Nitender Singh Rawat : Tribute To Indian Rio Athletes

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Part 2: Be The Light – We Are All Born To Shine

I light what is light tonight I watch Syrian I thought that’s it look at her she is the burning us just for shining your light she’s what a while what a light like sherry man she’s going around yes sharing that light with the world a last part of those words they say we are meant to shine as children.

Do and when we let our light shine we unconsciously give others permission to do the same and you guys ever been in a.

Situation where you started laughing before everybody else maybe at a joke or maybe you were at a play or maybe in a movie theater you know and like yeah.

And then when you throw that thing it’s like all right oh yeah yeah yeah that’s right how often have we been in situations with everybody and one person shows you that it’s okay it’s okay to laugh so Kayla like it’s okay to be loud it’s okay to be boisterous it’s okay to be joyful it’s okay to be yourself it’s okay to just be your true authentic self whatever that is it’s okay you.

Know and when that happens it’s like light light light light light we all light up we all light up this is how we change the world it’s how we change our world you feel like you’re living in darkness be the light you’ve got it’s darkness everywhere this is darkness darling doesn’t this doesn’t exist it’s darkness that we imagine this doesn’t make this be that light and illuminate the space around you none of us can single-handedly change the whole world even the ones that have a lot of power and a lot.

Of money even they can’t change the whole world it’s a lot of crap going on none of us.

Can single-handedly change it.

All but what we can change is our world we can choose the little space that’s around us and by changing our world we change everybody else’s world we unconsciously liberate those around us to do the same our presence automatically liberates them from their fear this is one of the most powerful things you can do and this I hope I.

Will drive home tonight you are at the beginning of something very exciting you are here because love has brought you here these two people prove now this is light the world’s full of people like this we just don’t see it on the news we see other crap the world’s full of people like the purlins it’s also full of people that aren’t like the promise but we don’t worry about them we find.
That light we gravitate towards.

This we in in their in their illumination we we we feel that light on us and then we we start glowing and we we illuminate.

Those others around us be the light I went to a musical my friend is starring in at.

The moment and we at West End I went on a Monday it was funny it was funny yeah it was it was funny it was.

Good I swear it two nights later I went back with a different group of people people that knew my friend a lot better than the ones I’d gone with on Monday and they’re also funnier people they had probably a little bit darker cincy humor and the same exact musical two nights later was freaking hilarious it was so funny I.

Walked out of my stomach was like hurting my it was weird right you know like the cast hadn’t changed.

Nothing had changed but we laughed so much that what happened was then of course the rest of the audience they just it was infectious hey left and then what happened well the cast suddenly they’ve done a great job on Monday but by Wednesday with.

All that reaction from us they just they look like they just became like 10 times even better you know like they became even better at what they were doing they were reacting to us we’re reacting to them I thought wow that’s that’s not it was blew my mind two days and yet that is the power that we have if we just that’s their laughing can have that kind of impact on that cast who are doing this night after night they’re professionals but wow they.

Respond to that energy I know as a performer one big a gig with a few people maybe.

It’s not a great place the sound isn’t all that good there’s nothing about it very glamorous but you know what everybody there’s got great energy they’re into it they’re loving it for me it’s like wow I go home like I’m the king of the world I go.

To another gig great sound system everybody looks good everything about it like wow this should be amazing there’s no there’s no vibe there’s no energy there’s no there’s no give and take I’m just giving everything I got but kind of getting nothing back and I go home I think oh man I need to get a job the power.

We have to liberate each other the power that we have to illuminate each other this is a new day for you guys an exciting journey ahead and this week this is your launching pad this.

Is the week you’re gonna get your game head on you’re gonna be like yes I am about to become the brightest light I can be in my world I am about to illuminate every inch of darkness around me fear bang fear ain’t got nothing on me because fear doesn’t even exist because it’s based on some construct in my imagination that I’ve learned over.
Years we were born with two fears the fear.

Of falling the fear of loud noises apart from that everything was conditioned we’re just taught my life to be scared of stuff but you haven’t got anything to be afraid of because within you every single one of you if you set your mind to it you have the power to be everything you want to be set your goals use the term unrealistic if you have to make your dreams unrealistic make them crazy and realistic just think wow.

Like let your friends laugh at you when you tell them what you want to do what you want to achieve but if you can overcome fear you’ll never eliminate it you won’t delete it from your life it’s like it’s gonna be there it’s gonna be here it’s gonna be there sometimes it’s to be sitting on you sometimes you’re gonna be sitting on it it’s there but you can either propel you forward.

