Scala – Your First Programming Language – Part 18 – Anonymous & Partial Functions

com welcome to another video now my last two videos were technically not part of this playlist but they are very much related to it so you might not want to skip them we’re starting to jump between the object-oriented and the data oriented worlds and by the way if you’ve never heard the term data oriented.

Before it’s because I just invented it now Scala blends these two worlds very elegantly and today we’re gonna see examples of this let’s get started as always we’re in the bundle virtual machine but.

This time we have sublime at the top and the irregular terminal at the bottom which runs us Btu which runs our code every time we save a file and today we’re gonna concentrate.

On partial functions which is something that we stumble upon in the past but we haven’t really talked about them so what is their partial function well in contrast to a total function that for instance accepts and integers its argument a partial function only accepts parts of this integer domain.

Right so for example it could only accept a number four or number five and a very important distinction between a total function and a partial function is that a total function can be checked.

At compile time whereas a partial function can only be checked at Runza right because children compile time you don’t even know what the arguments are going to be so if function is only defined for a four or five the compiler can guarantee that what you’re passing in is only a four or a five now before jumping into code I would like to explain to you how.

There will be four parts in the first part we’ll recap what functional levels are and then.

In the second part we will see what is happening behind the scenes how they’re actually implemented and we will.

Realize that the function literals are merely a syntactic sugar for anonymous classes and therefore we’ll have to make a tiny detour into anonymous classes and then in the third part we will do the same thing for partial function so we’ll see first how they’re implemented and only then we will see.

Syntactic sugar for them and the last part is the most interesting one but the third one is.

Going to be a bit more complicated and it’s not going to be the most straightforward part because we’re gonna arrive at partial function sort of sort of backwards but let’s get started and see we’re going to start with a regular total function when I’m gonna use desks we’re gonna use a functional little aluminum over ticker so we can have a regular sole function which it’s gonna take an int.

And produce and our example is going to be a string and it will take an argument and what it will do is an argument it will basically convert it to a string by prepending the quotes right so we’re gonna do.

We have to escape the quote like this and I’m gonna copy that and I’m going to a plus sorry plus and now the argument and then plus and then.

The same thing over here again and now just to play around with this total function let me scroll down a bit now we’re gonna have a random number random number and it’s going to come from Scala lets call util random next and so now we’re gonna do is we’re going to print line and I’m gonna pretend a.

Python Programming Language – Python Tutorial For Programmers [2018]

In this course you’re going to learn everything you need to get started with Python just be aware that I have to design this course for developers so if you have very little or no programming experience check out my other Python course for beginners you can see the link on the top right corner of this video python is the.

World’s fastest-growing and most popular programming language not just amongst software developers but also amongst mathematicians data analysts scientists accountants network engineers and even.
Kids in fact it’s the ideal programming.

Language to learn first but what makes Python so special here are six reasons with Python you can solve complex problems in less time with fewer lines of code than many other languages that’s why huge companies like Google Spotify Dropbox and Facebook have embraced this beautiful and powerful language here is an example let’s say we want to extract the first three characters of the text hello world this is the code.

We would have to write in c-sharp this is how we would do this in JavaScript and here’s how we would do it in Python see how clean and simple the language is and that’s just the beginning Python is a multi-purpose language and you can.

Of jobs such as data analysis AI and machine learning writing automation scripts building web mobile and desktop applications as well as software testing or even hacking so if you want a high-paying long lasting career in any of these areas especially AI and machine learning Python is the language to put those opportunities at your fingertips in fact according to indeed.
com the average salary of a Python developer in the US.

Was over one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars in March 2018 and here are four more reasons that make Python the most desirable language Python is a high-level language so you don’t.

Have to worry about complex tasks such as.

Memory management as you do in C++ it’s cross platform which means we can build and run Python apps on Windows Mac and Linux it has a huge community so whenever you.

