Scala – Your First Programming Language – Part 18 – Anonymous & Partial Functions

com welcome to another video now my last two videos were technically not part of this playlist but they are very much related to it so you might not want to skip them we’re starting to jump between the object-oriented and the data oriented worlds and by the way if you’ve never heard the term data oriented.

Before it’s because I just invented it now Scala blends these two worlds very elegantly and today we’re gonna see examples of this let’s get started as always we’re in the bundle virtual machine but.

This time we have sublime at the top and the irregular terminal at the bottom which runs us Btu which runs our code every time we save a file and today we’re gonna concentrate.

On partial functions which is something that we stumble upon in the past but we haven’t really talked about them so what is their partial function well in contrast to a total function that for instance accepts and integers its argument a partial function only accepts parts of this integer domain.

Right so for example it could only accept a number four or number five and a very important distinction between a total function and a partial function is that a total function can be checked.

At compile time whereas a partial function can only be checked at Runza right because children compile time you don’t even know what the arguments are going to be so if function is only defined for a four or five the compiler can guarantee that what you’re passing in is only a four or a five now before jumping into code I would like to explain to you how.

There will be four parts in the first part we’ll recap what functional levels are and then.

In the second part we will see what is happening behind the scenes how they’re actually implemented and we will.

Realize that the function literals are merely a syntactic sugar for anonymous classes and therefore we’ll have to make a tiny detour into anonymous classes and then in the third part we will do the same thing for partial function so we’ll see first how they’re implemented and only then we will see.

Syntactic sugar for them and the last part is the most interesting one but the third one is.

Going to be a bit more complicated and it’s not going to be the most straightforward part because we’re gonna arrive at partial function sort of sort of backwards but let’s get started and see we’re going to start with a regular total function when I’m gonna use desks we’re gonna use a functional little aluminum over ticker so we can have a regular sole function which it’s gonna take an int.

And produce and our example is going to be a string and it will take an argument and what it will do is an argument it will basically convert it to a string by prepending the quotes right so we’re gonna do.

We have to escape the quote like this and I’m gonna copy that and I’m going to a plus sorry plus and now the argument and then plus and then.

The same thing over here again and now just to play around with this total function let me scroll down a bit now we’re gonna have a random number random number and it’s going to come from Scala lets call util random next and so now we’re gonna do is we’re going to print line and I’m gonna pretend a.

Project Evo Planner – A Review And Overview

Okay so this is the last part of my review and experience with the Evo planner I’ve been working with it for a while and I’m about to tell you what I have discovered and what my experience is now your needs and experiences might be different this is just my opinion here it goes so day one of the evo.

Planner I think I did okay it’s not amazing but I’ll show you I filled out the week plan I did not really like the to do section of the week plan because I’m sorry I’ve got more things to do and brain to brain dump than that so I ended up just writing to check todoist because.

That’s where I braided up but I used it instead to plan what my facebook lives would be for the week and to just kind of highlight what the priorities worked because the bottom priority part was helpful but to do section for me not helpful I’ve not done the week review.

Yet because of course the week’s not done yet I will do an update then but day one of using the planner itself this is what it ended up looking like when I was done I fail miserably at not planning too many things in one day as I tend to do and I think for my personality type they probably don’t need three options per grouping of the day because they broke.

It out in the morning afternoon and evening they probably need maybe.

One or two having three is too many because seeing three got me to want to fill in all three which that’s impossible so I.

Think for myself I might cross off a couple of each section so I can’t write too many things in it so it can narrow my focus but no other than that though it went really well I liked I’m grateful for and being able to write that down at the beginning of my day and forcing myself to decide.

What the most important task of the day is I already kind of did that before the planner and I really believe in that one and I like the end of the day review I don’t know that the app is all that exciting.

For the review because it just kind of records your score but yeah the end of the day review is kind of nice to see what I succeeded with what.
The bottom here is where you kind of review your.

Day and decide what was interesting and important but that’s.

My day 1 review I like it I’m not in love with it yet but I think this is gonna just be a habit that has to be built so it’s gonna get a good run from.

Me working on it every day and we’ll see how it goes and doin okay so I’ve been really trying to stick with doing my Evo planner every day and I’m 90% successful maybe but I’m still really struggling with this one I just don’t think that this is necessarily for me because I’m finding.

