Nitender Singh Rawat : Tribute To Indian Rio Athletes

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D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

We’re gonna open up and we can create our own from scratch so we’ve done a lot of that with our intro and our common uncommon rare and very rare and it might be a fun exercise if instead we del coroner’s in fashionably late if we randomly roll a magic item off of off of the the table and then.

We will apply a sentient status to it of some variety and that way I mean if we want to create a custom sentient item from scratch we may all though giving sentient Stu an item is a process like creating an item so for purposes.

Of us being able to create a couple different sentient items in this part I figured let’s use an item that we may already be familiar with it’s generated in the DM G and apply apply the methodology.

To it I know da Thames isn’t that right and.

Came in you know he had his top hat and you know in his very fine cane a two-tailed coat and you know clearly that means that Dell corn must have won the.

Powerball tonight or he has some some.

That he’s gonna pick up that 1.
6 billion dollar Mega Millions lottery result on Tuesday so his confidence is just oozing through the through the chatting screen see I called it right there you go Dell Koren there’s a custom custom disadvantage for you they can be made through strong magic I think there’s a lot of ways that we can actually explore making sentient items as well we kind of dabbled with sentient items and cursed items with one of the items we made last night 18 and 10 yeah I’m.

Disadvantaged you still want it there you go you know go get you a ticket Dell Koren you defeated that lion yeah and you won that epic last night and and and then you would say you want an epic.

Last night and you won the level one adventure tonight the gamblers fallacy states that.

Winning streak and you are due a big payoff okay let’s go through uh you know DD class class open your your Dungeon Master’s guides your or dmg s as I know you kids call them in the in.

The locker rooms and hallways when us teachers aren’t listening open them up to page 214 and we are.

Going to go over bro flyer no we’re talking about the lottery not a miniature raffle I mean there are those if you want to sponsor a box to put up for a raffle you.

Certainly May but I’m not gonna be running a miniature raffle on this segment.

I just have this one last box of monster menagerie and then I have a couple more boxes of dragon Heist beyond this that’s up to you bro plier alright some magic items possess sentience and personality such an item.

Might be possessed haunted by the spirit of a previous owner oh snap hey coffee cat welcome thank you very much for that host brother we are on page 214 of the dmg if I.

Jackpot on Mega Millions I’ll totally sponsor a box I could afford it well thank you Dell corn I I very much appreciate that sentiment or self-aware things.

The magic used to create it in any case the item behaves like a character.

Complete with personality quirks ideals bonds and sometimes flaws a sentient item might be a cherished ally to its wielder or a continual thorn in the side most sentient items are weapons other kinds of items can manifest Sencha can manifest sentient but consumable items such as potions and Scrolls are never sentient I.

Can understand why I think it would still be a fun challenge if you came across.

A sentient potion or scroll of some of some variety think of that think of the the moral challenge you’d.

Have if you had like a some sort of.

A a life restoring potion like a curative potion.

But it it had a life of its own and it came down to the point where if you don’t give this potion to.

Your your friend or family member your friend or family member will die and yet if the potion is consumed the entity inside of that potion might very well die as well whose life is more important in that in that circumstance or you carry around a scroll of some kind of a spell and you know your backs to the wall and a bunch of kobolds are coming in or a bunch of works.

Or you know some Lizard Men or something or coming in to try and get you and you need that fireball spell in order to put them down your life is in danger but you know as soon as that spell is cast that it’s.

Gone the you know this this life force this sentient it will.

Be gone maybe it’s a hundred-year-old scroll and it’s just observed things throughout history what’s more important in the moment your life or the consciousness of a magical item I think that’s good role-playing fodder for you it’d be proof.

I didn’t forget about you little people thank you tell Corrin D Adams you don’t have.

Your book again this is like the second or third time now shame on you III don’t know am I gonna have to send.

You out into the hallway to hold a bucket of water am I gonna have to send you to see the principal tut.

Tut exactly a moral dilemma I mean it not that you can’t have a moral dilemma with a sword or magical boots or a cape or.

Something you can but think about a consumable item right it’s gone and it’s gone expressly by your use of that.

Item you know you’re making a conscious decision in you know for your own from presumably for your own benefit to to consume the magic holding this consciousness together dm’s in my best Spicoli voice something happened to man sentient magic items function as npcs under the.