Get stuck there is someone out there to help and it has a large ecosystem of libraries frameworks and tools whatever you want to.

Do it is likely that someone else has done it before because python has been around for over 20 years there are two versions of Python out there Python 2 which is the legacy version of.

Python and is going to be supported until year 2020 and Python 3 which is Python for the future in this course you’re gonna learn Python 3 hi my name is Muhammed Ani and I’m going to be your instructor.

In this course I’m a software engineer with 18 years of experience and I’ve taught way over a million people how to code or how to become top.

Professional software engineers to learn more about me and my courses head.

Over to code with mass comm alright now let’s get started alright now we’re ready to download and install Python the first thing I want you to do is to open up your browser and head over to python org on this page under the downloads you can see the.

Latest version of python currently the latest version.

7 chances are in the future when you’re watching this video.

Insert A Video Into An Html5 Video Tag Or Use A Youtube Iframe In Dreamweaver Cc

Let’s put some video in our tables that we’ve developed I mean videos everywhere and yeah you see more videos than you do pictures these days so let’s do it it’s fairly simple all I have to do is click in my cell over here I can look down here and see that it’s a table cell it’s in a table.

And I click in it so that my cursor is flashing at the top of the cell you can do it any way you want we have our vertical alignment set the top here new to the.

Last couple of versions of Dreamweaver is you can just go insert html5 video and to do this we’re using the new html5 video tag this this it’s the video tag has been around for a long time but it hasn’t been ready to use in most browsers I’d.

Say oh gosh going back three years this wouldn’t have worked but I’m gonna give it a click and what happens is you can you get this little thing showing.
You well that’s what we’re what’s your where your video is gonna.

Be but let’s look at the code I’m gonna click our code mode button here and here we go video controls and so the only thing that we don’t have just like an image tag where it’ll be image source like up here for our JavaScript rollovers it.

Says image source as our c IMG SRC image source well here it doesn’t quite know where well what video you want to put in there so lets go back into design mode i’m going to select my little video image get out my handy dandy prop these panel and this bring.
Up the handy dandy files panel again our properties panel here it.

Says video because I have selected this doohickey and here.

It says source so now might be a good time to do some pointing and shooting so I’m gonna point and shoot to my basic HTML table dot mp4 the preferred video format and but but our thing is still teeny-tiny well now’s a good time to go back and start remembered that we’re always talking about width height width height width height I happen to know for a fact that that video is 780 wide and 720.
Gonna hit enter and this video fills my screen it may be it yeah this.

Table cell is too small for that so all I would have to do now is connect to the server upload this to the server upload my HTML document to the server and this video will play but.

The mp4 video file format in conjunction with the html5 video tag still does not play in all browsers oh my that’s true it’s true that’s the.

A little shaky but but it works almost all the time but if you have a client that’s not up for almost almost all the time well here’s another scenario what I can do is I can just go to.

Youtube you can upload the video to YouTube I’m here in my channel and I can come here and select one of my videos.
Put it on pause and write down here for any video that you see on.

YouTube you can just come here and click the share button and then I’m not gonna use this right here I’m going to click the embed option and it’s gonna give me the code also it’ll say well what what size.

To be well when I made this video it was 1280 by 720 so when I put these up on YouTube I used the same width and height that they were produced in but for our purposes in that our cell the tables a thousand pixels wide we have those two rollover images on the left that are 250 so let’s see what they have here that will fit in a 750 box this one right here 640 by 360 notice the iframe width iframe will play will play on the iPhones iPads androids iframe.

Will play about anywhere and here’s the address to the embedded video and all I do is I’m just going to right click control click on this code move that browser out of the way come back in here and I’m going to go into code to make this happen let’s move my properties panel out of the way I’m in my table cell and I’m just going to go so now all I have is.

The opening TD tag and the closing TD tag and I’m gonna paste the code there you go I have my iframe code pasted right into my table cell I go into design mode and here here it is now just out of curiosity I’m gonna try it in live mode I.