That every day I’m adding post-it in order to be able to write the things that I need to do because it lets you write the big stuff but sometimes there’s just a bunch of little stuff so I’m still sticking with it I’m trying and I appreciate that I can see my progress as far as what days I’m doing my health and wellness gratitudes and how I’m doing with that so that’s really nice to.

See in the app um I don’t know really what else the app is good for besides just checking that because I can’t even get it to scan right but I’m not giving up yet I promise to see it through for a little bit longer and I will and well that’s like day 7 so far of the Evo planner we’ll see okay so I have to admit I’m sort of giving up on the app.
So I can’t really get it to scan whenever I try let’s see if I can.

Do it now watch it work great yep so I end up having anything interesting it just kind of greets what I said each.
Day free so not worth it it’s like day.

14 right now and app not doing it so first off the Evo planner can be found at project Evo org.

So that’s project Evo org they tell you a little bit more about it there I still do think that this is a beautiful planner they did a great job with package easing packaging it and presenting it it’s very well made so when I pull out.

This planner I do kind of feel like I’m something special with the.

Gold it’s kind of a almost rose gold side and they’ve got.

Some great ribbons with a day and the week to keep track of where you’re at I added my own extra tab to find another page that I used frequently but not all of my experience has been positive so I got the three-month version for I think it was like thirty nine dollars it’s thirty nine dollars now they.

Are as far as I can tell only selling it still through IndieGoGo it was.

Originally Kickstarter is where I got it so as of right now which is August in 2018 from what I can tell through Kickstarter they made three hundred sixty seven thousand a little.

Bit more and through IndieGoGo they’ve made a little bit more than seven hundred seventy three thousand dollars so super well funded I was excited just as everybody else was now if you want the full year version currently it’s listed as a hundred twenty seven dollars like.

I said this is three months and the full-year version is actually from what I can tell four of the three month planners.

For the different quarters they also do have an option where you can get additional coaching along with your planner so they’ve got a package right now for seven hundred ninety seven dollars.

Which includes three months of coaching which from what I’ve researched it seems to be every two weeks you get a 15-minute phone call with a coach not too sure I’m sold on that either because as a Productivity coach it takes me 15 minutes just to find out what’s you know a little bit of your back story wasn’t working for you I don’t know that I can give you anything of value in only.

15 minutes except for giving you ideas that aren’t really tailored to you so for me I would skip the coaching part for sure because that’s just not.

Effective find yourself a Productivity coach.

Outside of that and you will get a lot more bang for your buck that’s a super high price for coaching at fifteen.

Minutes but back to the planner so the planner itself as I mentioned this is just a three month planner and it’s already this big they have.

A lot of excess in it I was hoping that it’d be more helpful because the whole goal is that it’s tailored to your personality type and I’m the explorer.

Personality but it does still list every personality type in the front and how to understand it how to work with it I appreciate that how to work with other personality types I might not need this in all every planner I get and the instructions but it was super handy so not the worst thing I went through my month the month page is just.

Like any other month planner there’s days of the month and then I wrote down at the bottom they have a spot for your monthly goals and your work and.

Personal goals kind of helpful on the side they have projects and to do but that’s super tiny the problem is there is nothing in here that helps guide you on how to figure out what your goals are or set goals or track longer-term goals so this month goal.

Is great if you’ve already if you’re really good at your own goals and if you’re already keeping track of it somewhere else so this will keep track.

Of it for a little while for you but it’s not gonna track a larger goal over time.

Quite as easily as I would think that it would for the price then we move into the day space the week space I’m sorry they have a weekly plan so within the weekly plan page as you can see that got work and personal and gratitudes or favorite moments and what you learn that week it.

Is good to review in your week so I found I liked reviewing my week and the reminder for that it did not go to very in-depth with the review of my week and there is no way I could.

Fit a week’s worth of ideas and things to do in this little spot so I ended up still using my app for all of my little – dues because there’s just.

There’s no way that this is enough space for.

An entire week of all my work and personal stuff and as far as the tracking it has at the bottom you can see the fill in the bubbles and how you think you did but there’s not really any space to analyze why what made it good what made it not so good what.

The habit was that could maybe be adjusted if it was not so good or what you were really rocking and I wanted.

More information analyzing the weekend grading it is fine but that really just stops at the surface and.

