it correctly then this is the hearts and kisses one and I just really don’t like the formula I really don’t like it is creamy.

This comfortable on your lips but it has a kind of shine to it and also a transpose a lot I really did not like how it looks on my lips then how does it makes my face look like so I really don’t like this so I never go to this lipstick and it’s a complete waste for me and the next product.

Is also a lipstick which I bought recently so this is a random branded I have found.

On mica so this is inside trendy lipstick and the shade that I bought is shade number 52 crystal berry and I wanted to try this lipstick because I wanted to try some affordable lipsticks but this lipstick just looks so patchy and it the formula isn’t comfortable at all when you apply and the.

Way your lips look like is really not good and also it’s damp patch it gets transferred a lot so not a good texture of Amla I did not like this lipstick then the next product is this naica brain Master silicon sponge and I have already done a full video on this you can see that video I’m gonna link that some very.

Cure and the description box below so this is just a waste product because I really don’t get the idea of silicon sponges like you can pick the product you can put it on your face but.

You can not do after steps like after putting.

It on your face you need to dab it you needed to get blend with your face it just doesn’t happen with this sponge so I really did not like the idea of silicon.

Sponges and would not recommend you guys to buy a silicon sponges just stick to your normal Beauty blenders and they are going to work for you so yeah I showed you product again then the next product is this better wast a high definition mascara and this mascara I don’t know if this product is.

Damaged or dryer or something but this mascara just doesn’t work you can not apply it the wand.

Really shitty and I too did not like this mascara it doesn’t make my lashes look fuller longer or heavier or anything it’s just a complete face product the next product is this fair and lovely BB cream and I already have a video on different BB creams I’m going to link that video as well in the description box below or in the I button as well so this.

Is the fair and lovely BB cream this has foundation plus fairness cream in it of course very.

Lovely is like obsessed with this fairness word and they really want everybody to get fair so that’s why this obsession is really just makes me very.
Angry like why can’t L our own skin tone I’m not gonna go.

Into that but yeah this is the parent lovely BB cream instant Fair look makeup finish this is a shitty product don’t buy it at all this just makes your face look really white and I have our demo in that video which I trouble you so you can check that video out if you want.

To see that and the formula is very drying I have combination skin and this makes my face very dry and so if you have dry skin then this is not at all gonna work for you and also as I said if you have a shade similar.
To mine skin tone similar to mine this is not.

Gonna work for you and some shades deeper as well so this is the Miss Clairol Emma sticks for eyes in the shade Amreli 15 and I already mentioned in my last.

Video that I didn’t like this product but I just wanted to include this in this video because this is the makeup product I regret buying so this.
Comes under that so this just doesn’t show.

Up the pigmentation is really poor and it doesn’t even show up on your eyes and it doesn’t even look like you’ve applied a color it looks black I really don’t know why is that the pigmentation.

Is very poor don’t go for this product and the last product is this color itself lipstick and the shade did I have this 34 news wait so this is the shade and this shade is two nude for my liking I mean it doesn’t show up on my skin on my lips.

Actually and yeah it’s just not the perfect nude for me I did not like it and also it gets transferred a lot so I really did not like the formula the color or anything so this is just a.

Base product okay so these were all the products they did not work to me at all and I hope you guys liked this video and if you did then you know what to do you need to give the big thumbs up you need to comment on below and subscribe to my channel and also turn the bail button on so you will be notified whenever I will be uploading new videos and as usual.

My social media Instagram and snapchat is listed in the description box below below below so you can check that out and visit me there so yeah that’s about it for this video I’ll see you guys next time bye.

My Biggest Empties Ever!!! | Makeup & Skincare Product Reviews | Beauty District

Back with another video this will be another empties video yes my makeups on fleetness okay I used up all this soap and glory fake away shea butter sugar peach seed powder spa body polish it’s not very nice very nice smell to it I like this soap & Glory is no longer carry that’s poor anymore so I got this.

One it was on sale Clara sign moisture cleanser duo.

I have not tried the cleanser but I do currently have the luxury brush head on my Clarisonic I’ve really been enjoying it one of my top 3 clear side brushes especially if you have extra more sensitive skin this one is really nice kiss my skin nice and clean.

