Nitender Singh Rawat : Tribute To Indian Rio Athletes

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Dirtiest Cheap Shots In Nfl Football History Dirty

Including Escobar who’s going to come in motion right here at the bottom of your screen former cowboy tight and just signed a couple of days ago go rolling rolling it was Kiko Alonso who delivered the ball that goes on his feet right now he’s in Alonso space Harbaugh is limited you just lost your quarterback for the game and.

Harbaugh knows that this is a Benzes head helmet comes jarring ly off and it’s definitely a penalty as the quarterback gives himself up and he leaves that arm in there that’s that’s not okay what he knows he’s going down and at the.

End right there he leans it down unsportsmanlike conduct defense number 92 for stopping the players Hill there we also.
Have an additional coding for.

Throat is helpful to the ground that player is disqualified both bills is reserved for for the kickoff Ainsworth has been disqualified and walks off break.

The armor gosh that’s uncalled for that is unbelievable and there is Gerard with a towel to his head and Hainsworth has been disqualified and Spellman I think was how they got their.

Runs back last week – Owens touchdown once again heading for midfield there he goes he’s there’s going to be a penalty on George.
T because he’s going to clock now teams going to be kicked out.

Of the game you know I gotta tell you.

I don’t blame Teague for doing that I really don’t it helps the daily routine which was the 37 wheels trying to bring five so there’s n slides and throws will it be a flag of his balls intercepted no legs there’s a light one that this is.

For the interception it’s gonna be there’s a couple of legs different sides of the.

Field oh there definitely was White’s definitely holding Gronk that wasn’t cold he’s holding them again and then gets away with it they don’t call it he intercepts the pass it’s a little banged up he’s down someone comes by and hits grot from behind and then Gronk this is.

Gonna get flat all Brock’s a hundred percent this is a Jets team that came in very inspired to do something to finally get a win.

It’s been over two months since the last title win there we see some and it continues that way when is this gonna this.

Is it this is it Troy Polamalu mo he’s just going to try to time it up Mike Mitchell look at this you’re gonna see gathers Eddie Kennison right there right here there’s blocking him.

Into the area and gathers comes in and hits trent green as he’s giving himself it there is no and the problem with the concussion of this.

Force or a force like this is concussion you see the head slap back on the turf like that that’s ugly doesn’t do it.

Justice interception Berkeley and with an extra shot and to where Weinman father Charles.

Martin throw mcmahon to the turf he really leveled him after the ball was gone and he was down on his shoulder I don’t know if he hit he’s uh his sore shoulder but Charles Martin took the shot at McMahon well after the ball was thrown and slammed into the turf here and see the ball is gone and here is McMahon standing there here comes Martin ball is long gone what is this well that’s that is it is I should be out of the game there’s going to be an ejection.

After I mean the cadences have changed in size late we have that great defenses but four five six seven dances that’s one for jointer where you want there was no doubt about it that Bridgewater was going to slide and Mike simmer is hot and you can’t blame he is really hot and you know what you can’t blame this is a dirty boy you see him starting his slide you don’t see Joyner totally pulling up.

It’s almost like at the end he’s trying to turn at the end but his too late he’s already launched I mean you see.

A quarterback going into the slide everyone knows that’s the universal pull off the LaMarcus Joyner did not with Jimmie Johnson and then on to Cincinnati he is he’s paying his dues Michell Christ shows Garret just down it man and so out of it is for whoa so the Dolphin kicker and he is having a Pro Bowl type.

Season they keep got a cramp in his leg did he get hit look at me well you better look around that’s that’s a bad shot there yeah that’s how you got a cramp in your leg Alex Gordon is the guy who hit.

Him and no Atkins so that’s Amari Cooper Wow journalist Adam Jones dad Adam Jones that was that’s totally the line there a little bit Roger floats it driver and complete and a little scrum breaks out after the play again fly see this is called against but a good stop by by Detroit and baby if this is a personal foul against looks right defense number 19 for kick so not only is this a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Green Bay Packers another shot at getting a touchdown and Sue is kicked out of the game they can argue all they want about this.

One but he’s not going to get to play anymore this afternoon you’re gonna see it right in here and Evan Dietrich Smith he actually does a great job on the block that’s an excellent block on his part and diamond can suit isn’t like it he jams his helmet into the.

Turf to start with about three times and then at the end of this is when he makes the kick there’s no place for that.

In football dress when cleansin good king he gets blacks to the doors reason there’s a flag to seizure Everett and now there’s a scrub.

Breaking loose and it’s ugly that was a hard shot on Scrolls and they will standing up with her teammate see this in regular speed it was so loud within the stadium definitely contact to the head and neck area by the state DeShazer.

Ever his defenses the ball had not even arrived scrolls definitely defenseless wow that’s on Seattle’s own Johnny Hecker the RAM putter and see him take a shot here I don’t know if you what a.

Good whore found dippin that to that guy well heck Packers it was almost half-hearted keeps him from getting it all the way down there the Dhamma casue all boy gets kicked I thought he got hit but that was the foot because banjo takes the running.
Back and does his proper thing by going outside forcing the.

Running back to go outside opens up the lane for vaudeville we’ve got a fight down there on the sidelines right now oh my goodness that’s ladder boy down there and of course looks like Mike Evans now ain’t seen Evans already this year in games.

Where he’s not involved and we’re not saying that he’s to blame for this but we saw his tirade in Minnesota when he was he getting the football.