Does not get me anywhere towards change it was just.

Tracking so the week hit or miss it’s okay I was expecting more but.

I really was interested in the day the today so let me pull one of my days up like this as you can see I.

Liked that they split out the morning afternoon and evening sections because that helped me to kind.

Of break out the time and it is good that they did not have a lot of space there because you can really only do a couple of things in each of those time chunks so it did make me limit how many things I wrote down instead of my really long list that I like to do and that’s.

The top has you list your priorities for the day which is great so I knew which of those things were the most important so I’d really like that the only problem is there are so many times that I need supporting information to go with some of my to-do.

Items and there’s not really a space for notes for that so what I ended up doing a lot of the time was adding a post-it with some of the little micro tasks that I had to do quick phone calls or quick emails and with supporting information so if I had a task on there and I need to just a.

Ipad Productivity: How I Use Agenda

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Empties: Products I've Used Up! | Kendra Atkins

Hey guys it’s Kendra today I’m here to do empties for you if you guys don’t know what empties are it’s where I share with you all of the products that I’ve finished up completely I feel like this past year I’ve been actually not even this past year like the past since I was pregnant with a girl so almost.

Two years I’ve been on this.

Life just get rid of stuff that I don’t truly love and it’s been the best it makes me happier it gives me.

A sense of peace just knowing that the stuff around me it’s just things that I use things that.

I love and the stuff that I don’t need I get rid of I donate give it to people who actually would use it and it’s been it’s been awesome I also feel like the YouTube community has been changing a.

Lot lately and a lot of videos I’ve been noticing our Beauty youtubers who have sorted to downsize their makeup collection and it’s funny.

Because you know I started youtube back in 2011 when I was in college and I it was a secret back couldn’t tell.

Anybody that I did you do but when.

I started I did all beauty stuff like I was a beauty channel and then as life happened you know my channel kind of changed with.

My life so I started talking about more health focused topics and then once I had the girls I talked a lot about twin stuff and it’s been really fun to just.

See the transition of it but I have noticed that a lot of Beauty youtubers have.

Sort of downsizing their makeup they’re doing a lot of decluttering and when I first started youtube like hauls were super super popular collection videos and I definitely have seen a shift which.

Is cool because I think it’s just a little bit smarter you don’t need to surround yourself with so much stuff but while I’m talking about that.

Before I get into the products I would love for you guys to leave me a comment on maybe like your top three videos that you like to watch of mine I’ve always wanted my content to be stuff that you guys find.

Useful because it’s not useful then what’s the point of it you know I all my content to be stuff that you guys.

Find helpful inspirational motivating so whatever you guys like to.

Watch it can be beauty it can be baby stuff whatever just leave me a comment and let me know like your top 3 videos and one new thing I’m starting is I’m going to start doing these kind of secret videos so I will do a video on my channel but I will it’ll be private so only the people with.

The link can actually watch it and it’ll be q and A’s it’ll be maybe popular topics so you guys want to hear about and only the people who are subscribed to my email list can view it because I want to give you guys something back in return but there’s a little section on my blog where you can enter in your email if you guys have been subscribed to my emails I’ve been sending you just recaps of the posts in case you missed it just to make.

It a little bit easier to find but I thought it’d be kind of fun to do like a secret video so only the people who are subscribed to my email list can watch it so okay first up I have a shampoo and conditioner that I’m obsessed with the brand is Apothecary essentials and there’s a couple different types the one that I have is the coconut milk white jasmine vitamin e this one is to repair a nourish distressed hair which I have not from dyeing it because I stopped dyeing my hair.

But I do still put heat on my hair and also I’m in the Sun a lot so the Sun just.

Really dries out your hair I found these off of Vitacost and they’re made with really good pure ingredients they’re gentle on your hair but they work so well whenever I use these my.

Hair would feel so soft so nourished and hydrated they smell out-of-this-world good like a tropical island vacation and I just could not recommend these enough I went through them pretty quickly too because I usually keep two sets of shampoos and conditioners in our shower and I found myself always wanting to use these ones and I love that there’s a pump next I have the Physicians Formula butter bronzer in the color is it just bronzer it just.

Says bronzer and this I love I love the scent it smells like tanning lotion but it started drying out on me if you can see it’s all cracked and when a makeup product starts to crack.