Give you the motivation to become everything you ever wanted to be at the top of a mountain looking at that view climbing those fears like they’re nothing but that mountain with a view where you can be buried underneath it and the viewing so nice down there this is the beginning a.

New day a new dawn anybody feeling good I said it about doing good can I get an amen in the house y’all a sad Church I tell you that let’s have another Amen you.

Take the boy out of the church but you can’t.

Take the church out of the boy birds flying high you know how I feel the Sun you.

Encouragement….what A Blessing It Is!!! | Blog

Encouragement what a blessing it is I often find myself speaking life into situations for others when our paths cross ironically when is my journey I find it a challenge to hold on to that encouragement for my life I think most people can relate to this you see we all possess strength when it comes to comforting others but when.

The midst of our own struggles we temporarily lose sight of what we know to be truth and failed to rest in God’s promises so the rules tend to reverse and we ourselves suddenly need.

Encouragement I guess it’s just normal human behavior to fall victim to our flesh and wallow in our emotions when times.
Get tough at some point however we need to.

Come to our senses and trust God encouragement is often passed around recycled renewed and reused over and over unless the people or should I say the Christian spirits of this world it’s a blessing and an honor to be surrounded by like-minded.

People family and friends alike who encouraged me when I need it do you ever find yourself in a moment where you see a need to speak a life into someone through encouragement do you go to them or do you just hang back and observe I.

Challenge you to listen to that voice that prompts you to encourage someone when you see a need with their consent of course you’ll experience great joy in knowing.

That through encouragement initiated by the Holy Spirit you’ve touched someone’s life and helped them replace their sadness with joy love and hope.

Plainville Board Of Education 11-13-17

The Plainville Board of Education preparing students for success in a changing global society for new Board of Education members but tonight is also a night to celebrate an outgoing Board of Education member miss Cheryl Brooke Provost she was on the board for nine years eight plus years and when I thought of Cheryl as I was planning to say.

A few words tonight the first thing that came to mind was passionate because of anything that we discussed or undertook she became very passionate and was a real passionate advocate for children and she was a true supporter of Education so I while I appreciate.

She wants to have a little break we’re gonna really really miss her and I hope she stays in touch with us but I just want to thank her.

Sincerely for eight plus years of dedicated and passionate service to the children of Plainville I didn’t.

Know we actually have it a little award for you for outstanding service and appreciation I won’t cry thank you for the kind words Thank You Joan for organizing this and for keeping me organized for the last eight plus years I was always where I was supposed.

To be because you told me where that was it’s been a privilege to serve with the administrators the.
Teachers the staff the students of Plainville and my board colleagues.

I think we however we came to things we had this we had our eye on the ball and we had the we had our end goal I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my personal mentor Becky Terrell who from the beginning.

Helped me learn how to be a good board member and how to interact she taught me in terms.

Of who’s who’s on the top of our of our group our administrators that it matters who’s driving.
The bus so over the past few years of as we’ve been able to.

Fill the bus drivers seat from the front from the back and use people from inside to come up and continue and be in Plainville it’s it’s it’s been great to be part.

Of that it’s great to be part of the technology and everything we’ve done I will miss that I’ll leave being a mom and saying you know here’s what I leave you with is when times get tough for education that’s the time that everybody has to really keep their eye on the ball keep keep that.
Going forward things things could get tough here but I know that your.

Hearts are all in it for the kids and that you’ll you’ll continue that way I’ll miss you and thank you for everything.

It’s been great working with you dr.

Berman actually said a lot of things I was gonna say about Sheryl because I think she’s extremely passionate about kids and I’ve always loved that about her we’re gonna miss our she always organizes on Memorial Day parade and gets our flags and make sure we’re.

Ready for that she does dodgeball so we’re.

Gonna have to find people to fill in for that I’m really going to miss her we’ve been serving for almost the.

Same amount of years and Cheryl and I you know there’s just something about her that we just clicked and I’m really really gonna miss her so I’m gonna try not to cry about that but.

I have to tell you one thing though before we let the other board members speak as I was talking to her husband I went over and I said Rob we’re really gonna.