Don’t think it’s gonna work in live mode you never know yeah.

Nothing happens in live mode so let’s save the file and this pre you in and the thing about this is and then this will happen to you you’re gonna put the code in it’s not.

My computer out here in the middle of nowhere and but if you upload this HTML.

With code this video will play I kind of prefer using the I tube or the YouTube methodology using their code paste it in because if you’re going to use.

YouTube and you’re gonna upload your video to your server well that’s two uploads that you have to make and if your videos are 12:15 let god forbid like some of.

Mine they’re 20 minutes long a 20 minute uploading to 20 minute videos uploading to your server might take like 20 minutes and then 10 minutes YouTube’s.

Pretty fast and I find that sometimes my videos like shut down when trying to upload my mp force to the server Plus YouTube they’ve researched this so much that’s what they do for a living they make sure that this thing shows up on every browser which is something that the new video tag and the MP thief and the mp4 file format does not ensure that this video will play everywhere while YouTube does so anyway that’s.

How you are go to YouTube grab video go to embed select the width and height and drop it into your html5 table.

Amazing Kerbal Space Program Mod To Learn Programming – Krpc

Hello wonderful person is Anton and welcome to Kerbal space program or should I say welcome back to Kerbal space program this was actually one of the original games I used on the channel one of the games I played the most and this was the game that started this as an educational channel more so than anything else into this.
Video I wanted to talk about care PC a to that I actually would.

Highly recommend you use and the two that I’m.

Thinking of using the summer to teach you a little bit of programming anyway welcome to the math so a few years ago I made a video about Kos Kos if you don’t actually know what that is let me actually show you the website for it is Kerbal operating system it’s basically kind of a language of someone.

Developed that allowed you to use Kerbal space program to make these scripts and.

Automate pretty much everything you could do takeoffs you could do landings you could put yourself in orbit you can even land on the.
Moon but it was a language I was only using the Kerbal.

Space program and that created a few challenges like for example if you discover the bug it was hard to kind of fix it on the other hand I always wanted to try to find a way to basically integrate my knowledge of programming into KSP and just so what happens there is a tool that I only discovered maybe a few months ago.

It’s a tool known as K RPC which stands for Kerbal remotes program Kol I guess something like that what this allows you to do is use the languages you might already know or help you learn the.

Language that you want to learn I’m talking about programming languages and then transfer to KSP and basically automate everything so you can use c-sharp you can use C++ Java fluid Python Ruby and Haskell but we’re going to be using Python and today I actually want to show you how to install all this and how to use all this.

And introduce the idea of using scripts and using programming to basically play KSP completely remotely so we’re going to go into the game and start our first programming experience in KSP now here’s the thing I already have an installed I’m gonna show you how easy.

It is to install it and basically all you have to do is well first of all download care PC and.

Install it on your computer one of the easiest ways is to use what’s known the sea-can which is the mod installation utility this is under github.

KSP that’s again it Caspi – the cameras and get this file if you’re on Windows and order so I feel on Mac and just run it and it will allow you to install care PC you also need to install python and i usually highly recommend using this and I couldn’t navigator this is a sort of a package that includes everything we’re going to be using Jupiter notebook and here if you go into environments.

Click on this open terminal and in the terminal type pip install key RPC it will install the library that you need to play this in Kerbal space program that’s really all there is to it I already have it so it’ll basically say you don’t have to install anything then close this and you can actually jump into your Kerbal space program and you’re going to.

See this little box here it’s gonna say start server we’re gonna click on this and right away it actually starts writing the server on your computer on the port 5,000 now here’s the cool.

Part about this is that you can actually use this remotely from what I understand you can actually connect from outside of your computer basically from your smartphone while you’re on the bus or something and then launch these scripts of let’s say a mission.

It’s already in progress so let’s say you’re you have some sort of a transformation from Jewell to do not and you kind of are.

