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It’s been lovely being here with you dear it is with regret I have to go I’ll be thinking of you don’t you feel with a happy heart that loves you sir a place for me this miss me yes but this and this is a home and this is a home wherever you go in the wide world you know.

That there are many animals about you sometimes you can see them sometimes you can’t many will hide from you because they’re.

Afraid you might hurt them and they build their homes where they’ll be hidden or where enemies will have a hard time reaching them the cliff swallows build nests high out of reach under an overhanging rocky ledge they gather mud in their beaks and fly back with it to make their homes high on a cliff they.

Their families safe from the weather above and from danger below each kind of bird has its own way of protecting its nest some like a red-winged blackbird make their homes beside a pond where they’ll be hidden in the tall reeds many birds build their nests in the branches of a tree some nest on the ground.

And some are even able to make a hole in a tree trunk the reason for the nest is the same to have a home to raise a family and all.

Families are the same they have big appetites it’s hard to believe that in only four weeks these scrawny little birds will be big.

Enough to fly out into the big world they won’t need a home for another year when they’ll build nests to.

Raise families of their own what other reasons are there for having a home have you ever stopped to think what ants use their home for well for one thing they use it as a place to store food these worker ants are taking seeds down into their underground storerooms ants lived together sometimes many thousands in one colony down in there long underground.

Tunnels they’re safe from their enemies here are ants working to make.

The tunnels longer and way up at the top of the picture.

Is another ant who’s trying to move a big pebble each ant in the.

Colony has its own job these are the nurses that take care of the young ones the babies.

Are white at this stage they can’t move or take care of themselves does it seem to you that ants build a good safe place to raise their young and.

Store food and live their lives many kinds of spiders build homes you’ve all seen.

Big ground spider webs but here’s a different kind one with a tunnel to hide in the spider spins a flat web out in front of the tunnel to trap food spiders are.

Helpful because they killed so many of the insects that bother us close by this spider has built another web where she’s laid.
Her eggs after the baby spiders hatch.

The web is their home until they’re big enough to build their own we’ve all seen homes built by spiders and ants and birds but not many of us know about a gulf flies home out.

In the woods you may have seen strange round things on trees or bushes these grow wherever the gall.

Fly lays an egg in the bark when the egg hatches the young one has a fine.

Home to grow in complete with food and protection from its enemies when it’s grown to the right size it makes a hole and crawls out to live the.

Rest of its life who do you think this is making a tunnel just under the.

The Secrets Of Laos Wonderland Documentary 2017

Louse a land ruled by the mekong one of the world’s mightiest rivers the Mekong is fed by tributaries hidden deep in pathless canyons it is a whim of history but centuries have passed with hardly a human foot trespassing in this wilderness and so today Laos can still boast a wealth of natural wonders unchartered rivers unclimbed mountainous untouched forests.

Inhabited by mysterious creatures Laos is a last hideout for some of Asia’s big wild animals.

Home to dozens of indigenous tribes and cultures and keeper of a.

Buddhist tradition long lost elsewhere so in the very heart of crowded and buzzing Indochina there is a wonderland still on the brink of its first discovery in the northern province of who are farm.

A zoologist is on her way into the jungle Arlene Johnson is a specialist in tigers being tongue is the vantage point of her expedition a village on the fringe of the nam hatful louis protected area.

Arlene and her team on a mission for the Wildlife Conservation Society or WCS and the Laos national forestry department when we started doing.

Our fieldwork in 2003 the goal of the project was to understand better the distribution and abundance of tiger and their prey in the nominative lui protected area 5000 Matic cameras will be installed in the mountain forests they will record anything that moves only during the dry season can.

Without sinking into deep mud a camera team will accompany the group and try to install a video camera along with the stills cameras the first camera trap will be positioned at a walking distance of two days Laos has no access to the sea yet it is a land of water dominated by the mighty Mekong beginning at.

A point where three countries Laos Thailand and China meet the Mekong runs southward it forms a long border line with Thailand and leaves Laos in the South thundering over the Cong far Peng waterfalls into neighboring Cambodia it is a spectacular and noisy exit mean AMCOM mother of all waters is what the people of laos call their river in the south the mekong is as wide as a lake this water scape.

