Live Installation Of Kali Linux Penetration Testing Linux Distribution

Hello friends in this video tutorial I am going to teach you how you can install Kali live Linux machine in Kali Linux machine your walk will be temporarily saved so if you reboot your Kali machine it will be a new state so remember if you are installing Kali live don’t do your important work use it for only temporary.

Reason in previous video tutorial I already told you that you have to install any virtual environment in which we are going to install our Kali machine so.

I already stoned via workstation or fusion in my Mac machine you can see here I already downloaded Kali I assume is on my desktop go to your virtual machine and click on new then click on create a custom virtual machine and continue.6 X kernel 64-bit and could continue select this option create a new virtual disk and could continue then go to customize setting and giving them to this machine I am giving it Kali save it don’t click here first of all if you are using like us any type of computer system how.

You do installation you have to straight any pen drive that containing your ISO image or your window so in this.

Go to CD click on connect and choose your disk image you can see I already downloaded on my desktop so I am saying checking it from.

Desktop click open again click on show go to processor give it almost 1 1 GB okay now you can give to processor one process it will.

Be ok click on show minimize it and now click on it you can see this interface we will install graphically installation later so right now I am going to do live installation click on live.

And hit enter doing some booting process yo so when you can see using our Kali Linux licensed version we can access our Kali machine within a some seconds thank you for watching.