Waiting for this window or opportunity meanwhile writing a script on the bus and then you can actually just have this launch the script remotely while you’re away from your computer absolutely brilliant we’re gonna.
Use this really simple vehicle ability to try to launch this so I’m.

Gonna show you how the script works and actually so yeah this is the vehicle just one stage here or actually two stages sorry these boosters will separate this will continue up and then there is actually another way we couldn’t separate here later.

The key RPC documentation there’s a toriel here it actually explains everything really well i’m gonna show you some of the comments here and the way it works is usually very very simple so you import the library first you then connect to your server and then you activate your vessel so these three lines you always have here i.

Can actually use vessel that flight command so this command right here to connect it to a variable code flight info and.

Then I can call this variable right here with a command called mean altitude and this will actually bring up the altitude you see in a second and I can also use another command it’s actually.

Pretty long that will display our location on kerbin so here I’m gonna run it and in the second or so will return my altitude and my position so 75 meters or 76 meters and this is our I think this is X Y Z I believe.

I don’t actually remember but.

This will allow you to basically pinpoint specific location on kerbin or really any other planet you can choose the body and change the body as you.

Wish this is a really good tutorial right here that shows you how to do it we’re going to go into this a little bit more detail later on but for now let’s actually just do the following let’s let’s take this so we’re gonna basically do this and just do one more one thing one simple thing we’re going to.

Automate our launch and we’re going to go straight up and then we’re gonna separate our boosters and keep going up and separate the last part and then release the.

Parachutes that’s really all I want to do now all this is actually from the tutorial you can find on the APC website but I’m.

Just going to explain to you the commands here so the first command vessel dot.

That’s basically how you start the command and remember vessel is the variable at the way sign right here it’s the active vessel will basically engage the autopilot and then target the autopilot toward 90 90.

So this is up and this is East so in other words it’s going to be pointing up but also East so if you.

Want to start doing gravity turn afterwards you just have to start decreasing this number we’re then are going to engage the autopilot with this command the third line here sets our throttle all the way to the max is gonna be from 0 to 1 and then we’re going to just.

Wait a little bit so we have to actually import the time library we’re gonna wait one second before we actually launch.

And so the next step is going to be to print launch right here and then activate the stage so this should actually take off our craft and we’re going to launch this and jump into the game and the bearer goes.

Hands off basically it’s doing it by itself now right now it’s gonna keep flying I would by the way I’ve already connected several times as you can see there’s all the connections in.

This way here right now it’s gonna keep going up but it’s not going to do anything once the fuel has exhausted but you can actually start adding commands to it as you go as a matter of.

Fact you don’t have to write a long script you can basically add to it as you progress so I can now jump back into my script and basically add another thing here that will set the throttle to zero.

And then stage the craft and there we go so that just initiated the next stage we didn’t get to see it but I believe I believe alright well there there there there are the boosters so there actually flew away because they still.

Had some fuel left and if you want to basically activate the other stage let’s set this back.

To one and that’s actually let’s.

Turn a little bit we’re gonna put this right here oh here comes the space music we’re gonna turn zero degrees and maybe wait a little bit time sleep two seconds and time sweet two seconds as well and then activate the last stage so here we go just.

So just so we could actually see it so it starts turning activates the engine and starts moving sideways beautiful so now we’re basically initiate a very very awkward very strange gravity turn.

So you can see the orbit is a great increase in here and we’re getting quite a lot of speed but we don’t want to go too fast so.

We might actually have to stop our engines manually soon but this is essentially how you can totally automate everything and you can.

There’s a lot of commands you can use in here as a matter of fact all of them are listed under a care PC documentation under Python there’s a lot of stuff you can learn from this by doing it this way you can actually start learning Python by playing through the game and it’s actually absolutely awesome I’m gonna hopefully create a little stream that I actually been meaning to start for.