Is called sea found on the four thousand islands when the rainy season starts most disappear overnight over a distance of one thousand nine hundred.
Kilometers the mekong carries goods.

And people irrigates rice paddies and fills the nets of fishermen this river produces more fish than the entire Mediterranean Sea an annual two million tonnes the mekong boasts one of the world’s highest degrees of biodiversity scientists know many of its species only from hearsay these murky floods are home to a legendary monster.

The giant catfish weighing 300 kilos it is the world’s biggest freshwater fish only a few people.
Have ever seen a giant catfish at the fishermen in the northwest near.

The Thai border have hunted the giant for generations but even at.

The height of the catfish season or we can find is one Thai fishing boat Laos has recently prohibited the catching of catfish because the species is threatened by extinction for.

Hours the Thai sail up and down the river only to return home with empty Nets what has happened to the giant catfish if there is an answer it is found on the Thai side of the river like the Mekong the northern mountains are also full of secrets the ARCA people live along the Chinese border.

Many of their villages can only be reached by foot journeys often lasting several days through thick mountain forests hunters like sueño are familiar with plants and animals no white man.

Has ever seen he still uses the traditional Chinese crossbow firearms are prohibited the.

Hunters set out for the woods to try their luck unlike many lotions the akka are not Buddhist for them a hunt is also a visit to the realms of.

Spirits where rocks and plants are animated beings each akha village has a spirit swing it’s the gate to a mystic cosmos it’s built in honor of the dead and must never be touched the Aqua came here from southern China in contrast to the land of their origin their villages in Laos still have a traditional look no tin.

Roofs no electricity no plumbing the women’s decorative headgear is a highly visible symbol of the akka culture the akka women are expert in needlework and weaving they dye the fabric for their clothes with indigo even though the men are hunters and trappers the akka are mainly.

Farmers they clear the steep forest slopes with fire and they plant dry rice and vegetables the hunters have long disappeared into the jungle when the women set out on their way to the market selling a few vegetables is the ACA’s only source of income the main market in the north is right on the Chinese.

Singh the market punctuates the region’s cultural complexity of nationalities tribes and languages the south is populated by Thai and Khmer the north by peoples from Tibet Burma and China Laos boasts more than 60 officially recognized ethnic minorities the north is dangerous ground the Golden Triangle is closed clandestine poppy farming drug trafficking and smuggling of goods of all kinds are challenges.

To the government even the wilderness is beset by serious problems poaching and illegal trade with exotic animals are a threat to the tiger population and other rare jungle species this is why the government supports the work of Arlene Johnson and her team wilderness research in Laos is a tedious adventure we have a cursory list of animals that are existing here and which is probably fairly accurate.

With you know a few other species that can be added to that list but as far as the ecology and the distribution of the majority of these.

Species I would say we’re just in the early stages of understanding that none of the researchers have ever seen a tiger eye to eye yet they have little doubt that the big cats are nearby in an abandoned batch of banana trees they set up camp for the night hot water.

With forest herbs and rice is the usual dinner the majority of the expedition team are Larson’s the assistants and porters are excellent jungle Scouts who can read animal tracks at night a temperature sinks to five degrees centigrade the.

Lightly clad Porter’s shiver while playing cards the area to be investigated is set out in squares the camera positions are carefully defined but the Loess protected area spreads across.

Three and a half thousand square kilometres looking for Tigers in this rugged mountain scape seems hopeless shielded by mountain ranges and forgotten by the world Laos has preserved wild landscapes hardly found elsewhere in Southeast Asia traditional.

Culture too has miraculously survived the region’s violent history in spite of its ethnic diversity Laos has been a predominantly Buddhist country.

For more than seven centuries on the Mekong there is a city that seems to consist of nothing but temples Luang Prabang once capital and royal residence is now a world cultural heritage site and the country’s religious center colonial architecture the only remaining heritage of 60 years of French rule inhabited living and crumbling architecture is everywhere the orange worn by the Buddhist monks sets the visual tone of this city every day just before.