Nice cleans maybe at the gentle one or the sensitive skin one but pretty clean.

20 movies I’d real offer calm ass cheek very nice the fried raishin that’s it they’re real tinted primer very good on its own for a nice brown lash look very very nice just on its own very very nice primer with other mascara so I really.

Do like this one I still am using it it’s not completely empty this one there’s still a little bit more in here but I got a brand.

New one so my girls squeeze all that out it’s the deep moisturizing shampoo this is my go-to even following me for years you know that I use Appaji all the time the deep moisturizing shampoo is holy grail for me repurchase did a little bit for Dennis gross alpha-beta.

Pills extra strength I used all of these I think I might.

Have more in here as well I use all of these these are good for.

Exfoliation / toner for me personally gets the skin.

Really nice and clean does a very light peel to the skin helps to take off.

Some of the dead skin as well as help rejuvenate and produce new skin underneath so very very nice let me speak to the Marchman good then I.

Have to alpha beta pill starter kit very good if you don’t know which one works best for you the.

Ultra gentleman was very very good so very very good for.

Sensitive skin but I really like the extra strength of it cuz I’d like to feel a little bit of a burn retaining sensation and that’s what the extra strength does for me a very very good kid I was giving this gratis a job of course you know.

Me if you follow me for years to l Genest with microalgae oil facial cleanser love it I brought another one but I’m using a bullsh√°√° purifying cleanser one I do.

Like that one but I did buy another one.

Of these so yes I’m trying to get through the other cleansers before I try this one but I really.

Do like it of course it’s holy grail for me then I use the first day Beauty milk oil cleansing cleanser I have to force myself to use this because it’s not very.

Good at taking off makeup you have to use a whole lot of it before you can get all your makeup off so I really didn’t like this personally myself if you’re wearing heavier full-coverage makeup would say castle this if you’re wearing like a tinted moisturizer or something very light a powder and will mascara this you’ll probably like you used up all of my ultra Repair Cream first day Beauty intense therapy this.

Is for all over the face I used to use this for my facial moisturizer which you can but it’s.

Meant to be all over the body I.

Empties: July 2018

Hey guys okay I’m back with my July unity McD’s I have a decent sized bag of trash here so let’s get started and I have to say not everything in here is a fait but a lot of these are my hands-down absolute favorites so I think I’ll just get started with those first sol de janeiro bum bum cream.
This is just the little to ounce I got a pack of.

Three two ounces I’m down to one I also do have a full size it smells so good it is just the most warm.

Comforting beachy type scent love it love it okay the cashmere skin Tonee goal this is Kim from the Real Housewife something maybe Atlanta her skincare line it’s all a signature scent which is kind of beachy fresh sweet I think it’s a really good scent I love it her products I think her not I don’t want to say they’re expensive but they’re not super affordable but she runs sales very often so that’s how I get them I’ve since repurchase that as well and I have more of this these are like game changers.
The drunk elephant see firm add.

A serum which is vitamin C serum and the TLC Fram booze glycolic night serum this is a 15% L absorbing acid and this is a 12% hav H a blend I’m gonna try to hold off to the vib sale before I repurchase full sizes.

Of both first off the C firma i used to say that the ola Henriksen truth serum was my favorite truth vitamin C serum but I think this is my favorite but I’m using the ola Henriksen one.

Now and I do like it it’s not bad I’ll use it in between especially to kind of like get me between cells because it is more affordable.

Or less expensive rather this is high but it just this was the number one game-changer product for just my skin once my rosacea was under control it brightened it faded it made my skin just good this excuse me since I’ve been incorporating this.

Breakout far less especially on my chin I used to always get just consistent I guess.

Hormonal breakouts my pores in this area I feel like have I mean I guess you can’t shrink them but they’re just maybe less I don’t see them as bad they’re not as obvious I mean they look like they’ve shrunk whether they can’t or not I don’t know I’m sure.

Somebody will tell me but they look like it it’s definitely just made a big difference in my skin so I couldn’t say enough good things about those okay um the rest I can’t say we’ll just get to that but those were just like really good ones this is the C booth ginger sugar body scrub they have since gotten rid of the ginger scent hallelujah now.
It’s kind of a light rose which I love.