A while where I want to teach you a little bit of about Python by using Kerbal space program and will actually make her own commands as well all right looks like I’m out of fuel now I’m moving at a speed of 2,800 meters per second and yep we are in orbit very eccentric orbit but orbit unto us pretty cool so this was completely automated well more or less automated using the scripts let’s revert oh I can revert.

No I wanted to revert it I guess it’s because I had this spacecraft staying here for a while I guess I’m gonna have to place another craft here and this is what Valentina crimin this time and what I want to.

Intro To Statistics In R

Was first introduced our in my psychology masters statistics course and we have the option of using our SPSS and I hate SPSS because I took a look at our code and thought oh my god no but since then I’ve I’ve been converted I’m now a big fan of our there are a lot of awesome things you can do.

With our if you do a lot of statistics and your research the one thing I’m gonna say about tonight’s lesson is it’s it’s just gonna be.
An overview of sort of basic kind of.

Here’s how to do some descriptive statistics in our and here’s an introduction to inferential statistics Nara and here are some really good packages that I think you should make a note of and you know potentially using the future when you are on your own doing stats and are what this won’t be unfortunately is like a because we only have an hour in a bit will be an entire kind of introduction to how to.

Use our the our environment variable assignment how to subset variables all of these sorts of things so I’m kind of assuming it’s not gonna come up too.

Much but I’m sort of assume that you guys understand what a function is I’m.

Under I’m assuming you guys understand that like you know this is how you assign something to a variable so I’m assuming kind of like very very basic knowledge here if if that’s not the case try your best to follow along and we do have a live stream I believe on our YouTube channel our introduction on our so you.

Guys go back watch that watch this live stream again so these are the packages that I hope you have all now installed we’re gonna kind of move on and and just really hope that you have them all installed and there we have a couple culpers it looks like so if you’re having any trouble maybe just sort of raise your hand and.

Come over and try to try to give you a hand so.

What oh yeah the stickies so okay red is for I need help or pink is for I need help.

Yellow is for all is good okay so in our I don’t know how many of you know this but are on its own comes with a couple datasets that you can sort.

Of play around with toy around with just sort of example datasets the other thing is in this car package that we’re bringing in it also has.

An example dataset so the datasets that we’re gonna be using today are iris and that’s about like flowers wrong not ones a bit like recovery from concussion data and empty cars which is about cars I know nothing about cars but it had some kind of useful categorical variables so these are the three data sets for any be.

Working with don’t don’t we don’t need to dwell too much or like kind of get to them but this is sort of what they look like this is the long data set this is sort of individuals who have had concussions the number of days since the concussion how long a concussion was.
And then measurements of their IQ.

Measurements of age measurements of their sex the iris data this is like the species of flower and then some information about their petals and things like I don’t even notice equal is and then mg.

Cars I said I was like number of years and my careers and cylinders and all of these things I’ve no idea what thinking so those are the three digit sets we’re gonna be working with today so the first thing I want to show you is just some basic descriptives so one thing that you’re probably gonna want to do is.

Count how many things you have in your data set if you have a categorical variable like gender you might want to.
Count how many individuals fall into each.

Category so you can get frequencies with the function table this is a useful little function so I’m gonna call the empty cars dataset so I’m actually just going to list the datasets are using so people don’t get to the hashes is a comment so it means when I run that code nothing’s gonna happen Paris empty.

Cars long and IRS so table I’m teen cars and then I’m going to use dollar sign which in case you don’t know is how you subset a.

Column and the data sets so I’m going to ask for the column gear so there are different numbers of gears on different cars and I want a frequency table of how many.

Cars have how many different gears so in our dataset you can have a car with three four or five years and in the console here which is where you get your truth like output you can see here that there are.

15 cars with three years twelve with four and five with five years you can also do cross tabulation with our earth sorry with table the function table which is a really useful thing and all you need to do is give it two columns and again the columns kind of need to be categorical so this.