Monks come out to receive arms rice vegetables and sweets monks are.

Prohibited from worldly labor they take their arms without any expression of gratitude and returned to their temples even the oldest temples are wide open to the life of the city they.

Serve as meeting places passages and playgrounds water snakes so called Nagas guard the roofs everywhere there are animal images symbolic protectors and sources of strength in Laos.

One animal is worshipped above all others the elephant in the era of its glory Laos was called LAN Xang realm of a million elephants a three-headed elephant was the Royal coat of arms today the number of elephants in Laos is nowhere close to a million nowadays even working elephants are only found in remote provinces they are still used in terrain unfit for tractors and lorries there is a lotion speciality in dealing with elephants whilst in the rest of Asia elephant guides use a sharp metal hook.

That inflicts pain lotions direct their animals only with a gentle voice.

Nothing is more endearing than a well-trained working elephant but their wild cousins are very different in contrast to their African relatives Asian elephants generally do not live on open grassland but in dense jungle we never even noticed what the local Scout saw immediately a young elephant male in the immediate vicinity the elephant is only 20.

Meters away males will not tolerate strangers anywhere near our scouts opted for a quick retreat and it’s soon obvious that this was the right decision there are a few places here.

That offer a wider view this forest clearing is a meeting place for elephants who are attracted by a natural salt deposit the animals dig up the ground to get vital mineral supplies the number of wild elephants in Laos is 500 by some estimates others believe that there are 800 in any case Laos has the most important national elephant population in Indochina how could hundreds of elephants each one as.

Big as a bus remain undiscovered and uncounted over decades one reason is that systemic.

Field research has only just begun another that forest elephants in Asia are.

More difficult to observe than elephants on an African savannah if the akka hunters had ever wanted to know the.

Precise number of elephants in these forests they would certainly have been more successful in counting them than Western researchers but to them statistics are a typically Western whim while we with our heavy packs stumble clumsily through the underbrush the our car seemed to glide along the.

Jungle paths with little noise and EFT under the canopy of these giant trees Outsiders easily lose their bearings you.

Hear bird calls but cannot tell from where you think you walk in a straight line but find that you move in circles we need supermarkets the our car need the forest here they find food plants medical herbs firewood.

Building materials honey and animal protein the other hunters have moved on but so nu has picked up a rustle in the foliage alert yet calmly the akka.

Hunter uses his crossbow the bird is not dead just injured almost as fast as his arrow so when yo has caught up with his prey within seconds it is packed away.

It’s a delicacy a pheasant the acha are allowed to hunt pheasants but not protected animals such as the tiger one would readily vouch for the innocence of these gentle people yet Tigers are caught and killed in Laos but the poachers are shrouded in as much secrecy as the Tigers themselves several hundred kilometers from.

The akka hunting grounds our expedition.

Has reached the first camera position first of all the WCS scientists want some basic questions answered how many Tigers are left in this area what.

Is their prey how large other individual territories where do Tigers and.

Humans clash the service team is being briefed our camera is to operate for.

Six months video cassettes and batteries need to be changed on a weekly basis for the WCS project the young men have to position.

50 stills cameras spread out over 100 square kilometers of wilderness in comparison working hour to video cameras is easy both the video and the stills cameras are triggered by an infrared beam in.

Contrast to the video cameras the stills cameras need no surface they operate in their isolated positions in the forest for over a month in recent years these camera traps have enabled scientists to capture some spectacular.

Shots in 1999 one of the world’s rarest animals was camera trapped in Laos Isola this species is most closely related to wild buffalos only a few years previously the cell had been discovered in Vietnam as a new species thanks to a pair of horns a biologist found in a hunter’s house in a remote village in Laos any sort of animal can end up in a frying pan although.

Trade in wild animals is now prohibited no one seems to worry about the law this is why markets are obvious hotspots of field research just like Arlene WCS biologists Rob Timmons was ambling through a marketplace in central laos in 1996 when he noticed an animal for sale which he could not identify a striped rabbit with short ears a species so far unknown to science the list of newly discovered species also includes two kinds of rare small deer rats.

