How To Create Startup Disk Using Disks In Many Linux Distros

Greetings there fellow viewers and welcome back once again to another video in this video or everybody I’m going to be showing you guys how you can make a startup disk with the disks application that comes with almost every Linux distribution out there let’s go ahead and get started so if you’re at this point in the video you can.

And throw in your USB flash drive in my case I have a 64 gigabyte USB 3.

0 sandesh drive and as you see eat is showing up right here as Linux Mint 18 point three cinnamon so you can go ahead and open up your disks application it’s just called disks manage drives and.

Media so you can go ahead and open that next you can go ahead and select your flash drive or any kind of data drive that you are connecting and there are two ways you can format.

This first you can go ahead and head over to this big which is sorry this small hamburger menu at the top and you can go ahead and click on that.

And click format disc or you can click on the partitions manually and press the little minus button in my case I’m just going to be.

Going over to the hamburger menu and clicking format disc so I would recommend having these settings rights here yep I’d recommend having these settings right here so you can just do don’t overweight existing data which is a quick erase which we’re going to go ahead and do right now as you can see 64 gigabyte Drive P&Y oh this is a.
PNY I think I called ace and disc at the beginning of.

The video but anyways it’s a PNY USB 3.

0 Drive so let’s go ahead and format.

This and I believe it is done so as you can’t guys can see it says model and you know just just so have the specs of your drive and it says size partitioning you.

Know that sort of stuff so now how are you going to make a startup disk well I believe no there are not I.

Don’t think there – no there’s not two ways you could do it in this there’s there’s one way you can do it which is going to this hamburger menu get once again and go ahead.

And click on restore disk image and once this little window pops up and one thing I would.

Let I would want you guys to note is that you will want to be you want your flash drive or data drive to be selected when you are doing this of course so the image to your store you can go ahead and click on that and choose the image that you want to be booted up now you want to make as a bootable disk so in.

My case I’m going to be going over to the desktop directory and clicking LMDE 3 cinnamon 64-bit this is just a beta release I’m just doing this just to show you guys I’m not.

Actually going to be using LMDE cinnamon beta so go ahead and double click on that or of course you can just.

Click on that and then press open which I’m going to go ahead and do and that is pretty much it so after you’ve.

Done that just go ahead and click start for storing and as you guys can see there’s the it comes up with a little warning box that says are you sure you want to write dated right this the disk image to this device and we are going to go ahead and click restore and also.

I’d recommend double checking that you have the right Drive selected so we’re going to go ahead.