Time we’re gonna give it gear and we’re gonna give it so now we’re gonna have like a two by two or three by two or I’m not sure how many carburetor different carburetor categories there are but now we’re going to get something that looks like this so these aren’t the greatest labels if your variables in your data set are like factors or they’re given actual names and the actual names will appear here but this is the number of carburetors in any given car and this is the number of.

Gears in any given car and then here contain within here is a little kind of cross tabulation of the count data of how many cars appear within each cell so there are.

Three cars that have three years and one carburetor so it’s kind of like.

Helpful to do another really easy one is just the mean how do we get the mean of any given column of data any variable right so.

One thing that I should mention is.

Here let’s let’s just do an example first this time we’ll use the concussion data set and we’re gonna look at verbal IQ thank you I mean you got our M equals T and you might be thinking what am i typing here what is this well here let’s run this and see what we got so I’m going to look for the average verbal.

IQ score of the individuals who are being measured for their id’s post-concussion and the mean.96 okay awesome so one thing that I should note is without the this means.

Na which is missing data and our remove equals true you can also write true T or you can abbreviate it with T without this argument I.

A null value if there is any missing data in your variable so generally you sort.

Of want to put that argument in unless that’s not what you want so that’s something to keep in mind so for a lot of the examples here we’re going to see this sort of n/a we remove.

How To Secure Financial Freedom And Maximize Productivity | The Tim Ferriss Show (podcast)

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Experiment and instead of my usual long-form interviews where I deconstruct world-class performers to tease out their habits routines favorite books and so on I will share some details from my own life and decision making and so on based on questions that have been uploaded by subscribers to five bullet Friday.

Why Thinking On Paper Is A Fast Way To Focus | Ryder Carroll

I for the last 10 years I’ve been a digital product designer and I noticed that my journaling actually allowed me to think in a completely different way so even when I would be designing different kinds of software applications from watch interfaces to video game interfaces it always started out on paper and over time I realized that the more.
I could actually take my thoughts.

Offline the clearer they would become and.

The more I could focus because I mean you could sit down and start typing out you can journal in.

I noticed I’d be journaling in an AB next thing I know I’m ordering shoes online and you have no idea how you got.

From one point to the other but when you sit down with a notebook and as soon as you engage with the page you are unplugged so it forces you to really engage with your thoughts in a way that I feel has not been.

Accurately replicated in the digital.

Space so for me the act of bullet journaling is an act of thinking it’s an act of unplugging and actually processing the information and in my community I’ve found that that’s also provided significant value to people who get caught up in the rush of everyday life it’s a moment that.

You can take back it’s a moment where you can really have the luxury of sitting down and starting to digest the things that you otherwise can easily be overwhelmed by I think one thing that we often kind of forget is just.

Because something is convenient does not make it.

Efficient so a lot of times data entry if you type for example happens a.

Lot faster but in that process a lot gets lost because you’re just kind of parroting the source and I.

Think that it’s really important to actually hear what’s being said then just simply kind of spitting it back out onto paper so when.

You’re writing a lot of the time what you want to do is reduce the amount of information that you’re capturing only down to what truly matters so you’re distilling information in real time and in order to do that you have to think about what truly matters and I feel like writing by hand allows.

Us to think significantly more about the information that we are writing.

Down I mean the actual act of writing activates very many different parts of.

Our brain simultaneously that from the science that I have seen doesn’t happen when you’re typing so for example students that were separated into two separate groups one was allowed to take notes via handwriting and the other via typing and the.

Group that wrote by hand retained the information significantly longer and significantly more accurately so I think that when you concentrate and you focus on writing you are engaging with content significantly more you have to you’re the weight of.

The pen the the the ideas the concepts that you’re trying to distill down to what matters how your handwriting looks how quickly you’re writing and all those things immediately focus.

Your attention more so than I would say but typing would so decision fatigue is when you find yourself literally exhausted by the.

