How To Avoid Those Annoying Game Of Thrones Spoilers On Facebook [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Is your ability to watch Game of Thrones at the same time as the rest of the world hampered by your moral stance against piracy? And does that leave you rather desperate to avoid spoilers on Facebook and Twitter? Well, you can actually avoid spoilers without having to avoid social media. There are multiple tools you can use, which, when put together, should shield you from the worst of it.

Netflix recently came up with a tool called Spoiler Foiler to stop Twitter from spoiling House of Cards for you. But Twitter isn’t everything, and we need tools for blocking more than just Netflix hits. Here are some of the best things you can use to stop spoilers on Facebook.

Spoiler Shield

Spoiler Shield is an app you can download for Android or iOS, or as a Chrome extension. Within Chrome, it will block spoilers on the Facebook and Twitter. websites. When you’re trying to avoid spoilers on your phone, you can use this app instead of your Facebook or Twitter app. Most importantly, your settings are synced between devices.

Spoiler Shield

It’s easy to get started, simply by logging in with your Facebook and Twitter credentials. The app will block spoilers for a whole bunch of popular shows, plus NFL, NHL, English Premier League, baseball and basketball games. They’ve recently added award shows and all sorts of other stuff to the mix. You can even block by a handful of celebrity names. Shows that are blocked include:

  • Game of Thrones
  • House of Cards
  • Survivor
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • (and lots more)

You set the shields up with all of the shows and sports teams you’re trying to avoid spoilers for, and the app hides posts it thinks are spoilers. You can always override things and click on the hidden posts, but that’s at your own risk.


Silencer For Chrome

Another Chrome app to hide spoilers is Silencer. The Silencer extension lets you type in your own keywords to mute, which is perfect if you’re blocking something a little more obscure, like Eurovision spoilers. It also means you can block news stories you’re sick to death of, celebrities who annoy you, or event hashtags for conferences you’re not attending. The versatility of Silencer makes it really useful.

If you want to use some presets, there are “Mute Packs” available. Although, I guess you don’t want to be analysing which keywords are in those packs, lest they include the spoiler items themselves.


Sadly, though it’s fantastic on Twitter, Silencer is temporarily not working very well on Facebook, but that will hopefully be fixed at some point. Silencer is not just for Facebook and Twitter though, as it will also block spoilers from and GetGlue. Everything is synced with Chrome too, so you’re covered on all of your computers.


Unspoiler is a way to block certain terms from any site you visit, not just Facebook and Twitter. This will help you catch the spoilers on news sites and Reddit too! It syncs your preferences using your Google login, but be sure to take a look and decide which one to use if you’re logged into multiple accounts.


What’s really neat about Unspoiler is that it also saves a list of things it’s blocked for you. Which means that once you’ve caught up on your viewing you can easily go back and read the things your friends were linking to on Facebook.


TweetDeck Mute

Don’t forget that TweetDeck and other major clients for Facebook and Twitter can often block certain terms for you. However, when you’re putting the keywords in yourself you are potentially going to miss many that include the spoilers themselves, as you don’t know what those are yet. But you can try!

Personally, I went as far as reading the whole “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers on Facebook. How far do you go to avoid TV and movie spoilers on social media? Will these tools help you?

From Food Menus To Photo Blogging: My 10 Favorite IOS Apps Of 2013

While I still use all the apps on my favorites lists of 2011 and 2012, new and old iOS apps have made it to my iPad and iPhone homepage and dock folders this year.

2013 brought the release of iOS 7 and beautifully redesigned apps to fit the more colorful and minimalist style of the mobile operating system. My favorite apps of 2013 are those which I found most productive in helping me get things done. These are my personal favorites, but they are also chosen as recommendations for other iOS users. We invite you to share your favorites in the comment section.

Restaurant Apps

Though I try to save money by not going out to eat, these free restaurant apps for Chilis, Wingstop, and Chipotle make ordering food a huge time saver. On a Friday or Saturday night, I walk into one of these restaurants and there’s usually a line of people waiting to make their order. But not me. I walk in and pick up my order based on the scheduled time.

From Food Menus to Photo Blogging: My 10 Favorite iOS Apps of 2013 chilis iphone

What’s great about these apps is they keep a listing of your previous orders and favorite items so you can simply re-add them to the checkout. Each of these apps allows you to pre-pay or pay when you pick up your order.

Kindle for iOS (Free)

The iOS 7 updates for the Kindle Reader put the app on my favorites list for this year. The latest update now allows your Kindle books to be organized into collections, book highlights and notes are much easier to read and access, and the Before You Go section that pops up at the end of a book provides recommendations for similar books and sample downloads.