With a furry tail and a yellow pig they were all found between fruit and vegetables or in village huts smoked or.

Dried Arlene and ven Yvonne pets seem to have no luck but then they find next to rats and mushrooms her giant gliding squirrel an uncommon species that they do not regularly see oh this is a big one isn’t it yeah definitely stationed porcupine big animals such as porcupines have become rare hunting pressure is on the rise and forests near densely populated areas have been effectively depleted illegal trade in exotic animals is another problem for a rare turtle species collectors will pay almost any price yeah it’s definitely.

A softshell turtle but by now Marlene’s team has some experience with rare enemies one of their cameras captured an austin civet an extremely rare species.

One night a hog badger released the trigger a.

Little-known species in Laos it’s the first photograph in this country taken.

In the wild in spite of new discoveries what the scientists find in the markets is worrying it’s a confusing image on the one hand animals are recklessly hunted on the other researchers discover ever new wonders Arlene and her Lucian colleagues are convinced that in.

Spite of mounting problems Laos is Indo China’s last natural paradise nowhere.

Else is there so much terra incognita land and wildlife that is little known to science the limestone labyrinth of the pool in Boone National Park the Anna might mountains on the Vietnamese border the primeval forests rugged canyons and.

Uncharted rivers are this country’s most precious treasures for many adventurers and scientists when they think of Laos this is the place of their dreams however their enthusiasm.

For this wilderness has nothing to do with dreaming they simply know that many species could not survive anywhere else hornbills for example need an abundance of wild fruit and ancient trees to nest him this is why they are only found in primeval forests the same is true for the tiger the elephant and the Asian black bear these bizarre limestone formations are an ideal barrier against invaders of all kinds.

They’ve draped in lush greenery the rocks here are needle sharp and brittle there is no root over the mountains but there is one right through them the nam hin boun river in central laos has undermined the porous rock and created a cave seven kilometers in length better still the cave is actually a tunnel suitable for boats this natural.

Tunnel is up to 100 meters wide in places its ceiling rises high to form underground cathedrals one can.

Only guess at what is hidden up there in the dark for brief moments stark tights and snowy white sand banks glisten stranded jungle Giants shimmer in the glue during the monsoon the water level almost reaches the ceiling in the dry season it sinks to a low of just a few centimeters in this labyrinth.

Of crags and jungle natural-born climbers like the white-handed Gibbons have it made clumsy humans scrambling along between rocks and underbrush need an entire day for a distance a Gibbon can do within minutes Gibbon pairs stay together for life juveniles can be recognized by their light coat a juvenile will accompany its parents for two years and is tenderly cared for this small family alone needs a territory of 20 hectares white-handed Gibbons depend on a diet exclusively a fruit only large forests can cater to such.

Appalachia: The Endless Forest Nature Documentary

Just over two centuries ago Daniel Boone was one of the first adventure into the unknown lands west of America’s East Coast settlements but he soon found himself struggling through a daunting wilderness mile upon mile of forested ridges and valleys an ancient chain of mountains that runs all the way down the eastern side of the continent the Appalachians yeah.

Yeah as Daniel Boone fought his way westwards through the Cumberland Gap he found himself in.

An endless forest teeming with wildlife he was passing through some of the richest temperate forests anywhere on the planet blowing whose news.

But this land wasn’t just a wilderness for the taking people already lived here people with a very different view of this forest world they call themselves onion we’re the real people but to the rest of the world they would soon be known as Cherokee the onion we were bound to these forests to the mountains plants and animals in many ways both practical and spiritual party young we are here oh it’s a league and God though here no God no.

Eagle he done we Cherokee cannot separate our place on earth from our lives in it nor from our vision and meaningless people we are taught that the trees and even the plants and animals that we share a place with are our brothers and sisters so when we speak of land.
We do not speak of property.

Territory or even a piece of ground upon which our house is set and our crops are grown we are speaking of something truly sacred the Cherokee have an ancient relationship with.