Amount of decisions that you have to make because we’re constantly inundated by so many different things from so many different channels all that information requires our attention and a lot of that information actually requires us to act and acting on information is.

Essentially making a decision so do.

You want to go watch this movie do you want to go on this trip do you want to respond to this email do you do you do you do you have to constantly keep asking yourself and you’re making a decisions and over time the more you.

Allow yourself to be inundated by without taking a step back the more exhausted you get it might not be physically right you can.

Make decisions all day long and you can still run a marathon but our mind also has a.

Limited amount of energy your ability to make decisions becomes worse it can really.

Quickly degrade when you’re.

Constantly making decisions and.

Again for me journaling is a big part of that because a lot of these decisions don’t add value to our life we’re thinking about things just because they’re there not because they actually mean something to us and a lot of the time I think we forget that just because something could be done doesn’t mean that it needs to be done and it certainly shouldn’t be taking up our time and our energy and our focus we live in a we live in an age of.

Unlimited possibility and possibilities.

Require us to make a decision and I think it’s really important to realize that we are very limited our attention is limited our time is very limited and if we start to structure our days around that concept then we can start to we can start to protect the time that we.

Do have and start trying to make decisions based on things that do matter to us a thing before we make the.

Decision we have to make the decision to.

Be very careful about what we let into our lives and if we don’t we suffer from decision fatigue.

#093: Coach More, Rescue Less: 7 Power Questions To Ask Your Team | Michael Bungay Stanier

Would you like to accelerate your career and reach your full potential in just minutes a day welcome to the lead X show with New York Times bestselling author and Inc 500 entrepreneur Kevin Cruz how can you unlock your team’s potential with just seven coaching questions hello everyone Kevin Cruz here and in just a minute we’re gonna talk about.

Habit that will change the way you lead forever but first congratulations to all of you for being lifelong learners and so proactive with your career you turn on the lead X show and you tie your sneakers and head.

Out for that morning jog or maybe you’re turning on the show when you turn on your car if your morning commute either way whenever you listen you know lead X will help you to stand out and get ahead tell your.

Friends at work lead X is the smartest way to start your day and also big thanks to all of you who subscribe to the show last week on iTunes and left a rating or one or two sentence review.

It only takes a minute but it’s the single best favor you can do for me and today’s career tip is how are you feeling the next time you’re running a meeting at the very end go around the room and ask each participant how you feeling or how you feeling about this right now you’ll.
See that it forces everyone to sort of check in.

With their agreement or alignment or lack thereof with what was discussed any decisions that were made it’s a chance to get everything on the table.

And if people don’t leave their true thoughts and feelings in the room well they’re gonna express them out in the hallway at the water cooler and to.

Other people who weren’t invited into that meeting and I find that how are you feeling is better than what do you think or any final thoughts I think when you talk.

About thoughts it’s too easy for people to say no nothing else I’m all good when you ask how they feel it magically brings up.

Responses like nervous or a little frustrated and that’s an opportunity to get some discussion.

Around it some additional alignment and closure before everyone walks out the door how you feeling now our guest today left Australia 22 years ago to be a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University he says his only significant achievement at Oxford was falling in love with a.

Canadian which is why he now lives in Toronto he’s the author of several books including do more great work and end malaria which is a collection of essays from leading thinkers and it raised $400,000 for the nonprofit malaria no more he’s the founder and senior partner of box of crayons a company that helps organizations all over the world to do less good work and more great work work together to.

Talk about his latest book the coaching habit say less ask more and change the way you lead forever our guest is Michael Bungay Stanier Michael welcome to the show Kevin I’m happy to be here and if you’d like.

To know how I’m feeling I’m feeling excited full of anticipation I’m feeling honored to be invited onto the show so thank you the pleasure is all ours and I.

Match your anticipation and we’re gonna talk about the coaching habit in just a minute Michael but I always start with the first question will you open up and share.

