How To Create Startup Disk Using Disks In Many Linux Distros

Greetings there fellow viewers and welcome back once again to another video in this video or everybody I’m going to be showing you guys how you can make a startup disk with the disks application that comes with almost every Linux distribution out there let’s go ahead and get started so if you’re at this point in the video you can.

And throw in your USB flash drive in my case I have a 64 gigabyte USB 3.

0 sandesh drive and as you see eat is showing up right here as Linux Mint 18 point three cinnamon so you can go ahead and open up your disks application it’s just called disks manage drives and.

Media so you can go ahead and open that next you can go ahead and select your flash drive or any kind of data drive that you are connecting and there are two ways you can format.

This first you can go ahead and head over to this big which is sorry this small hamburger menu at the top and you can go ahead and click on that.

And click format disc or you can click on the partitions manually and press the little minus button in my case I’m just going to be.

Going over to the hamburger menu and clicking format disc so I would recommend having these settings rights here yep I’d recommend having these settings right here so you can just do don’t overweight existing data which is a quick erase which we’re going to go ahead and do right now as you can see 64 gigabyte Drive P&Y oh this is a.
PNY I think I called ace and disc at the beginning of.

The video but anyways it’s a PNY USB 3.

0 Drive so let’s go ahead and format.

This and I believe it is done so as you can’t guys can see it says model and you know just just so have the specs of your drive and it says size partitioning you.

Know that sort of stuff so now how are you going to make a startup disk well I believe no there are not I.

Don’t think there – no there’s not two ways you could do it in this there’s there’s one way you can do it which is going to this hamburger menu get once again and go ahead.

And click on restore disk image and once this little window pops up and one thing I would.

Let I would want you guys to note is that you will want to be you want your flash drive or data drive to be selected when you are doing this of course so the image to your store you can go ahead and click on that and choose the image that you want to be booted up now you want to make as a bootable disk so in.

My case I’m going to be going over to the desktop directory and clicking LMDE 3 cinnamon 64-bit this is just a beta release I’m just doing this just to show you guys I’m not.

Actually going to be using LMDE cinnamon beta so go ahead and double click on that or of course you can just.

Click on that and then press open which I’m going to go ahead and do and that is pretty much it so after you’ve.

Done that just go ahead and click start for storing and as you guys can see there’s the it comes up with a little warning box that says are you sure you want to write dated right this the disk image to this device and we are going to go ahead and click restore and also.

I’d recommend double checking that you have the right Drive selected so we’re going to go ahead.

Configuring Redhat 6 And Centos 6 Linux For Static Persistent Routes

All right and this little short webcast we’re going to deal with the adding static persistent routes to your CentOS or Red Hat six box this is going to probably come across you’re going to probably come across this in your environment at times where you’ll have a VPN connection or something where your default gateway won’t have a route to.

It you’ll need to add a persistent static route in your configuration so you’ll be able to access that the other network the far network to you so what I’m going to do is I’m.

On my you bond to desktop machine around here this is my workstation and I’m on a 20 network you’re looking to see here the network address is a 192 168 xx dot 107 so of course I can ping anything on that network on the 20 net subnet I’m fine but I.
Also have a dot 1 network I have a 1 92168 one subnet still 1.
1 as you can see from this machine because I’ve got the right route set up you know of course I can ping over a VPN connection to another subnet.

Well I’ve got a my lab machine that I used to do these webcasts with and it’s a Cintas server sent all six and we’re gonna log into it and see what happens when we try to ping to that other Network I’m just gonna go ahead and login his route and it’s of course on the 20 subnet also they did get a prompt for.

A password in just a second okay okay now I’m logging in to my lab.

Server machine a sent all six machine that’s a one nine two one six eight 20.3 is the IP so of course if I want to ping something on the local subnet well of course no problem now when I go to ping over to that other subnet now I just showed how my workstation.

That I could ping it fine from it now I’m on the same subnet and I’m pinging across there trying to ping across to server that’s on the other side on a.

VPN connection and it’s not working well I don’t have a route set up for this my default gateway on this box does not know about that other subnet so and since I’m not going to add it to that router the other option is on the local box itself to add a static persistent route of some kind so.

That it’s constantly there after a reboot or whatnot so it’s always there when I need to access that Network so it’s pretty simple to do first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go in navigate to our e TC sis config Network scripts directory okay let’s have a look in.

Here as you can see our Ethernet our.