DMS control any activated property of the item is under the items control not its wielders bear that in mind now your DM.

Might relinquish control back to you as a PC but this is also.

Why introducing sentient items require some caution in your campaign or your campaign world because suddenly the the the story can shift dramatically to focus on an item and not the characters who are playing through oh brother 12 thank you so much for that host as.

The wielder maintains a good relationship with the item the wielder can access those properties normally if the relationship is stay is straight and by the way it says a relationship it just doesn’t just mean attunement it’s not an automatic you know it’s not an automatic thing let’s see if the relationship is strained the item can suppress its activated properties or even turn them.

Against the wielder you know you don’t have enough badges to control that Charizard my friends if you think about it living golems are sentient magical items is oftentimes the easiest way to make.

One is to strip the sentience from something and put it into the.

Item and hey Cake Boss welcome back oh cool thank you brother yeah awesome thank you so much I really appreciate you going out of your way to do that alright so creating a sentient magical item when you decide to make magic items sentient you create the items persona in the same way you would create an NPC with a few exceptions described here.

Sentient magic item has intelligence wisdom and charisma and you know we can choose you know we can generate stats that’s fine it has a method of communication which there’s a percentile chart we can roll on it also has census with sentient scums.

Awareness a sentient item can perceive its surroundings out to a limited range you can choose its census or role on.

The following table it has an alignment right it has an ideal it has a way of expressing itself if this sentient doesn’t care about the well-being of others it’ll probably be more of an evil item because it.

Just wants to get the job done it doesn’t matter who wields it it doesn’t matter about feelings it doesn’t matter about moral conundrums you know I was made I was made to well we’ll go off the the popular manga turned into an anime recently of goblin slayer which is a mature title by the way so I’m gonna throw that out there but you know you.

Have a sword that just says I was made to kill goblins I.

Don’t care if it’s an elderly Goblin in infant goblin that was just born like a day or two ago I don’t care if it if it’s you know if you’re putting me through the throat of a pregnant goblin I don’t care if you’re if you you know if you’re going to the there’s a local tribe of goblins that actually isn’t a healthy economic relationship with the.

Local towns folk there’s no animosity they don’t raid a goblin as a goblin.

To this thing and if that’s what it’s meant to do it’s going to convince compel or withdraw it’s it’s um powers from you because you’re not doing what it was meant to do hey Zetas welcome back um well not necessarily what I described you could have a chaotic neutral alignment that could be a lawful evil very much what I described could be a.

Lawful evil style alignment and remember.

I throw this out here often when we talk about.

Alignment and I’m not shy about doing it multiple times over broadcasts don’t think of good and evil or law and chaos as black and white terms or is the kind of like Disney’s star wars of fied you know good is absolute good indistinguishable evils absolute evil and distinguishable everything is in balance of good and bad.

You know think of evil as more selfish you have selfish intentions you care about yourself more than others and you’re.

Willing to sacrifice the happiness wealth or well-being of others to attain your goals now your goals don’t have to be to burn down an orphanage and kick a puppy in the street either you know you could you could have.

A very selfish Bend that you.

Know you have an ideology like my you know my religion is correct over others and people who don’t share it I’m sorry I know I’m correct and.

James Gunn To Write & Direct Suicide Squad 2? | Heroshot Podcast #63

And what is going on hero’s welcome to the first ever flying solo edition of the hero shop podcast my name is duncan and we are riding solo this evening for the first time ever in how how many episodes like 60 you think we’re orderly on 63 first time in 63 editions of the hero shot podcast you’ve just got.

Me and this is probably going to be either the worst or maybe the best edition of the heroes a.
Podcast I’m gonna say probably probably the worst.

By far probably the quickest seeing that is just me.

With all that said I would hope that being be flying solo for this evening I’m relying on anybody that wants to hop into the chat to let me know how things are going if you have any discussion topics questions things of that nature hop in the chat so I don’t feel so alone and we will get this thing moving here turn that down.

All right of course if you want to follow hero shot media online you could follow us online either at either.

On Twitter or Instagram at hero shot media this of course is the weekly live show where we like to discuss everything in.
The world of entertainment whether that be movies.

TV shows comic books delicious food items video games comics that I say that we just talk about anything and everything on the show just whatever tickles our fancy yeah this is uh this is awkward doing this by myself but we.