And just doesn’t look the same or maybe smells different that’s when I’m like I don’t want to.

Use this anymore because I don’t want my skin to break out my skin is pretty sensitive use any product or something with an ingredient.

That irritates my skin all all break out so I just.

Felt like it was time to be done with this I’ve used it for a really long time I’ve.

Gotten at any use clearly you can see and I have a lot of bronzers right now that I like and I just need to use them up okay next I have another product that I have not finished up it’s the.

Ousia atmosphere protection cream this just started smelling bad and again if a product if the scent has changed then you should probably not be using it anymore and what I was doing this is I really like this when I was using it it’s vegan gluten free cruelty free what I’ve been trying to do.

Lately is go through my medicine cabinet with all my skincare and pull some of the things that are new and replace them with some products that need to be finished up because I don’t want them to go bad so some of the things that like I’ve just started I’m like okay let me let me wait a little bit on those and try to use some of these other things up and if I don’t really like them that.

Much then I can get rid of them but this is one of the things I was like I remember I really like this and I started to use some of it and I was like yeah I can’t use it but you basically put on before like your moisturizer or your sunscreen and it helps to protect your skin from the Sun and it’s just kind of like a protective layer next.

I have this sebou sea buckthorn polishing and facial cleanser this has been a cleanser that.
I feel like is in every single empties that I’ve.

Ever made it I guess it’s all for the Amazon or vitacost I don’t know I’ve had some sketchy purchases from Amazon lately so I’m a little afraid to buy beauty products from there I try to read their views because usually if it’s a company that has sent a product that is not completely authentic then there will be some reviews on it but I’m trying to think I don’t know.

Live Installation Of Kali Linux Penetration Testing Linux Distribution

Hello friends in this video tutorial I am going to teach you how you can install Kali live Linux machine in Kali Linux machine your walk will be temporarily saved so if you reboot your Kali machine it will be a new state so remember if you are installing Kali live don’t do your important work use it for only temporary.

Reason in previous video tutorial I already told you that you have to install any virtual environment in which we are going to install our Kali machine so.

I already stoned via workstation or fusion in my Mac machine you can see here I already downloaded Kali I assume is on my desktop go to your virtual machine and click on new then click on create a custom virtual machine and continue.6 X kernel 64-bit and could continue select this option create a new virtual disk and could continue then go to customize setting and giving them to this machine I am giving it Kali save it don’t click here first of all if you are using like us any type of computer system how.

You do installation you have to straight any pen drive that containing your ISO image or your window so in this.

Go to CD click on connect and choose your disk image you can see I already downloaded on my desktop so I am saying checking it from.

Desktop click open again click on show go to processor give it almost 1 1 GB okay now you can give to processor one process it will.

Be ok click on show minimize it and now click on it you can see this interface we will install graphically installation later so right now I am going to do live installation click on live.

And hit enter doing some booting process yo so when you can see using our Kali Linux licensed version we can access our Kali machine within a some seconds thank you for watching.

Plainville Board Of Education 11-13-17

The Plainville Board of Education preparing students for success in a changing global society for new Board of Education members but tonight is also a night to celebrate an outgoing Board of Education member miss Cheryl Brooke Provost she was on the board for nine years eight plus years and when I thought of Cheryl as I was planning to say.

A few words tonight the first thing that came to mind was passionate because of anything that we discussed or undertook she became very passionate and was a real passionate advocate for children and she was a true supporter of Education so I while I appreciate.

She wants to have a little break we’re gonna really really miss her and I hope she stays in touch with us but I just want to thank her.

Sincerely for eight plus years of dedicated and passionate service to the children of Plainville I didn’t.

Know we actually have it a little award for you for outstanding service and appreciation I won’t cry thank you for the kind words Thank You Joan for organizing this and for keeping me organized for the last eight plus years I was always where I was supposed.

To be because you told me where that was it’s been a privilege to serve with the administrators the.
Teachers the staff the students of Plainville and my board colleagues.

I think we however we came to things we had this we had our eye on the ball and we had the we had our end goal I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my personal mentor Becky Terrell who from the beginning.

Helped me learn how to be a good board member and how to interact she taught me in terms.

Of who’s who’s on the top of our of our group our administrators that it matters who’s driving.
The bus so over the past few years of as we’ve been able to.