Kindle app categories

Google+ (Free)

Besides Twitter, Google+ is my only other social network. The iOS versions of Google+ makes accessing, and posting to feed circles, communities, and events very easy. There’s no wasted space or lots of clutter in the user interface, and your activities are automatically synced between all your devices.

Google plus 9

Check out our free PDF guide for getting started with Google+, and Saikat’s article about 5 ways to use Google+ circles for personal productivity.

Pocket (Free)

For the past year Pocket has become my primary read-it later repository. Because Pocket includes web browser extension and is supported in other third-party iOS apps like Tweetbot, Zite, and IFTTT, I can easily bookmark articles to Pocket for later review.
Check out James’ review for an overview of Pocket, and Nancy’s article for good tips on how to get the most out of Pocket.

IFTTT (Free)

I don’t launch automation service IFTTT everyday, but it does work for me each day of the week, several times a day. IFTTT allows users to assign all kinds of internet related actions, including  automatically posting tweets and Facebook messages, saving iOS photos to your Dropbox account, remotely triggering a Wemo connection, sending SMS reminders, and much more.

IFTTT iphone

For a long time IFTTT was just a web based service, but now it’s an iPhone app which allows users to browse actions, or recipes, and activate them inside the app. Check out our free downloadable manual for IFTTT to learn how to use it better.


If I decide to purchase an iPad Air, it will partially be because of Apple’s Newsstand which makes reading a digital magazine much like reading the paper version. Even in the Internet age, I subscribe to eight paid and free digital magazines. Newsstand is a default iOS app, and you can switch your paper magazine subscriptions to digital ones on the iTunes App Store.

HT4943 newsstand en

Diigo Browser (Free)

When I read long articles on interesting subjects, I typically want to highlight passages for research purposes in case I want to review them later. Diigo Browser is the only web browser app I know of that includes annotation tools.

From Food Menus to Photo Blogging: My 10 Favorite iOS Apps of 2013 diigo

The app is very similar to its desktop web browser counterpart, but reading and highlighting text on my iPad is more comfortable, like reading and annotating a paper magazine article. All your highlights and notes get saved to the bookmarked article in your Diigo account. Articles can also be tagged and managed in folders. For more details, see my article about how to use Diigo for writing term papers.

Recordium ($2.99)

I don’t use this voice recording and note taking app very often, but when I do it comes in very handy. Recordium allows users to add bookmarks in the timeline of audio recordings, as well as delete and trim sections of voice clippings. This is a very useful app for students, journalists or anyone who often relies on voice recordings. See my extended review of Recordium for more details.

Recordium 6


Ever since I started using the iPhone, I’ve wanted a simple app that allows to me to snap and manage photos on the fly for things I need to remember, without using the camera roll. Notograph, which I recently reviewed, is one of a few photo note apps that serves that purpose.

Notograph 1

I keep the app in a folder in my iPhone’s dock. When the app launches, it automatically opens the built-in camera, saving one less tap. Images can be saved to the default folder or organized into named folders or exported.

Bokeh (Free)

Bokeh, which I reviewed earlier this month, is the newest and most recent of my favorite iPhone apps. For us users who want to keep our personal everyday photos accessible to mainly family and friends, Bokeh makes photo blogging everyday moments simple and fast.

Bokeh page

Bokeh keeps snapshots organized by monthly calendars so you can look back and remember what you and others were doing on particular dates. It’s a nice way to keep a photographic log, without oversharing with the whole world.

What Are Your Favorites?

That’s it for my personal favorite iOS apps of 2013. There are undoubtedly more apps that should be recognized and highlighted, so show some love to developers and let us know your favorite apps of the year.

2 Simple Ways To Navigate & Download Images Without Going To Reddit

Not only does Reddit act as one of the coolest and most effective ways to get social news that will interest, inform, and make you laugh, but it’s also an imageboard: almost like a 4chan for adults. Images are what power Reddit, and without it being such a visual experience it wouldn’t be nearly as popular as we all know it to be today.

Do you want to browse and save content from Reddit without the text getting in your way? That’s completely possible, and I’ll show you how.

Skip Reddit, Use Imgur

Reddit and Imgur have a partnership that is as close as any two web services that I can think of. Nearly all of the images you’ll find being posted on Reddit are hosted on Imgur, and it’s for good reason. Imgur is free, fast, easy to use, and you aren’t bombarded with advertisements or crippling restrictions. Imgur usage on Reddit is so high that users who upload pictures using services like TinyPic either get ignored or even harassed about it. It’s like going to New York wearing a Red Sox cap.