Are going to trudge through no matter what I’m not sure if trudge is a word but it works for now so we have got a lot to talk about and not a lot of time to do it so with that said let’s hop into the biggest entertainment topics.

Of the last 48 to 24 hours of course I think the biggest topic to hit the world of movies with in the last 24 hours I would.

Think that has to be the news of so it seems to be quite official that James Gunn will be at least writing a draft for Suicide Squad – and now the rumor is that Warner Brothers in DC are pegging the former suus.

The former guardians of the galaxy director to direct the Suicide Squad sequel of course I think this is this is I think this is extremely good news.

Especially if you are a DC fan or anybody that works for Warner Brothers you can’t have too much good news on.

That side of the fence because you know they they deserve a win you know we crap on the DC movies and the Warner Brothers movies a lot on this show I don’t think it’s unfounded I think it’s all I think it’s all justifiable but I do think that.

This is a win this is about as big of a win as as you can get as far as a potential Director goes now we you know we talked about the James gun scandal it’s not so much a scandal the James gun issues with Kevin Feige and Marvel and.

The MCU we talked about it at nauseam I think it was the main topic for like three weeks.

Straight on this show and we’ve got now got another show where it is the same deal I’m gonna turn this down just a little bit is that.

Any better I think it might be a little bit better but um you know it’s I I am of the opinion that it is a shame that I don’t think it was so much Marvel I think it was a Disney that really pulled the trigger on officially letting James Gunn.

Go from Suicide Squad 3 if I am not mistaken I believe that they.

Just Dance Now 2019 Join & Request Songs World Dance Floor – Freirito 25 Oct 2019

Tú eres a ver i hola hola saludos a todos chicos actualicen la aplicación porque ahorita les a pedir que actualicen y bueno creo que ya está más estable esto yo creo que había problemas de caché o alguna cosa por eso estaba medio lag y salud ohs superman o gabi y julio la ya josué bong y por rápida en.

Sus canciones en el enlace que les puse que es el último vídeo que sube desde el the new world vayan a checarlo denle like y pidan me ahí las canciones ahí les voy a estar leyendo tus pero les voy a.

Estar leyendo su request denle like a bird te voy a comentar dice pondrás not my name dice yomara than castro y ahora todavía no juega el 2009 a las 10 saben a las ocho me voy a la uar de néstor y después pide de sus canciones danza que me atrapa lado aquí.
Dice el tie santos no sé que sea es.

Bueno si ya saben cómo juego entonces para que venga a ver dice.

Entonces vuelvo a poner la norma en el que pidió eliomar y denle like a esta transmisión también chicos porque seguramente no les mando.

Notificación pero yo igualmente ahí les puse igualmente el esposo no se les puse programado para que vean que si voy a transmitir ya saben generalmente tipo 7 más o menos si estoy por aquí entonces ellos deben dándole like a esta.

Transmisión también por favor para que youtube diga diga si está vivo este man a ver si es que hay unos acólitos bueno igual ya saben pidan a ver les voy a promocionar acá recuerdos ancianos qué dices hello edwards son saludos yo mar diego.
Maradona reivindicó no esté jugando el.

2019 me pongo rey donde ahorita estamos en el just dance now después de que termine la guardia en su live sus canciones.

Del 2019 ok cuantos vamos a jugar that’s not my name apellido de yomar y ya les veo después de esto a ver si estamos bien me avisan cualquier error ya saben que ustedes son mis otros emisores después 1 2 3 ah dice que no es el típico si el hombre.

No mató el visto bueno no hay nada soy como si te comía y comía y conmigo demichelis de esa manera miley ándale y ponen mis hijos de aquí me voy el centeno m esta tarde de economía mixta como la ley d para mí m y nunca mitad mientras e parece que ya no está tan fuerte porque no escucho el juego del final pero eso es.

Bueno bendito no te vamos a extrañar bueno saludos de quinghai esteban de caigua césar de blanco hola buenas.

Pero sus canciones acá vean las naciones allí porque les pongo eso no esperan dejaban eliminar mi propio comentario y ya me había corregido saludos donde estaría en este mismo delatores marista mateo guevara en la segunda pestaña nueva dios mío estoy.