Fill the bus drivers seat from the front from the back and use people from inside to come up and continue and be in Plainville it’s it’s it’s been great to be part.

Of that it’s great to be part of the technology and everything we’ve done I will miss that I’ll leave being a mom and saying you know here’s what I leave you with is when times get tough for education that’s the time that everybody has to really keep their eye on the ball keep keep that.
Going forward things things could get tough here but I know that your.

Hearts are all in it for the kids and that you’ll you’ll continue that way I’ll miss you and thank you for everything.

It’s been great working with you dr.

Berman actually said a lot of things I was gonna say about Sheryl because I think she’s extremely passionate about kids and I’ve always loved that about her we’re gonna miss our she always organizes on Memorial Day parade and gets our flags and make sure we’re.

Ready for that she does dodgeball so we’re.

Gonna have to find people to fill in for that I’m really going to miss her we’ve been serving for almost the.

Same amount of years and Cheryl and I you know there’s just something about her that we just clicked and I’m really really gonna miss her so I’m gonna try not to cry about that but.

I have to tell you one thing though before we let the other board members speak as I was talking to her husband I went over and I said Rob we’re really gonna.

How To Install #kalilinux 2018 1 In #vmware Workstation In #windows10

Hello guys today I’m gonna teach you how to install Kali Linux in VMware Workstation go to this URL link will be available in the description download OVA file you can either download it using torrent or you can download it directly I already have downloaded it after downloading open VMware Workstation click on open virtual machine now select your downloaded.

Package choose destination I’ll choose the same location click on import importing will take some time now it has imported all files now we’ll edit some settings I’ll choose according to my systems Hardware choose bridged.

From Network settings also check.

Replicate connection option now power on your virtual machine click enter type route as username and Torres password update repositories and update all other tools using these commands restart collie after updating then you will be ready to go you.

How To Install Plugins To Calibre

In this video I’m going to show you how you can download and install plug-ins to calibre now in this video I’m not going to go in-depth on what these plugins do or how to customize them or use them I’m simply going to show you how to install them so if we go ahead and go to this website here.
Called plugins calibre I mean slash ebook com.

I will add a link to this website in the description basically it’s an index of calibre plugins they have a bunch of different things so I found my plug-in and I downloaded it it’s called search the internet and it came in a zip file and this plug-in basically is gonna allow me to find my metadata and book covers from a bigger variety of websites and internet.
Sources versus just Amazon and Google so now that I have my.

Plugin here I’m gonna open up calibre and to install it I’m going to go to preferences I’m.

Going to go down to the bottom under advanced and click on plugins and then I’m going to click on load plug-in.

And once I do that I’m going to select the zip file that I just downloaded now you don’t have to unzip this file leave it in the zip format then go ahead and open it calibre is.

Going to give you a warning that it installing plugins is a security risk go ahead and click yes click OK and now I just have to restart calibre in order for the plug-in to start working so as you can see here the plug-in has been installed and when you install plugins there will always be an option to customize it or change your preferences.

Because this one is part of the user interface I can just click on it and click customize plugin for those plugins that aren’t a part of the user face and you need to customize or change the Preferences what you can do is go ahead and click on preferences again go down to plugins under advanced and you’re going to have to find the plug-in that you want to customize and mine is.
You’re going to want to click on it to highlight it and all you have to.

Do is click customize plug-in down here at the bottom and it’s gonna give you or should give you the options to customize it if you have any questions feel.

Free to leave a comment in the comment section below if not and you enjoyed the video feel free to leave a.
Like and thank you for watching..

6 Ultra Creative Ways To Organize Iphone And Ipad Apps

Hey it’s Chris and today I want to help you figure out how to organize the apps on your iPhone and iPad homescreen so I have six different techniques that I want to show you and give you some feedback on they’re all really unique and creative and different and then if you want to use any of those cool but.
At least you’ll probably end up with some ideas that you can.

Do whatever you want with specifically we’re gonna look at using invisible icons to position your apps anywhere you want we’re gonna go ultra minimal using just one folder for everything we’re gonna organize by color.

We’re gonna use the popular edge folders method we’re gonna go alphabetical and then at the end I’m gonna show you something that might really surprise you the reason that I’m shooting this video right now is because.
It was rumored that Apple is gonna redo the home.