So much more I had been kind of putting this off to use because well I love the scrub I didn’t like the scent you know if you’ve been pregnant then you probably are with me on not wanting to smell ginger.

Anymore but the scrub itself is such a good scrub it’s not greasy but it leaves this kind of luxurious moisture.
To your skin you can find it.

At Ulta it is very very good the at the beach body wash from Bath & Body Works this is a really good beachy scent just very kind of.

Fresh not overly coconutty but um you know like a man could use this he wouldn’t feel like he was using pouring a drink call her his body or anything like that it’s a very good beachy scent I like it a lot I finished off the.

January 2018 Empties

Everyone I’m sorry for the horrible lighting I have I like on overheads just because it’s gonna be a quick video it’s just an empties video I’m filming today and it’s 5:30 so Suns going down so anyway I films my yearly empties at the end of October November around that time I don’t know if I posted me yet I.

Don’t believe I have um but this is my nice empty video cuz this is gonna be a second video I’ve ever done for empties last year I kept it all myself in a year I don’t want to do.

That because I’ve already fell a third of this bag and I do plan on slowly moving I supposed to move this year.

But I hope to next year so I don’t have to be carrying someone junk with me Santa Clara just recycling anyway so I’m just gonna dig through here randomly somebody’s on my project pants so I think I’m posting my project pan before this but if I don’t think peak to someone I project pan items that are in here either I.

Decided I don’t want to try to use them up because they don’t work for me or they actually are used up so oh you have the Body Works hand sanitizer I have I think four or five of these left I bought a whole bunch of these a long time ago when I used to shop at bath the body works all the time bath and body groups not cruelty free cuz they sell in mainland China so now I’m.
Using up what I have I think I like for left or.

Something so there’s a little tiny bit on the bottom with little beads but it can’t doesn’t really come out so.

Stuff as I’m showing you guys cuz it’s gonna go and go in the recycling bin so this is only like two.

Months worth of stuff I used up this 1/2 of velvet cream wash at the body wash I came in like a little set I did like it it’s very small though I use the I used like handmade soaps or I use like lush bath soaps and that’s the only thing I think.

I like bar soap more now I do have some other body washes left that aren’t probably afraid I’m trying to use.
But I have tested once our quality work I think haben is.

Cruelty free I’ve got a set and I believe a set of Walden tested on animals so I used up my baby primer total focus primary tiny um that one was okay I know this may be I know this may not be the popular thought but I like silicon primers more so than creamy primers that one feels more like a lotion for me I like.

A little bit of a like a silicone II feel I like the elf mineral primer that’s what called.

Thick six bucks is great this ID cluttered I’ve had this for so many years it’s been sitting in the bottom of my purse I don’t plan on museums not my favorite I don’t know if it smells weird because I can’t breathe I’ve been sick.

For like three weeks I’m missing for two weeks it doesn’t seem like it smells weird that’s why I found easily if you guys can anyway so I didn’t finish this but I.

Am going to declutter as tools I don’t want to give ten T months of this I think this is a trash item this is an old Revlon I clean out my purse so some of these things you’re more of my old purses so this was doing one of my old purposes it’s an old.

Of Revlon eyeliner which is bad so that’s trash I don’t think this is in my project pan which is an elf eyebrow pencil in the color taupe identity it’s a figure eyebrow.

Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Facial Toner

Elephant this is today I’m gonna be talking about the clears the supple preparation unscented to turn out this toner review is super highly requested I really really like the regular self-liberation toner so I wanted to try out the unscented vision as well and the packaging is super pretty on this one as well so I was definitely interested in.
Before anybody asks so and happy new contact lenses on today because.

Going to work very shortly and my here at bears weight which is why it looks a little bit messy but it’s just because it’s candy that’s my normal hair.

Texture so that’s why that’s there was I got a new shirt and it has like little hats on the elbows thank.