Grabando no porque quiera estar estaba jugando new world después de ahí pongo las del 2019 jairo sin pidan sus canciones acá ahí está ahí están las canciones y les voy a leer otra vez déjenme primero felicitar a los que ganaron yo mar julio la llave mente yo martirio la canción tiene que ser los primeros julio el aaiún y lolo josé bomb bojan hoy de genchi jugador 565 que dice ahora si está casi un poquito más en vivo porque ya no estoy utilizando el wrestling si no estoy transmitiendo directamente aquí de mi.

Batman Arkham Knight – Gcpd Lockdown Original Arkham Nightwing Skin

Nefarious characters ill-gotten money check distinct lack of brain cells definitely check yeah this is gonna be fun raining on his parade ietters put a little in reserve well away from God yes but I heard Nightwing back in town you’re in jail Cobblepot what are you doing with all this you gonna get it man and you were doing so.

Gotham what for I ain’t telling you nothing you know 50,000 volts to the head hurts right now okay they’re busting him out of GCPD you’re too late it’s.

Already happening why so pessimistic you know when you fitted this thing with a self-destruct option you could have.

Asked him why yes the stony-faced intractability we left him for these guys on the other hand worked very tractable come on guys what of a fight please very cooperative couldn’t agree more if.

You wouldn’t mind installing the remote up like a device we can see what damage they’re done someone talk to me what’s going on uh sorry boss we’re not getting you.
Out of there anytime soon or the bloody hell no cuz we just.

Got our asses kicked I know no oh no you the one and only ours look just relax now that I’m here I’ll have you back down and behind bars in no time piss off pretty boy you know I love it when you get angry okay I’m connected they’ve done a good job but not good enough I.

Reroute power but it means rewiring some junction boxes there on the floors below I’m on it so I’ve been thinking you uh pretty much own everything now huh I hope you’re not going to ask me for a loan mr.

Grayson but I think you’ve been throwing some mad parties right yeah the time of my life it’s pitch black hey boss you still in.

There booty is he Dumpty sorry it’s just I hadn’t heard you screaming anyone for at least a minute I got worried I own this town night week and with Batman gone there’s no one who can stop me ginger floribunda blüdhaven while you still can bossing happy you.

Know what a boss feels about stairs he gets out of breath angry what’s going on out there this is the first part waiting Oh Oh you’re our depth pretty.

Boy Batman ain’t coming to save you this time you come down Oh anyone see him where is he he sees someone watch your corners shoot anything that moves you think you can replace Batman you know I got a Negros boy you’re a band again now now something under the floor whatever it was it’s gone now that’s another.

Night we a racist pretty boy arrest got broken ribs from the last time so cool keep looking for the freak the last I see them get away watch that freak out like charge raising sensory gun Oh man I’m good okay junction box rewired good work mr.

great one more to go oh the newlyweds sent their regards by the way miss.

Gordon miss Gordon Drake I should say was kind enough to send some pictures the island retreat shows lovely ah my heart melts okay lucious we’re.

Done kid not a pretty boy I can hit a welcome party as we speak.

We have a problem two choppers are dropping off.

Reinforcements on the roof I’ll hold the elevator but it won’t take long for them to get him out I’ll stop him.

Oh and while you’re at it cut the lights take him out I should shut my eyes might even things up a little okay uh let’s get you out of that elevator area secured lucious reconnect power to the elevator hey boss we’re getting you out you are where’s Nightwing oh he’s right here we thought you’d want to say hello – sawed off much obliged maybe we should get that light.

On the roof fixed change the symbol what do you say thanks for the offer but.

This isn’t permanent hey little man please hasn’t been the scene without you eh dust.

Part 2: Be The Light – We Are All Born To Shine

I light what is light tonight I watch Syrian I thought that’s it look at her she is the burning us just for shining your light she’s what a while what a light like sherry man she’s going around yes sharing that light with the world a last part of those words they say we are meant to shine as children.

Do and when we let our light shine we unconsciously give others permission to do the same and you guys ever been in a.

Situation where you started laughing before everybody else maybe at a joke or maybe you were at a play or maybe in a movie theater you know and like yeah.

And then when you throw that thing it’s like all right oh yeah yeah yeah that’s right how often have we been in situations with everybody and one person shows you that it’s okay it’s okay to laugh so Kayla like it’s okay to be loud it’s okay to be boisterous it’s okay to be joyful it’s okay to be yourself it’s okay to just be your true authentic self whatever that is it’s okay you.