Screen experience for iOS 12 but it looks like that might be delayed until 2019 so if you have to potentially live with this for one more year.

You might as well get the most out of it before we get any further I’m giving away.

$100 worth of iTunes gift cards the link for that is down in the description if you want to get entered.

Also I found some cool new iPhone accessories and I linked those up down in the description as well so be sure to.

Out so let me start this video off by just showing what I’ve been doing in terms of organizing apps over the last few months which is.

A variation of the edge folder method which I’m gonna show you in a minute so I just have four folders at.

With some of the most used apps underneath and as you can see I like to leave a row at the bottom free so I have at least some breathing room and things feel a little bit less cluttered so that’s what I’ve been doing but at the end of the video I’m gonna let you know if I’m switching to any of these other methods that are featured in this video but I.

Would really love to know how you organize your iPhone and iPad at home screens so leave me a comment and let me know now here’s a tip for you if you’ve got an iPad pro and you need a place to stash your Apple pencil you might be interested in today’s sponsor zigu.

Case there’s a lot to like about this case including a robust bumper for major drop protection a cover with sleep and wake functionality a magnetic kickstand with eight different viewing angles and perhaps my favorite part the built-in Apple pencil storage so I’m gonna refer to this first method as the invisible icon method and.

I’ll be using a site called makeover which is felt a little bit different than it sounds so I’ll link.

It up down below but it lets me place app icons anywhere I want to on the home screen kind of like what you can do with Android then you can shuffle those icons around and.

End up with really interesting arrangement that might make your friends think that you jail broke your phone I think the coolest thing about this method is just how creative you can get so one of the examples was a picture of Big Ben with the clock icon set as the clock face or the watch.

Face and that was pretty cool the worst part about this method is that it’s kind of time consuming the instructions are really clear but still you’ve got to be pretty motivated to make this happen I got to say using this method is definitely kind.

Of weird it’s almost like being in the twilight zone because it almost feels like you’re not even using an iPhone it takes a while to get used to and right now is a good time to say cue the Android jokes so next up let’s go down the ultra minimal route and see what it looks like to use just one folder.

App I think the best way to tackle this setup is to put your nine most use apps in the front of the folder and then organize backwards from there working your way back to the least used apps the thing to keep in mind here is that it’s less about knowing where.

Every app is and more about clearing up some room and enjoying your wallpaper more because you can just use spotlight search to get to whatever you need very quickly personally I kind of find this method sort of appealing but I actually.

Like a variation of it better where you’ve got one folder and three apps out so the whole dock is full what I really like about this ultra minimal setup is that I feel a lot more focused I’m not bombarded or overloaded with a bunch of different apps and choices instead you have to know ahead of time probably because you need to do something what app you’re gonna interact with and then go find it the next set up.

We’re gonna check out is arranging all your apps by colors which originally sounded like the dumbest thing in the world to me but wow it’s actually really satisfying once it’s all set.

Up visually it’s just super appealing so you can do this in any order you want obviously but if you’re looking for a recommendation you might want to do red orange yellow green blue and purple.

And then you could decide where you want the whites and blacks to go after that an alternative method that I’ve seen floating around is to put all the different colors inside of folders which is interesting but personally I don’t.

Think it looks quite as cool the thing about this setup is that yes it’s visually stunning but it’s not actually all that useful so there’s no productivity boost here in fact there’s kind of a randomness there is a randomness to the apps that are shown in front of your face at any given time so I guess here if you like how look you could just always use the spotlight search to figure out what.

You’re doing which really isn’t all that different than the really ultra minimal thing now the edge folders method has proven to be pretty popular over the last few years and I think people like it because it seems like it’s thinking outside the box at first glance because.

The default is if you create a bunch of folders then iOS just sort of stacks them all horizontally in this setup people either put.

The left or the right side of the screen and then fill in the rest of the space with their.

Most used apps or put apps related to the folders in the same row like you could put all your camera on photo editing stuff in a folder and then pull out your top three most used and finish out your row alternatively you could do like I’ve been doing and just have a row of folders at the top of the screen with all the.

Apps that you use most closest to your thumb or you could play some row of folders at the bottom or in the dock I have to admit there’s some visual appeal to this technique and it feels pretty organized while at the same time giving.