You should know that Imgur has its own “subimgur” system in the same respect that Reddit uses subreddits. For example, if you’re interested in seeing all Imgur images on the /r/gaming subreddit, you simply need to go to /r/gaming on Imgur:

These images can be sorted by freshness or popularity. Imgur also offers a way for you to download an entire album now, something that required third-party software. Here is a link to a massive collection of League of Legends wallpapers. By simply appending “/zip” to the URL, you can immediately download a compressed collection of all the album’s images:


Alternatively, there should be a simple hyperlink to download the album in the sidebar. More simple tips like this one and other interactions between Reddit and Imgur can be found in our official guide to Reddit, so check that out.

Download Reddit/Imgur Browser

If you’re a Windows user who is still in love with desktop software, you’re in luck!

Reddit/Imgur Browser

Reddit/Imgur Browser is a project hosted on SourceForge that will allow you to navigate and download images in your favorite subreddits through a simple interface. As you can see in the above screenshot, the 221 KB freeware comes loaded with the most popular subreddits in a drop-down menu. While this is great, it does not yet support the option for you to manually enter a subreddit name that is not present in this list.


After selecting a subreddit and page number to browse, you are offered a display of the images in the interface above. Clicking on any image will show an enlarged view of it on the left. Clicking on the enlarged view will open a fullscreen view of the image, and you can navigate through previous and next pictures using the arrow keys or immediately download images with a hotkey (D).


You can click on any image and then the “Download Picture” button to immediately do just that. All downloads are placed in the “Downloads” folder in the application’s parent directory. Downloads will be sorted by subreddit, separating them between folders. If you’ve decided that you’re interested in seeing the Reddit comments for any image, there’s a link just below the thumbnail view to take you there.


Both solutions are equally effective, and it’s only a matter of personal preference. Some of us love Reddit for the self-posts, others really love the eye candy. If you’re a bigger fan of the latter, these two tips could make your Reddit experience a lot more enjoyable. Reddit fans in general should check out an article I wrote about some awesome, random subreddits I’ve found. Maybe you’ll find one filled with images to collect! Let me know what you think about these tips in the comments below.

How To Reach Your Orgasm: Sex Positions You Haven’t Tried Before – YouQueen

Enjoy this selection of alternative sex positions, designed specifically to help you achieve your orgasm.

Are you fed up of having average sex with no climactic end? Not all women are able to orgasm during sex, but for many of us, we may just not be giving ourselves the best opportunities. Often we think we can improve our sex lives and chances of reaching an orgasm during sex by attempting to discover new sex positions; often ones that look like they can only be pulled off by people who belong to a circus. All you really need to do though is to tweak the most well-known sex positions so that you can get the most pleasure out of them.

Try out these new re-worked sex positions and find out how to do it right, and reach your peak.

#1 Keep it Simple: Missionary with a Twist

Remember, sex is about the sensations, not acrobatics. If you concentrate too much on what you might consider to be advanced sex positions that require strength and balance, then you won’t be able to focus on what you need to focus on, which of course, is your pleasure.

So keep it simple. Lie on your back and have him enter you from above with a pillow underneath you so that your hips are tilted. Now, with him sitting up and inside of you, twist your body so that your leg comes over to the other side of his body and you are lying on your side. Now you can grind against the inside of his leg to create friction and pressure for your clitoris.

Get him to bend over and kiss you gently all the way up your waist.

#2 Backwards Cowgirl with a Twist

Any position where you are on top is going to be good for your orgasm, because you are in control of the speed and depth of penetration. But you can make the woman on top position even more exciting for him, not to mention more stimulating for you, by turned to face away from him, and then twisting to one side slightly and straddling his thigh.

He’ll get a glorious view of your sexy back and ass, while you can focus on rubbing yourself up against his leg!

#3 Mix and Match Sex Positions

There’s nothing like a bit of variety to liven the senses and add a bit of spontaneity to your sexual routine, especially when you mix and match your sex positions in an order that will facilitate your orgasm, and even improve it!

For example, you could just do the missionary position all the way from the beginning to the end, because it’s familiar and you know you can reach your orgasm this way… Or you could start off on your back with your legs up on his shoulders and a pillow underneath your hips for the better part of your sex session; which will allow for deeper thrusting and the hitting of the oh-so-important G spot, building you up towards your orgasm slowly. Then when you are ready to peak, you can bring your legs down back into missionary, and have him align his body with yours so that can finish off your orgasm with the clitoral stimulation.