You for my always done properly which is super cute although it’s possible pajamas I’m wearing it like regular people clothing because it’s cute but I wanted to get this review up as soon as possible which is why I’m not recording in my usual clothing and outfits and stuff so the product description says presenting the unscented toner a lightweight moisturizing toner for all skin types specifically.

Oily and sensitive skin fragrance free and made with our essential oils and harsh ingredients its gel like consistency seeps into the skin to make the skin less dry more smooth and plump with consistent use feel free to add a little more of the toner in the areas that are dry like the original one this toner also has star studded ingredients list that is perfect for all skin types and features a soothing blend of plant based extract along with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic.

Acid and soothing f centella asiatica the unscented toner has beautiful packaging it has a clear bottle rather than the dark bottle and a.

Pretty lavender label it has the same screw and shake atop this only lets.

Out the small amount of the toner so I do need to shake it a couple of times to just get one application the toner itself is clear in color and is quite thin and texture it’s easy to spread.
Out and absorbs quickly although this china is technically unscented.

In the sense that there are.

No edit fragrances it certainly is still seen to dry the other ingredients to meet it smells quite strongly like plastic it’s not the worst seem to give it to me but it is unpleasant in comparison to the regular supple preparation toner this toner is slightly more lightweight and quicker to absorb this may be due to.

Formula though I’m not quite sure how big of a percentage the oils make up then the formula of the regular toner the young center toner still works really well for my skin though I have to use a couple of extra layers to get the same effect as the regular supple.

Privation toner supple preparation supple preparation there’s so many syllables in just less two words that my tongue just hates.

Doing it but anyway this toner has gorgeous packaging it is unscented and has no added fragrances for those people who are sensitive to those sorts of things and it hydrates my skin beautifully which is all.

I really want in a toner i am extremely lucky and i sense that my skin is not sensitive to fragrances or any extra like.

New Products From Wet N Wild: First Impressions!

Although allow the guys it’s me and up coming to you with another first impressions video I originally was supposed to film a halo eye tutorial however I don’t feel a hundred percent yet for those of you who follow me on Instagram I have been very sick for about almost a week and a half to two weeks and I.

To par yet to film a tutorial however that will be coming up very soon so I did.

Get some products from wet and wild in the mail yesterday I am very excited to open them up have not tried them or anything like that so I wanted to show you those products instead again this will be a first impression video.

Majority of the products are highlighting products they did release a few new products so I ordered those products so that I can show you so here we go okay so the first products that I want to show you.

Were actually products I was interested in and I wanted to get because I wanted to see the performance of them these are.

The mega glow illuminator spray I guess you can pull the body Luminizer and these just came out recently they come in three colors I got two of them this one is the gold rush which is gold obviously and this color is.

Hearts of rose gold which is a rose gold color the third color which I did not get is a bronze color and I’m since I’m not really crazy about bronze I.

Just decided to skip out on that one but again there are three colors I.

99 each so this is how the product looks and then Shelly now I know it looks kind.

Of watery on the top but you’re supposed to shake this product very well and even.

Home on the packaging don’t worry just shake well so I’m gonna go ahead and get that now when you buy these products they will actually give you a kabuki makeup brush free and this is for the application of the product and I saw a video on how they applied it it pretty much reminded me or Rihanna when she you know put the highlighting product on her shoulder so that’s essentially what you’re gonna do.

This is a body glow I’m not 100% sure if you can use it on your face maybe I’ll try and put it on my face and see what.

Happens but this is really for your body this is wherever you want to put a nice and they set ourselves a nice glow throughout the winter not the holidays or whatever so that we don’t look so pale like I do now I put on some foundation did my.
Brows I didn’t put concealer or.

Anything I just wanted to get these products on my body just so that I can show you so I’m gonna start out with this pink rose and I’m going to.

Shake well as they aren’t telling me to and I believe this has some type of okay this has like a pump as you can see and in the video what they pretty much did would they just put like a bit on the shoulder so I’m gonna put that on and see how it works never done this.

Before with any type of body glow of any brand so all right should I start here maybe I’ll start here since the shoulder is closer to the camera so you’re gonna put of course it’s gonna take a couple pumps to get the product out oh there it is I guess that’s it maybe I should put more I’m not sure then I put one more one more.