I should say our device our NIC is a – or ET eth – that’s the only NIC we have configured on this machine is just one so that’s our device and so when we’re doing persistent routes or static routes we have to assign them to what Nick or what device they’re going to utilize them basically what.

Would a NIC they’re going to go out out over so what we need to do is create a.

File that we’re going to put our static routes in and we’re just going to be called route – and then the number of our interface which.

Is e th – so route – ETH – is going to be our file now if you if you look at this you’ll notice that file does not exist because we haven’t created it yet and so what we’re gonna need to do is create it and the easiest way to do is use the VI editor because if you type in.

Batman Arkham Knight – Gcpd Lockdown Original Arkham Nightwing Skin

Nefarious characters ill-gotten money check distinct lack of brain cells definitely check yeah this is gonna be fun raining on his parade ietters put a little in reserve well away from God yes but I heard Nightwing back in town you’re in jail Cobblepot what are you doing with all this you gonna get it man and you were doing so.

Gotham what for I ain’t telling you nothing you know 50,000 volts to the head hurts right now okay they’re busting him out of GCPD you’re too late it’s.

Already happening why so pessimistic you know when you fitted this thing with a self-destruct option you could have.

Asked him why yes the stony-faced intractability we left him for these guys on the other hand worked very tractable come on guys what of a fight please very cooperative couldn’t agree more if.

You wouldn’t mind installing the remote up like a device we can see what damage they’re done someone talk to me what’s going on uh sorry boss we’re not getting you.
Out of there anytime soon or the bloody hell no cuz we just.

Got our asses kicked I know no oh no you the one and only ours look just relax now that I’m here I’ll have you back down and behind bars in no time piss off pretty boy you know I love it when you get angry okay I’m connected they’ve done a good job but not good enough I.

Reroute power but it means rewiring some junction boxes there on the floors below I’m on it so I’ve been thinking you uh pretty much own everything now huh I hope you’re not going to ask me for a loan mr.

Grayson but I think you’ve been throwing some mad parties right yeah the time of my life it’s pitch black hey boss you still in.

There booty is he Dumpty sorry it’s just I hadn’t heard you screaming anyone for at least a minute I got worried I own this town night week and with Batman gone there’s no one who can stop me ginger floribunda blüdhaven while you still can bossing happy you.

Know what a boss feels about stairs he gets out of breath angry what’s going on out there this is the first part waiting Oh Oh you’re our depth pretty.

Boy Batman ain’t coming to save you this time you come down Oh anyone see him where is he he sees someone watch your corners shoot anything that moves you think you can replace Batman you know I got a Negros boy you’re a band again now now something under the floor whatever it was it’s gone now that’s another.

Night we a racist pretty boy arrest got broken ribs from the last time so cool keep looking for the freak the last I see them get away watch that freak out like charge raising sensory gun Oh man I’m good okay junction box rewired good work mr.

great one more to go oh the newlyweds sent their regards by the way miss.

Gordon miss Gordon Drake I should say was kind enough to send some pictures the island retreat shows lovely ah my heart melts okay lucious we’re.

Done kid not a pretty boy I can hit a welcome party as we speak.

We have a problem two choppers are dropping off.

Reinforcements on the roof I’ll hold the elevator but it won’t take long for them to get him out I’ll stop him.

Oh and while you’re at it cut the lights take him out I should shut my eyes might even things up a little okay uh let’s get you out of that elevator area secured lucious reconnect power to the elevator hey boss we’re getting you out you are where’s Nightwing oh he’s right here we thought you’d want to say hello – sawed off much obliged maybe we should get that light.

On the roof fixed change the symbol what do you say thanks for the offer but.

This isn’t permanent hey little man please hasn’t been the scene without you eh dust.

How To Setup Calibre And Cops For Ebook Management On Unraid

Hi guys and welcome to this week’s video well sorry there wasn’t a video last week but I was so crazy busy at work I didn’t really have very much free time well today’s video is a video on managing ebooks on Andrade and this video will cover the install and setup of two docker containers calibre and cops let’s get.

Started so he used to have a small ebook collection on your computer with just a few books and now maybe it’s grown and it’s more than just a few and so it’s time to look for some software to manage it because we have software that manages our movie and TV collection such as MB or Plex so for.

Ebook management insteps calibre so what is calibre and what can it do well calibers been around for.

A while now 10 years so it’s a mature piece of software that will manage all of our ebooks with the database it can download metadata and cover up for our existing books so this means we can not only search our collection by author title publisher etc but also display it in a nice way with calibre we can.