Crypto Motivation: If You Die Tomorrow Best Speeches Compilation 30 Minute Motivation

I wish I didn’t take life so seriously I wish I didn’t take life so seriously I wish I didn’t take life so seriously I wish I’d lived more I wish I gave more happiness to my family I wish I knew how precious life was how fleeting how special and at the same time fragile insignificant I wish I didn’t.

Give up on my dream so easy one day life will flash before your eyes make sure it’s worth watching when we look back on our lives in our last breath we will all wonder then my life means anything that my life mean anything to this world was I loved then.

I have an impact on anyone else’s life did that matter we won’t be worried about our bills we won’t be worried about we certainly won’t care about our favorite TV show we won’t spare a second thought of others opinions and judgments before you reach that last breath too might be the time to make a change make your life matter one day it will be over there will be two dates – make sure that – is not empty make sure it is full.

Of life of living ask you out once to live is the.

Rarest thing in the world most people exist that is all and he live like everyone else exists be extraordinary live every moment with.

Passion and wonder don’t take anything or anyone for granted what is important to you what dreams do you have go get them what are you waiting for you only have one shot if you miss the target at least you will live with pride knowing you have no regrets who.

Do you love who has loved you tell them now you never know when it will be your last chance don’t take this magical thing called life for granted keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs trust yourself when everyone else doubts you to your dreams when all of us give up on there’s be the captain when everyone else is content being the crew be the lion with all others are playing.
Sheep be the leader when all others are.

Following live each day as if it may be your last on earth it may be leave your legacy and.

As Zen she says flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it it just blooms and that’s really your job is to.

See the outside world to see the flower next to you to understand the amazing things that are happening all around you all of the incredible people and the essence of what they have and what it is that they’ve done to bring inside yourself and find out what does that look like when it’s me not what do I look like when I’m them and.

Once you understand the difference between that then you can really begin to be something unique you can become that thing that you were meant to be that thing that makes you feel alive and whole.

The secret you’re just trying to be something not that’s just inspiring to other people but.

That you actually want to wake up every day and be and that’s the thing about it so escaping you whatever you become a lie the truth somebody else yourself whatever it is it’s been every day of your life there and as Albert Einstein said everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live.

It’s whole life believing that it’s stupid and that’s what confuses people people believe that they’re done because they’re not finding their path they’re not defining things based.

Ultimate 5 Minute Daily Manifesting Ritual To Attract Anything You Desire

Are you ready to kick it up a notch here is your ultimate five minute daily ritual to raise your vibrations and manifest your deepest desires hi everyone Robert zinc miracle mentor and alchemy life coach and today oh yes we are soaring I like a big beautiful eagle flying in the direction of your dreams and your goals and that’s.

What this channel is all about your dreams and your goals we believe that every sincere manifester deserves the money they desire.

Crave and the health that they depend upon so today we’re going to share what I call the ultimate five minute daily ritual that I think everybody ought to be doing because it raises your vibrations but in addition to that it takes opposite forces opposite energies I can’t do it I can.

Do it I don’t want to I do want to it takes all of those energies that are opposite and brings them into equilibrium and harmony so let me take a little bit.
About the ritual first the ritual was invented by the late dr.
Israel Regardie and he has an entire book dedicated to the Middle Pillar that’s what.

It’s called and the Middle Pillar.

Really refers back to Solomon’s ancient temple because in that ancient temple there were two pillars there was the pillar of yackin and the pillar of Boaz and Jachin was this masculine energy powerful projective Boaz.

Was the feminine energy and receptive creative and so these pillars existed in Solomon’s Temple but.

There’s a third pillar and that is the person who stands between the two opposite pillars of masculine and feminine yin and yang and blends those energies together now he based this ritual on a more complex ritual that comes from the Golden Dawn.

Which was established in 1888 a Western mystery school what I’ve done is I’ve gotta fight it years ago I realized that I could do this ritual and focus on an intention and literally literally in bed in bed my intention into my energy field in a harmonized positive high vibrational manner and it increased my.

Attraction ability I mean like very very very fast I can give you some examples but well I’ll give you one I wanted a new car not long ago.

And I wanted it on my terms with literally no interest and I got it and everybody said it couldn’t be done but I did it because I used the law of attraction I placed.

The intention and I did this particular exercise every day now when the late dr. Israel Regardie created this ritual he used Hebrew divine names and if you are interested in that you can get the book the Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie or you can get magical energy healing by myself and Rachel and we go through this ritual from a more.