Know and when that happens it’s like light light light light light we all light up we all light up this is how we change the world it’s how we change our world you feel like you’re living in darkness be the light you’ve got it’s darkness everywhere this is darkness darling doesn’t this doesn’t exist it’s darkness that we imagine this doesn’t make this be that light and illuminate the space around you none of us can single-handedly change the whole world even the ones that have a lot of power and a lot.

Of money even they can’t change the whole world it’s a lot of crap going on none of us.

Can single-handedly change it.

All but what we can change is our world we can choose the little space that’s around us and by changing our world we change everybody else’s world we unconsciously liberate those around us to do the same our presence automatically liberates them from their fear this is one of the most powerful things you can do and this I hope I.

Will drive home tonight you are at the beginning of something very exciting you are here because love has brought you here these two people prove now this is light the world’s full of people like this we just don’t see it on the news we see other crap the world’s full of people like the purlins it’s also full of people that aren’t like the promise but we don’t worry about them we find.
That light we gravitate towards.

This we in in their in their illumination we we we feel that light on us and then we we start glowing and we we illuminate.

Those others around us be the light I went to a musical my friend is starring in at.

The moment and we at West End I went on a Monday it was funny it was funny yeah it was it was funny it was.

Good I swear it two nights later I went back with a different group of people people that knew my friend a lot better than the ones I’d gone with on Monday and they’re also funnier people they had probably a little bit darker cincy humor and the same exact musical two nights later was freaking hilarious it was so funny I.

Walked out of my stomach was like hurting my it was weird right you know like the cast hadn’t changed.

Nothing had changed but we laughed so much that what happened was then of course the rest of the audience they just it was infectious hey left and then what happened well the cast suddenly they’ve done a great job on Monday but by Wednesday with.

All that reaction from us they just they look like they just became like 10 times even better you know like they became even better at what they were doing they were reacting to us we’re reacting to them I thought wow that’s that’s not it was blew my mind two days and yet that is the power that we have if we just that’s their laughing can have that kind of impact on that cast who are doing this night after night they’re professionals but wow they.

Respond to that energy I know as a performer one big a gig with a few people maybe.

It’s not a great place the sound isn’t all that good there’s nothing about it very glamorous but you know what everybody there’s got great energy they’re into it they’re loving it for me it’s like wow I go home like I’m the king of the world I go.

To another gig great sound system everybody looks good everything about it like wow this should be amazing there’s no there’s no vibe there’s no energy there’s no there’s no give and take I’m just giving everything I got but kind of getting nothing back and I go home I think oh man I need to get a job the power.

We have to liberate each other the power that we have to illuminate each other this is a new day for you guys an exciting journey ahead and this week this is your launching pad this.

Is the week you’re gonna get your game head on you’re gonna be like yes I am about to become the brightest light I can be in my world I am about to illuminate every inch of darkness around me fear bang fear ain’t got nothing on me because fear doesn’t even exist because it’s based on some construct in my imagination that I’ve learned over.
Years we were born with two fears the fear.

Of falling the fear of loud noises apart from that everything was conditioned we’re just taught my life to be scared of stuff but you haven’t got anything to be afraid of because within you every single one of you if you set your mind to it you have the power to be everything you want to be set your goals use the term unrealistic if you have to make your dreams unrealistic make them crazy and realistic just think wow.

Like let your friends laugh at you when you tell them what you want to do what you want to achieve but if you can overcome fear you’ll never eliminate it you won’t delete it from your life it’s like it’s gonna be there it’s gonna be here it’s gonna be there sometimes it’s to be sitting on you sometimes you’re gonna be sitting on it it’s there but you can either propel you forward.

Give you the motivation to become everything you ever wanted to be at the top of a mountain looking at that view climbing those fears like they’re nothing but that mountain with a view where you can be buried underneath it and the viewing so nice down there this is the beginning a.

New day a new dawn anybody feeling good I said it about doing good can I get an amen in the house y’all a sad Church I tell you that let’s have another Amen you.

Take the boy out of the church but you can’t.

Take the church out of the boy birds flying high you know how I feel the Sun you.