Also convert our ebooks from one format to another so we can use them on all of our ebook reading devices but that’s not all calibre can actually get us things to read itself it downloads stories from the BBC The New York Times National Geographic.

And Wired magazine just to mention a few so it’s a really powerful piece of software that we’re gonna take calibre one step further we’re also going to add cops to calibre now cops is a Content server and yes calibre has its own content server but cops is very lightweight and the preferred choice by.

Many people so that’s what we’ll use and we’ll set cops to be able to manage multiple calibre libraries in case you have more than one and also setup cops to be able to email ebooks straight to any device where we can receive email so before we start and.

Install a calibre docker container we need to take a look at where our ebooks are now and think of where we want to store our calibre library personally I like to have a share especially for e-books just for ease of use but another good place would be as a subdirectory in your media.

Share now one thing to keep in mind is calibre will not just use your existing ebook collection as it is so what it will.

Do when you add a book is to copy it to the correct folders inside the calibre location and then add the information into Calibre’s database so with this in mind when in a moment we map our folders to the calibre docker template I think it’s a good idea to add an additional mapping to the download share that way any.

Downloaded ebooks can easily be added as they’re downloaded so now I’m just going to go to where I keep my ebooks and I have a separate share for that called ebooks and this is also where I want to keep my caliper library so let’s have.

A look at that share on the computer and you can see here I’ve already got a folder called unsorted and that’s where some ebooks are I’m going.
To create a separate folder in this share just.

For the calibre library and I’m going to call it of course calibre library okay so I have.
Everything I need on the server so let’s.

Install the container and to do that as always we’re going to use community.

How To Install #kalilinux 2018 1 In #vmware Workstation In #windows10

Hello guys today I’m gonna teach you how to install Kali Linux in VMware Workstation go to this URL link will be available in the description download OVA file you can either download it using torrent or you can download it directly I already have downloaded it after downloading open VMware Workstation click on open virtual machine now select your downloaded.

Package choose destination I’ll choose the same location click on import importing will take some time now it has imported all files now we’ll edit some settings I’ll choose according to my systems Hardware choose bridged.

From Network settings also check.

Replicate connection option now power on your virtual machine click enter type route as username and Torres password update repositories and update all other tools using these commands restart collie after updating then you will be ready to go you.

Hackthebox – Lame

Hi and welcome to this video on how to box Lane Lane was one of the first boxes I was luckily retired yeah that was quite a lot but will work for this no so once you connected to the pack the box VPN we just need do it Nana yes say yes babe Epson boss to 1010 10.

2 or 4 months right this can take a while so we’ll stop up there and just cut one I’ve already done Emma and as you can see here we’ve.

Only got a few points open FTP 21 as I said and some Samba stuff so those things first is we notice that FTP is vs FTP version 2.4 this version was actually widely regarded as being backdoored so what you can do is actually go to FTP.

Username if you just say it use a smiley face and then password password if this works it should actually open another port on port 6200 which if we look at and math 1010 10 3-4 6200 and see if it’s open which it’s filter there so probably.

Won’t work but if you’ve got to tell that 10-10-10 360 200 if this worked you would actually get routes instantly now because that’s not working one of the only other areas to look at is samba on this now somebody’s version of three points X did have quite a few vulnerabilities in it one of them is CVE 2007 version 2 4 4 7 I believe and with that masked boy that she has a module for.

That so we’ll just jump in and see if this works so MSF console give it a couple of seconds to boot up then the script that were actually looking for is user map script so if we.

Just say search user MA script now nmap scripts search user mutt script outside one of the database setup worked on this that you did it would run a lot quicker there’s no help sheets on internet on just how to set that up it’s fairly easy obviously it takes forever on here and then go burn an exploit for Samba using Apps Script disclosure back way back 2007 ranked excellent so all we need to do is go copy and go years that’s to assure options and set the our post.

Run that and there we go we’ve got a reverse shell straight west if we do ID say so got roots do LS.

And then if we do LS LS routes no you got the route text there and then to do LS home unless um MacOS you got the.

User dot text there these this box is probably the easiest box you’ll ever get on hack the box it’s not much easier than this just goes to show you do yet enumeration you check around and say what’s there and go from there and that’s it I hope you like this this one’s many.

Of them coming up see it’s gonna get harder and harder as the boxes come on if you liked this video give it a like comment down below.

Subscribe to our channel we’ll be releasing a few more as they come on home we do one a week if possible but yes you’re like no anything else yeah there’s no thanks.