You quick access to your most used apps next up and I’ll admit this right away this is my least favorite thing ever and it’s arranging your apps.

Alphabetically again kind of like arranging things by color this method is just something you do because you want to I mean yeah you could technically find stuff based on the name but.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to just search I’m just gonna say this is a really bad idea don’t do it the only reason that it should be done is as.

It to satisfy your curiosity so you at least know what it looks like but nah that’s the end of it now before I tell you which method I’m gonna go with from here on out after making this video there’s one more method that you should consider and that is the default app.

Layout I’m guessing a lot of people didn’t know that you can reset your phone’s home screen layout to make it look.

Like it did when your phone was new so all you have to do to get this going is go to Settings General.

Reset reset home screen layout like think about when you’re setting up a new phone you can either import all your settings and apps from an old phone or you can just choose to start over from scratch and there’s something fresh and nice and fun about just redoing everything so even if you didn’t get a brand new phone you can still.

Have that same experience and kind of like start over and see.

Where it leads so you might be wondering.

What method I’m gonna be going with after testing out all these different techniques I gotta say I’m really torn between the ultra minimal they’re colorful set up and just.

What I was doing before I really can’t decide I might lean.

Towards just doing what I was doing.

Before but I don’t know I don’t know I might spend some time with that ultra minimal setup but then again the colorful setup would look really good on camera so I don’t know I.

Can’t say this though whatever my home screen looks like right now it’s not gonna look like that in like week or two because I can’t stand to not constantly rearrange things and tweak things and change things it’s just how I do it so thanks for watching today guys I really appreciate it make sure to go check out that giveaway if you want to enter there’s multiple gift cards to win check out those accessories.

That I linked up thank you for subscribing and I’ll catch.

The Best Beginner Friendly Lace Wig Good Hair Starting Under $100 – Super Price In

What’s up love so sugar a fruit and this video is going to be for some affordable here that I will post the link for love you guys for it this website here which is Miss Lin hair we will put it to the test I already went ahead and wash this unit last night this is their water wave unit.

150 percent density it’s 18 inches in length and it’s a perversion brazilian is.

A 360 so when i wash this i did prior to me even washing it I did have to let tweeze the hairline and like tweeze some of it out because it just was not it wasn’t really too dense but I just wanted it to be a little bit more thinner but if you are not into like tweezing or like.

Thinning it out you can still wear it as is just you know for me I think I will wash it because it didn’t look like this when it came to me so once.

You wash it it just forms waves like this I just left it on the mannequin.

And it drive like this so first I’m gonna do is I’m gonna head take these right here these small scissors I always use this you guys know that I wanted to it has three combs in it it.

Also has the comb in the nape and the adjustable strap packet I’m going to take this and this really dense brush and all right ladies let’s get this popping we’re gonna go ahead and start this affordable wig so this is Miss Lin wigs and if I didn’t tell you guys and didn’t mention.

It it is a 360 lace wig and it is 18 inches I did pre tweeze the front hairline just to give it a little bit more thinness and it’s about 150 percent density so.

You do get a nice amount of hair for this price one hundred and fifty one dollars for this unit.

Is not bad at all especially because it’s loose wave you know it’s their water way if you guys know I love anything that’s wavy or curly because you don’t really have to do much now for the quality of this wig I would say it is like an average quality it’s not cheap but the price is really low I.

Is a great wig for anyone who has just started out wearing wigs because you’re not spending a lot so therefore you’re learning how to maneuver and style the winds along with that taking care of them so.

I always think that starting out at a lower priced wig will just be a great advantage and.

Also for those who love wigs and want to add some more into the collection then you can definitely go ahead and check Miss Lin out for their prices so I just went ahead and put some styling mousse in this unit along with that you know I’m gonna use my favorite gel which is the.

Gorilla snot gel and this just is going to hold some of those little baby hairs down but not all of them I really don’t like to use too much gel because I don’t want it to gel down so that is the reason why I use some of the styling mousse and a toothbrush along with that my favorite hairspray which.

Is pump it up if you guys missed my last video you can definitely use pump it up to adhere your wig and I’m not saying you want to wear it for like two days but you can wear for like a few hours like five to six seven eight hours and it will hold down the hold is impeccable I do like to hold to this I’ve been using pump it up here spray for like ever so between RC and.