1 Timothy 6:10 | Holy Bible Verse

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil some people eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs but the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil some people eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Encouragement….what A Blessing It Is!!! | Blog

Encouragement what a blessing it is I often find myself speaking life into situations for others when our paths cross ironically when is my journey I find it a challenge to hold on to that encouragement for my life I think most people can relate to this you see we all possess strength when it comes to comforting others but when.

The midst of our own struggles we temporarily lose sight of what we know to be truth and failed to rest in God’s promises so the rules tend to reverse and we ourselves suddenly need.

Encouragement I guess it’s just normal human behavior to fall victim to our flesh and wallow in our emotions when times.
Get tough at some point however we need to.

Come to our senses and trust God encouragement is often passed around recycled renewed and reused over and over unless the people or should I say the Christian spirits of this world it’s a blessing and an honor to be surrounded by like-minded.

People family and friends alike who encouraged me when I need it do you ever find yourself in a moment where you see a need to speak a life into someone through encouragement do you go to them or do you just hang back and observe I.

Challenge you to listen to that voice that prompts you to encourage someone when you see a need with their consent of course you’ll experience great joy in knowing.

That through encouragement initiated by the Holy Spirit you’ve touched someone’s life and helped them replace their sadness with joy love and hope.

The Legacy Stories Catherine Bothma

Don’t be scared to take new challenges believe in yourself and only listen to those people that inspire you to be better than what you are and then start because when you start something you can finish something and then it’s not how you started it’s actually how you finish the game but this platform is gonna allow young people in.

South Africa to be able to showcase the legacy we.

Need to teach our youth to start thinking.

Like that I mean I would want to be a mentor to any person and teach them what I know because I’ve been taught certain things and these things are not in a book somewhere that you can go and write them down write an exam on it it’s life.

Experience and that’s what it’s about I am Catherine Bosma I am a legacy maker.

May Favorites 2018 & My Current Natural Hair Regimen L Natural Hair Products

It’s June 6 is it too late for me to upload a may favorites hey doll so I’m back with another video today I’m going to go ahead and share my may favorites with you guys we’re like a week into June so I hope it’s not too late for me to share this with you guys but I feel like.

I should because I was a little bit at my AI not a little bit I was really in my a from YouTube and Instagram I was kind.

Of getting a bit of a social-media break but I’m back and I feel like I left it is in the dark especially my insta story fan because I typically share this kind of stuff with you guys on bears.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram already make sure you follow me at naturally Chia and if you’re not subscribed to my channel make sure you hit the subscribe button which is somewhere I’ll put some over here somewhere but I’m gonna go ahead and share my favorites with you guys what I was using consistently pretty.

Much what my regimen consisted of and yeah I hope it helps you guys out I mean you guys are always asking me what my favorite products are so being a natural hair blog where we get to tried a bunch of different products obviously so we can do review videos for you guys I think you.

Guys I hear a lot for the review videos at least that’s what Jeff told me before y’all for me to do.

Reviews over anything but my mom made a comment to me once when I told her I was filming another video and I was trying out a new product she was like well how are people supposed to know what you like always use if you keep trying new products.

Video so she kind of had a point I think it can be a little bit confusing especially to those of you that are like new naturals and you’re so.

Having issues finding the right products you know you’re going out and you’re trying all these.

Different brands or these different products that you’re watching and these reviews but that’s the whole point of you know trial and error we do these reviews so you guys can hopefully we recommend products.

That is gonna work for you and you will.

Find your staple products but honestly if it were up to me I really could do without trying any new products because I’ve already found my staple products I know what my hair loves but I do appreciate doing the reviews for you guys cuz every now and then I do come.

Across a product that I absolutely love and I incorporate it into my regimen and I use.

Consistently alright 70 going to start off with washday products so these are all products that I use consistently throughout the month of May so this right here I think is probably my all-time favorite shampoo you guys this is so moisturizing is the rev unrealistic the shampoo from their black seed oil.

Line so I think if you guys recall this is.

One of the most recent reviews that I did and that’s why I said I appreciate doing these reviews because every now and then I do come across a product where I absolutely love and it.

Becomes a favorite and this is one of them so this you guys is so so so moisturizing and the great thing about it too it’s super affordable it’s only $7.99 so I definitely recommend you guys to go out and try this one because you really.