These mountains according to their own history they came here a long time ago from a world above this one in the beginning the Cherokee were and Goliath a whore heaven and peeps who were hauled down to see the earth at this time the earth was nothing but wet shapeless mud so they sent turkey vulture the great Buzzard to find somewhere dry enough for the Cherokee to live and as he flew over the land looking for dry land he became tired.

And his wings began to touch the earth which scooped up and formed the mounds in which the.

Cherokee lived today the southern Appalachians Ridge piled upon rage like waves in a sea of trees raised by the buzzards wings but the creation story that geologists tell is just as wonderful once these mountains rival the Himalayas but time hundreds of millions of years.

Of it have worn this once mighty chain down to its roots roots that are ancient beyond comprehension some of the.

Rocks here are more than a billion years old nearly a quarter of the age of the earth itself these ancient rocks were pushed.

Into towering peaks 250 million years ago when Africa collided with North America a time when all the continents were fusing into a single supercontinent called Pangaea but this mountain.

Chain is not just ancient it’s also vast it stretches from Georgia and Alabama in the south to Newfoundland in the north and on the ancient continent of Pangaea it went further still as the supercontinent broke apart it carried fragments of the great mountain chain around the globe today those lost sections of the Appalachians from the mountains of Scandinavia and Scotland and 250.

Million years later perhaps that’s why scots-irish immigrants felt so at home in these mountains they were moving from one end of the ancient Appalachians to the other here in isolated homesteads their own traditions began to evolve and help shape the unique culture of modern Appalachia life was hard for the first settlers in these.

Remote valleys but there were rewards like the breathtaking spectacle of an Appalachian for a season of abundance for people and world life but for a long time there were few settlers here to witness Appalachian passing seasons the endless ridges and valleys were.

Simply too inaccessible the Cherokee could still travel unheeded through their vast hunting territory all away from modern Georgia to.

Kentucky they found fields along the river valleys but also.

Relied on the abundance of the forests large animals were hunted with bows but for small games they used a blowgun made from river.
Came deadly up to 30 meters.

Hunter and hunted are bound by intimate ties for a Cherokee there is no distinction between the practical and the spiritual because the Creator has imbued all life in this forest with a divine spark everything has a soul so a hunter should always say a prayer for the hunter.

And in return animals will give up their lives to.

Respectful hunters the Cherokee year begins in the fall which all too soon turns to the season they call the sleep time autumn becomes winter a stark sunrise through skeletal trees heralds the harshest time of the year for all life here people plants and animals turkey vultures seen by the Cherokee as distant descendants of the great buzzards that made these mountains now gather in roosts to pass the cold nights they greet each dawn without spread wings to.

Flight and the daily search for food someone else’s hardship is the vultures good fortune turkey vultures find food by smell so have little trouble finding even the smallest casualties of a freezing night many animals from a chipmunk mr. bears are hidden in winter dens but a few ghostly shapes still move through the freezing fog it’s in winter.
That the remote peaks and valleys feel.

Most isolated the high ridges are often shrouded in cold damp clouds a hard time for wild turkeys and white-tailed deer searching for the last of the full harvest but winter doesn’t last forever the slightest hint and spring on a chilly March evening and life begins to.

Stir on the forest floor but the slow return of warmth is only one ingredient in the alchemy of spring the other is rain the first wet night in March and the forest.

Floor is alive with males spotted salamanders they’re all heading downhill certain that they’ll eventually run into one of the forest pools that are filled with early spring rain a few nights later and the females join despite near freezing water a mass spying.

A salamander orgy is underway and on the next Wed night they were all abandoned the pond and disappear back into the.

Forest leaving their eggs to whatever fate awaits them as much becomes April warmer.

Days begin to rouse the forest itself wake away you drowsy sleepers wake awake it is almost day the dead graves of winter are now suffused with living green those that pass the coal season in.

Nitender Singh Rawat : Tribute To Indian Rio Athletes

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Machine Consciousness Debunked | Educational Documentary

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