Awesome Gmail Trick: How To Automatically Delete Emails In Gmail

I’m going to show you one of my absolute favorite Gmail hacks and it will completely declutter your inbox and allow you to delete email automatically and also soar mail as it arrives in your inbox so this is my email address I use for this YouTube okay it’s just a load of junk to be honest so let’s look at.

Say this Google Plus this perhaps we don’t want constant Google+ notifications so if we take that little box there and then go more filter messages like these and so this puts in the email address so anything that.

Comes from that email address I can apply some sort of filter so you’ve also got other things where you can say anything that contains us the subject anything that contains these words or doesn’t have these words you can apply a certain filter to them you’ll be careful using this because if you put subject as something that may apply in multiple emails you can get emails going missing so be very careful to is you from is usually the.

Best filter so press create filter with this search you get all these options if you don’t want to delete it but you don’t want to going in your inbox you can press skip inbox and.

Away into your archive so you can find if you look for it it’s not.

Gone but it’s not cluttering your inbox the one I like.

Is delete so if you take delete in it if you want to delete all the emails automatically you can press also apply filter to the conversations this will delete everything with that email address and also any future emails from that then we press create filter and that will apply.

That filter and every single email from that is one gone and two from that specific email address will never come again but you’ll notice I’ve got all these so you can take multiple like that.

I’m do exactly the same on show you one more time.

Filter messages like these so they’ve.

All come from that email address create filter with this search delete it also apply those conversations create filter and boom all those emails are going forever automatically.

Deleted hopefully this will make your inbox so much more usable and I hope you’ve enjoyed watching it thank you very.

Productivity & Time Management Hack: Time Blocking

Hello everyone my name is Samir anis and you are watching demi TV the goal of this video channel is to help you awaken your inner alpha so you can follow your dreams and find your authentic voice and today ladies and gentlemen we are going to talk about productivity and time management hack that I learned from the vlog boss.

A meal and II know if you are not familiar with her I will link her channel link on the description ok so I’m going to teach you this productivity in time management hack because I think it’s the bestest discipline that you can endow to yourself and you can give to yourself so that you could make.

Sure that you are not wasting time at all and you are making sure that you are productive in every single way possible.

Regardless if you are a mom you’re working a nine-to-five job you are just sitting down in your comfortable home on a Saturday on a Sunday you have to also make sure that.
Your Saturday and Sundays are very productive so without further.

Adieu before we started this video I would like to remind you that we would need a digital calendar for this because it might not be easy for you to shift on times and just criss-crossing stuff when something comes up right say for example you have written out of your whole schedule.

For the whole week and something came up along the way so it might be hard for you to just erase stuff you know it might be very dirty and untidy I don’t know about you but that’s my personal pet peeve I don’t like your racers on a ballpen unless.
You like pencil and paper sure why not.

Right so we are going to use Google Calendar today Google Calendar for this.

Because I think that that’s the best way for you to create your very own schedule it’s easy to use and you can also categorize the things that you’re doing all throughout the day okay so let’s dive right in if you don’t know the link yet it’s Google slash calendar like that I’m not going to enter it because I’m already here so this is.

Actually how my first week looked like okay so I have only used this productivity app for the first week of September so it’s it was just last week that I did it but I feel like it’s very important to actually know this type of type management skill that’s the reason why I’m sharing it with you and I will also tell you what worked for me and what didn’t so that II when you are making your schedule yourself you would know exactly what to do without overwhelming yourself and actually bombarding yourself.

To do okay so let’s do this thing so my week started at September 2 and ended at September 8 okay today is actually September 7 here but I think you will.

Be watching this video at on September 9th so this is how my week actually looked like if you could see there are colors.

Because those are the categories that I’ve created and here at the left side of my panel so you could create any categories but Google Calendar addresses it as a calendar we.

Have here say for example you want to create a calendar for your work work task say for example okay so if you have a lot of stuff to do in your work you could also categorize it oh my god my internet connections worry about that and you would press back.