Esoteric point of view but I’m not I’m not here to give you an esoteric ritual I’m here to share with you something that is practical that you can use every day so you stand like so and normally you would face West but you could face East it really doesn’t make a difference for this exercise and you take a few breaths to relax yourself and the first thing.

You’re going to do is visualize on top of your head about the size of a soccer ball you’re gonna visualize a white ball of light this is the infinite light on a micro Pro.

New | Updated | Famous Failure Of Successful People | Motivational Story | Inspirational Video |

After being cut highschool basketball team he went home locked himself in his room and cried Michael Jordan six-time NBA champion five-time NBA MVP and four-time NBA all-star he wasn’t able to speak until he was almost four years old and his teachers said he would never amount to much Albert Einstein theoretical physicist a Nobel Prize winner was demoted from.

Her job as a news anchor because she wasn’t fit for television Oprah Winfrey host of a multi award-winning talk-show.

And the most influential woman in the world fired from a newspaper for lacking.

Imagination and having no original ideas Walt Disney creator of Mickey Mouse and winner of 22 Academy Awards at age 11 he was cut from his team after being diagnosed with it growth hormone deficiency which made his smaller in stature than most kids his age Lionel Messi three-time FIFA World Player of the Year at 30 years old he was left devastated and depressed after.

Being unceremoniously removed from the company he started Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple Inc co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios a high school dropout whose personal struggles with drugs and poverty culminated in an unsuccessful suicide attempt Eminem 13-time Grammy Award winner sold over 90 million albums worldwide her teacher told him he.

Was too stupid to learn anything and that he should go into a field where he might succeed by virtue of his pleasant personality Thomas Edison the inventor of the incandescent lightbulb rejected by Decca recording studios who.

Said we don’t like the sound they have no future in show business the Beatles the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed band in history his.
First book was rejected by 27 publishers dr.
Seuss they’re selling children’s author in history his fiancee died failed in business had a nervous breakdown and was defeated in eight elections Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States.

Inktober Week 3 | Not Completing The Challenge Is Not A Fail

Hello I’m Zack here and welcome back to my channel and week 3 of inktober is officially over if you’re still participating let me know how you’re feeling down in the comments because I’m sure we’re all feeling a bit tired by now October is definitely a tough drawing workout but hopefully we’re not too burnt out and you’ll have gotten.

Through that burnout threshold I mentioned in last week’s video the topic of this week’s video I wanted to actually take a slightly different turn from last week’s video where I basically gave.

Tips on how to stay with the daily grind and not quit and today actually talked a bit more about why it’s okay to quit or since I don’t really like that word it’s okay to not do the.

Challenge by the book and this was kind of inspired by something my friend Jasmine over here on YouTube mentioned.

Last week and I thought it was a really interesting and good topic to talk about for week 3 I’ll have her channel linked in the card if you guys don’t know her you should definitely go and check her out she is an amazing artist and she has been honestly crushing inktober every day so far and I’ve just been really really enjoying seeing her work.

Over on Instagram every day it’s.

Really cool but going back to.

The not doing the challenge by the book thing I felt it was a very good topic.

Talk about for week 3 because by now we have all seen and found out sort of where we stand in regards to the challenge because there are many things that go into it if this was or is your first year participating then you’ve probably seen how it’s so much more than just drawing it’s persistence and burnout the need to be creative everyday and etc etc I think these things while not really seen on the surface are a big part.

If not the biggest part of inktober or really doing any kind of monthly challenge or even just doing some kind of art project that has a deadline but inktober I think is a very good example of this because so many people do.

It and are very familiar with it and I think that with anything we do art wise but especially with things like in October where there are a lot of people participating in doing the exact same thing there can be a very strong sense of comparison you look at what others did that day and.

You sort of measure your own work against that.

Or perhaps measure your ability even to make a drawing every day to someone else who is just pumping out these amazing things every single day like it’s no problem and I don’t want to turn this into a.

Soapbox speech about how you shouldn’t compare yourself to others and yadda-yadda because for one it’s completely natural it’s a completely natural thing to do everybody does it all the.

Time in like every aspect of our lives I mean it is literally built into us at an instinctual level and.

The point of saying don’t compare yourself to others is not to mean literally don’t compare yourself to others because I also think that doing that is important it’s actually a good thing to do which is why a lot of time I think especially.

With younger artists or people who are just sort of starting out in art they don’t really understand what people mean when they say don’t compare your work to others they don’t.