James Gunn To Write & Direct Suicide Squad 2? | Heroshot Podcast #63

And what is going on hero’s welcome to the first ever flying solo edition of the hero shop podcast my name is duncan and we are riding solo this evening for the first time ever in how how many episodes like 60 you think we’re orderly on 63 first time in 63 editions of the hero shot podcast you’ve just got.

Me and this is probably going to be either the worst or maybe the best edition of the heroes a.
Podcast I’m gonna say probably probably the worst.

By far probably the quickest seeing that is just me.

With all that said I would hope that being be flying solo for this evening I’m relying on anybody that wants to hop into the chat to let me know how things are going if you have any discussion topics questions things of that nature hop in the chat so I don’t feel so alone and we will get this thing moving here turn that down.

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The world of entertainment whether that be movies.

TV shows comic books delicious food items video games comics that I say that we just talk about anything and everything on the show just whatever tickles our fancy yeah this is uh this is awkward doing this by myself but we.

Are going to trudge through no matter what I’m not sure if trudge is a word but it works for now so we have got a lot to talk about and not a lot of time to do it so with that said let’s hop into the biggest entertainment topics.

Of the last 48 to 24 hours of course I think the biggest topic to hit the world of movies with in the last 24 hours I would.

Think that has to be the news of so it seems to be quite official that James Gunn will be at least writing a draft for Suicide Squad – and now the rumor is that Warner Brothers in DC are pegging the former suus.

The former guardians of the galaxy director to direct the Suicide Squad sequel of course I think this is this is I think this is extremely good news.

Especially if you are a DC fan or anybody that works for Warner Brothers you can’t have too much good news on.

That side of the fence because you know they they deserve a win you know we crap on the DC movies and the Warner Brothers movies a lot on this show I don’t think it’s unfounded I think it’s all I think it’s all justifiable but I do think that.

This is a win this is about as big of a win as as you can get as far as a potential Director goes now we you know we talked about the James gun scandal it’s not so much a scandal the James gun issues with Kevin Feige and Marvel and.

The MCU we talked about it at nauseam I think it was the main topic for like three weeks.

Straight on this show and we’ve got now got another show where it is the same deal I’m gonna turn this down just a little bit is that.

Any better I think it might be a little bit better but um you know it’s I I am of the opinion that it is a shame that I don’t think it was so much Marvel I think it was a Disney that really pulled the trigger on officially letting James Gunn.

Go from Suicide Squad 3 if I am not mistaken I believe that they.