Nitender Singh Rawat : Tribute To Indian Rio Athletes

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Books By Celebs: One More Thing Stories And Other Stories || B.j.novak || Book Review

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today I’m back with another book review and this time I decided to do a series of books written by celebrities I’m sure like whenever you anyone sees a book written by a particular celebrity you’re quite skeptical as to how good it will be which is why I decided to start a series.

Tons and tons of books which are written by non writers so so my first book in.

This series I decided to do a.

Book review of one more thing stories and other stories by BJ Novak now if you’re not someone who’s familiar with the authors you might not know who fijian awak is BJ Novak is most famous for his portrayal of Ryan Howard in.

The office which is my all-time favorite show a part of that he is an actor writer director producer stand-up comedian and even if you haven’t seen him in the office I’m sure you’ve seen him in many movies like the in glorious bastards the amazing spider-man 2 and so.

On he’s also known for his really humorous style of writing he’s written some of my favorite episodes in the office like diversity day.

Sexual harassment and so on so I was really interested to know what a book written by him would be.

This book was released four years back and I’m a little too late to review it but I don’t think this.

Book is very famous in the Indian subcontinent I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about it which is why I thought I should and I think i stoled enough about the writers let’s jump into the review now as the title of the book suggests it’s a compilation of short stories and I think there are 22 short stories also I’m not quite sure about that but it’s.

Not your average generic short story collection book this book is quite different it’s a collection of stories that have a very subtle humor I.

Relate to Bayesian work on a spiritual level because he is a highly sarcastic writer and most of the times his humor is very controversial or misunderstood which is why which is what this book is this book has a lot of you know.

You really have to whack your brains to understand the humor because it’s like a read between the lines kind of knew more which I don’t think a lot of people might enjoy but I I love it I am a huge fan of intelligent Numa each story has a lot of pop culture references references from political events around the world references from popular media and I could get about 60% of those references 40% I really had to like google and look it up but it was totally worth it I think a.

Story which kind of makes you want to go back and be like what was that about I really need to understand that story I think such a story it’s definitely a story worth reading like that’s what I personally think a lot of people might not be the fan of.

You know putting in too much hard work when reading I think for me just because of the intelligence style of writing the clever use of references and the sort of who read between the lines qaulity I think.

This book is definitely something completely worth buying at least for me I would totally give it a 5 on 5 but if I.

Have to find one thing wrong with this book that it would be that it’s not very universal.