The result? Not just an orgasm; but a far more intense orgasm than you would have had with only one sex position or the other!

#4 The Lazy Doggie Position

What many men don’t tend to realize is that when a woman wants to reach her climax, she grinds! And the reason for this is that the grinding motion means that she can rub her clitoris and G spot against something, which is what builds her up towards orgasm. Many men mess things up for a woman when she is trying to grind, by changing the angle of thrust and penetrating by going in and out rather than grinding.

If you want a position that will prevent your guy from interfering, so that you can focus entirely on the build up of your own sensations, the lazy doggie is perfect.

It is similar to the doggie style sex position in that your man is entering you from behind, but instead you are lying on your stomach with a pillow underneath the lower part of your abdomen, so that you have something to grind against. All he has to do is enter you from behind, which will be at the perfect angle for his penis to rub against the front wall of your vagina where all the nerve endings are.

He can turn you on even more if he leans over you and whispers dirty talk in your ear, or gently pins your wrists to the bed to assert his masculinity and tap into your fantasies

#5 When Two Become One

Ever heard of the coital alignment position? If not, you probably integrate it into your sexual routine without even realizing it. It is very similar to the missionary sex position, but the man places the full weight of his body on top of the woman, lifting his elbows off the bed, and rocks into her as he penetrates.

When used after a good foreplay session, and when practiced slowly, savouring the sensations and the intimacy of the close body contact and friction being  created down below, this sex position is sure to bring a woman to a powerful climax.

It is all about tuning into your senses, and being aware of everything that turns you on, by moving slowly and purposefully. If you place a pillow underneath your bum you will enable your man’s penis to rub against your G Spot better.

Blood Test May Predict Risk Of Suicide

It can be difficult to tell when a person is contemplating suicide — people may be reluctant to speak about it. But now, researchers say they may have a new tool that reveals suicidal thoughts with a blood test.

The researchers found the levels of certain molecules in the blood differed when people with bipolar disorder were having suicidal thoughts, and they were able to confirm their findings in the bodies of men who had recently committed suicide.

"We found some blood biomarkers, some changes in molecules in the blood, that are associated with having a high suicidal risk, and then we validated those changes in blood from suicide completers," said Dr. Alexander Niculescu III, an associate professor of psychiatry and medical neuroscience at the Indiana University School of Medicine. 

Niculescu and his team spoke with 42 men with bipolar disorder who were being treated at various sites in Indiana. Nine of the men they spoke with, over the course of the study, fluctuated between having thoughts of suicide and not having those thoughts.

By examining the men's blood, the researchers found a number of molecules that appeared to correlate with those suicidal thoughts. The researchers compared their findings with the molecule levels in the blood from the bodies of nine men who had recently committed suicide, and had been matched for age, and they were able to narrow down the number of molecules. [5 Controversial Mental Health Treatments]

Finally, the researchers compared their blood sample findings to those from groups of the 42 men with bipolar disorder and 46 with schizophrenia, to see if the levels of these biomarkers corresponded with suicidal tendencies.

Ultimately, the researchers found six molecules that appeared to correlate with suicidal thoughts and actions. However, Niculescu noted the findings need to be confirmed in a wider cohort that includes women and non-Caucasian men.

It remains unclear why these particular molecules would have an impact on suicide, but, Niculescu said, some of them are involved in inflammation and cell death, so it may be that they affect people under extreme stress in a large way.

One of the reasons the research was conducted, said Niculescu, who also serves as a staff psychiatrist at the Indianapolis VA Medical Center, is that suicide has had a particular impact on members of the military, where it has claimed more active military members than the combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the stigma attached to suicide, "We needed something else besides what people tell us to identify who's at high risk," Niculescu said.

The search for biomarkers that indicate suicide risk has long been a challenge for psychiatrists, said Dr. Andrew Leuchter, a professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral science at the University of California, Los Angeles, whose research group has looked at brain scans for a similar goal.

Because suicide is a rare but catastrophic event, it has presented a challenge to mental health professionals who want to help patients without simply characterizing large numbers of them as suicidal. Even with biomarkers, as important as they may be, doctors will still need strong interaction with their patients to intervene.

"It is very, very common for people who have…any of the most common serious mental illnesses to have thoughts of suicide, perhaps even to have planned to do it," Leuchter said. "There are a lot of people who do commit suicide, but if you're looking at any one group of individuals…the likelihood that any one person in that group is going to commit suicide is relatively low," making it hard for even professionals to tell who is at high risk.

The study is published online today (Aug. 20) in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

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